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December 1998

Here you can post messages to other users of the page regarding CD availability, soundtrack discussion, or other such items of interest regarding Zimmer's works.

Days Of Thunder and FYD vol. 3 are NOT released!

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Dec 31 - 21:11
Backdraft in Naked Gun
Hadrian D.
Location: here, there, everywhere

I'm watching Naked Gun 33 1/3 and in the beginning sequence, where they were immitating the final shoot out scene from The Untouchable(?), and I heard a take on Hans' Black Rain(end of track 8)and Backdraft(beginning of track 7). It's pretty cool and funny. Less patriotic, but you would know clearly the similarity.

Laughing my head off


Dec 27 - 13:08
Hadrian D.
Location: rainy city

Here's my take on it: Hans composed 18 cues of music for the movie. I don't know if HGW's cues (including the awesome Hieroglyphic dream sequence)is in those 18 cues. But only 8 score tracks appeared on the album, not including the one from the Wal-Mart sampler (the Chariot Race cue), which I'll be getting.
That left a total of 9 score cues not included, in which we could petition Hans for immediate release via Varese. I would happily, joyously pay my $14.11 for those 25+ minutes of glorious music.

For now


Dec 26 - 20:58
Hypothetical question.....
Alicia Miller
Location: everywhere

Here's a thought.....

If a movie is 1 hour 30 minutes, and the CD of the score (and end title) is 1 hour, how much of the movies music has been left out?

It's a real dilema since it involves PoE.


Dec 23 - 10:41
Re: Thin Red Line
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium


The movie is gonna be shown in some theaters next week to make it a potential runner for the Oscars selection. It will go nationwide weeks later.

The Soundtrack will hit the streets on the 12th January.


Dec 22 - 21:36
Thin Red Line
Joe MacKay
Location: Whidbey Island, WA

Has anyone heard anything about Zimmer's score for The Thin Red Line coming out soon? Is there going to be a soundtrack for it?

Dec 22 - 04:55
Re: Enemy of the State
Location: Norway

I don't agree. I don't think Enemy Of The State "sucks on CD". There are several good themes on it, and the CD is the only place where one can hear the Main Theme in its complete version (track 2). In the film, the Main Theme didn't show up very often. I also very much liked the way Rabin and Gregson-Williams let the synths play LIKE synths, and not trying to disguise them to sound like an orchestra. This was another Bruckheimer/Scott-film with a great score, (I knew the music had to be good when they collaborated on this movie, I think they like the same kind of music), actually the best cinema score of the year for me.


Dec 21 - 21:14
Re: Zorro and Amageddon
Location: Here and there

In the Mak of Zorro movie trailers, the music heard is first David Newmans score to "The Phantom" a small movie with and epic score. As we progress into the trailer, we hear the trumpets or french horns... they come in, sounding like the first Newman theme of trailer, but holding much different resonance and talent. The action squence of the trailer seeps into Drop Zone. Armageddon, uses Mark Manicina's unrelealsed (At least I think it is) score for the Movie Bad Boys, and then Rabin's theme

Dec 21 - 21:09
Re: Prince of Egypt
t rafum-E
Location: Kali.

Hanz Zimmer is undoubtedly one of the masters of scores, and transitiong from your normal film score to ana nimated musical must take hard work to accomplished, but was witnessed by mnany to be a remarkable event for the king when he was crowned, oscar in hand, for his superior work in the Lion King. once again, he has created a beaitufl new piece of revolutionary score-composing and musical talent for us the listeners, as Prince of Egypt marches it's way into your hearts. The music is so proflici and strangely melodic, the music so somber at times, and then changed to pure melody is both entrancing and illustrious. Having much ambiguity to it, it adds to the films already superb richness and takes away nothing except the place in your mind where most ofthen the memories of the movie reside, replacing those with the small catchy tunes you'll find yourself humming after the flick. To all who adore ZImmers music... go see "Prince of Egypt" then buy the soundtrack.. trust me, you make no mistake doing this!

Dec 20 - 13:27
Was "Backdraft" re-released?
Location: Across the Street

I was told that Hans Zimmer's Backdraft score was re-released. Is this CD and expanded score? or the same material from the first release?

Dec 19 - 21:37
Prince of Egypt
Alain P
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hey all!

The Making of The Prince of Egypt just screened on Australian television, and Zimmer has heaps of interview time in it! If some of you haven't seen it yet, then go here:

I've transcribed most of it..... the making even had some unreleased POE score!! Yipee!! Does anyone know/think that Dreamworks could release a second CD if the movie is really successful?? I certainly hope so! If I can (which I doubt), I'll try and convert the interview into real audio.....soon!

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Cheers, and Good Luck to Zimmer with his Golden Globe nomination!

Alain :)

Dec 19 - 19:27
Black Rain
Kristn Newman
Location: huh?

I have heard the Black Rain music one time two years ago. I danced to it for a dance competition and fell in love with it. I have tried my hardest to find it, but it's not being made anymore. WHERE can I find this soundtrack?????

Dec 18 - 04:42
The Rock Soundtrack
John Hewat
Location: Australia

I have been searching everywhere for the soundtrack to The Rock but I haven't seen it anywhere. It was released through Hollywood Records but I haven't seen it anywhere. Has anyone in Australia had any more luck?

Dec 16 - 17:47
Enemy of the State
Mike Johnson
Location: Midwest

I picked up the Enemy of the State soundtrack today in a used C.D. store. I was wondering how somebody could be done using this C.D. when it just came out a month ago. Then I actually listened to it. It was an average score. It reminds me of Point of No Return in the way that it sounds good in the film but sucks on C.D. The Main Theme was the only good point. What is a Trevor Rabin score without a screaming guitar coming in out of nowhere?

I think it would be wise to use your money on Prince of Egypt instead.

That's all for now

Dec 15 - 07:36
Hans Zimmer Mega Remix in Mp3 and Real Audio Format! : )
Castor Troy
Location: Canada

Hello all, As I said before in other message boards and newsgroups, just posting here for those who havn't heard. I recently uploaded my Hans Zimmer Action remix to my webpage and have gotten much demand for the mp3 cd quality version of it, so I posted the huge monster for all to enjoy, please feel free to download it at your leasure,(server does support resuming) and e-mail me with your questions, or comments, I reply to my e-mail the second I recive it :)

Castor Troy <---RA/Mp3 Here (DUH)
ICQ# - 269646
AOLIM - CasTroyZ3

Dec 14 - 03:58
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Michigan

I didn't think that Millenium was a "rare" C.D.? I went to a local Record Town and they had two copies. It even had it's own divider, so I assume they actually have some on a regular basis.

I was just wondering how "rare" it is?

Dec 10 - 14:32
Re: Rare CDs?
Florian Dvorski
Location: Alabama


I only know that "Rain Man" is easy to get in Germany since
it is a NICE PRICE title.


Dec 9 - 04:52
Rare CDs?
Andrew Carr

Sometimes you just find the darndest things, lol...

I wandered through a CD shop today, and within 5 minutes found Black Rain, Rain Man and Elfman's MIB score. And Millenium was floating around somewhere, too.

Black Rain and Millenium are supposedly OOP, but what about Rain Main and MIB - does anyone know how common they are?

Cheers :)

Dec 7 - 00:58
Zimmer on Cnn
Location: Friesland

Today on CNN i saw a (verry short):-(( interview with Zimmer about the POE

mabey the do a replay later this day

Greeting,s Samme

Dec 7 - 00:41
Hans Zimmer Audio File Tribute
Alain P
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hey All.

I've just posted about 20 Real Audio file samples (*.rm) on Zimmer soundtracks at my new site, Alain's Soundtrack Reviews. Pop in if you're a new Zimmer person that wants to listen to some new/old Zimmer scores.

here it is:

Anyways, if you're a Zimmer "regular," then just take a look if you have the time, and tell me what you think! I've written a little Peacemaker essay!

Thanks, and hope you visit!


Alain :-)


Dec 2 - 20:25
"Zorro"&"Armageddon"trailer music
Location: Michigan

"Ok,people.Help me out with this one.In the trailer for "Zorro",there is this cool music in the begining part before it kicks in to the "Drop Zone"cue by Hans Zimmer.It sounds like Jerry Goldsmith or James Horner,but I cant place it.And the same is for tr ailer for "Armageddon".Trailer #2,anyway.The first half of the trailer is music that I cant place,then it segues into it's own score for the second half of the trailer.Can anyone tell me what these cues are from so I can buy these scores!"