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Here is the place to access sole information of my person, my interests and maybe yours (to be) ...

As a friendly Communications buff, you can email, chat, IPhone, CuSeeME, fax, phone, or just write me. Hello in action (Quicktime 70k), or play more Real Videos. I was just reminded that Yumbiosis is now over 3 years old! Have a lol! I also frequent Film Score Daily, Filmtracks' Reviews, MacWeek and Our Daily Bread. I started a full service DVD rental library in 1999, watch Quicktime trailers and discuss movies here. I took my 1st world trip in 2001 to attend my UWCAC 10 year school reunion.



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As you can gather, I am a so-called fan of movie composer, Hans Zimmer. His works include Power Of One, The Rock, Broken Arrow, Crimson Tide, The Lion King , Backdraft and Rainman to name just a few of the (50) I have. You can view a list of scores, and listen to some samples at Media Ventures where he is now based. A list of his entire filmography can be found here.

One of his 1996 projects was Tony Scott's Tristar Pictures movie, The Fan . Despite poor reviews and slow box office, I get good juice from the soundtrack score!

Columbia Classics also had the privilege of Hans working on Whole Wide World that year. The European scene also had a re-visit on Nic Roeg's Two Deaths. His last project for 1996 was the new Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston-starrer, The Preacher's Wife by Penny Marshall. His major 1997 assignment was The Peacemaker, followed by As Good As It Gets! His recent achievements include The Prince Of Egypt and The Thin Red Line.

For mucho more & up-to-date info, click

Really, I just appreciate his music; he does have a lot of help as well. I am sure that you may come to understand my appreciation of his talent, like many others in this world (we do exist) - it takes a little patience and relaxation ...

Here's a little evidence, of those who are lucky to be online. Imagine how many more of us there are offline!

However, I do have a normal (but eventful, albeit unusual) life...lol.

Part of my background is in radio, photography and television.

I grew up in the tropical Pacific Island group of Fiji, with a Catholic upbringing, and became a 'saved' Christian before leaving home on my recent study/travel experience. Visit Tracey for some inspiration! See Our Daily Bread for daily devotions. On a spiritual note, I've come to enjoy Touched By An Angel. On the music side, the WOW compilation series is recommended!

Wales (UK) was my first other home for 2 years (making trips to Italy and Canada), then Australia for 5 more years (making a trip to New Zealand, and the USA), the USA again for 9 months, and now I'm back in Fiji (for a few years) to work. Did a 6 month stint as a TV presenter, and went commercial with my webmastering full-time as IMC. I fly around the Fiji Islands nowadays, and use these stamps to mail CDs to friends and collectors. I became the first online movie reviewer in Fiji! A year after being back, Fiji Business Magazine published an interview on my endeavours!

I attended the University of South Australia, where I learned web publishing (as part of a Communications degree). I am proud to have also attended the United World College of the Atlantic aka AC, which allowed a few of us to be crazy . I have been on the Net since January, 1996; and you can view my résumé here.

One of the ways I supported myself, was by offering my services as a Home Entertainment (AV) Consultant at Myer Grace Bros on weekends with Theo Bellas. I am quite happy to help people with solving their audio-visual and musical wants; I use and recommend Yamaha Audio (used to sell 'em!).

Here's a mug to keep you going ...

Yumbo and Tony

Dumb and Dumber (To the extreme)
aka Yums and T, aka S. Goose and Crazy (sounds like) ...
From Fiji discovering in Australia.

Here's a report on Fiji, by Vendela interviewed by Letterman.

T happens to be Mr. Boombastic, sort of fantastic, but really was my flatmate. lol....aka room-mate, not quite dorm-mate, shared my flat/apartment. As part of sharing, I taught him how to cook, and he is now Master chef!!! lol. Now, it's back to Fiji for a new chapter in life - Village style.

Tony's taste in music stems in reggae (which the stars of The Fan, Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes, are fans of), and preferences include Lucky Dube and Bob Marley. He is an avid rugby , and volleyball player not unlike myself.

Apart from researching movies daily at Reuters, and collecting soundtrack scores, I have appreciation for vocal musicians such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan and Tara MacLean. Other female artists such as Enya, Sissel and Loreena McKeenitt also catch my attention. This field includes veterans Clannad. On another note, Alison Krauss, Faith Hill and Donna Lewis have caught my ear. Almost forgot to include cool African music...Johhny Clegg & Savuka, Miriam Makeba and others sure do keep me moving, especially African scores. I like a touch of World Music, and Jazz as well, the legends, and Mark Isham for one. I'm partial to a few opera pieces as well, and the standard classical pieces. Port wine is a good combination on a winter's night...or a tropical rainy day.

In slight contrast to the movie composers I adore, like James Newton Howard - Howinfo, Mark Mancina - Mancinfo, Harry Gregson-Williams - HG-Winfo, Sam Cardon - Cardinfo, and Alan Williams - Willinfo, instrumentalists such as Yanni and John Tesh are part of my collection.

On a 'musical' note, and an Irish flavour, let the Lord Of The Dance phenomenon engulf you. The talent of Michael Flatley is showcased in a unique display of theatre and music; the presence of Anne Dudley is felt! Start tapping with this groovy cue by Ronan Hardiman.

Update yourself with The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 heard on Adelaide's SAFM. And talking about funny, visit Zimmer fan Andrew's Page. Featured on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' was Grier/Greer Barnes - an astounding stand-up comic with great impersonations! Recently, Adam Sandler & Damon Wayans spoofed the most previously overplayed song on radio in Bulletproof. And here's a hilarious take on the Horner/Dion song Fiji-style, My Heart Will Grog On (Bilibili Mix).

Here are some eclectic sounds that I appreciate from David Sanborn and his Bang Bang , Nova Nova with their sublime Tones , Geoff Smith, Ottmar Liebert, the Hilliard Ensemble featuring Norway's Jan Gabarek on saxaphone, Sigma from Secret Garden - a lilting blend of Irish violins, against Norwegian soundscapes, Jeff & Joan Beal's A Child Is Born , and get Clubbed To Death with Rob D!

These are just a few of many artists I follow and collect, from different genres. This initial list is a fragment of my diverse interests, and should not polarise your impressions. If you can't wait, be informed with these upcoming releases in the USA.

Ambience, percussion, solo trumpet, solo piano, unique vocals = passion for me.

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