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This listening post holds most of the sound clips from the site, which are available in the Real Audio 3.0+ format; new clips may require the G2 player. Of course the CD (if available) sounds heck of a lot better, and don't sell yourself short by being content with these clips. Go to Best CD Buy to purchase online.

All clips are (pseudo)-streamed (buffered playback) - recommended for 28.8 or higher users (14.4 will buffer longer).

The Radio Days

Magic 104FM Streamed (28.8 Mono 18k) My first radio show.

Drivetime Streamed (28.8 Mono 117k) My countdown promo.

advertisement Streamed (28.8 Mono 58k) One of the rare ads I gave in to.

FM96 Streamed (28.8 Mono 84k) When I moved 'up the road'.

Late Show Streamed (28.8 Mono 69k) Getting into the groove.

Oklahoma KMGL Streamed (28.8 Mono 18k) Liljane's fave show when I'm in town.

Jam Medley Streamed (28.8 Mono 480k) Mixing it up for a dance routine. And yes, that is me breathing at 2.00 minutes!



Bula Streamed (28.8 Mono 5k) Fijian for hello.

Mission 3:16 Streamed (28.8 Mono 500k) Carman's cool Bond homage, from the WOW 98 compilation.

She Drives Me Crazy (karaoke remix) Streamed (28.8 Mono 420k) The soundtrack to pre-exam jitters at AC; a parody of FYC's hit - back to make you LOL!...and to imagine that this was actually played in a nightclub! grin, well...once! ...and technically we didn't even use a microphone!

(Really) Going To Extremes Streamed (28.8 Mono 220k) The soundtrack to a hilarious Wednesday morning 'party'. The theme to TV's Going To Extremes in the background.

Mr. Boombastic Streamed (28.8 Mono 13k) Big T saying his stuff.

Vendela on Fiji Streamed (28.8 Mono 34k) Swimsuit model telling Letterman about her visit to Fiji.

World In Union Streamed (28.8 Mono 415k) The cool Rugby World Cup 1991 theme, based on The Planets by Holst.

Grier/Greer Barnes Streamed (28.8 Mono 122k) Stand-up comic's appearance on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' - impersonations of Mike Tyson and Arnold.

Adam Sandler/Damon Wayans Streamed (28.8 Mono 120k) Hilarious excerpt from Bulletproof.

Sigma Streamed (28.8 Stereo 450k) $Buy$ Eurovision winners Secret Garden and their score approach.

Clubbed To Death Streamed (28.8 Mono 360k) An infectious mix of classical piano and dance, by Rob D (edit).

A Child Is Born Streamed (28.8 Stereo 450k) $Buy$ Jeff & Joan Beal's combination on their 'lullaby'.

Bang Bang Streamed (28.8 Mono 360k) $Buy$ Jazzman David Sanborn's take on the traditional hispanic ditty, featured in Calendar Girl (edit).

Tones Streamed (28.8 Mono 390k) Be charmed with this solo piano grand piece, by Nova Nova (edit).

Hans on Elton Streamed (28.8 Mono 15k) Hans Zimmer on transposing other peoples' music.

Thrilling Hans Streamed (28.8 Mono 43k) Hans elaborating on working with Elton John on 'The Lion King'.


Zinfo - (unreleased music)

Zimmer CDiscography with purchasing links!

Hans Rocks Streamed (ISDN Stereo 800k) A lil fun remix of K2, NIN's 'Closer' and The Fan.

Days Of Thunder 1 Streamed (ISDN Stereo 650k) - the elusive opening title cue.

Days Of Thunder 2 Streamed (28.8 Mono 44k) ...when Tom Cruise appears on his Harley.

Days Of Thunder 3 Streamed (28.8 Mono 46k) ...Tom driving a stock car for the first time.

Days Of Thunder 4 Streamed (28.8 Mono 215k) - Silva Records re-recording of 'Car building'.

Days Of Thunder 5 Streamed (28.8 Mono 340k) - Silva Records re-recording of the 'Main Title'.

Days Of Thunder 6 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 340k) - Finale/Car building (edit) from FYD.

Days Of Thunder 7 Streamed (28.8 Mono 400k) - Cole & Claire from FYD2.

The Driver Part II Streamed (28.8 Stereo 670k) - Terry Reid's take on the DOT themes with different lyrics.

Days Of Thunder A Streamed (ISDN Stereo 600k) - the cleanest Main Title cue.

Days Of Thunder B Streamed (ISDN Stereo 260k) - Rowdy meets Cole.

Days Of Thunder C Streamed (ISDN Stereo 260k) - Cole test drives Rowdy's car.

Days Of Thunder D Streamed (ISDN Stereo 240k) - Driving To Dinner/Fear Of Racing montage.

Days Of Thunder E Streamed (ISDN Stereo 200k) - Cole rams Russ.

Days Of Thunder F Streamed (ISDN Stereo 250k) - Cole reflects on his ego.

Days Of Thunder J Streamed (ISDN Stereo 730k) - The Last Note Of Freedom (movie version) - David Coverdale singing Hans' & Billy Idol's tune.

Bird On A Wire A Streamed (ISDN Stereo 120k) - reminiscing about fun with friends.

Bird On A Wire B Streamed (ISDN Mono 160k) - Billy Ray getting shot at Marvin's garage.

Bird On A Wire C Streamed (ISDN Stereo 240k) - falling asleep in hotel/Police discover Marvin's body.

Bird On A Wire D Streamed (ISDN Stereo 200k) - lamenting the death of friend in Mexico, on ferry.

Bird On A Wire E Streamed (ISDN Mono 40k) - deciding whether to part in Racine.

Bird On A Wire F Streamed (ISDN Stereo 70k) - driving off from Racine on motorcycle.

Bird On A Wire G Streamed (ISDN Stereo 160k) - cruising to the farm.

Bird On A Wire H Streamed (ISDN Stereo 240k) - helicoptor attacking on farm.

Bird On A Wire I Streamed (ISDN Stereo 300k) - getting Mr. Wiggly back in action, at motel.

Bird On A Wire J Streamed (ISDN Stereo 100k) - motorcycling from motel to zoo friend's house.

Bird On A Wire K Streamed (ISDN Stereo 450k) - racing to the zoo from friend's house.

Bird On A Wire L Streamed (ISDN Stereo 350k) - being chased around at the zoo.

Bird On A Wire M Streamed (ISDN Mono 45k) - finale - sailing away on Mr. Wiggley.

Crimson Tide 1 Streamed (28.8 Mono 6k) ...Denzel Washington jogging.

Crimson Tide 2 Streamed (28.8 Mono 71k) ...evasive manoeuvres/torpedoes.

Broken Arrow Streamed (28.8 Mono 40k) ...on train/shooting through legs.

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie Streamed (28.8 Mono 40k) theme.

Space Rangers Streamed (28.8 Mono 117k) alternative theme to MV's.

The Rock (transposed for The Devil's Own trailer) Streamed (28.8 Mono 57k) sounds like a John Beal number.

The Critic Streamed (28.8 Mono 100k) the long lost TV theme to the acclaimed animated talk series.

High Incident 1 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 24k) Sample of Dreamworks TV original Opening theme.

High Incident 2 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 33k) Sample of Dreamworks TV End theme.

High Incident 3 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 133k) Dreamworks TV new Opening theme.

Preacher's Wife ET interview Streamed (28.8 Mono 158k) Highlight on music in 'The Preacher's Wife'.

Go here for 'The Preacher's Wife' score!

Go here for 'The Peacemaker' score!

Go here for 'As Good As It Gets' score!

Backdraft 1 Streamed (ISDN Mono 300k) - when the 17th cleans up the Porsche driver.

Backdraft 2 Streamed (ISDN Mono 100k) - little brother is late for work.

Backdraft 3 Streamed (ISDN Mono 90k) - entering the first building fire (inspiration for a cue in Speed).

Backdraft 4 Streamed (ISDN Mono 100k) - trying to get water.

Backdraft 5 Streamed (ISDN Mono 70k) - gung-ho rookie gets burned.

Backdraft 6 Streamed (ISDN Mono 150k) - Marty contemplates his future.

Backdraft 7 Streamed (ISDN Mono 140k) - Cox attacks at Marty's place.

Backdraft 8 Streamed (ISDN Mono 180k) - little brother discovers the arsonist in bathroom.

Backdraft 9 Streamed (ISDN Mono 190k) - speeding off despite fire engine crash.

Fire Down Below Streamed (ISDN Stereo 245k) - excerpt from gas station/diner shooting scene - Nick Glennie-Smith.

First Born Streamed (Mono 330k) - the elusive BBC series theme by Hans, featured on FYD.

Follow Your Dreams A Streamed (Mono 200k) - the original Marlboro Adventure Team theme, featuring Mark Mancina.

Follow Your Dreams Streamed (Mono 460k) - the catchy vocal version with Mark Mancina.

Thelma & Louise Streamed (Mono 320k) - the unreleased end and main title medley, featured on FYD.

Chicago Hope A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 120k) Original Main theme, by Mark Isham.

Chicago Hope B Streamed (ISDN Mono 110k) End title, by Mark Isham.

Chicago Hope C Streamed (28.8 Stereo 120k) New Main theme, by Mark Isham.

Chicago Hope D Streamed (28.8 Stereo 430k) Jeff Rona's The Boxer cue, with soothing trumpet.

Chicago Hope E Streamed (28.8 Stereo 470k) Jeff Rona's emotional Kate's Comfort cue.

Chicago Hope F Streamed (ISDN Mono 290k) Jeff Rona's moving cue at birth of Francesco - adopted baby for Isabella Rosselini's character (edit).

White Squall Streamed (28.8 Stereo 400k) Jeff Rona's sublime Power Of The Wind.

Prince Of Egypt A Streamed (28.8 Mono 20k) The solemn trumpet solo found on the Dreamworks soundtrack site.

Prince Of Egypt B Streamed (28.8 Mono 200k) The rousing trailer featuring 2 songs, and Harry's score, in the style of Crimson Tide.

Video Killed The Radio Star Streamed (28.8 Mono 490k) The start of a phenomenon, Hans as part of The Buggles.



Whole Wide World Streamed (28.8 Stereo 400k) $Buy$ - Harry Gregson-Williams' too beautiful Love Theme.

Smilla's Sense Of Snow Streamed (28.8 Stereo 350k) $Buy$ - HGW's End Titles with a European air.

Liar (Deceiver) Streamed (28.8 Mono 470k) - HGW's End Titles, available only in Japan.

The Borrowers Streamed (28.8 Stereo 150k) - HGW's too snazzy Dairy Montage.

The Replacement Killers Streamed (28.8 Stereo 400k) $Buy$ - HGW's forlorn John's Theme.

Enemy Of The State Streamed (28.8 Stereo 430k) $Buy$ - the rapturous Main Theme.



Alive Streamed (28.8 Mono 136k) James Newton Howard's mountain epic.

Flatliners Streamed (28.8 Mono 239k) James Newton Howard's previously unreleased score (edit).

Falling Down Streamed (28.8 Stereo 135k) JNH's previously unreleased Venice (edit).

My Best Friend's Wedding Suite Streamed (28.8 Mono 350k) $Buy$ James Newton Howard's brilliant new score (edit).

My Best Friend's Wedding A Streamed (28.8 Mono 120k) additional score from the Oscar promo - 'The Garden Chase'.

My Best Friend's Wedding B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 800k) additional score from the Oscar promo - 'Do You Love Him?'.

My Best Friend's Wedding C Streamed (28.8 Stereo 120k) additional score from the Oscar promo - 'Jules Makes An Entrance'.

My Best Friend's Wedding D Streamed (28.8 Stereo 470k) additional score from the Oscar promo - 'You Were Jealous?'.

Cancao Do Mar Streamed (28.8 Mono 330k) $Buy$ Dulce Pontes intoxicating narrative song featured in Primal Fear (edit).

Eye For An Eye Streamed (28.8 Stereo 600k) The unreleased End Titles.

The Devil's Advocate Streamed (28.8 Stereo 250k) $Buy$ Medley of Montage/Barzoon.

The Postman A Streamed (ISDN Stereo 410k) $Buy$ Edit of The Belly of the Beast.

The Postman B Streamed (ISDN Stereo 460k) $Buy$ 2nd edit of The Belly of the Beast. Does it remind you of Apollo 13?

The Trigger Effect Streamed (28.8 Stereo 500k) The unreleased End Titles.

A Perfect Murder A Streamed (28.8 Mono 250k) $Buy$ Ever Been To Belize?

A Perfect Murder B Streamed (28.8 Mono 230k) $Buy$ That's Not Happiness To See Me.



Go up to hear Mark sing Follow Your Dreams!

Con Air montage Streamed (ISDN Stereo 780k) $Buy$ A montage of Trevor Rabin's work with Mark Mancina on Con Air.

Con Air Streamed (Mono 660k) $Buy$ The unreleased End Credits!

How Do I Live (Video/Album Version) Streamed (28.8 Mono 470k) Trisha Yearwood's moving ballad, taken from her current Greatest Hits collection - 'Songbook'; movie version differs.

How Do I Live (Movie/Single Version) Streamed (28.8 Mono 490k) Trisha Yearwood's moving ballad, as heard in Con Air.

Man Of The House 1 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 440k) The unreleased sublime Main Theme...

Man Of The House 2 Streamed (ISDN Stereo 150k) The unreleased Love Bubble Trouble cue!

Speed 2 A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 270k) The unreleased Opening Title cue!

Speed 2 B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 330k) The unreleased Pre-Cruise cue!

Speed 2 C Streamed (28.8 Stereo 440k) The unreleased Cruise cue!

Bad Boys Streamed (28.8 Mono 350k) The unreleased Main Title cue featured on Follow Your Dreams.

Return To Paradise A Streamed (28.8 Mono 270k) $Buy$ The moving Looking At You cue!

Return To Paradise B Streamed (28.8 Mono 330k) $Buy$ The gentle title track!

Return To Paradise C Streamed (28.8 Mono 340k) $Buy$ The immensely moving Desperate Lovers cue!

Tarzan A Streamed (28.8 Mono 580k) $Buy$ The moving One Family cue!

Tarzan B Streamed (28.8 Mono 820k) $Buy$ The percussive and varied A Wondrous Place track!

Yes/Rabin sampler Streamed (28.8 Mono 436k) A montage of Trevor Rabin's work with Yes, from the Talk album, showing the influence for Con Air. Jon Anderson's vocals are simply brill!

The Glimmer Man A Streamed (28.8 Mono 270k) The unreleased Main Title by Trevor Rabin.

The Glimmer Man B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 130k) The unreleased cruisy The Hotel cue by Trevor Rabin.

The Glimmer Man C Streamed (28.8 Mono 20k) The unreleased rockin' Abseil cue by Trevor Rabin.

Armageddon Streamed (28.8 Mono 380k) $Buy$ The anthemic Trevor Rabin cue - simply brill!

Deep Blue Sea Streamed (28.8 Mono 960k) $Buy$ The Armageddon mood continues with Trevor Rabin's montage from the Warner soundtrack; $Pre-order$ the Varese score.


Hear it there!


Hear it there!


Links - (unreleased music)

Age Of Innocence trailer Streamed (28.8 Mono 31k) does anyone know who composed this?

Goldeneye 1 Streamed (ISDN Mono 480k) Theatrical trailer.

Goldeneye 2 Streamed (ISDN Mono 150k) TV trailer 1.

Goldeneye 3 Streamed (ISDN Mono 90k) TV trailer 2.

Come See The Paradise Streamed (28.8 Stereo 191k) the most used music in trailers, composed by Randy Edelman.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Streamed (28.8 Mono 210k) edit of The Dream Academy's Power to Believe - the haunting theme song.

Contact Streamed (28.8 Mono 80k) $Buy$ edit of Track 3 - does this Alan Silvestri cue sound Zimmerish to you? Well, listen to Broken Arrow!

Hoffa Streamed (28.8 Mono 136k) Another trailer classic!

Adiemus Streamed (ISDN Mono 1.1MB) $Buy$ The brilliant underscore to the Ansett Australia and Delta Airlines TV campaigns.

Powaqqatsi Streamed (ISDN Stereo 859k) $Buy$ edit of Anthem Part 3, used in trailers - composed by Philip Glass, performed by Jeff Rona.

Stars Fell On Henrietta Streamed (28.8 Stereo 125k) David Benoit's beautiful theme montage.

C U When U Get There Streamed (28.8 Mono 630k) The Pachelbel - Canon In D Major inspired ditty from Nothing To Lose, by Coolio.

Do you wanna be a hero? Streamed (28.8 Mono 350k) The elusive Jon Anderson classic from Biggles!

Mortal Thoughts 1 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 220k) The unreleased Finale by Mark Isham.

Mortal Thoughts 2 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 410k) The unreleased End Titles by Mark Isham.

New York Stock Exchange Streamed (ISDN Mono 150k) My fave 30 second TV spot.

New York Stock Exchange B Streamed (ISDN Stereo 150k) My NEW fave 30 second TV spot - FedEx version

Unisys Streamed (ISDN Mono 150k) A cool percussive and choral 30 second TV spot.

Stripsearch Streamed (28.8 Stereo 80k) A rhythmic cue by Eric Lemoyne.

Gang Of Blue Streamed (28.8 Mono 100k) The moving finale from Larry Brown.

Judge Dredd trailer 1 Streamed (ISDN Stereo 250k) The unreleased trailer by Jerry Goldsmith.

Judge Dredd trailer 2 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 120k) The released faster version by Joel McNeely.

Dark City trailer Streamed (28.8 Mono 235k) $Buy$ The cool Hans/NIN soundalike cue, from Hughs Hall - 'Sleep Now', unusually featured on the soundtrack release.

Raven Streamed (28.8 Mono 380k) The unreleased End Titles by Harry Manfredini - a melodious and patriotic synth cue, from the Burt Reynolds B-movie.

Lionheart A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 380k) Edit of The Wrong Bet by John Scott - a rhythmic cue reminiscent of Backdraft, from the Van Damme B-movie.

Lionheart B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 630k) The title cue by John Scott - a melodious and brassy cue.

True Blue A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 410k) Stanislas Syrewicz's ode to rowing, from the British movie - Training.

True Blue B Streamed (ISDN Stereo 760k) The Closing title cue featuring Sonia Jones.

Armageddon Streamed (28.8 Mono 300k) $Buy$ The touching theme by Harry Gregson-Williams, Animal Crackers, interspersed with self-titled movie dialogue, and the obligatory Aerosmith riff. See next clip by Loreena Mckennitt for comparison.

Dante's Prayer Streamed (28.8 Mono 860k) $Buy$ The mesmerising track from Loreena McKennitt's latest album - The Book Of Secrets.

Big Sky A Streamed (28.8 Mono 60k) Stephen Rae's soulful - Main Theme to the Australian TV aviation drama .

Big Sky B Streamed (28.8 Mono 180k) Stephen Rae's extended soulful - End Theme.

Matilda Streamed (28.8 Stereo 820k) The unreleased End Credits by David Newman.

GI Jane Streamed (28.8 Mono 100k) The promo To the base cue by Trevor Jones, that sounds a tad too much like Crimson Tide, even for Hans' liking.

Breakdown Streamed (28.8 Stereo 400k) The unreleased Main Title cue by Basil Poledouris.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Streamed (28.8 Stereo 440k) The promo Julie Takes A Cruise cue by John Debney.

Lord Of The Dance Streamed (28.8 Mono 530k) $Buy$ The groovy Siamsa cue by Ronan Hardiman, to get you moving.

Fly Away Home Streamed (28.8 Mono 470k) The delectable Fly Away Home Oscar promo cue by Mark Isham, to get you inspired!

Buffalo Soldiers A Streamed (28.8 Mono 360k) Joel Mcneely's unreleased percussive/ethnic - Main Titles from the TNT drama.

Buffalo Soldiers B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 280k) the unreleased patriotic - The Fourth Of July (edit) cue.

Buffalo Soldiers C Streamed (28.8 Stereo 270k) the unreleased sombre - End Credits.

Free Willy 3 Streamed (28.8 Stereo 440k) $Buy$ montage of Cliff Eidelman's exquisite effort.

The Journey Of August King A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 180k) Stephen Endelman's unreleased solemn - Main Titles.

The Journey Of August King B Streamed (ISDN Stereo 100k) the unreleased inspiring - Soar Over Mountain (edit) cue.

The Journey Of August King C Streamed (28.8 Mono 60k) the unreleased hair-raising - Waterfall Bath (edit) cue.

The Journey Of August King D Streamed (28.8 Stereo 260k) the unreleased - End Credits.

Anastasia A Streamed (28.8 Mono 370k) $Buy$ Medley of Journey To The Past and Once Upon A December, sung beautifully by Liz Callaway.

Anastasia B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 430k) $Buy$ David Newman's spirited - Finale.

Mr. And Mrs. Loving Streamed (28.8 Stereo 270k) a moving accompaniment to A Dream speech by Branford Marsalis. Please email me with what score you think it reminds you of!

Hunt For Red October Streamed (28.8 Stereo 500k) the rousing unreleased End Titles by Basil Poledouris!

Firestorm A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 120k) J. Peter Robinson's unreleased Main Titles.

Firestorm B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 110k) the moving 1st Rescue cue.

Firestorm C Streamed (28.8 Stereo 470k) the unreleased End Titles.

Mousehunt Streamed (28.8 Stereo 310k) $Buy$ the varying and catchy What Are You Doing? cue from Alan Silvestri.

Princess Mononoke A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 460k) Joe Hisaishi's well grounded score of varying themes, sampled here with a theme medley; reminiscent of Black Rain and slightly inspired by Backdraft in other tracks.

Princess Mononoke B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 410k) the outstanding vocal medley.

The Living Daylights Streamed (28.8 Mono 440k) $Buy$ the newly issued Exercise At Gibraltar cue (edit) from John Barry.

The Saint Streamed (28.8 Mono 320k) $Buy$ a medley of Graeme Revell's Love Theme, Searching Apartment, Finale (edit), used in the trailer to Snake Eyes.

Destiny In Space Streamed (28.8 Stereo 380k) the inspiring trumpet-laced Distant Signals theme by Micky Erbe and Meribeth Solomon, from the IMAX collection.

Dragonheart Streamed (28.8 Mono 380k) $Buy$ the popular trailer source, To The Stars, by Randy Edelman, that started with its use at the 1997 Oscars.

Dragon Streamed (28.8 Mono 200k) $Buy$ the popular trailer source by Randy Edelman, The Premiere Of The Big Boss, that started with its use promoting Forrest Gump.

Commonwealth Games Streamed (28.8 Mono 200k) the catchy pindrop cue used in the end broadcast montages by TVNZ - anyone know the source?

Phantoms Streamed (28.8 Stereo 180k) David Williams' unreleased Main Title.

Bellagio Resort Streamed (28.8 Mono 110k) $Buy$ the exquisite song from Andrea Bocelli set against the sumptuous ad promoting the new resort - Con Te Partiro

Snake Eyes Streamed (28.8 Mono 450k) $Buy$ the brassy and percussive suspense cue by Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Hunt (edit)

Les Visiteurs II Streamed (28.8 Stereo 190k) Eric Levi's ode to Kamen's Robin Hood, and a better album listen; the grand Melody FA Knight (Part 1) cue.

Polish Wedding Streamed (28.8 Mono 540k) $Buy$ Luis Bacalov's follow-up to the sweet Il Postino; the catchy Full Circle/End Title cue!

The Mighty Streamed (28.8 Mono 600k) $Buy$ Trevor Jones showing his versatility in this amazing and impressive Past Times cue!

Jack & Sarah Streamed (28.8 Mono 350k) The personal and exquisite theme by Simon Boswell.

Photographing Fairies Streamed (28.8 Mono 760k) Simon Boswell's unreleased epic - full sample!

Perdita Durango Streamed (28.8 Stereo 420k) Simon Boswell's now released ominous synth/orchestral action score - full sample!

American Perfekt Streamed (28.8 Stereo 350k) Simon Boswell's unreleased pleasant cello/piano score - full sample!

Cousin Bette Streamed (28.8 Stereo 780k) $Buy$ Simon Boswell's classical score - montage!

Black Dog Streamed (28.8 Mono 150k) George S. Clinton showing off his fiddle skills mixed with rocking percussion in this unreleased Main Title cue!

Face/Off Trailer Streamed (28.8 Mono 110k) Trailer production house clip POW from Immediate Music as used in the US trailer!

Eyes Of Truth - Trailer Streamed (28.8 Stereo 160k) $Buy$ Enigma's edit used in The Matrix and The Long Kiss Goodnight campaigns.

Heaven & Earth Streamed (28.8 Mono 680k) $Buy$ From Oliver Stone's poetic end to his Vietnam trilogy, the powerful score encompassing 'Saigon Reunion' cue by Kitaro.


Jumbinfo's RaRAties

This Boy's Life Streamed (28.8 Mono 480k) The lovely unreleased End Titles by Carter Burwell - notice any similarity with Conspiracy Theory?

The Jackal A Streamed (ISDN Stereo 240k) - Carter Burwell's unreleased Action theme montage!

The Jackal B Streamed (ISDN Stereo 80k) - the unreleased The Test cue!

The Jackal C Streamed (ISDN Stereo 190k) - the unreleased Just One Guy-Casing Target cue!

The Jackal D Streamed (ISDN Stereo 220k) - the unreleased On The Road-Ferry-Insider cue!

The Jackal E Streamed (ISDN Stereo 190k) - the unreleased House To Target cue!

The Jackal F Streamed (ISDN Stereo 240k) - the unreleased Escalator-2nd Eye Contact cue!

The Jackal G Streamed (ISDN Stereo 380k) - the unreleased The Subway Chase-Trains cue!

The Jackal H Streamed (ISDN Stereo 380k) - the unreleased End Titles cue!

Fear Streamed (28.8 Mono 480k) Carter Burwell's unreleased End Credits cue!

Two Bits A Streamed (28.8 Stereo 280k) Carter Burwell's unreleased pleasant Logo/Main Titles cue!

Two Bits B Streamed (28.8 Stereo 510k) Carter Burwell's unreleased extended End Titles cue!


Aidinfo's RaRAties

Amos & Andrew Streamed (28.8 Mono 190k) Richard Gibbs' theme.

Amrind Contata Streamed (28.8 Mono 270k) Graeme Revell's exotic theme.

The Boys From Brazil Streamed (28.8 Mono 230k) Jerry Goldsmith - montage.

Krull Streamed (28.8 Mono 470k) James Horner - montage.

Leviathan Streamed (28.8 Mono 380k) Jerry Goldsmith - 'Underwater Camp'

1996 Olympics Streamed (28.8 Mono 640k) Basil Poledouris' special Opening Ceremony theme.

The Relic Streamed (28.8 Mono 460k) John Debney's theme.

Super Mario Bros Streamed (28.8 Mono 130k) Alan Silvestri's theme.

Under Fire Streamed (28.8 Mono 380k) Jerry Goldsmith - 'Bajo Fuego'.

The War At Home Streamed (28.8 Mono 190k) Basil Poledouris' piano theme.


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