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Where is Yumbo?

I left Australia at Christmas '96, stopped by Media Ventures at the 'closing of the year', hung out in Oklahoma, bid some time in Nebraska, with trips to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, a day in London, and back to MV land. Watch for a NEW report on my MV pilgrimmageS. Fiji time though. I have been back in Fiji since October 1997 doing this and that.

Slated projects for Hans include Gladiator (Dreamworks), Mission Impossible 2, Chill Factor and The Road To El Dorado with Elton John (Dreamworks).

'Follow your dreams'

Yumbo chills with Hans

Hans & Yumbo
Hans' first project in 1996 was the Billie August directed Smilla's Sense of Snow, starring the dazzling Julia Ormond and the cool Gabriel Byrne. This is his second collaboration with the Danish director, which is based on a Danish novel, and scripted by Andrew Birkin, who previously directed Burning Secret which Hans also scored. It was released by independent Fox Searchlight on February 28th in the US. The soundtrack was released on Teldec Records/Warner with a running time of 55 minutes, with 10 tracks. He wrote a few cues with Harry Gregson-Williams, who shares first credit. Review is on the Zoard.

Making lil waves on the indie scene just after The Preacher's Wife, Whole Wide World which opened in the US in 96, starring (the impressive) Vincent D'onofrio, and yumboistic Rene Zellweger (showcased in Jerry Maguire), had its soundtrack released in early February - it was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, but Hans shares alternating credit. Review is on the Zoard.

Important note: The first edition of Whole Wide World was a 9-track misprint (demo version) by manufacturer UNI(versal), and as far as reports go, the misspelling of Hans is an indication of the misprint. Unfortunately, European stock has not been replenished by the 12-track reprint. The misprints have NOT been recalled. Be wary of your purchase.

After The Peacemaker, Hans ended the year with As Good As It Gets (Tristar), directed by James L. Brooks - their second collaboration.

His recent projects include Prince of Egypt and The Thin Red Line.

As Good As It Gets

Click on logo to find out all you need to know about Hans' recent Tristar project, with a review, and RA samples.

The Peacemaker

Click on logo to find out all you need to know about Hans' first Dreamworks project, with a review, and RA samples.

The Preacher's Wife

Information on Touchstone Pictures remake of 'The Bishop's Wife', starring Denzel Washington. Features sound clips from an interview and the unreleased score.

Inside Media Ventures

Information on my visit to Hans' Studio. Includes Quicktime and Real Video segments. Under new construction, grin.


Information on the petition organised for the release of unavailable Zimmer material. Includes first written reply, and second verbal reply, including news of 'new' releases, and unreleased sounds. NOTE: FYD2 has been released - coverage coming soon.

Late news!!!

Information on what's happening in the world of Zimmer et al.

Did you know??? ... that

Information on Zimmer's background, recordings, associates...

The Zimmer Clubhouze

The hangout for Zympho-maniacs with mug-shots, bios, and some of their work, being inspired by Hans.


Apart from the Grammy (Driving Miss Daisy) and Oscar (Rainman, The Preacher's Wife, As Good As It Gets, The Prince Of Egypt, The Thin Red Line) noms, and those Oscar (The Lion King) and Grammy (Crimson Tide, The Lion King) nods, Hans has picked up other industry awards such as the BMI Film Music award several times. He picked up 2 in 1996 along with a career achievement award. These awards are given out to music publishers whose work has the most exposure/airplay/screenings/box office.

Add another BMI Film Music award for The Rock.
Add another BMI Film Music award for As Good As It Gets.

'Under a Blue Moon'


'Coming Soon' - Media Ventures in trailers and promos

Information on which trailers and promos have used Zimmer music.

Links & Stuff

Information on other related sites, sound clips, other score recommendations and miscellaneous material.

For the memories....

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