A yumbo is the name I invented, as an alternative to descriptions such as 'babe', 'hunk', 'sheila', 'bit', 'barewa', 'uro' etc.

Basically, an alternative word to describe a physically attractive person. I use it as a unique term, and as a means of being discreet at close quarters.

It is derived from other earlier unique terms; I use it for my email id, and as a nickname on irc chat. Not because I claim to be a yumbo, but I have the privilege of inventing its use.

Addendum: Yumbo = me; yumbo = as above.

You'll be surprised to learn that it has a few other uses, and you can see it for yourself by going to a search engine, such as Yahoo, and typing in yumbo. From there, go for it!

What is a wootie?

A wootie, is a word you may have seen me write in my email, or in chat - and of course mystifies yoo! lol. Well, to demystify, here is its defintion by inception:

We all try to be witty on the net, to impress others, or it is just instinctive. Obviously, it is sometimes hard to come by, and we scratch our heads (some of us, prolly by instinct as well). So, if we scratch hard enough, or if we're just too good, our jumper-jack cooties come out as WOOTIES!!!!!!!

To put it simply:

A witty remark that comes from our scratched cranium, where cooties sometimes reside; a witty cootie, is a WOOTIE!

Smiles, and thar yoo go - another yumbo word to add to your internationally understanding vocabulary!

Here are some quick dic-defying defs. a la Yumbo...