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August 1996

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Aug 31 - 08:15
Re: Radio Flyer
Joe Tracy

As far as the CD with the different scores - be careful. A lot of
those CD's aren't the *original* score, but rather re-recorded by
a different symphony/band. Some are good, but some are extremily bad.
You may want to make sure it is the originals before investing in it.


Aug 30 - 19:35
Radio Flyer
Tim Cleary

How is the Radio Flyer Score? I heard it was okay, but not from a reliable source. Anybody got any info to give me on it. Just today, at Barnes & Noble bookstore, I saw a CD that had the film scores of Harrison Ford movies. I noticed, it had some pret ty good looking tracks on it. It had one or two Zimmer tracks from "Regarding Henry". It also had most of his blockbuster scores, such as The Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones trilogy, The Fugitive, Witness, Mosquito Coast, and some others. I was wo ndering if anyone has seen this, and if so is it worth buying?

Aug 30 - 15:13
.mid or .wav files
Kyle Schmuck

If anyone has any Zimmer .mid or .wav files E-MAIL me them or
where I can find them..... Or visit my Hompage at
And tell me from there

Aug 29 - 23:53
Re: TWISTER-Score is available now
Todd Lamanca

I am a DIEHARD Zimmer fan and wanted to say that I really enjoy this page. I am really disappointed in the initial release of THE FAN soundtrack - it is a clear injustice to only give Zimmer a fantastic, but 20 minute length track. Does anyone know if a dedicated score CD will be released? I HOPE SO!! Also, Beyond Rangoon is exceptional music! How is the Twister CD? I like Mark, and have tried effortlessly to locate a Fair Game Soundtrack? Anyone know where to find it?

Aug 29 - 22:50
Words of a song "Senzenina" from the Power of One???
Byounggwan Kang

I'd like to know the words of a song 'Senzenina' from the OST of
"Power of One", one of Zimmer's work...I know it's an African traditional, but I need the words, or English PRONUNCIATION
of that song...especially the latter part of the song...and the MEANING of the words if possible.
It sounds like "Sothangana Ezulini". Am I right?
Or does anybody know where(internet sites) can I find the words?

Thank you in advance!!! in Process System Lab.
Dep't of chem. eng., Seoul Nat'l Univ.
Seoul, KOREA

Aug 29 - 20:52
ID4 Score
Adam Ruud

I am writing a marching band show to the soundtrack of Independence Day, but I need the score of music. I would appreciate anyone who could give me more information on in.


Adam Ruud

Aug 29 - 19:58
Phantom, Twister in Australia

Hi ho,

Thanks to my luvherly yumba,

I now have copies of THE PHANTOM and TWISTER.
No written reference that Zimmer contributed to the former, and wonder why the IMDB has it listed under Zimmer.

TWISTER...well, there is that dialogue by the score team at the beginning; more score than I imagined, has its moments, Mark is doing well, and it is his 3rd I have (SPEED, MOLL FLANDERS). Guess the vfx was more influential when I watched the movie, and o r the sound mix wasn't too kind to the score, just like in BROKEN ARROW.

Otherwise, the Picadilly cinema in North Adelaide needs to re-calibrate its speaker setup!!! Dolby Digital, my foot!

Well, I pretty much think I have the only copies of the 2, in Australia - whoopee! And if I don't, well, whoopee still!

I think the end title on this version is longer than the one on the commercial version.

And I just called to say I'm late for work, darned rosters! They need to get rostered!

cheerio & Zoodles, ya flaming noodles! lol

Yumbo (must go)

Aug 28 - 21:12
Trailer scores

Okay, this is a stretch request!

Does anybody KNOW which score is used in the trailers to:

1. Philedelphia?

2. Dead Man Walking?

Been looking for AGES! The same track is used.

Thenk U,


Aug 28 - 05:28
Re: Speed
Andy Kim

I've seen the score and it is available domestically. If it's not in any of the music stores around you, you should be able to order it from them. Just be careful. There ARE TWO of them. One with the score only and one with a bunch of pop music. Good luck!


Aug 27 - 19:39
Hans Walter

This is a really great page! I didn't realize there were so many music score fans. I'm trying to find the scores for Twister and Speed and wasn't sure they were available. I've noticed that Twister is out, but does anybody know how I can get a hold of the score for Speed?


Aug 27 - 05:02
Zimmer - K2 soundtrack
Jim Hare

I have a copy of K2 - the movie of a few years back if that's what you're
speaking of. I hadn't noticed that Zimmer did the score, but I
wouldn't be suprised - it's actually (apart from the scenery) the
best part of the movie. Script-wise, it's rather cliche'd but some
of the music is absolutely haunting. The main theme is a solo guitar
that sounds a bit like the late Roy Buchanan, if you're familiar at all
with his work - kind of "spacey" and drawn-out, high notes that go
right through you - gave me the shivers first time I heard it.

Check it out, you might like it.

Aug 27 - 05:02
Zimmer - K2 soundtrack
Jim Hare

I have a copy of K2 - the movie of a few years back if that's what you're
speaking of. I hadn't noticed that Zimmer did the score, but I
wouldn't be suprised - it's actually (apart from the scenery) the
best part of the movie. Script-wise, it's rather cliche'd but some
of the music is absolutely haunting. The main theme is a solo guitar
that sounds a bit like the late Roy Buchanan, if you're familiar at all
with his work - kind of "spacey" and drawn-out, high notes that go
right through you - gave me the shivers first time I heard it.

Check it out, you might like it.

Aug 26 - 21:18
Ewwwwwwwwwww, humble apologies

Newman this, Newman that....

Early morning absent-mindedness, I confess.
David, david..why didn't you have a signinficant name like Hans?

Is Thomas your brother or son? What about Randy? Following each other's footsteps....

thank you Roger!

= time for lunch!

Aug 26 - 18:17
The Phantom

Btw, Yumbo, THE PHANTOM is not composed by Thomas Newman, but DAVID Newman.


Aug 26 - 18:10
The Phantom
Roger Lee

I don't know why I like Thomas Newman. But I just do!
So far, I've collected only one of his soundtracks - Little Women.
I heard his other compositions including "The War" (beautiful title track!) and a
track from Fried Green Tomatoes (that sounds suspiciously like Zimmer's
main title for "Driving Miss Daisy", but nevertheless is still very engaging)
I've scanned through all the other soundtracks that Yumbo mentioned,
but somehow had no great desire to buy them.
I think he's a wonderful composer, just by his Little Women soundtrack alone.


Aug 26 - 15:02
The Phantom

...twist there, twist HERE

Has anyone seen THE PHANTOM?
Has anyone heard THE PHANTOM? Thomas Newman composed, with a little help from Hans.

Anyone appreciate Thomas Newman in general?
Just want to say that his scores are adding up to be a significant body. Saw Phenomenon (good); his Up Close & Personal score is noticeable too. The War has its moments, as does The Shawshank Redemption, along with Little Women.

Anyway, I am awaiting THE FAN, with Twister and THE PHANTOM arriving next Monday...and I wanted to dribble a

Yumbo checking out...

Aug 25 - 20:56
Re: Re:
Twister Soundtrack Error?
Tim Cleary

When I first heard that sound on the first track I turned my volume up really loud. Did I mention I was in my car? The music then came blasting out and scared the crap out of me and almost caused me to have a wreck. I do say it was a good thing, 'cause I love suprises like that. It just gets the blood rushing all over. Is the FAN soundtrack worth buying? I was also wondering if the K2 score that Zimmer did was any good, does anyone recomend that one?

Aug 25 - 20:28
Twister Soundtrack Error?

Joe, I don't think there's an error on your CD.
Cos I have the same thing on my first track too!
I have a feeling perhaps it's an attempt by the producers to make us switch our
volume real high in front, then kick off with a bang when the loud music comes in!


Aug 25 - 11:24
Twister Soundtrack Error?
Joe Tracy

Listen to the first five seconds of track one and turn the volume up.
You hear the producers/director/composers in the background talking.
One says,
"We can't be too soft to start"
then you hear a bunch of people going "shhhhh. shhhhh." and then
someone says "Quiet Please". Then the music starts! Did anyone else
catch this or is it only on my copy?

Joe Tracy

Aug 25 - 08:10

The Fan CD is OUT.

And the GOOD news is that it does have a significant Zimmer
presence despite being a vocal based soundtrack.

Instead of the 4 minutes like on Thelma & Louise, it contains a suite of 20 minutes!

My order's in, I say.

Well, visit me, to link directly to the catalogue site, for more
detailed info.

happy perusing!

Yumbo (Chris)

Aug 24 - 22:29
Tim Cleary

I just got my copy of the "Twister" score. It is really good, though I think some of the tracks should be longer. My favorite tracks are 8 & 9 & 15. Overall a very good score.
I also saw "The Fan" the other night, typical DeNiro psychoman movie. Zimmer's score was very good, however little it was played. I rushed out to the store to by the score, but I was saddened to see that there is only a soundtrack, with various bands on it. It only has one track with score music. I just hate it when record companies do this.

Aug 24 - 22:16
THELMA & LOUISE -- I Want This Score!
Jason O'Brien

I am so desperately looking for a CD version of the score to
THELMA & LOUISE -- has this been released? If not, is Hans
willing to release it?

Aug 24 - 05:27
Re: Trivia
Andrew P. Carr

Here's something totally useless, but nonetheless relevant...

Zimmer is mentioned in the credits to James Newton Howard's score
for Waterworld. I presume he helped with the synthesizers...(great
score, btw!)



Aug 23 - 17:27

Hi ho,

I noticed a while back that James Newton-Howard is mentioned
in thanks, on THE ROCK credits. Anyone know why?

I have THE PHANTOM being sent to me - Hans produced, Thomas Newman produced.

Interesting outside collaborations?

And just to mention that the dual TWISTER soundtracks have
the same End Title track - a first?
The score has dialogue and sound excerpts apparently.

Well, off to work Yumbo goes!


Aug 23 - 16:27
Best of?
Chris Herbert

I would consider myself new to the world of Hans Zimmer, ever since I watched Crimson Tide I was hooked!

Suddenly over night all the hundreds of films I have in my Film Collection were flashing the Hans Zimmer name at me :)

His only soundtrack I have is off course Crimson Tide, I love the music he did for The Lion King and also Rain Man.

Does anyone out there have any inside information on a possible best of Album? If not then I suppose I should start buying up his Soundtracks!

Hey, being an ISP in England I may even start my own Hans Zimmer Fan Site! Anyone have any comments or ideas? Please don't hesitate to email me.

Chris Herbert
WildNET Ltd,
Northampton, England.

Aug 22 - 09:51
Trailers and Backdraft
Andy Kim

Great! That's all we need. Another Whitney Houston soundtrack! Oh well. Hopefully a Hans Zimmer score CD comes out with it (I'm trying to be optimistic here :) ).

Anyways, does anyone in Canada have the Rock soundtrack yet. That CD is very hard to find! They seem to have only two copies at any one time and when I get there, they're never there! Elusive little bugger! :)


Aug 22 - 05:08
Trailers and Backdraft

Just mentioning that the new Harrison Ford-Brad Pitt movie trailer, Devils' Own, uses BACKDRAFT!

That makes it even more popular as a trailer score; along with PACIFIC HEIGHTS, and BLACK RAIN as the most used. GREEN CARD is not far behind - used in Robin Williams vehicle - JACK.

You may have read that Hans' next release will be THE PREACHER'S WIFE (remake) - however soundtrack may be inundated with Whitney Houston songs.

Yumbo dribbles again.

Aug 20 - 21:12
Cuthroat Island
Joe Tracy

Everyone on this group has been GREAT in trying to help me locate
Cuthroat Island. The information I've gotten, present and past, I've
submitted to all my local music stores (big and small - five total).
All of them say "it isn't available" or "our distributors don't
carry it".

A BIG thank you to those who have e-mailed me with info too. I may
have to have one of you pick me up a copy. Thanks Again!


P.S. -- THE ROCK is still my favorite CD. Tracks 8 & 9 on TWISTER
are really good (the whole CD is). My "Independence Day" CD is collecting dust. Perhaps
Hans Zimmer should have scored it? :+)

Aug 20 - 15:25
Australia and then some

Okay folks! Yumbotime....

THE ROCK will not be released in Australia by Polygram/Polydor
(Hollywood Records distributor), according to their dept. on
Monday = sux.

TWISTER is even more unlikely. So make your US friends and import for Aus$20!

Any Aussie interested to purchase through me - your choice.

The 3rd composer on THE ROCK is Harry Gregson-Williams -
Media Ventures member, credited on several Zimmer works. It's a
team thing.

and thar you have it!

Yumbo has written.

Aug 20 - 14:05
Tim Beaumont

Cuttroat Island, the soundtrack by John Debney, is available at
Tower Records. in the USA, or order it from your local music store.
It may take a while to come in but it is worth it. It is
an excellent score, I purcahsed it in April in Seattle.

Aug 20 - 13:59
Re: Re: Re: Got TWISTER
Tim Beaumont

Hey Andrew, Twister (the score) is available on atlantic classics
records, I have already purchased it. It has some good Mark
Mancina music. The Rock is available on Hollywood records. The
music, as you probably know, is by Nick glennie-smith and Hans
Zimmer. But there is a THIRD COMPOSER that is not on the film's
credits but only on the cd's booklet. The Rock is excellent music
good luck in finding it!!!!


Aug 20 - 10:06
Re: Re: Re: Got TWISTER
Marco Samtlebe

Twister was released by Atlantic Classics
( A Time Warner Company ) with the
Nr. 82954-2.

Happy Hunting !

Aug 20 - 05:59
Andrew Carr

Probably a long shot, but does anyone know on what label the
SCORE for Twister and The Rock were released, and if they are
available in Australia?!!

I could only find the Twister soundtrack with all the songs on it!

Thanks guys!!

Andrew Carr

Aug 19 - 21:46

I've just got Twister too.
I was very excited after reading the newsgroup when
someone said it was just released.
Joe - when you said 2 Twister scores, you meant SOUNDTRACKS, don't you?
You really got me excited there when I thought there were actually
two SCORES to this movie!


Aug 19 - 06:46
Zimmer mailing-list??
Michael Zahrabi

Wouldn¥t it be nice by the page editor 2 put upp a Zimmer mailing-list?

Aug 18 - 21:48
Joe Tracy

I picked up my copy today at Sam Goody/Musicland of the TWISTER
Scores. It was nice of them to release two versions - I wish more
music/film companies would consider that. Releasing them at the
SAME TIME would be nice. Who am I to complain though? I got it!
Now the only other "must have" CD that I have to hunt down is
"Cuthroat Island". Of course, I'm ALWAYS looking forward to Zimmer's
next scores!! Still the best!

Thanks for the Twister notification on this group - I wouldn't have
known otherwise.


Aug 18 - 08:32
Regarding Henry
Magnus Nordlund

I went a few days ago and bought this CD (actually
below normal prize). Since then I have read that it is
not easy to get. Is this CD out of print or not?

Aug 18 - 02:12
Re: TWISTER-Score is available now
Joe Tracy

They released the TWISTER score version???? I really liked the music
and was more than disappointed when it came out with the songs only.

When I first started reading this group, the first post I read was from
Andy who did a post on the "disturbing trends" with songs replacing scores.
I couldn't agree more.

Where did you pick up your copy?


Aug 17 - 19:27
Somethinge I'd like to point out...
Laura McDaniel

VERY glad the intro to this page was condenced, but the message board is not new. "New and Improved," maybe, but not "New!" Just thought I'd say that.... LM *<|:o) =======:->

Aug 17 - 10:38
TWISTER-Score is available now
Marco Samtlebe

I found today a copy of Mancina¥s Twister - Score. I was very surprised, because I thought that they had released only a Song-Soundtrack. It contains 18 Tracks with 50 Minutes of music .

Parts of the Score sounds like Crimson Tide ( Track 8 at 1:10) and like The Rock ( Track 9 1:05 and Track 15 at 2:05 ).
A must have.

A good example for releasing first a song- and then a score-soundtrack. I hope they make the same with
The Fan.

Aug 17 - 08:41
Re: Re: Re: Serengeti soundtrack
Lara McDaniel

OK, can't tell you about the Serengeti on LD, but the Denver Museum of Natural History (where I saw the movie 1st) carries it on video. Perhaps other museums carry it...On LD, even, you never know...

Aug 16 - 08:46
Re: Re: Serengeti soundtrack
Tim Cleary

Hi, does anyone know if "Serengeti" was released on laserdisc or will be released at any time? I would really like to see the visuals that go along with Zimmer's wonderful score.
I have seen the movie "The Fan," and there isn't much score in it. I do hope they release a score only version of the music. They'll probably do what they did to "Rain Man" or "Thelma & Louise" and put one or two score tracks on the album. When are the Record Companies gonna learn that there is also a big audience for scores, not just soundtracks.

Aug 16 - 07:13
Film Score
Sabine Helf

does anybody know it there's a chance to view some of the
original scores from Hans Zimmer, or other Composers.
I'm from Germany, it's difficult to get Notes from America.

Thanks, Sabine

Aug 16 - 06:20
Re: Bad news
Andy Kim

Let's face it. Record companies don't care about us score listeners. I guess there just isn't enough of us out there to make a profit for them. Well I hate to sound pessimistic but I'm really not surprised if they never release The Fan score.


Aug 15 - 19:50
Bad news

I have just been told that they will be releasing a
SONG ONLY (Rolling Stones) CD for THE FAN, on TVT Records.


Sux is what I say.


Aug 14 - 09:09
"House of the spirits"-like muzaks ?

Hi Folks !

One of my favorite HZ Soudntrack is "House Of The Spirit (HOTS)";
I appreciate this quiet-deep classical masterpiece of our
music GURU.

I don't have all the HZ tracks, and I wonder if he has already
composed another track thats sounds like HOTS, or if one other
composer has done something similar ... Any idea ?

Thanx !


Aug 14 - 03:13
The Fan

The Fan site is up, and you can dowmload a Win 95 (boo hiss)
version of the main theme.
Also available is a screensaver, along with all other info.

Link is available via my page: Yumbo

Have funz!


Aug 13 - 11:24
Do you lived years ago in Switzerland
Marcel B,rki
E-mail: 101503,

Hey Hans, I do't know, but in then early 70'es i was with a young man in a Collage named Ecole d'humanitÈ. If you were it, i would be happy, that i hear something from you. I find your music very very great. good by Marcel B,rki

Aug 12 - 17:38
The Rock

Fave passage in TheRock:

Track 6 9m00s onwards

There is another co-score by Hans:

WHOLE WIDE WORLD (released earlier this year),

and I noticed that the trailer for A Time To Kill,
uses the track from Black Rain, that was also used
in the trailers for GHOST and LOSING ISAIAH.


Chris Caine

Aug 12 - 12:00
Re: My first time :)
Andy Kim

Alas, this is a bitter reality in being a soundtrack fan. Some soundtracks don't come out until almost a month after the movie has appeared in theatres. I don't know why this is but it is sometimes. I don't know if this is the case for the FAN however.


Aug 11 - 16:58
Power Of One, and the power of making other people listen to Zimmer

Just mentioning that THE POWER OF ONE was used in an ad
for ECO - Earth Communications Organisation; it won a CLIO, and a
Mobius award...very cool, and go Zimmer go. Watched it this morning.

And very happy (Zimmerfied) to see my liljane's first entry below.
Had to lead her through it, via a slower modem, but impressed. What did you expect??


You can also catch me at my developing home page:



Aug 11 - 16:30
My first time :)
Erin Antrim

Hans was recommended to me by a close, personal friend....
and after listening to some of his works, I think he's great.
Although, I don't think I'm quite in LOVE with Hans.....yet.
The only info/question I have to impart is that I haven't
been able to find THE FAN. The movie opens on the 16th, but
the score hasn't appeared anywhere. If anyone knows where I
can find it, please let me know. Thanks...

~:) erin =:)

Aug 11 - 14:27
Re: Serengeti soundtrack
Andy Kim

The music from "Africa: The Serengeti" is from "The Power of One" motion picture soundtrack. The first song you hear in "Serengeti" is the "Rainmaker" from the "Power of One".


Aug 11 - 14:25
Re: Shirley Walker
Andy Kim

There isn't too much out there in terms of scores written by Shirley Walker. However, if you pick up any score CD, you'll find that almost 8/10 times, she has probably orchestrated it. I think she has done every one for Danny Elfman, and several others.

So far I only know of two Shirley Walker scores. These are "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" and "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" both of them being exceptional scores.

She also does the music for the "Batman and Robin" animated series on TV.

Her style seems to lean more towards Elfman's than anyone elses I know with dark brooding themes but somehow lyrical as well.


Aug 10 - 19:19
Serengeti soundtrack

I saw an Imax film about the Serengeti plain in Africa, and the incredible score was created by Zimmer. I have heard nothing of a CD of the soundtrack, though, as badly as I want it.
Can anybody help?

Aug 10 - 18:03
Re: availability of CDs, and then some

Hey ho.....

I do know that A World Apart is available in the US
normal retail (German version), and online from Colesseum Records
at US$4 (US version).


It was brought to my attention that Hans has scored another European
movie this year - Two Deaths , directed by Nicholas Roeg, whom
Hans worked with previously on Castaway via the late Stanley Myers.

Well, that is it for now.

Chris Caine

Aug 10 - 17:04
availability of CDs
Michael Schulze

To all, I'm looking for the CDs "A world apart" and "Millenium". They are supposed beeing out of stock in Germany. It would be very helpfull if you could tell me if they are still available in the US or UK. Just post me a message. Thanks a lot. Mike

Aug 9 - 07:48
Shirley Walker

Hey ho....

just a bit of news that regular Zimmer conductor Shirley Walker's
new score is ESCAPE FROM LA... last known one (as far as I know),
was her first one - MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN.

Thar yoo go,

Chris Caine

Aug 9 - 04:09
Harold Faltermeyer
Per Nordqvist

I have been looking for a single CD or 12" with Harold
Faltermeyer now for a long time.
I would like to bye Axel F and the soundtrack from Fletch, but
only the maxi versions, have anyone of you got any of them
for sale.
I pay well.


Aug 8 - 12:12
Re: Very upset
Laura McDaniel
E-mail: Still hasn't changed

It took me a week, but I finally found enough to replace it. I am keeping a VEARY close I on my player. :)

Aug 8 - 07:32
Very upset
Laura McDaniel

I am very upset! My CD player scratched up the Power of One. :( I thought that it wouldn't do that! Infact, that's why I bought a CD player in the 1st place. I only had a cassete player until a few weeks ago. It was fine until it ate "Muppet Treasure Island." I was evaluating a possible connection at the time (which I verified), so I really wanted to do something about it. My mother suggested a CD player, so that's what I got. But a week ago, while I was writing on one of my stories, the batteries wore out, and itstarted playing like a broken record. I pressed stop, thinking it was fine, but I was wrong. :( HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?

Aug 8 - 07:14
Re: Re: Re: Please work!
Laura McDaniel

You are really making me laugh now. Ha! Ha! HA!

Aug 7 - 18:07
Re: Re: Please work!


Hmmmm. I think Hans left that message. I know that he checks out the page every now & then. Don't go bursting any more bubbles!

Aug 7 - 15:17
Adding stuff!!!!!!

As far as I know, REGARDING HENRY has been classed collector's and will be quite
hard to locate now. I will look for sheet music. Try and request it
from Media ventures.

Concerning THE FAN, the media hype has just begun, and comments are good so far.
I saw the trailer - the score used on it STOOD OUT; I presume it was
an excerpt from the score to the movie, like in CRIMSON TIDE's trailer.

It was quite different, seemingly discordant, but in the overall listen
quite cohesive, and thus juicy to the ears.

I'm sure a few of you have heard/seen the trailer by now (in the US).
I was fortunate enough to be there a fortnight ago.

Late news.....PRINCE OF EGYPT is said to be released in 98 now, and not 97.
Hopefully, they have the decency to release the score a bit early.
I was informed that the score is already being worked on; the voices have just been casted.
Early looks bleak.

Anyway, have a Zoodles of a day, and catch ya mates (girlies too).


Aug 6 - 05:11
Regarding Henry theme
Brian Stephenson

I have been searching everywhere for the CD or especially the score from the theme from Regarding Henry, and I finally found my way here. If anyone know where I can get the sheet music to the incredibly beautiful main theme from this movie, (or a copy of the CD), please e-mail me at this address. Thanks to all Hans fans.


Aug 4 - 21:17
Nathan Ng

Anybody no where I can get a mid file of the Broken Arrow soundtrack...all of them?

Aug 4 - 17:51

Days Of Thunder is not officially available; versions are
available on Silva Screen MUSIC FROM TEH FILMS OF TOM CRUISE,
and bootleg.

Just correcting my email add. as well, there I was thinking I was still in the US!

I'LL DO ANYTHINIG is available in Australia.

Catch you soon, ya Zoodleheads,

Chris Caine

Aug 3 - 17:43
Days of Thunder score
Patrick Wooley

Is the score from days of thunder availible? I was told Zimmer's work wasn't put on the soundtrack.


Aug 3 - 17:42
I dream of collaborating with Hans Zimmer
Steven Buckner

Hey everybody, my name is Steven Buckner
I'm a New Age artist from Flint MI, where one of my dreams are
of doing a filmscore with the legend himself Hans Zimmer.
I expect to release my first album under my own Label national sometime within the
next year. But if you can find Hans, let me know.
God Bless, and Be prepared for the New Beginning next year.
Steven Buckner

Aug 3 - 11:03
Re: The Rock Music Score
Alexander Schek

Hi Stefan !

This is verey common in some other movies like ROB ROY, the same happened
to me!

If you would like to hear the piece of Zimmers music of The Rock you are
missing, go to


Alexander Schek

Aug 3 - 11:01
THE ROCK, the best!!
Alexander Schek

Hi there !

The soundtrack of The Rock composed by Zimmer, is the best music in the world... terrific, great !

Best regards,

Alexander Schek
Santiago de Chile, Southamerica

Aug 3 - 08:17
Re: Please work!
Laura McDaniel

Hate to bust your bubble, but I left the message under the name of Hans Zimmer. :) And you thought YOU needed to get a life!

Aug 2 - 15:03
Rock, the top, Brian's cool

Hey ho.....

Nick Glennie-Smith was helped by Hans and Harry Gregson-Williams
on THE ROCK coz they all work at Media Ventures - together.

There you go!!!!!


Aug 2 - 13:35
The Rock Music Score
Stefan Markwalder

Hello there
Can somebody explain me why Hans Zimmer didn't do all the Music from the Film THE ROCK on the CD. I find the ending very good, there when all the names are listed, but on the CD I can't find this Track. Can somebody perhaps find this Track, I would like i t very much. Thanks Stefan Z,rich Switzerland

Aug 2 - 11:02
Please work!
Brian Tiemann

If all goes well, I have finally gotten this thing to add messages to the top. :)

Unfortunately, all old messages got trashed... ah well. They'll fill up again soon.

But I lost the message from Hans Himself... *whimper!*


Aug 1 - 00:51
Re: paperhouse soundtrack

I just got mine from Footlight Records from NYC. They'll do mail
order. Paperhouse, the movie and soundtrack is an absolutely must
see and must hear.

Footlight Records