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Mark pumped up the pace of Twentieth Century Fox's Speed with his heart racing score, making it one of summer `94's most thrilling rides. It reached #1 box office position along with Man Of The House and Bad Boys all in less than a year. His extensive history in film began with collaborative work on score for Days Of Thunder and True Romance followed by composing the original score for Monkey Trouble. Next on Mark's busy project slate was Money Train starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, followed by Moll Flanders, and his last project, Twister.

Mark has produced for some of most successful artists in popular music, including Seal on his number one UK single Crazy, Billy Idol, Yes, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Drawing on his strengths in both pop music and film, Mark produced and arranged three of Elton John's songs for the Disney animated feature film The Lion King which earned Mark an American Music Awards Favorite Pop/Rock album, and a Grammy Award for Best children's Album. His latter work on the The Lion King On Broadway won him another Grammy for Best Musical Show Album.

Mark has put his talents to work in television where he provided scores for the prime time CBS series Space Rangers, and the award winning documentary series Millenium. Mark's impressive list of commercial credits, which include Marlboro, GTE, Black & Decker, Reebok, J.C. Penney, Jaguar, and Diet Rite prove him to be a talent to watch in every medium.

Mark these Notes

  • Mark is in his late 30's.
  • Mancina worked on Adamski's-come-Seal's smash song 'Crazy' for producer Trevor Horn (Days Of Thunder, Toys).
  • Mancina being a fan and part of music group Yes, invited former lead guitarist Trevor Rabin to work on Twister, who in turn also worked on Eraser, with Alan Silvestri; Rabin then had a score all of his OWN in The Glimmer Man!
  • There is the elusive pressing of unofficial and otherwise generally unavailable recordings by Mark entitled "Follow Your Dreams...collaboration".
  • Follow Your Dreams was composed for the Marlboro Adventure Team campaign - this is a car rally adventure series.
  • One of Mark's early bands was called Dexter, and they used to play regularly at hangouts such as the Red Onion and Coachhouse in Orange County. One of their achievements included winning the Yamaha Battle of The Bands.
  • His first band was called Handel - a 'classical rock creation', which was followed by a trio named Nitelife, who frequented a Mexican restaurant in Long Beach.
  • He has 2 studios in LA, and one at his home.
Mark, for Ronnie Chasen

In the studio
Source: Mancina Music.


With the recent release of Polygram Film's Return To Paradise, modest Mark gave 3 interviews to online web sites, the 3rd of which is with us at Mancinfo; 3 questions were submitted by readers while I drummed up the rest in a few minutes (thinking there was a deadline; listening to Speed?), from here in the Fiji Islands.

Q: Would you like to work with Jan De Bont again?

I had lunch with Jan a few months back. I think both of us will work together in the future but I'm not sure what that project will be. I do think the score to Speed was the best thing by far we did together.

Q: Would you like to work with Jerry Bruckheimer again?

I like Jerry Bruckheimer a lot and would love to do a movie with him and JUST myself (a la Bad Boys). Unfortunately his last string of movies have been written by groups of composers due to his post production schedules, and I'm not one to get involved in that.

Q: Whatever happened to the planned CD/Tour with Trevor Rabin?

Trevor Rabin and I remain great friends but both of our film scoring schedules have prevented us from carrying on with our project. I have no idea if we will ever complete it.

Q: Was Sniper your first score? How come Gary Chang is credited on some prints?

I was hired to rewrite a few cues for Sniper, it was however Gary's score.

Q: Did you study music; how did you get into it?

I studied composition and performance for eight years at Cal State Fullerton. I took both masters programs in the performance degree (in classical guitar) and composition. My main focus was 16th and 18th century counterpoint as well as 20th century music. I performed sophomore and junior recitals on classical guitar, conducted Stravinsky in recital, and wrote and conducted numerous ensemble pieces. I was fortunate to spend a week of study with Aaron Copeland, and remain in touch with some of my composition teachers.

Q: Based on the Follow Your Dreams song, it is understood that you had planned to become a singer (good vocals); when did you turn to scoring?

During my studies at Cal State in order to support myself I played in night clubs, mainly as a piano-vocalist. I did in the eighties have a band, Dexter which made numerous failed attempts at hit records. But the span of years I played in clubs gave me a great background in pop song styles. This may have been why it was so easy for me to step into Trevor Horn's production of Seal's first big record, "Crazy". By that time, I had played so many styles that I could handle just about anything. During this time (mid-eighties) I was also scoring hunting documentaries for a company in Hollywood. I actually wrote music for deer gutting sequences. I was also scoring very bad B or should I say C movies, some of which have turned up on Mystery Science Theatre. (How embarrassing!)

Q: It is understood that you were somewhat redeemed with being commissioned the Lion King On Broadway project (RA/view coming soon, following RTP); how would you rate its success with the public, and do you feel Disney adequately marketed the album compared to the movie version?

I am very proud of The Lion King On Broadway, both of the adaptation of the film music, and the new score and songs. I wish Disney would have marketed the cast album better, but I am very proud of the production and performance.

Q: How useful is your Power Macintosh to your work?
Skyforest - Parlor

'Skyforest' by Lance McCollum
One of 2 custom guitars used in Tarzan
Source: Mancina Music.

I am not as glued to my computer as some may think. The score to Return To Paradise was all performed live-so the computer served the same purpose as a tape machine. The advent of digital audio has been a God send for me.

Q: What does Chris Ward do in the Mancina domain; admin, technical and or musical?

Chris Ward is an invaluable help on many levels. He is technically minded, but has been around the process for years and has a deep understanding of scoring and record production. He has been a big part of my success.

Q: Is the acoustic guitar still a favourite aspect of your scores?

I am an acoustic guitar and ethnic instrument collector so I tend to go a little mad with acoustic guitars. I am playing quite a range of them on some of Phil (Collins) songs for Tarzan--but don't plan to use any in the score.

Q: Were there any particular score styles/influences on Return To Paradise?

I spent quite a bit of time with Elliot Goldenthal over the last few years-- and I think some of his concepts rubbed off on me on Return To Paradise. Just his use of space and instrument effects is fascinating. We stayed up some nights listening to music and talking till all hours. I have great respect for his work.

Thanks for the interview, I hope these answers help a bit. Mark Mancina

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Grand Auditorium - Redwood

'Grand Auditorium' by Lance McCollum
One of 2 custom guitars used in Tarzan
Source: Mancina Music.

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Used in trailer/promo for...
Speed'ad for Peugeot', Money Train, Braveheart, Chain Reaction, Independence Day, Assassins, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Elizabeth
Bad BoysMoney Train, The Rock, Double Team
Con AirCon Air, 'CBS USA - 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics', Armageddon, 'Sweden TV 1&2 - DN galan'
Twister'Australian Masters Golf on Channel 7', Lost In Space


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