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April 1997

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Apr 30 - 16:40
FSM and Zimmer
Brian Bilby
Location: Jackson, MI USA


Just was looking at the Film Score Monthly website, and these guys who call The Rock the worst score of the year, also say in one spot that when the 90's are over, people will see Zimmer as one of the most influental composers of the decade along with Elfman, Serra and Goldenthal. I agree with Zimmer and Elfman, while I don't know about the other two. Wish they would make their mind up.

They also said it was official that David Arnold was doing the next Bond flick. Hope it's better than ID4, which I thought sounded like Williams having a bad bowel attack. Real loud and all over the place.

Zimmery do dah, Zimmery day, my oh my what a Zimmery day...

See Ya's


Apr 30 - 12:55
Catch up...
Andy Kim
Location: University of Waterloo

Hello people! I haven't been around for a LONG time (around when Yumbo started appearing around here :) ). Anyways been busy but I'm back into the discussion.

I still can't believe Zimmer was voted worst composer by that mag (I won't even mention its name). Who did they vote as best?!?!

Zimmer and Williams have the honor as being my heros of film music who have been my inspiration for my own writing (which still needs A LOT of development). I would do anything to meet these two!

Anyways, I have not stopped listening to the Rock since I bought it last year! A couple of you mentioned that Zimmer should do an orchestral score and that will get him the recogition that he deserves. I beg to differ. I think Zimmer's expertise with electronic instruments is why he's up there. How many composers can you name that have been able to make electronic music sound the way he makes them sound? They're about as close to an orchestral as you can get! Besides, I don't think you can play half the stuff he does on an orchestra. The textures he achieves are very unique to his style of writing.

Whoever called Zimmer's music garbage probably never listened to it to begin with. It not only brings great depth to the films he composes for but also stands alone by itself. I'm one of many living examples that can testify that Zimmer's music does not need the movie to be enjoyed.

Even my friends who are not interested at all in film music sit up and take notice when they hear good music and Zimmer's music comes up a lot. I'm just rambling here but I just couldn't stand by while some goof in a mag trashes one of my heroes. Although I don't enjoy listening to some composers, I must say that no one composer is deserving of that low of a title. Film composition is such a difficult job sometimes having to sacrifice your creativity for sychronization with films yet they pull it off so well!

Well there it is. That's my opinion on the matter. Talk to you folks later! BTW what ever happened to that petition thing? I got sent a lot of email on it but I didn't have a change to respond. Anything come of it?

Andy Kim
Fellow Zimmer Worshipper

Apr 30 - 09:02
Re: Nick Glennie-Smith does big movies
Location: lava free on a fine day

now now Jon,

Howdy with a grin.

Nick GS has almost completed HA3, and I presume JW was busy on other projects, with a hefty Dreamworks schedule. Hmmm, he took over from Basil eh (on Seagal pics)? Guess the Rabin referral may be 'true'. (Just made that up, lol.)

Guess we can expect an orchestral, Cool Runings, calendar Girl-ish sound.

Jeffrey Rona - still busy on his 4 simultaneous TV Series underscoring, and capping it off with 2 independent movies as well. He works on holidays too.


What did Norway beat Finland in? Or did they get whipped? lol.

If anyone's interested, I have a Laserdisc copy of Younger and Younger.


Apr 29 - 11:00
Nick Glennie-Smith does big movies
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway. We shall beat Finland tomorrow.

Seems like ex-Media Ventures member Nick Glennie-Smith soon will join the A-list of composers. He is now scheduled to score both "Home Alone 3" (where is ooooold dude Williams?) and the new Steven Seagal vehicle "Fire Down Below."

I'm pretty excited about this. Will we still hear the Zimmer-influences, or is he going for his own style?

By the way, I'm also waiting to see Jeff Rona on a new major picture. What has he been doing since "White Squall"? Writing articles for Keyboard?

Apr 29 - 05:23
Zimmer Trashing
Doug Friend
Location: USA

My Last copy of "Film Score Monthly" subscription just ran out.
I will not be RE-Subscribing.
I agree with most of you. He is bias in is writing.
Zimmer is good stuff, but by no means is he the best.
I have Horner, Goldsmith,Williams, Barry, Arnold, Poledouris and others in which I love also.
Not all composers can make a winner every time they score a
Film sountrack. Zimmer is by no means "Worst Composer"
I have about 26 Zimmer CD's and will continue to buy them as
well as my other Composers.
Lets not stoop down to their level.
You wont see me trashing a Composer, but I will give my opinion
on a Score, whether I like it it or not.
All Composers deserve credit for their writing. I wish I could
do it. Thnaks for reading. Keep on Zimmering. "The Rock" is powerful and I agree, not the best score, but a good score.
Thanks, Doug Friend

Apr 29 - 03:54
Who did what etc.
Location: tending to HansZi at 4.30am!

Go Mikey! lol. you zoodle yoo.

HI all......before i hit the sack again, here's another link of the Breakdown trailer, which starts off with DOT in the long version. Please identify THIS score track in the BG if you can (I'm not up to listening to everything in my collection again, just to find out - I'm already crazy as it is, lol).

Breakdown trailer - short version

and if it's Horner, well, shoot me, lol.

Alrighty, I asked who did what on the Rock, Smilla, and WWW:

The Rock - Hans (themes), Harry (sewer, fireball bits - at least), Nick (orchestra bits); a TEAM effort.

WWW - mostly Harry.

Smilla - ditto.

well, that about verifies what's already known, lol.

good night, everybozy!!!!!

zzzzzzzleep (again),

Apr 28 - 19:09
Film Score Monthly
Mike Skerritt
Location: School...but not for long!!!!

I'm glad someone brought this topic up. The only thing that separates Film Score MOnthly from a junior high school newspaper is a fancy cover (and that's a first for this issue!) Lukas Kendall, the boy who publishes it, is a twirp. He's pushy, arrogant , and his writing talents have gone to waste. He even lies about how many subscribers he has just to get new people to sign on. And barring such errors, just take a look at the quality of writing inside. Profanity has no place in a film score review, y et these words are thrown about in the magazine as if it were a locker room. So for those of you who like Zimmer and were pained at seeing his name shamed like this, take heart. Realize that those who shamed him are probably your little brother's friends .

"Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

Apr 28 - 15:09
Couldn't resist, grin
Location: Crimson Tide listening position

lol, (smiles Brian, good spiel)

While most Europeans sleep, and Australians wake up....

Silva Screen - I wouldn't mind if they used more ORIGINAL versions.

FSM - agreed.

Goldenthal - Michael Collins - I like Gaelic stuff, and the end title, which is a duplicate of his (acceptable) HEAT, though he imitates Horner with bits. Pity that Australian music students have ot study him as coursework.

Jerry Goldsmith.....(like Randy Edelman) is a cool theme-smith, but when it comes ot filling in cues with Rambo-twanging....shudder, lol.

Orchestral...well, Backdraft is the closest you'll get, and I'd say it's one of the best you'll get.

Besides, Hans fills in the limitations of an orchestra with his synths, and if you wanted a pure orchestral score, Zimmer wouldn't be a composer (see the picture?). You'd get re-hashed Williams etc. What's new?

Onward!...while Crimson Tide plays (been a while, lol).

oooh, yeah,

Apr 28 - 14:00
Film Score Monthly and more
Brian Bilby
Location: Jackson,MI USA

I just wanted to post my opinion on a couple of recent postings to this page.

1)Film Score Monthly- I read it just for the news and interviews. As far as the reviews go, their screwed. They hate Zimmer,Horner(with a passion),but they sometimes like Goldenthal(YECH!!!!). Forget them, they don't know how to appreciate film music anyw ays. I listen to it and like it by it's listening quality outside the film, but good film music is writtn to match the actions of the film and enhance the atmosphere of the scene. They want music that is just pleasant to listen to, and could care less abo ut the impact on the film.

2)Silva Screen- Yea they put some real crap out there, but they have put out some good stuff like Goldsmiths Legend music and a few others.

3)Zimmer- I used to dismiss Hans and crew myself until I bough some of his stuff and started listening, and now I'm hooked. I still like a good orchestral score better, but the man sure can deliver a driving, pulse pounding score. I think he's been knocke d by alot of people just like Horner because he's young and has knocked the music scene on their butts. What he has to do is deliver a huge scope score with a large orchestral composition and then they will have to eat their underwear. I have been convert ed, but I do not think he's is the best around though. I still think that Jerry Goldsmith has that honor until he's dead and buried.

See Ya
Hurumph and whatever else....


Apr 28 - 11:11
Re: Zimmer receives worst composer prize
Location: kitchen - hungry as hell




If they came up with something better (score-wise), I'd actually subscribe ot them. And THE ROCK had no pretensions about being a great score, unlike THE ENGLISH PATIENT which has my vote as the most UNREMARKABLE score of 1996.

thenk U!


Apr 28 - 10:42
Zimmer receives worst composer prize
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

I know this is a worship page, but I just have to mention this. In the newest edition of Film Score Monthly Hans Zimmer is labelled 1996's worst composer. The article looks at various aspects with last year's film scores, and The Rock is said to be the wo rst score. It tells us that "It took three people to make this rubbish."

Our man doesn't seem too popular among the individuals behind this mag. What should we do about it, folks?

Statements appreciated.

Apr 27 - 10:41
Re: Days Of Thunder - Silva Screen Records (a label which I'll never buy a recording of)
Location: just here


long night.
alrighty, here's the SILVA SCREEN track split into 2 Real Audio streaming files:

Main title

Car building (b-side release)

This is temporary and I have to remove it soon, when space is needed. And will put up the FYD version on request. Will also add Unai Aizpurua's attempt at the Main title - pretty spiffy.

Note - DOT is used for the 1st time in the trailer ot the new Kurt russell movie Breakdown (good reviews), along with another Zimmer score I couldn't place at the time.


Apr 26 - 12:34
Days Of Thunder - Silava Screen Records
Location: Erin's for dinner (which I'm cooking)


ok, once and for all.

I will upload an RA file later tonight, so you can decide for yourself.

It is a weak remake.


Apr 26 - 12:03
Re: Re: Days Of Thunder Single
E-mail: anonymous
Location: anonymous


Apr 25 - 10:21
Re: C.D. availablity
Seaman Travis White, USN
Location: Norfolk,VA USA

Dear Sir,

I'm afraid I don't have any information on a Zimmer Complilation
CD, but would appreciate it if you did find out, to email me.
I am a huge soundtrack fan with my favorite composers being
Williams (of course),Zimmer,Barry,Elfan, & Kamen.

Thank you for your time.
Seaman Travis White
United States Navy Musician

Apr 25 - 05:49
Re: FYD $60?
Location: the rain

morning Dougie,

yup, due to record companies not supporting the boot tracks, some fellows in the UK decided to make a bit of money for themselves and a few of us 'happy'.

I actually paid US$98 for my copy. The following week, it was available for $55. How do you think I felt?

part of supply vs. demand.(Some rare titles have fetched more than $140!)

who knows where the copies come from. it's a boot among lots of there (other titles), and a pretty decent one. It's a good buy if you don't have the tracks that have already been released, but are out of print, or too expensive to buy individually.

I bought it specifically for the FYD title tracks (4), Days of Thunder track, Bad Boys, fair game, Thelma, Assassins. I was satisfied from that perspective.

There was sposed to be only 100 copies, but i believe they made more, bringing the price down. It is now getting more rare again.

The Rock - haven't asked Hans as to who wrote what. Will do. Same for WWW and SSS. My guess would be that hans wrote the main themes, and Harry (and Nick) expounded on them, filled in some cues, with Hans supervising and filling the gaps. Nick has LONG be en sharing writing with Hans, just not headlined. Just political that Hans gets top billing - requested by studio.

I would say he definitely wrote the main Rock theme, and track 6. Nick would have done track 3 and 7. Haven't listened to any of Harry's numerous SOLO projects to ascertain his style.

Star Wars - yes, that would be nice for Hans to do it, same for a James Bond movie, or a Spielberg one. Bit fed up of Williams in that respect.

anyway, have a better day, and keep Zimmering.


Apr 25 - 00:37
Re: FYD $60?

Jesus, why is it so expensive? I like zimmer but that seems
a bit steep. Where did you get it and why is it bootleg?

BTW, you seem to know alot about Zimmer. Do you know how much
of The Rock was his, because those other guys sure copy his
style. It seems the last track was someone elses.

Note: Take Star Wars away from Williams and give it to Zimmer.
The next three needs some style. I would love to here him do a
space movie with all of that technology.

Apr 24 - 20:41
Speed II
Location: desparation, grin


it's by Mancina, and he has his own page on Mancinfo.....

the soundtack is slated for release on May.....go patronise Mancinfo, will ya? lol. Virgin Records. hmm, may just be the pop version.

will try to call them.

zoodl...oops, moodles,

Apr 24 - 13:03
Mancina's new scores
Robin Kuipers
Location: The Netherlands

Hello Zimmer addicts...

I like Zimmer's music a lot as we all do and I like Mancina's work as well. Now with his two major scores coming up in six weeks, I'm wondering if anybody knows anything about a possible release on CD of the scores.

Any info would be appreciated, you can post it here on the message board or e-mail me directly.

BTW is House of the Spirits really that rare? I saw it in Rotterdam (Holland) for $14. (That's mid-price in Holland)
Unfortunately I live quite a way away, so I can't just go back and pick it up.

Keep Zimmering


Robin Kuipers

Apr 24 - 06:18
The House of the Spirits
Rich Roth
Location: Phila, PA

I have a MINT copy of the very rare "The House of the Spirits."

Will consider serious offers or serious trades...

Your pal,


Apr 24 - 03:22
Re: Follow Your Heart(or something like Follow Your Dreams, giddyup!)
Location: OKC


hi Doug.
yes, it's a bootleg. Read my review via Zinfo's Late News.

I like it. Same for Smilla.

I can send you a copy of FYD for $60 postage paid. Cassette if you prefer cheaper.

If you'd like to chat about it, blah blah, feel free to call me at:
1-405-943 0147


Apr 23 - 23:14
Follow Your Heart(or something like that)
Doug Cherry

I can't find that compilation CD of Mancina or Zimmer anywhere.
Help me. Where can I find it? Is it bootleg? Is it any good?

Smillia's Sense of Snow is growing on me.

Apr 23 - 15:00
Location: limbo


just saw the trailer. it is:

Broken Arrow.

interesting what isham will do with the movie - lots of action sequences - maybe another THE NET. i'm expecting a bit of trumpets, lol.


Apr 23 - 11:35
Track listings
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Well, this is not actually a Zimmer message..

I'm searching for the track listings for three albums, namely

Bad Dreams by Jay Ferguson
Music For Film by Jonathan Elias and
Rude Awakening by Jonathan Elias (?)

All of these albums are kind of scarce.

If anyone knows anything, then post it here!

Apr 23 - 11:14
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Mark Isham's doing Face/Off.

I suspect Zimmer was too busy with his other projects.

Apr 22 - 17:31
Tim Cleary
Location: Louisville, KY

I just saw the extended trailer for "FACE/OFF" last night! It sounded like Zimmer music, but I didn't know if it was new or old. The trailer should be on "Volcano", which I also saw last night, (GREAT SOUND!!!!! by the way). Is Zimmer scoring FACE/OFF, because it's made by the same people that made "Broken Arrow?"

If anyone knows, thanks... THX

Apr 22 - 15:18
Mike Skerritt
Location: In Front of 9000 Books (Finals time....)

Hellol......Howz everybody doin? lol

Got a few items for SALE/TRADE if anyone's intrested:

Paperhouse - Zimmer - CD
Radio Flyer - Zimmer - CD
Hoffa - David Newman - CD
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! - Ennio Morricone - CD
Regarding Henry - Zimmer - Cassette

Con Air -- June 6th -- Mark Mancina!!!!
Speed 2 -- June 13th -- Mark Mancina!!!!

Hmmmm.......I wonder if this has ever happened before -- a composer having two major films released in consecutive weeks. Anyone know? He must have been keeping Mrs. Mancina up a lot at night, lol....

Gotta return to the books....later dudes......


Apr 18 - 15:33
Innerspace soundtrac
TÛmas Kristinsson
Location: Iceland

I am seriously looking for the soundtrac from Innerspace, will
buy or trade. I have looked everywhere but had no luck.


Apr 17 - 09:18
Cheese cake
Location: bad cheese

Hi evezybody,

few problems with new Mac OS.

anyway, my mistake on track time location.

It IS 12.57minutes, and sounds more like "Care for cheesecake?".
Will try to upload RA file soon.

In process of moving RA files to FASTER RA server-ready server, lol. That will enable TRUE streaming of the RA files, for YOURenjoyment.


Apr 16 - 10:36
The Fan - humour
Yumbo and HansZi
Location: same place


did you know......

At 13.57minutes into Track 12 on The Fan, there seems to be a lil humourous insert "Do you want cheesecake?" (or something of the sort). Maybe a lil joke by Slamm.



Apr 16 - 06:30
Black Rain
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

I have an excellent copy of BlACK RAIN for sale/trade and I also have a mint condition HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS.


Apr 15 - 22:05
Mancinfo, DOT single, others you love ot hate
Location: over yonder, maybe zonder



The NEW Mark Mancina Page is up - Mancinfo (click via Zinfo).

2nd: That TOM CRUISE movie compilation is from SILVA SCREEN Records, and is a terrible re-recording! (The Rainman single I had on cassingle - which was my first inadvertatnt Zimmer purchase).

3rd (I love that no.): From Goldenthal to..........

Zbiegnew Preisner?, how uneventful can a score be? ...well, I haven't heard many yet.



Apr 15 - 11:27
Re: Days Of Thunder Single
Steve Jacobson

I've seen it in stores on the "Tom Cruise Soundtrack" featuring many themes from his movies, including Rain Man, and Top Gun. I think it has three tracks from Days of Thunder on it. The CD is released by Varese' Sarabande and could be possibly ordered thr ough them. I've only seen the CD once, and it's killing me because I didn't buy it.

Apr 15 - 10:22
Zimmer B-sides
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

While talking about B-sides...
Hans Zimmer is also featured on the b-side of Gregg Allmans Ill be holding on single from Black Rain. The track is the Nick And Masa theme,i.e. the last track on the soundtrack album. The artwork on this 7 inch vinyl single is similar to the usual album. I do not know if this was also released on 12 inch vinyl single and cd single, but the chances are quite high.
Also, Las Vegas from Rain Man is the b-side on The Belle Stars Iko Iko single from the movie. I have only seen the vinyl single.
Plus, the now famous Days Of Thunder track...
Does anyone else know about other scarce Zimmer b-sides, then speak out!

Apr 14 - 20:47
Setting a few facts
Location: 3rd floor



Drop Zone is MOSTLY Zimmer, ie. 6/8 tracks
The Fan has 1 score suite running at 19 minutes, with 1 song co-written by him.


The DOT single is a b-side, never seen it, OOPrint. Your best bet is getting a copy of FYD, which has it segued in with a lift off an LD copy of the end riff.


PLEASE read Marco's Track Listings, as well as Raulo's.

Apr 14 - 20:24
Days Of Thunder Single
T. Lin

Does anyone know where i can find the single, the one with the score music by Zimmer?

Apr 14 - 20:23
Re: Looking for soundtracs
T. Lin

Bad Boys- there is a soundtrack, but it's mostly rap music with the last track being Mancina's opening theme to the movie.

The Fan- There are only a couple of tracks done by Zimmer

Drop Zone- same as The Fan

Apr 14 - 16:43
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

any idea what the trailer music is from the new movie the Fifth Element?

Apr 14 - 13:27
Looking for soundtracs
Hlynur Sigmundsson
Location: ICELAND

I am looking for the soundtracs from: The Fan, Dropzone and
Bad Boys. I have had no luck getting those here in Iceland.
Is The Fan the newest Zimmer soundtrac or is there a newer??

Please E-mail me at

Apr 14 - 10:24
Re: Could somebody tell me if the soundtrack of
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway. It's spring here now.

Hello Oscar!

Well, there has never been a score album for Days Of Thunder released. There is one track, "Car Building", available as a b-side on the Chicago and Maria McKee singles from the film, but they are difficult to get now, seven years after the movie. On the s carce bootleg "Follow Your Dreams", there is an extended version of this track. Also, on Terry Reid's album "The Driver" you will hear some music from this movie, bur it's with vocals.

Apr 14 - 02:52
Could somebody tell me if the soundtrack of "Days Of Thunder" (the Hans') is available.
Oscar Reina Garcia
Location: Barcelona, Spain

I'm a spanish boy who has become desesperated searching this soundtrack. I've found the songs of the film, but nothing about the instrumental. The better store i've found, they tell me that they think they had this soundtrack very time ago. Could somebody tell me something about this soundtrack, and where i could get it? Thanks

Apr 13 - 12:22
Film Music Fans
Location: Indiana

I thought I was the only Goldenthal-Hater in the world. It's good to
find people who agree with me. Another good site to trash Crappenthal
at is the Boingo Fan's Page (Oingo Boingo, that is--fellow composer
Danny Elfman used to be their lead singer)

Forgive me for barging in--I have to do a report on a German person
for German class so I picked Hans.....

Apr 13 - 11:09
He's baaaaack........
Mike Skerritt
Location: Univerzity of Michigan, lol

Zup all you Zimmer cronies?

Has Mark Mancina found a new home in here or something? lol

Just saw The Rock again last night and realized a few things regarding the score -- I have never been a HUGE fan of the score, but I have to say that Zimmer's main theme in this film is far more appropriate dramatically than most others. There are three key points in the film where the score rises above its action cliche roots:
1) The main title sequence, where soldiers are being laid to rest and Gen. Hummel visits the grave of his wife -- not when the rockets are stolen, but these moments before that....In a film where character development is nearly non-existant, the brooding theme immediately adds a texture to Hummel's character
2) The scene midway through the film where the entire SEAL team is massacred by the Marines. While most of the action set pieces during the film are scored with bombastic cues, the music here lends itself to the sorrowful nature of the scene, where Humme l -- if for only a few moments -- realizes the impact of what he's done. Once again, a prime example of the drama of the theme.
3) One of the last scenes, where five of the remaining remains become invloved in a Quentin Tarantino-ish standoff. (Do not read on if you haven's seen the film, lol) The scene ends with a violent -- if predictable -- end, where a confused man with confu sed intentions finally realizes what he's done, and pays the mortal price. While a naturally dramatic moment in the film, the music once again rises above its mediocrity and becomes an elegy for the fallen general. Well done, Hans/Nick/Harry

Well, there you have it....Say, why was Harry Gregson-Williams given credit on the CD, but not in the opening credits? Perhaps his name was during the end credits......oh well....

For all of you captivated by this little spiel (and I know that's all of you, lololol,) look forward to the future. A sequel is already in the works......


Apr 12 - 20:16
Zimmer and page in general
Brian Bilby
Location: Jackson,MI

Just came to your page for the first time. It's nice that you allow us to post our opinions here. I would like to address several points here.

1) Hans Zimmer- I have never really been into his music that much until recently when I bought Crimson Tide, The Rock and Broken Arrow. I thought his music was good in these movies, but had a tendency to be over mixed in the film. Typical Bruckheimer. Bu t I like the music alot better on its own. I like his use of driving themes. He does sort of repeat himself and his music does sound familiar from score to score sometimes, but I don't think that that is him being lazy or repetitive. It's called style. Ea ch composer has his own style and sound. That's why they are hired. You know what your going to get. People try this labeling crap on Horner too, but he has a sound a style of his own too.

2)I agree Goldenthal really sucks a majorly big one. I usually cringe when I see his name in the credits of a movie. He's a hack.

3) I really screwed up a while ago. A big music store chain locally had 3 copies of Regarding Henry in their clearance bin new for $6.00 each. I bought one and traded it. Then when I found out how hard it was to get, I went back to get the others, but the y were gone. One learns.
See ya all later

Apr 12 - 04:08
Mark Mancina
Location: new location in OKC

Hi all,

settling into new apartment.

To 'the other one'....... strange, but interesting. care to come out of anonyminity? (sp?).

I am planning a separate Mancina page in lieu of 2 major scores coming up - so, 'the other one', feel free ot be part of it, and all others.

I have current tidbits, lol.

anyway......thar yoo go.


Apr 11 - 18:11
Mark Mancina
The Other One
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Other cryptic notes on early Mark Mancina & Ingris Pitt may appear soon. Possible subjects of discusion may include:
- Would the band be named Before Igor or Ingris Pitt.
- Early Pitt; circa early 1972
- Late Pitt; circa late 1972
- Mancina's secret lust for Valerie, Stevenson's girlfriend
- Mancina's first girlfriend; circa early 1972
- His first true booty; circa late 1972
- Mark gets his driver's license: 1973
- The early undiscovered tapes tentatively titled "Canine Love". These tapes are rumored to exist in the dark, sinister bowels of Newport Beach, CA.
- Mancina's hair turns blonde after his first surf trip.
- "Bust at the Beach"
- The Mater Dei spring gig when Woody turned off the auditorium lights.
- Rumors of a split between Pitt members.
- The breakup and its aftermath.
- Tobin's days Lost in Los Angeles.
- Stevenson is bitter after Mancina steals his microphone stand. Mancina makes up for it by promising Stevenson a job at his first recording job.
- Finally rumors of reunion and possible world tour; circa 1997.

Apr 8 - 10:26
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium

Hi everyone,

Hans will be 40 this year.
Does anyone know the exact date ?


Apr 7 - 00:04
C.D. availablity
Alain .P
Location: Australia

Is there any Hans Zimmer compilation C.D available at all?
If so, could you please tell me what is on it.

Apr 2 - 19:46
Re: high incident
Location: ZInfo

Hi Sheila,

As per Zinfo Late News, there is one planned, but no details. As in all cases, some plans don't go through.




Apr 2 - 17:48
high incident
sheila bee
E-mail: none
Location: idaho falls, id, usa

does anybody know if there is plans for a "high incident"
soundtrack? please contact me at 1451 sage ave/ idaho falls, id/
83402-2772 usa

Apr 1 - 15:28
Zoard Anniversary
Location: Zinfo

hi zall,

I'd rather be a fool, than be

ok, Radio Flyer is not 'least known', is it? grin.

A mighty thank you to Brian 'Boo' Tiemann for creating the Worship Page and this Zoard, and for being a great collaborator.

In this past freshman year, we have had 490 messages left here, big and small, useful and trivial!

August 96 was the busiest with a whopping 77 entries, and December being the slowest with only 18 entries. The Zoard averages 35 entries a month.

Here's to many more........let's appreciate what we have.....


Yums aka Chris.