The cutest dog of a yumbo, Hans ...
(There's a double meaning in that!)

Hi, I am an Australian Shepherd (I suspect one of my parents is a husky, grin). I was adopted by Yumbo on March 18th after I was passed on twice. You know I'm cute and that's why I'm a yumbo too! lol. Well, I am the true yumbo, and Chris knows it too.

I am proudly known as Hans ZiCaine! To repeat myself, and clear any confusion for yoo tubes out there, my name is Hans me HansZi, lololol.

I made my movie debut in Con Air!
They've gotta have a dog, right!?

HansZi the Oklahoma chewer
Caught doing the crime (in the action)

  • I'm into hard rock, love to gnaw on those stones.
  • Yah, maaan, I'm into grass, gotta keep healthy.
  • I still don't know what a cat is, sure am curious though.
  • Let me impress you with my tricks! (QT 570k)

  • Hope I make you smile...adopt a pet!

    Just reminding you of my inner beauty......grin.

    I'm hanging tough with Bubba Brian in OKC.

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