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December 1997

Here you can post messages to other users of the page regarding CD availability, soundtrack discussion, or other such items of interest regarding Zimmer's works.

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Dec 30 - 12:26
Toys sheet music???
Richard Stower

Anyone know if the score to Toys has been published? I am particularly interested in "The Closing of the Year."

Dec 30 - 08:53
Re: Armageddon
Location: Germany

I think the other music was the real soundtrack for Armageddon who is performed by Trevor Rabin.

Dec 29 - 22:22
T Lin
Location: Nj

Does anyone know what the other soundtracks that are used in the trailer? The Rock was used in it and it's the actual trailer, not the teaser where all you see is the rocket ship. Thanks

Dec 29 - 16:45
" Black Rain " Sealed CD For Sale
Jim Powley
Location: Oakville, Ont. Canada

Virgin CDV 3076; For Sale to best offer by Sunday January 04;
Minimum Bid: $15. Please e-mail me direct. Thanks!

Dec 29 - 14:56
Days of Thunder/Follow Your Dreams
Tom Cruise Wannabe
Location: here

If there is anybody out there that knows information on getting
a recording of the Days of Thunder score please e-mail me!!!!
I am desperate to get one. I've heard about the collaboration
of Hans Zimmer and Mark Mancina in Follow Your Dreams and I can't
even find a price for it! So please-if anyone knows anything
e-mail me, PLEASE!

Thank you

Dec 29 - 11:15
Re: Bird On A Wire/Black Rain-rip off
Location: Suva, Fiji

Hi John,

Do you have a Hotmail account on your New Year's resolution, lol?

yah, if it is the same cue, I realised it 3 years ago when I first dubbed it onto tape.

I even told Hans when he said he didn't like BOAW, and actually BOAW is used in a few things - at least very short cues, or patches (unique Zimmer trademark sounds).

he said..."Oh yeah", lol.

But I love the main BOAW cue - the 'love' theme - excellent acoustic guitar work, and don't think Hans has ever duplicated a whole theme, definitely patches, but that's style.


Ok, I've created purchasing links for Zimmer titles in the CDiscography!

chin chin,

Dec 29 - 04:06
Bird On A Wire/Black Rain-rip off
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Saw Bird On A Wire for the second time yesterday and found out that the main theme is a total rip off of a theme from Black Rain. The theme starts 50 seconds in to the Sugai track on Black Rain and lasts for 15 seconds. Anyone else noticed this?

Dec 28 - 22:19
Rainman mix plus Bird On A Wire, extra Backdraft
Location: Suva, Fiji


Even Hans said it was a radio mix.
I suggest taping it next time you hear it.
Or call the station for a copy.
Or make your own mix.

ps. no use giving a dud email entry.

Have added 22 RA clips from Backdraft (non-CD) and Bird On A Wire, to Zinfo - go enjoy yourself!

Also added 2nd picture with Hans here, others to go up at end of month with report, when I hopefully have replacement scanner.


Dec 28 - 21:12
Rain Man mix
James Christensen
E-mail: Rabo World @ aol
Location: Hercules, CA

Recently I heard what sounded like a mix of the Leaving
Wallbrook / On the Road and Las Vegas / End Credits tracks from
the Rain Man Soundtrack. The mix lasted almost 5:30 minutes.
Somebody told me it was a special radio cut. Does anybody have any ideas? I'd greatly appreciate some insight.


Dec 28 - 17:40
The Pretender
T. Lin
E-mail: Gen
Location: NJ

The Pretender on NBC here in NJ used The Rock soundtrack in it's commercials.

Dec 27 - 13:28
Black Rain
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa

Saw "Black Rain" for $15.00 at the Adbook
THis is the name and e-mail

David Zehder

Thanks, Doug

Dec 26 - 08:29
Looking for Dutch Zimmer fans . . . . .
Timothy Kamp
Location: Steenbergen, The Netherlands

I'am still looking for Dutch Hans Zimmer fans.
If you are Dutch, please send a message to me!

Ik zoek nog steeds naar Nederlandse Hans Zimmer fans.
Ben jij een Nederlander, stuur a.u.b. een berichtje naar mij!

Dec 24 - 09:58
Tomorrow Never Dies
Julius Horsthuis
Location: Amsterdam

I've been a Bond-fan for a long time, and when I heard that David Arnold was going to score the movie, I was rather disappointed. Because I knew him from Independence day, and that aint a great score. But when I bought the CD, I was quite surprised, it's much better than ID4! Ofcource the old Monty Norman 007-theme, but there are some other great pieces of music on the CD.
And the movie is absolutely excellent. (like the 17 previous Bondfilms)

Dec 23 - 17:55
New RA clips - Backdraft, Christmas etc
Location: Rainy Suva

Hi all,

Check out Zinfo/Yumbiosis for more than 15 new RA clips, for your enjoyment, including 9 from Backdraft (not on CD).

I will also try to make hot links to order each Zimmer title from the Discography.

Can't think of much else at present...thank you all for supporting the Yumbiosis websites this year, and do have a safe, and happier Christmas!

Don't forget to look out for As Good As It Gets!

God bless,

Dec 23 - 06:15
Jean-FranÁois Boiteau
Location: Qc, Can.

Hi all Z fans!!! (He's a real god!!!)

Although we will not hear a Z score for this film, at least
there's this incredible full length (193s!, 10MB) new
version trailer, in which, of course,they put The Rock music...

P.S. Any comments on David Arnold in 007? The theme is well
known, but he gives us some interesting new stuff!
- Titanic has some fascinating typically Irish Horner cues!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Dec 21 - 03:20
Re: Zimmer/New Zorro Movie?
ariel mayer


Dec 19 - 14:58
Backdraft Theme
Dave Leising
Location: Lowell MI 49331

Hans Zimmer's score for "Backdraft" contains a stately theme in several
places, notably the funeral scene. The melody evokes some old German
nationalistic anthem; almost "Deutschland uber Alles".

Is this theme original with Zimmer, or did he borrow it?

(No offense intended to Zimmer!)

If it is borrowed, what is the original German tune? I LOVE IT!

Some years ago, I even had the Harvard University Music Department check
this out, and they came up empty-handed!

Dec 19 - 06:17
Re: Rabin does Armageddon
Julius Horsthuis
Location: Amsterdam

I've seen The Glimmerman and I think that the score is excellent. Some parts look a bit like Con Air. But there's not much music in the movie.
And I think Trevor Rabin is pretty good.

Dec 18 - 09:36
Re: Zimmer/New Zorro Movie?

i don¥t know it at all

Dec 17 - 19:09
S.O.S. on title search
Peter Lee
Location: Malaysia

I am having trouble ordering the following of Hans' works: Beyond Rangoon, Pacific Heights, Hans Zimmer/Mark Marcina collabortion, Point of No Return. S.O.S. needed to locate the right place to order. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

Peter Lee

Dec 17 - 11:43
Rabin does Armageddon
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Just read on the filmmusic newsgroup (in a message from Dr.Eldon) that Trvor Rabin will score Armageddon for Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. Well, actually I would much more have seen Zimmer, Mancina, Van Tongeren or Rona on this film. But let's give him a chance. I haven't seen The Glimmer Man. Any opinions on his score?

Dec 17 - 08:20
Mike Skerritt
Location: USofA


I must say I am excited about this movie, because the score is being done by (drumroll)......James Horner.

Horner is a favorite of mine (regardless of all the criticism, I still think that some of his material is uncomparable), and he has yet to do a Mexican/Spanish flavored score.

As for the trailer, I don't know. Can anyone help?

Dec 16 - 19:56
Zimmer/New Zorro Movie?
Michael Greenberg
Location: Harrisburg, PA

I recently saw the Fifth Element on video, and there was a trailer for the upcoming Zorro movie. The trailer music sounded extremely Zimmer-esque, and I was wondering whether anyone knows if he is scoring the file. If not, has anyone else seen this trailer and know where the music is from? It is very powerful and I am quite sure it is Zimmer's work. Thanks.

Dec 15 - 20:08
Re: Scream 2 music/Dark City Trailer
T. Lin
E-mail: Gen
Location: NJ

I don't know where the Dark City trailer music came from, but it's awsome. A well thought out trailer that is extraordinary. I especially like the way that the trailer uses only the music and no tlkingg, that,s how I inmagine my trailers when i listen to zimmer on mancina

Dec 15 - 14:14
Scream 2 music/Dark City Trailer
J. Hamilton
Location: TX

Hey people. I noticed, too, when I saw Scream 2 this weekend that the the theme for Travolta in Broken Arrow was used directly from the soundtrack for Dewey's character, it was kinda strange to see that in the movie. Also I was wondering if anyone saw the Dark City trailer???? Does ANYONE know what the music in that trailer was from??? It was pretty cool...

Dec 14 - 16:09
Re: Trailer Muzak
Mike Skerritt
Location: Exam Decompression Chamber


When you see a preview for an upcoming movie, whether it be in the theater or on TV, that preview is called a trailer.

Invariably, these trailers are tracked with music to help convey the emotion that the film intends to get at.

Most often, the trailers are put together before production is finished, so producers will temp-track the preview with music from different movies.

For example, the recent promos for Grisham's The Rainmaker, as you probably noticed, use Zimmer's "Charlie Loses his Head" theme from Black Rain. They do this because either the score hasn't been finished yet, or, they're unable to use it for whatever music.

It causes so much discussion because usually trailer music is exceptionally powerful, or beautiful, or emotional. That's the idea of the trailer. But there's never any mention or credit in the trailer that tells you where they got the music, so many people are left to wonder what that great music is that they just heard.

And there ya have it!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 14 - 02:28
Trailer music
Alicia Miller
Location: Who cares!

Hello friends,

I was wondering, what on earth is trailer music?


Dec 14 - 02:26
TLKB and that sort
Alicia Miller
Location: Who cares!

Hello friends,

I just wanted to tell you all that if you like Lion King (Especially the African chants in it) then check out the TLK on Broadway CD. This also goes out to Mark Mancina fans. I hope everyones doing fine and wish you all Happy Holidays!


Dec 13 - 21:57
Re: Sharing, plus
T, Lin
E-mail: Gen
Location: NJ

Yes, it's true, Hans Zimmer's Broken Arrow soundtrack is used constantly used for the David Arquette's character (Dewey). The "cowboy" theme as I call it is really the only part used. Does anyone know if Dimension Films paid Fox to use th music? Was Zimmer credited? He better be.

Dec 13 - 17:15
Mature Discussion
Mike Skerritt

Well, well.....

I am going to have to agree with Todd. Actually, its something I've been mulling over for a while, and now it's time to address it.

While this does not have to be a place strictly for academics (adhering to every rule of grammar, proper sentence structure, all tha jazz, lol), this IS a place for mature discussion of not only Zimmer, but as you can tell from my posts, every aspect of film music.

From my last post, you can tell that I personally do not have much of a problem with coarse language (even though damn and hell are hardly coarse anymore) But I did edit a certain four-letter word beginning with s, because it wasn't appropriate for this forum. My problem is with the way I've seen it used on this board. It seems as though profanity has become a substitute for intelligent thought. Rich, why is it that you could not say "Excellent Scores" or "Powerful Scores" or anything like that in place of "Kick Ass Scores"? There's always a way to relay your thoughts without degrading them.

As I said before, profanity is not really the issue here. There are very few boards on the web such as this that are devoted completely to film music. It's a chance for the fans to pose their views. Whatever those views are. I respect the difference of opinion, it's part of what makes it a discussion. But please, use it to DISCUSS, not to attack or to whine. This goes out not only to Rich, but the many people I've seen misuse this board.

It was not my intention to offend here, but if I did, I apologize.

Now, let's all look forward to As Good as it Gets.

Dec 13 - 16:48
Sharing, plus
Location: Sweltering Fiji


Integrity is not 'for sale';
Trust is always free;
Respect is built...

- Sharing occurs on a fair friendly basis...

Seems like Broken Arrow is making a 'comeback' thanks to its repeated use within Scream 2.

Some may appreciate these sound clips:


New York Stock Exchange

Chris Caine

Dec 13 - 16:01
Re: black rain


While your efforts likely deserve acclamation, quit taking a "rub-it-in-your-face" stance on these things and kill the unnecessary language, please. I visit the board to read about Zimmer, not such selfishness.

Dec 13 - 10:58
black rain
rich roth
Location: has BLACK RAIN for 7 bucks.

whoever gets it though, better thank me!! i put up a similar listing for REGARDING HENRY a few weeks ago and some weasel snatched it up without thanking me, and that person can kiss my ass.

in fact, i know of other obscure used cd stores who have, house of spirits, paperhouse, etc.

i'm also getting a promo copy of Bad Boys but I'm not sharing it 'cause one guy on this board won't share with me



Dec 12 - 15:13
Absolute Kick - Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jean-FranÁois Boiteau
Location: QuÈbec, Canada

GO THERE if you wanna experience something really MAGIC...

Dec 12 - 04:29
Re: new stuff
Max Castro

Hi, there!

So your looking for new `kick-ass stuff`, eh? Depends whether you want electronic or orchestral, because electronic is always colder. It`s hard for me to tell which ones you might already have.
Electronic Kick ass - Rock (You prabably have)-Hans Zimmer
K2 - Hans Zimmer
Twister (Mr favourite) - Mark Mancina
Orchestral Kick-ass - ID4 (Arnold)
Home Alone 2 (Williams)
Aliens (Horner-Very hard orchestral and exciting. It may not be melodic, but it`s very dramatic)

Thats all

Max Castro
Hope I helped, let me know what you actually mean by kick-ass. I`ve got 300 score albums. I`m just brainstorming the popular onees. To be honest, the less popular are the finest.

Dec 11 - 20:47
Location: Hot Suva


hi di ho.
Yes, I think a few of us have these fantasy score scenarios - actually the NFL uses The Rock, albeit for montages, and main theme - sounded well placed.

For me, it'll still be a wedding march.'s been a crazy week...

just glad As Good As It Gets will be out around Xmas on Sony - Classical/Soundtrax/Chaos - who knows!?

until next time,

(got my first ever parking ticket, grin.)

Dec 11 - 19:03
Rough Cut
Mike Skerritt
Location: School.....but not for long....

For those of you who manage to get the TNT channel, their movie preview show Rough Cut spotlighted Kevin Costner's new film "The Postman." Of course, James Newton Howard is doing the film's score, and the show had about a 7 minute story on the film's music. Rough Cut always has something about soundtracks, both on their show and their web site. It's always interesting to see session scoring on TV. I can just imagine 90% of the show's audience saying, "Awww, dammit. Now what the hell are they showing that for? Who gives a s--- about the music?" hehehe...they'll never know....
Anyhow, the film itself comes out Christmas Day, it's nearly 3 hours long, and for those of you who are wondering, yes, that is Randy Edel-itis striking again in the film's trailer. His "Gettysburg" is used toward the end of the trailer. I'm not really looking forward to the film, and I hope JNH gives us a far better score than for his last three hour epic, Wyatt Earp.

I don't have it yet, but I have heard a clip, and if that is any indication, John Willams' Amistad should be outstanding. Filming was done in my old state of Rhose Island, so I think I'll head over to the theater and see if I can spot some old friends as extras, lol. It's available now on DreamWorks Records. (Why am I plugging them?....hmmmm....well, consider this -- their last score release was none other than The Peacemaker)

Well, Marco Beltrami has gotten the shaft once again. Not even one score track has made it to the soundtrack of Scream 2. Now, I will not let this cloud my judgment of the film. As horror fare it ran a CLOSE second to my favorite all-time horror film, Halloween. The buzz is that the sequel is better (and oddly, it clocks in right at 2 hours, rather odd for a horror film -- should mean the film is well developed.) The score was one of the first film's best assets (Along with Rose McGowan's (Tatum) ass-ets) Original and truly creepy, I look forward to the next

I had a weird idea a little while back (Actually, I have a lot, but this is the only one appropriate for public forum) Imagine huge sports events (college football, NHL hockey, etc) being scored live for the TV audience. To be feasibly, it would have to be done on synthesizers, so I'd pick none other than Hans Zimmer to do it. Imagine, the composer has a little while to compose a main theme for the game, and then he can use it throughout, while utilizing some spontaneous action material. Wouldn't it be nice? (I realize there are many international visitors to this site, so imagine a huge soccer/football game being scored on-site by Hans) GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! (Hums the theme to Crimson Tide...)

Any thoughts??????

Dec 8 - 18:02
new stuff
rich roth

anyone have any suggestion for any new kick-ass scores that are out (beautiful ones too) that have listenability too


Dec 6 - 12:39
Sale/auction/trade - updated
Location: Green and lush Fiji

Hi all,

Just letting you know that I've added to Zinfo sale section:

  • The Living Daylights - John Barry
  • The Hidden - Michael Convertino

    Both mint, and out of print.
    Email or link to Zinfo for more details.

    Also updated Zlate News, and Howinfo.


    Dec 4 - 10:16
    Zimmer ROCKS!

    Hello everyone. This is my first time in here. I was looking for other Zimmer fans, and I guess I found the right place! The only CD's of his that I have are Crimson Tide and The Rock, both of which completely WOW me. Can anyone let me know which of his o ther CD's are as intense as these? Which are his best? Please mail me and let me know. Thanks. Alex

    Dec 3 - 15:02
    wayne bressette
    Location: Saturn

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of who will be composing
    Armagedon. Please Let me know. Hi Lisa.

    Dec 3 - 13:55
    rare cd
    rich roth

    Now accepting offers for a rare MANCINA promo cd of Moll Flanders. Contains complete score (no classical music cuts) and the song full of grace by sarah mclaughlin.

    Promotional put out by Polygram.

    please include cash offers or # of cd-rs you'd be willing to trade for. I'll email you my want list.



    Dec 3 - 10:43
    Let's see...a top 10 list would be fine
    Jon Aanensen
    Location: Norway

    Let's start december off with a top 10 list of Zimmer's scores. That is, the 10 films where Zimmer's music is best. The film does not need to have a soundtrack album. If you think this is childish, well, then that's your problem...

    For a start, here's my list:

    Rain Man d:Barry Levinson
    Black Rain d:Ridlay Scott
    Days Of Thunder d:Tony Scott
    Bird On A Wire d:John Badham
    Green Card d:Peter Weir
    Thelma & Louise d:Ridley Scott
    Beyond Rangoon d:John Boorman
    Crimson Tide d:Tony Scott
    Broken Arrow d:John Woo
    The Fan d:Tony Scott

    5 of 10 by the Scott bro's, not bad at all!

    And what about a bottom 5 list...

    Burning Secret d:Andrew Birkin
    The Fruit Machine d:Philip Saville
    Younger & Younger d:Percy Adlon
    Renaissance Man d:Penny Marshall
    Something To Talk About d:Lasse Hallstr=m

    Dec 1 - 14:12
    Midi File for "Millenium"
    Vanessa Eads
    Location: Santa Cruz, California

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking for a midi version of "The Journey Begins" from the soundtrack to the PBS series "Millenium". If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it very very much! Please email me with any information you may have. Thanks!

    Dec 1 - 11:06
    Location: TV land


    TLK2 - As Hans is attached to Dreamworks, and Mark Mancina is finally getting his dues on TLKB, it is unlikely that Hans will score TLK2.

    Toys - I like it, the extra FYD stuff (from the 12") is nice, and then there's the......haha, which is really cool!

    Fly Away Home - I really like it; Isham doesn't really move me normally. Do check out Mortal Thoughts - got RAs on Zinfo. Isham did score 20 minutes of Face/Off before he was replaced, and Jeff Rona said it was really good - in the vein of NIN. High Incid ent will be out next year.

    Titanic - looking forward to it - esp. the Enya-esque boarding cue - best thing I reckon (if it's the one from the trailer).

    As Good As It Gets - will be released on a limited basis at Xmas in US cinemas.......hmmmm, Tristar with an art movie? Anyway, hopefully I'll get a good answer about the score by my birthday!

    Wootie - "Hey, did you know the Seaborne Legend called into port?" "That's the Speed-boat, right?" lol.

    TV - alrighty, I make my national TV debut next Sunday, adapting and hosting 60 Minutes (for a month). Wish me luck! Anchoring Saturday news normally otherwise.

    Yamaha - I'm back (trial) selling Yamaha hi-fi on Saturday mornings, and it is just FUN! DVD, widescreen TV, AC-3 Digital amp, 8 speakers, and then watch a whole movie with SCORE ONLY in 6-discrete channels, with a bloody good picture! (Happened to be Mar s Attacks - beats the CD anyday!)

    yes, I'm bloody busy, lol. But still plonking away at Zinfo.


    Dec 1 - 06:17
    Re: Imprezzions
    Marco Samtlebe
    Location: At Work !

    I haven¥t heard anything about a soundtrack-release of "As Good as it Gets".
    Lets hope they release it when the movie opens in the US - it would be a nice christmas gift :-)

    Dec 1 - 05:16
    Re: True Romance/Fly Away Home
    Jon Aanensen
    Location: Norway

    No, a score album for True Romance was never issued. You have to listen to the three tracks on the Morgan Creek CD...
    And to Mike S: I rented the video too only because of Isham's score which I had heard so much about. It actually was a little too acoustic-sounding for my taste, with a lot of violins and stuff. OK, it suited the feel-good-movie well, but I like Isham bes t when he combines electronics and acoustics, like in The Net, Nell, Mortal Thoughts and The Getaway.