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August 1997

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Aug 30 - 08:14
Farewell from Georgia...yada
Location: On the way to the airport

hey zo,

yah, true about Event Horizon - pretty poor.
Marco Beltrami scored SCREAM pretty well, before Mimic.
Hoodlum's score is better than Cop Land I reckon.

No mention of Peacemaker delays at this point.
Chicago Hope is a lil hard to find.
Watch out for David Benoit's (Stars Fell On Henrietta) American Landscape due Sep. 9th, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (Star Wars).

Peacemaker is 5 tracks, 60 minutes as reported on Zinfo.

Here's a follow-up recommendation to Whales:
Amazon - Alan Williams IMAX.

If you like Ennio Moriconne's The Mission, and disappointed he hasn't come up with a decent follow-up, then this should blow you away, and make your hair stand. (Newsgroup get ready for my posts!) I'll have at least 4 RA files ready by Tuesday, linked via Cardinfo.

Grin, I picked up Jan Hammer's ESCAPE FROM TELEVISION last week; something I couldnt' afford back in 1991.

and thar we go. The Media Ventures site has been updated a lil.

see youz from Nebraska!

Aug 30 - 00:30
Whats up
Doug C.
Location: Gainesville, Fl

Well, I haven't posted here in awhile since I had to move and get new email. Chris...don't forget my new email on your mailing list. I want all of your info on Zimmer. Is Peacemaker still scheduled for the 9th? If so, only a week and a half baby! Track li stings and length anyone?

I am now at University of Florida Law I am in hell. All I have is zimmer now to listen to since I study so much.

A couple of notes:
1) Mimic's score was interesting...never seen the composers name before.
2) Hoodlum sucked!!! Don't go see it. The music was boring too. Like Lucky Luciano would ever get duped by Fishburne and Roth. Death orders immediately.
3) Event Horizon was a bloody mish mash of guts and trash. Hellraiser on a spaceship. Sucked!!!
4) Copland was the best, but what else would you expect from Deniro.

My big suggestion to everyone who likes Zimmer is this CD from Jan Hammer called "Escape from Television". It is all of the old Miami Vice synthsized music. Great and Nostalgic. This guy set the tone for Zimmer and everyone.

Bye everyone!

Aug 28 - 08:32
Re: 29 000 Mark Mancina fans
Location: still elsewhere in Atlanta


yah, good news I guess.
But i suspect some of them are Trisha Yearwood fans (mistaken purchase). That's not a bad thing either way.

I recently bought TY's Greatest Hits album which contains "How Do I live" (for Erin) - just letting you know it's available; the single is long out of print.

And that is the Space Jam SONG album, not JNH's fun score.

Get this, 2 albums for Hoodlum. Thankfully a a nice score (RCA CD) by Elmer Bernstein, and then there is the EVER available SONG album which does NOT have one of its songs appear in the movie! Is that a record or what???????????????? Not surprising that i t is FILLED with rap is a 1930's movie, lol.

anyway...................I dont' think anyone will come close to the sales of The Lion King - 10 million in the US, at least 2 million more worldwide.

let's see how well The Peacemaker does.


Aug 28 - 08:18
29 000 Mark Mancina fans
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

As a matter of fact, the Con Air soundtrack has sold 29 000 copies, according to Variety. But it's a little way up to Space Jam with 3.7 million copies.

Go for it, Mark!

Aug 27 - 11:34
Last call for Whales etc.
Departing Yums
Location: Elsewhere in Atlanta

yo ho cool music collectors,

I am making a FINAL order for Whales (Sam Cardon) this Friday (listen at Cardinfo).

All who want one (US $18 postage included, International $20 ppd), must email me BEFORE this Friday, and money is to arrive before Sep. 9th.

Same goes for anyone (international)who needs copies of The Peacemaker, GI Jane, Face/Off, Con Air, American Landscape (David Benoit), Chicago Hope and whatever! (Prices differ.)

I will pick up anything up until Sep. 9th, and post em by the 11th.

I'd like to enjoy the week after that with Erin, so no business from me. juzzt the ...... lol..yoo know, yumbo buzzinezz.

And then I'm off to LA to see Hans, and back to Fiji!
So, you have been informed and don't whinge!

I'll be online at least once a week then (costing $15 an hour), back at the radio station............playing Hans (when no one's looking, grin).

yada yada.........

2nd PM trailer news at Zinfo blah blah.

alrighty zen,
Chris Caine

if I've forgotten to write anything

Aug 25 - 13:46
Mike Skerritt

Forgot to mention. The trailer phantom has struck again.....Crimson Tide has now been sampled for the trailer to Laurence Fishburne's latest effort, Hoodlum. Can't wait, I love Tim Roth. Something tells me the actual score will be decidedly different - it's composed by Elmer Bernstein.

Zee ya....

Aug 25 - 13:42
Mike Skerritt
Location: Far North of Yumbo, lol

Chris -- Knew you'd catch it. It's almost note for note. A rather quiet riff (during louder music), but it's definitely there. What about this system now?> I DEFINITELY might be interested. E-mail me with details if you get the chance....

Jon -- When you hear Jones' score, you'll understand. The more I think about it, the more it sounds like the brainchild of Zimmer AND Zimmer protege Mark Mancina. Mostly Zimmer, with percussive beats and very Pete Haycock-ish guitar riffs, and of course the moments from Roll Tide. When the orchestra does chime in, it becomes much more reminiscent of Mancina, mainly driving strings (you know the sound :)
Can't say I know what happened between Scott and Jones, but I do know that TONY Scott is tone deaf (that's actually true), and maybe brother caught a whiff or something. In any case, the ironic thing is that while he's extracted some wonderful scores fro m the likes of Zimmer, Vangelis, and even underrated newcomer Jeff Rona, he really doesn't care for music in film. By the looks of his films, he's a primarily visual director, and on more than one occasion, has stiffed Jerry Goldsmith of all people!!!! ( Which is something I don't understand, because both his full scores for Alien and Legend (yes, he scored Legend originally) were brilliant) This seems to happen not only to Zimmer but too often to every composer (especially Goldsmith), which leads me too. ...

Don -- I agree that soundtracks too often underrepresent their film counterparts, but you have to understand the legal aspect of the music business. Many times, Hollywood session musicians are brought in to score films, and the are union, so any time the music is published, there are amazing costs to the label (something like a quarter to half a million just for a half-hour release) Considering the small market for film scores, it's ridiculous to think companies would just shell out this money when they know they may only sell around 5,000 units of the score. Quoting Metallica, it's sad but true.

A solution? I think all scoring should be done overseas, where the costs are remarkably lower than here for recording music. I dunno......any comments? (Don't think I'm disagreeing with you Don, I whole-heartedly agree, and I'm sick of it) Quoting the classic film "Network", I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore!!

Bye again......


Aug 25 - 11:03
Peace, back to Black, a bit of Crimson
Location: still have Georgia on my mind


ya, there is actually a Crimson Tide motif in GI Jane - track 1 about halfway through. Beginning is guitar driven, and atmospehric stuff is not unlike Hans' work.

Read-up about 2nd Peacemaker trailer at Zinfo - haven't stopped playing it ofr the last half an hour!!! Wonderful thing called looping, lol.

Remember getting excited with Bad Boys? Well, this will make you ecstatic! I reckon Hans has at LEAST gone back to his Black Rain style - just cooler!

Go listen! Real Video, QT - I would RA it, but it has protection on it.

Watch out for an AMAZING sale offer at Zinfo concerning my mini-hifi. Email me if you're looking for a kick-butt sound system, postage paid in the US with some 'music' to go with it, heehee.

Zlate is UPDATED!

oh yeah, loop that baby!

Aug 25 - 09:40
Hans Zimmer and Trevor Jones
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

After having read a lot of posts regarding Jones' G.I. Jane score, I understand that his score sounds a lot like Zimmer. I have not seen the movie or heard the music, but I don't really get this. I've heard quite a few of Jones' scores, and I have to admi t that I haven't found many Zimmer-hints so far. The only similarity must be that both composers are often synth-based. In Sea Of Love for instance, Jones' music are jazzy and "erotic", in Freejack his music sounds like an industrial Christopher Franke or something like that and in The Last Of The Mohicans he's quite symphonic.
Did Ridley Scott simply tell Jones to sound as close to the Zimmer-sound as possible? Then why didn't he just get one of the MV-composers if Zimmer himself was unavailable? After all, it seems like Scott really like this sound; composers like Tangerine Dr eam, Zimmer, Vangelis and Rona ARE quite similar in style.


Aug 24 - 19:46
Peacemaker and Face-off
Donald Fitz-Roy

I was listening to the music of the trailerb at and
it sounded awesome! I'm really hoping that it's self scored, and
that the news on Zinfo is right in that Zimmer's trying something new.
Also, I agree with the person on Zoard who said that the Face-Off
soundtrack didn't sound too great on CD. When I saw the movie, I couldn't wait
buy the soundtrack. It's not a bad soundtrack, but it doesn't live up to
what it could have been.
The first thing that annoys me is the inclusion of what can only be described as "ambient destructive noise...".
For example, after the beautiful chimes in track one, Powell uses this loud "BOOM"
thing, and every time I listen to the soundtrack I have to turn down the volume.. then
turn it back up again, etc.. couldn't they have equalized the soundtrack a bit more!?
Second of all, and I don't blame this on Powell, is the drums. SOME MANIAC was on the drum machine here,
and whenever the music called for drums, he/she pressed random buttons. Seriously : if you listen to the soundtrack you'll
notice that the electronic percussion in the background sounds like crap. AND IT DOESN'T STOP...
Finally, the arrangement on the CD isn't too great. I won't even go into the track names. The first track is great,
until that BOOM comes on and makes me run to the stereo before I get hearing damage. The third track is great.. but it wastes ALL THREE MOMENTS that
the awesome face-off trumpet theme plays in the movie! Then the soundtrack sorts of meanders through tracks 4, 5, and 6. Track 7 has an incredible buildup near the end, but then it just stops. And of course Track 8 is awesome.. except for the fact that it ends on a minor chord which kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth after all the great percussive stuff Powell did for the end. I assume this was done so that it would fade into that horrible rock song that played over the credits, but its the kind of thing that could be fixed on the CD. (Mancina did for his Speed score, for example)

Ok, I'm done with my rant. I think the biggest problem is that there are many cd's that have these shortcomings. More attention should be payed in the soundtrack industry to the overall presentation of the music.. to make a good CD out of good music.. instead of just lumping together a bunch of stuff at the last minute.

- Don

Aug 23 - 21:05
G.I Jane
Brian Bilby
Location: Jackson,MI 49203

Went and saw G.I Jane today and heres what I thought about it.

Music- Skerrit is right,sounds like a Zimmer clone to me. I wasn't really too impressed with the way it was used in the film.Who knows. Face-Off sounded good in the movie, but wasn't that great by itself on disc except for the first and last track.
I have never been two impressed by Jones in the past except for Cliffhanger and Mississippi Burning. His theme to Last of the Mohicans sounded too much like his theme to Cliffhanger.

Movie Itself- I thought the first half was pretty good, then it lost steam in the last half. I thought the last action scene was irritating in the way it was filmed and directed. Somebody should tell Ridley that you mount a camera on a tripod, not a jackh ammer. At least that's what the last scene looked like. If his career goes down any farther, his brother Tony will look good. All it seemed like was a star vehicle for Demi Moore. Gee look how tough Demi can be. Not real subtle, and it seemed like a by th e numbers politically correct movie.

I'm done ranting for now.

See Yas


Aug 23 - 17:45
FS: Black Rain
Location: Germany


Anyone interested in "Black Rain" (Original! No Bootleg!) for $40 including shipping?

See ya!

Aug 23 - 10:24
Yumbo's Back-doorstep
Mike Skerritt
Location: Home

Chris, on the GI Jane soundtrack there are 3 tracks, Conspiracy, Time to Reflect, and Endurance. I don't have the exact times in front of me, but I can make a really close guess:

8. Conspiracy - 8:47
9. Time to Reflect - 1:38
10. Endurance - 10:41

So, like The Fan, we've got `bout 20 minutes of music. Since there will be no full score release, you'll have to get this one to get ANY of the score.

Damn laserdisc........

Aug 23 - 06:57
Back to Draft
Location: Atlanta, Georgia where the yumbo index is even higher than Louisiana!


Mike yoo goober, I hassled the Mediaplay assistant (guess I refer to him as clerk since he didn't really assist), as much as I could.

I need to know how long the actual score on CD is, have a wait on it at a used store (poor bastard that I am now - selling my mini-hifi soon).

But no doubt, and pat on the back for yoo, it is a brill score - from the 2 minutes I heard over the store PA.

From watching the Braves win last night, I learned that 'Sacrifice' used in THE FAN, is a baseball term, sacrificing the one of the bases using a bunt. More new trivia concerning CRIMSON TIDE at Ztrivia!

but what I'm here to moan about is....after watching Backdraft again on laserdisc the other day at score-friend John's place (met online, smiles)....there is about 50% of the score not on the CD!!!!

What is available is essentially the opening title, and the last third of the movie.

The early stuff sounds like a mix between Green Card and Bird On A Wire. Then there is a lot of cool ambient, percussive bass stuff. Moreover, the CD cues are originally mixed more lushly - more layers.

Guess I didn't miss all this previously coz I was content with the CD. ...not any more!!! Besides, as Hans acknowledged when I spoke to him, the LD sounds so MUCH better than the CD.

oh well, hope I get to talk to someone at MV today, if only to whinge, lol.

hey, one last thing, anyone notice how Alan Silvestri uses a few of Hans' motifs in Contact!?? The industrial sound bits.

and thar yoo go,

Aug 22 - 21:30
Trevor Jones = Hans Zimmer????
Mike SkerrittIO
Location: Too close to the Canadian border, lol

Heidi-ho there!!!!

Alrighty, I picked up GI Jane myself a few days ago, and as I was listening to Trevor Jones' score, I realized a couple things: 1, it's outstanding, and 2, it IS Hans Zimmer. I realize it's not, but the more I thought about it, the more the pieces fit to gether. Lemme spit out some of my reasoning and see what you think.

1. THE LABEL -- Hollywood Records. Okay, maybe this is kind of flimsy, but it seems that HR has released numerous Zimmer scores (and just action scores in general) This is of course linked to Hollywood Pictures, but the connection still exists, lol. E very time I see the HR moniker, I think Senor Zimmer

2. THE DIRECTOR -- Ridley Scott. This one gives a little more weight to my argument. Thelma & Louise, Black Rain. Zimmer's action genre break out paired with Scott's visuals lent a great atmosphere to an otherwise mediocre film (whoa, little opinion t here, I'm sorry :) Anyhoo, the Scott brothers seem to always need to call on Zimmer (the man himself says at least once a year) Hmmmm....things are getting weird around here....

3. THE PRESENTATION -- 10 tracks on the album, and only 3 devoted to the score. A travesty. Backdraft, True Romance, Lion King, Black Rain (Ha ha, Mr Scott!!!) Cool Runnings....need I go on? Not to mention what Ridley did to Jerry Goldsmith before Le gend's release (sorry, couldn't help myself...) As every Zimmer fan knows, Hansy-boy has to deal with this jive much too often.

4. THE MUSIC, y'knucklehead, lol -- There are several moments during the score when it almost becomes a note-for-note Roll Tide (help me on this, Chris, I'm sure you've caught it) I realize that every time a new score comes out, it seems like its style is ripped to shreds, but this one seems to have been purposefully copied. Whatever the case, it worked. The score is superb.

Well, there ya go.....Whaddya think? One last comment about this lil' editorial. Please, do not think for a minute that this is either a put down of Trevor Jones' wonderful score, or a serious biological accusation. The two men are obviously not the sa me (But, have you ever seen them together in the same place?) The score is surprisingly and powerfully great, and I can't wait to see Demi kick hell out of the SeALs with some 4 inch pumps and a G-string........

Now wouldn't it be ironic if Zimmer were scoring Oliver Stone's next film, hahaha

Tata, my friends.....

Aug 20 - 20:28
More recommendations!
Location: Canton, Georgia

hi zall,

Ridley Scott has directed a new score masterpiece, in the form of Trevor Jones' GI JANE. I loved it when I heard the first few seconds on a store PA.

3 tracks, not sure about length, but those 2 minutes I heard warrants a purchase in my view.

Also, was fortunate to catch DESTINY IN SPACE on IMAX, pretty nice score as well, and a recommended buy with CD containing 2 other IMAX space movie scores - 47 minutes of grand orchestration, with sublime moments of tranquility.

Zlate News has been updated.

and thar yoo go,

Aug 20 - 17:50
Sheet Music availability
Rich Lobo

Does anyone know how I can find the sheet music for the Hans Zimmer song "You're So Cool" from the True Romance soundtrack. I want to have it played after my wedding ceremony, but I need the sheet music.

Aug 19 - 23:20
Re: What the heck means 'lol'?
Terren Lin
Location: NJ

It means laugh out loud

Aug 19 - 09:45
What the heck means 'lol'?
Julius Horsthuis
Location: Amsterdam (Holland)

What the f--- does 'lol' mean?

Aug 19 - 08:58
Re: recovering and back
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Hi Yumbo..

Well, living in Norway means that you have to wait a few months to see the big movies. I'm completely aware that The Fan is a year old now, but believe it or not, the film didn't show up on my local cinema until now! (I'm living in a town with 70 000 inha bitants, and still it's the fifth biggest city in Norway..)
The same thing happened with White Squall, which premiered this spring. So when I tried to get hold of Rona's score, (amazing opening credits, don't you think?) the album was out-of-print! Well, Footlight Records still have it, though.
You guys are luckier!

Regarding an e-mail account: Hopefully I'll get one soon.


Aug 18 - 13:53
Re: recovering and back

i just wanted to clarify a few things about chris' trip here....we held him off on the pool thing SAVE his LIFE!, that's all. i mean you just don't want to play pool at a roadside pool hall in elkton, tennessee unless you just happent to have a hunting knife mounted into the handle of your pool cue. really.

anyway it was a great day on the elk river, lazily drifting along on innertubes playing water tag. my personal advice is to wear a straw hat; not only a cancer-avoidance device, it worked pretty neatly as a water shield, too! : ) chris sure can skip a m ean rock, too, btw!


Aug 17 - 09:09
recovering and back
Location: Huntsville, Alabama

hey all,

Seems like I was only one of a few who couldn't access the Zoard.


Jon - man, where have you been (or where has the movie been, grin)? THE FAN has certainly not been overlooked since last August, and the CD is well worth it I reckon. For a lil kick, check out my Hans Rocks Real Audio montage for a mix of The Fan.
It may have also gone out of print, but shelf copies are still out. (ps. Jon, check out the number of Zimmer titles I have mentioned in Yumbiosis, grin. Also, why don't you get a hotmail account?)
Kicks butt, with a nice massage (lol).

Andrew, yer zoodler....ya can always email me yer know, lol. Details coming up. Actually, TODD!!!!!!!, Get on ya phone, will ya?!

"Rayden" - Black Rain can be found in some Tower stores, and used for $20 plus. You can also import it for $35 plus. Or 'trade' for $40 plus. Never available in longbox, as far as I've seen.

ps. Michael Douglas stated on CNN that this was one of his fave projects.

FROM ME, since you don't state your details, IF you're Brian Rayden (who still hasn't paid me), get your priorities into gear, or expect some lovely posts.

Cavalier - try WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

before I begin, I will be back in Nebraska September 1st. I will answer all my email proper then. There HAVE been delays in mail, and all transactions will be followed up; thank Erin for doing things so far.

And IF you do send anything now, remember, address it to ERIN ANTRIM (yes, she is my fiancee), not me!@ (lol...goobers)

Road stories

yOu might want ot kick

FLying into Houston - geez, is the baggage claim ever near the gate (as in Vancouver)? To put it short, one of the ugliest cities I've visited - too big. However, visit to diner used in the movie DINER was interesting. CD Store of value - SOUND WAVES.

Side trip to San Antonio was fantastic, beautiful city. Was there to take church kids (which means free ride) to Sea World and Six Flags. Whoa, somebody shoulda warned me about the shark rollercoaster! What a grip on the nerves. lol, the camera still caug ht me with my eyes closed.
grin, a few of the water skiers were Australian.

ps. I MAY agree that Texas (as they like to claim) has some of the most yumboistic people around (grin, true observation verified the females).

Flying to New Orleans had me talking to someone who knew of someone (lol) doing stunt work in Hollywood, all these 'new' email contacts.

Met net friend Melissa there, took forever to get out of the airport (traffic), and on to the French Quarter. Amazing how the cultural landscape changes in Louisiana....(nice) food, police horror stories....but the people sure are friendly, nice and hospi table (more email contacts).

Zydeco music was new to me. Wetlands. Aquarium was interesting. Missed out on 3rd IMAX movie.

yumbo index - 9 (out of 10), and that includes males, lol.
(Had fun dancing...a rare form of exercise for me - slow dancing with married women won't benefit your health though, lol.)

On the road via Mississippi (it wasn't burning), had visions of re-enacting Forrest Gump (verbally).....'run Forrest run!' Driving at 75mph for three hours in the dark and the rain was interesting, which I'm sure will prepare me for my test (finally...wel l hopefully) in Atlanta next week).

oh yah, Zimmer has certainly been playing all the while, lol. Of course this ties in somewhere. Observation saw most rookies catching onto Follow Your Dreams most, the kids humming along (great - looking forward to having my own kids, and exposing them to scores), and some interesting 'anamolies'. Apart from the expected likeability of the romantic themes, David Newman's The Phantom caught some ears - i guess it was the percussive nature again.

well, apart from the babysitting (cheap travel, grin)....checked out Spawn, walked out of that into Conspiracy Theory, not bad. I liked it as a comedy, and for some reason 'kept on' thinking about Something to Talk About.

Went into my 12th US state yesterday....Tennesee, to go innertubing. Lots of idle fun. Handy tip - use t-shirt as water soaker, also makes great splasher. This was on the Elkton River. Oh, walking into a supply store was, "Wow, just like in the movies!" l ol....a suggestion to go play pool at a bar/hall was met with great protests, lol. "Unless you like STARES, and want to make 'friends'....let's go (home)!".

So my yearlong wish to beat somebody (in pool/billiards) still goes unfulfilled, ie. still longing to PLAY!

today sees me going to the Space Center to check out NASA, and hopefully an IMAX movie. PS. Africa: The Serengeti is now on DVD! Uses the Power Of One score. Read the POO book by Bryce Courteney! Best read, still in my books, lol. (is that a wootie?)

Alrighty, see ya in Atlanta from tomorrow!!!!!

Note - this week has also seen me (on RMM NG) balance perceptions about AFO, Jerry Generismith's score, and letting some people know the US ain't the only place in society. But equally, my trip so far has been entertaining, educational, amusing....and lot s of fun. Here's to cultural exchange wherever it may be, and let there be Zimmer where it is.....smiles.

nice to read positive comments on Florian in FSM recently.


hope I made yer at least chuckle, ya schmuckles, zall my love-oodles.

Aug 16 - 04:39
The Fan
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Saw The Fan by Tony Scott last week, and I have to say Zimmer's music was the best I've heard from him for quite a while. From the opening credits where DeNiro reads his poem, 'til the end the music really hit me. I kind of had some expectations because t his was a Zimmer/Scott collaboration. The music was extremely modern and in-yer-face, and the underscoring of the baseball-scenes were amazingly melodic with just the right chord-changes! I understand that the CD features a 20-minute Zimmer-suite plus all the rock songs. Any opinions on this score?
Has it been overlooked???


Aug 16 - 04:36
Re: Re: New action music?
Andrew Carr
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Sorry to be so picky, but I think the distinction should be made...:)

Hans composed the score to the Peacemaker, whether he produced it is another matter. Besides, anyone can produce a cd!!

Hey, Yumbo - email me will yer?!! My email's changing soon and I have no idea where you are!!



Aug 14 - 21:32
Zouth of the Border
Mike Skerritt
Location: North of the Mason Dixon line (wink wink Yumbo -- :) )

Yumbo, he he.....Happy birthday!~ I used to live in the South -- I know how you feel, lol. (*Note: I realize some of you may be from the South. That's cool. Just not my ztyle.....)

Alrighty, I keep beating this dead horse, but what the hell, it's time to bust out the whoopin stick's time for more overlooked composers!!!! (only 2 this time, lol)

#1 -- Robert Folk -- Please don't think Police Academy defines this man's talent. Heck, even that score was good on its own merits. NeverEnding Story II, The Beastmaster 2, all wonderful in their own ways....BUT, Toy Soldiers is absolutely brilliant. T hematic, coherent, and completely absorbing -- PLEASE, if there's any producers out there, give this man a big film!

#2 -- Carter Burwell -- Took me some time to cozy up to this man, but a real talent is definitely in there. And the Band Played On is remarkably classical, and Fargo gives an air of quirkyness (a word? lol) to the characters that even their crazy accents couldn't. Rob Roy is also great. Take note, with the help of the Coen brothers, this guy's gonna be big. Conspiracy Theory? Hello? he he

OK, enough of that -- On to other thingz -- picked up Smilla -- mmmmmmmm......where's The Peacemaker again? Decent, but definitely not original....

Cavalier -- Zimmer tracks? Powell's Face/Off definitely has a Zimmer aftertaste. Con Air, too, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Alrighty, I hear the hot tub a callin, so I must be going......


Aug 14 - 19:58
Re: Zimmer Scores for Sale trade

Location: U.S.A.

Do you have a copy of Black Rain for sale possibly?
Will pay good for a sealed copy in the long box,
or an opened mint condition copy.
If interested contact me through my e-mail address
I would like to hear imput and a response back
Thanks again
Fellow soundtrack enthusiast

Aug 14 - 19:50
Re: New action music?

Location: Iowa

Yes you may already know this by now but he has produced the score for that action film to hit theatres late August entitled the PeaceMaker starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney.

From another Zimmer enthusiast

Aug 14 - 19:43
Zimmer Titles to PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: United States

To anyone out there who is willing to part with and sell the elusive copy of Black Rain by Hans Zimmer on the Virgin label disc. I will pay outrageous prices for a sealed copy and reasonable price for a used but mint condition copy. Contact me imediatly anyone who fits this description.

A serious collector

Aug 14 - 13:00
New Ones?

To anyone-

Can you suggest any decent albums recently put out by Zimmer or in his genre? Have not been to the store lately and was just wondering the latest scoop. Thanks much.


Aug 12 - 19:39
Guess I'm in the South
Location: Huntsville, Alabama


dunno if the people here are laidback, but as for road stories will have to surface (prolly tomorrow).

For now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Yumbiosis and Zinfo which turned ONE today.

Thank YOU all for supporting your info.

Always Zazzed,

Aug 9 - 23:18
Blah blah
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Write ya from Alabama!


Aug 9 - 06:41
Re: Re: All Zimmer
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK. USA

I will have the CD's soon.
I am waiting on the Artwork from a friend and trying to figure out how many CD's I will need.
The cost will be $15.00 which includes color Artwork and
track listing. I will post here when ready. Thanks fellow Zimmerites.

Aug 9 - 06:40
Re: Re: All Zimmer
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK. USA

I will have the CD's soon.
I am waiting on the Artwork from a friend and trying to figure out how many CD's I will need.
The cost will be $15.00 which includes color Artwork and
track listing. I will post here when ready. Thanks fellow Zimmerites.

Aug 8 - 18:18
Re: All Zimmer
Gary Goodroe
Location: Atlanta, GA

Doug Friend,
Could you please send me a copy of the two CDr's that you are making. I have not had any luck finding those Cd's and would love to have it. I will pay you what those CDR's cost you. Thank You In Advance. I will e-mail you as well, because I am not sur e how often you access this page.

Aug 7 - 21:02
Doug C.
Location: Florida

I am sorry, maybe Goldsmith did set some tone for film scores (hell he has been around before China Town) but Air Force One was awful (such a childish score to the point of being annoying, no originality whatsoever) was Executive Decision, Congo, and Basic Instinct. He did ok with First Contact, but nothing I would buy.

If you want to hear some real good synthesizer before Zimmer and Mancina hit it big, listen to Jan Hammer's Escape from Television cd. My god it is good. It is the great background synth numbers from Miami Vice. Now there is some cutting edge talent. And he has the only instrumental theme from a tv show to hit the #1 spot on the billboard charts as far as I know.

oh well..just my opinion. Can't wait for The Peacemaker.


Aug 7 - 03:53
Re: Face/Off Preview
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I'm not sure, but it sounds like John Powell just made music for the preview. (It looks like the score from Face/Off.)
And the last three seconds of the preview is 'In the Tunnels' from The Rock.

Aug 6 - 21:40
Brian Bilby

Have been catching up by reading all the posts on here about different composers, some good,some bad and some ridiculous.

By far the best composer alive today is Jerry Goldsmith. His use of synths in the 80's set the trend for people like Zimmer and Mancina. Sure he hit a slump, but he's coming back and he does alot more movies in a shorter amount of time than anybody. Most action film scores of today are based on his work in the late 70's like Capricorn One.

I agree with Mike Skerrit about Chris Young. He's overlooked.

Elliot Goldenthal blows. He has done a few good scores, but he's very overrated. Kamen is a repeatitive bore too.

I like Zimmer alot, but he's not the composing God that some make him out to be.

John Williams used to be super in his work up till about 88-89, now he sounds like a bad bowel movement. Loud and all over the place.

See ya all later


Aug 5 - 18:16
Face/Off Preview
Randy Dollins
Location: Denver, Colorado

Does anyone know what music was used in the Face/Off preview? Please let me know.

Aug 3 - 07:54
New Music in Films
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you can order it from for $27.95

Aug 3 - 00:38
Re: Re: New Music in Films
Joe MacKay
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Is this CD (New Music in Films) readily available or hard to find? Would I find it in the soundtrack section?