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February 1998

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Feb 28 - 23:15
Re: K2/Power Of One
Andrew Carr
Location: melbourne.australia

Haha, now I'm stuck here wondering what the film would be like without him! Felt more like a documentary than a film (ie. nothing much happened) but the music livened it up a bit.

Best bit (at least of the 70 mins I saw) was a montage of (very static) shots of the climbers struggling up a steep hill - visually boring, but Zimmer kicks into overdrive with strong brass, a la Crimson Tide, the odd bit of electric guitar, a la Drop Zone, and nice perscussion. Can't imagine why he would have been replaced, but stranger things have happened :)

Feb 28 - 10:19
Re: K2/Power Of One
Location: right here


K2 - referring to the liner implies that Hans was replaced on the US score. That is why the US CD release says "inspired by".

I had seen the US movie on video, and didn't think much of it. Then I got the CD and always wondered what it would sound like with Hans.

The movie bombed anyway.

Power Of One - it is a vocal score. My personal favorite; I love African music, especially when interpreted by Hans. Unlike the first and last in the trilogy, this is the only vocal score by Hans, and rightly so for the movie.

WATCH THE MOVIE! The book(s) is BRILLIANT too.

Of the CD, 6 tracks have Hans blazing away.

oh yeah,

Feb 28 - 09:21
Rain man, Power Of One
Julius Horsthuis
Location: Amsterdam

Hi there,
just baught Rain Man, it's pretty good, I like it.
But I also saw Power Of One in the store, it was a bit expensive, so I wasn't sure to buy it. So I listened it in the store. It was a bit weird, a lot of Afrikan vocals, I loved the last track.
Is there much Zimmer on the cd, or is there a lot of other music? Any comments? Is it one of his best scores or does it suck? (I can't inmagine that, but OK)

That's all.

Feb 27 - 23:39
Re: K2
Andrew Carr
Location: on a chair, at the desk

Interesting about K2...the only explanation I could give for having two different composers is that the film flopped in the US, so they brought in Zimmer to fire things up for the OS release. Certainly gives the film a bit more kick! I have no idea how it actually went in the US or OS, so it's just another theory of mine, lol... Any ideas, comments?!


Feb 27 - 08:51
K2/AGAIG/Color Of Night
Location: Norway

Andrew, the US version of K2 was scored by Chaz Jankel, a rather mediocre composer, IMHO. OK, I've just heard his Making Mr. Right score (coupled on CD with Thomas Newman's cool Desperately Seeking Susan) but that was quite cheesy, with just a Casio keyboard or something. I don't understand how he could score the mountain scenes for that movie with equipment like that.

Regarding As Good As It Gets, I agree. I found both the movie and the score rather boring. Zimmer has made dozens of better scores.

To Hadrian, Dominic Frontiere's score to The Color Of Night was released on the Mercury label I think, back in 1994/5. The CD is out of print, so consider yourself lucky if you find it. And you must search long and hard on the cover for his name, as David Hirsch put it in Film Score Monthly when the film came out.

Feb 27 - 01:07
Andrew Carr
Location: Melbourne

Hey all,

K2 was on TV today - shades of Drop Zone, more in terms of the soundscape & orchestration than actual themes, but some chord progressions were familiar. I vaguely recall hearing something about Zimmer's score not beeing used in a particular version of the film??!? Certainly used for OS release - recognised the Zimmer sound before the TV had even warmed up, lol... there's an interesting film :-) I braced myself for Melvin, lol, but neither he nor the film were exactly a laugh-a-minute; score was enjoyable, though. With a film like this, however, there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of room for a composer to exercise his/her artistic discretion. The style of AGAIG more or less restricts Zimmer to using the mickey-mouse technique - a little more than one would like - to add some bounce to a story which, IMHO, is rather flat. Of course, there are some nice orchestrations and jazzy dischords, but the characters don't really have their own theme, nor is there a theme which sticks in your head as you leave the theatre (apart from "Always look on the bright side...", but that doesn't count!). It would've been great to see the various themes slowly worked together in fugue-like fashion, finishing in the powerful end-credits cue that Zimmer does so well in his action scores (and most recently to great effect in The Peacemaker). Sadly, it just doesn't happen here.

Better say it again, so as not to provoke too many flames :) lol...I think these things are NOT Zimmer's fault, more the result of poor writing on the scriptwriters' part. I didn't particularly enjoy the film and came away wondering if Zimmer's brief was to "lighten up (save?!) the film" rather than complement the on-screen action.

Anyway, just a knee-jerk reaction of unorganised thoughts, lol...



Feb 26 - 22:11
The Man In The Iron Mask
Hadrian D. (again)
Location: Here, later

E.T. had shown a clip from the upcoming movie. As you might have known, Nick Glennie-Smith is scoring it. To comment on the music in the scene, I have to say, it's exceptional. One scene contain a little bit of percussion in the background and strings dominance. I think we've got ourselves a good score here.*

Later, or as we say, Zoodles


*opinion based on a few seconds of music.

Feb 26 - 20:01
Color of Night
Hadrian D.
Location: here

To the anonymous who had posted the news, can you tell me where I can get a copy? Appreciated it. :)


P.S. Is it a score CD or a song compilation CD?

Feb 26 - 15:48
Re: Looking for a cd


Sorry to break it to you, but there isn't such a cd.
Trust me, I have been searching for one for years now
and have had zero luck. If only there were, everybody
would be so much happier.

Feb 26 - 08:17
Re: Looking for Days Of Thunder cd/Various
Location: Suva in the middle of the night


Please read more than just your entry.
See the notice at the top?
Yes, Zinfo has more details.
SCROLL down to the Feb. 14th entry for more details.
Feb. 11th has some goodies too.
Feb. 8th has a bit as well.

Speed 2 - see Mancinfo/Yumbiosis for 3 RA clips.

Number of Zimmer fans - online, maybe 500, out there, possibly 2,000 to be conservative.

Zimmer compilation - no, not just yet.


Feb 26 - 06:02
Looking for a cd
todd brown
Location: guilford day school

Is there a Days of Thunder cd, just with Hans Zimmer's score on it.??

Feb 25 - 09:03
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Just stumbled upon this nice page :)

I wanted to say that my favorite soundtracks to date are Broken Arrow, crimson tide, and the rock.

Broken arrow is so "cool". I was hooked on the soundtrack (and eventually zimmer) when I saw that scene when travolta enters the scene after ejecting and says " what a terrible thing to say" and the 'cowboy' music starts playing...

what can you say about crimson tide? it would be just another submarine movie without the music. and how many times have we heard the song in movie trailers....the saint and GI jane to name a few off the top of my head...

And finally the rock, also some powerful moments with the music (ie. the shootout in the shower room) . (track2 was used in the armeggedon trailer)

Of course, I'm not saying something that all of you don't know :) but i was so glad to find an enthusiasts page, I had to say something :))

I work in a post-production studio, so sound is kinda my life. thank god for the sounds of Mr. Zimmer!


Feb 25 - 00:33
Re: Color of Night/ Black Rain


Color of Night with Bruce Willis and Jane March? Yes. It does exist.

Feb 23 - 21:24
For Sale!!
Rich Roth
Location: phila, pa

For sale/trade to best offer...

2 cd set of synthesizer soundtracks. New recordings of tracks
from Midnight Express, Rain Man, Antarctica, Chariots of Fire,
Dune, and many others by J. Hammer, J.M. Jarre, Vangelis,

Pelican Brief
Rio Conchos/Agony & the Ecstasy
Lorenzo's Oil
The Mask of Zorro
The Crimson Pirate
Rambling Rose
A few good Men
I Solisti Italiani on Cinema. DePalma Suite, Morricone, etc.
Warriors of Virtue - Don Davis
Cosmic Voyage/Boeing 777 - David Michael Frank
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Original Big Top Pee Wee
The Last Emperor
Wolfen/Deadly Blessing Cd-r
Last of the Dogmen - Arnold
Indian in the Cupboard - Edelman
Once Upon a Forest
The Pagemaster
Land Before Time
King Kong Lives plus Greystoke Cuts, etc. Cd-r
Stand & Deliver - Craig Safan

Email me.


Feb 23 - 08:15
Zimmer's scores
Luigi Fabris
Location: Bassano (VI) ITALY

I'm looking for Zimmer's scores (both CD and LP)
Thank You.

Feb 23 - 07:59
Soundtrack unfound
Luigi Fabris
Location: Bassano del Grappa (VI)

I'm looking for "Radio Flyer". Can you help me?
Thank you.

Feb 21 - 15:19
Color of Night/ Black Rain
Hadrian D.
Location: Everywhere

To make this short, does anybody know if the soundtrack to Color of Night exist. I love the Love Theme, if you've seen the movie, you'd know. They "said" that it's out on Mercury label but I couldn't find it. Give me a clue will ya!
On a side note; Just got my Black Rain CD in the mail. I'm listening to it right now and I must say, it's different than what I had expected. I bought it a week ago from CDnow for 25 bones. It's damn freakin' expensive!(please excuse me) It's also an import so you know how that goes. Love the Asian themes. Some of the action passage prognosticated some Speed stuff, which is very good. Love the last track and the end passage of Charlie Loses His Head. Well that's all folk.


p.s. I guess this was not as short as thought it would be. (track 8 is playing, ohh yeahhhh!)

Feb 21 - 15:02
Re: Re: see below
E-mail: same as below
Location: same

Has anyone heard Car Building. It was a B side of Maria Mackee's Show Me Heaven. Its brill but it got nicked when we were burgled n' mind.

Feb 21 - 14:57
Re: see below
Location: England

I have just entered this web page for the first time. And I love Hans Zimmer wiht all my heart. Is their a CD available with all his music on??????? I dont fancy going out and spending hundreds of pounds on all the soundtracks. I have searched high and low. Can anybody help???????

Feb 21 - 06:16
Location: Amsterdam

Does anybody know how many zimmer fans there are in the world?

Feb 20 - 15:15
U.S. Marshals TRAILER !!!!!!!!
Jean-FranÁois Boiteau
Location: Qc, Can

HEY!!!!! The U.S. Marshals trailer HAS BEEN RELEASED SINCE LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!!!

Feb 18 - 20:09
Speed 2
T. Lin
Location: NJ

I was sick for most of this presidents' day weekend so i got the chance to rent alot of movies. Finally saw Speed 2 this weekend. It's not really as bad as everyone says it is. Does anyone know if Mancina plans to release the Score. The techno version of Mancina's score is a nice change. Also saw G I Jane. I had bought the soundtrack first and the score was pretty good. The movie however used the good stuff for the boring congress scenes. Who compposed the theme to Soldier of Fortune TV show (which by the way is Bruckhiemer produced). Saw the replacement killers'. the score was nothing special but the techno music in the opening scene was cool. gotto go. later

Feb 18 - 18:07
Hans' competition
Alicia AKA Cadpig
Location: CA

Hi Zimmer fans,

Just wanted to let you know Hans is NOT competing agaist Horner. He is, however competing aganst these people:

Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens,and David Newman, "Anastasia"
Anne Dudley, "The Full Monty"
Danny Elfman, "Men in Black"
James Newton Howard, "My Best Friend's Wedding"

Basically it's all to easy, Hans will win but he should watch out for Elfman and "Anastasia".

For all of you who thought that Horner was agaist the Z man, I laugh at you. The reson is simple, Hans was nominated in the Music (original or comedy score), Horner's in the category for Music (original dramatic score). See the difference.

Alicia :)

Feb 18 - 10:50
More various
Location: hot seat


Norske in Norge - well I have a few friends from school at AC in Wales, and then there's Ida from Bergen....still getting there.

Yes, I also noticed Secret Garden from Eurovision, and have both albums. Ida sent me first one after I called her to congratulate you guys on beating the UK and Sweden, lol. I know how it is.
At least Gina G didn't win ack. (folks, Jon doesn't wanna get email, grin)

I do have Sigma on my RA list. And I love track 3 (I think) on first album (the one with the drums); but both are with Erin back in Omaha (as is the rest of my Zimmer and other hoo).

Ah yes, the main credits of Metro.....well, the music is cool if you hear it on a decent movie playback system, and even though I have the promo on tape, the recording is so bad, I don't listen to it.....some people just have no idea what quality is, even so called score experts. (ok, so I'm fussy when it comes to sound, so should everyone!)

Oscars again - just depends what the composer pushes in terms of promos, and what movies are in the minds of voters at the time...thus more recent ones etc.

Alicia!.....just what do you mean by 'suck'? a bit strange.
lol.....but that's cool.

oh well, listening to Destiny In Space/Blue Planet/Dream Is Alive IMAX getting TLKB soon (someone was generous...yes I'm living on score gifts - joining some of you, grin) review should be up in a month.

zoodles ya roodles,

Feb 18 - 09:35
More stuff
Location: Nor-way

Well Yumbo, quite a bit of norwegian you got there. What a coincidence! You asked me about the band Secret Garden, right? As a matter of fact, I bought their newest CD White Stones only one hour ago, just before I logged myself in here! I've been aware of them ever since they won The Eurovision Song Contest back in 1995. Last fall I watched them in a church concert here in Kristiansand. (The leader, Rolf L=vland is from this city.) I find them quite enjoyable, especially in the up-tempo tracks, like Moving on WS. And Sissel, well it's cool with her Titanic-work. Apart from thst, I don't have any opinions on her.
About the Metro/Bad Boys-stuff, I found the opening credits in Metro very nice, when Murphy drives over the bridge. I just thought that it was a certain Mancina-feel there. The rest of the score, I don't remember much of.
When I wrote that "these kind of scores often get nominated", I ment that the composer's best works often are overlooked, while more mediocre stuff (like AGAIG, IMHO) are getting nods. I don't know why the comittee works like that. Why not give Zimmer a nomination for a score that really shows off his signature style with a more synth-based/modern sound?

Feb 17 - 19:03
Lion King Chorus version
Alicia Miller
E-mail: You should know by now
Location: an hour's drive from Media Ventures

They're cheap skates!

Yes, the arrangement for the choral version for TLK is not Zimmers or anyone else's but a dude who sucks big toe. I'm telling you that the music sucks. In Circle of Life you can have fun by chanting na, na na na na na na na na nana. Very fun. It sucks!


She was comparing it to TLKB.

Feb 17 - 14:48
Location: THE centre of the (South) Pacific

hi zhere,

first, I had my first accident on Monday....bit shaken, definitely broke now. anyway...just letting you know. It's somehow related to things in the big picture.

The Dig - try going into the archives, there were a few entries about it. Unless you were the one asking back then, grin.

Jon - interesting take. Will see AGAIG when it opens here next month. a good dag to you. say, what's your opinion of Secret Garden and Sissel?

I took another listen to AGAIG, and thanks for reminding me of the Y&Y, RMan references. I'm still working on the review and samples. So, you only into the non-syruppy stuff? As per my upcoming, AGAIG is not a catchy score, but it has its moments if only for 10 seconds.....and that does it for me. Will expound on page when it's ready. it does have GREAT songs as well.

on Jeff Rona - replied. See Zlate News.
I don't think Metro sounds anything like Bad Boys.
ps. JNH wrote the theme to The Sentinel. Sound like a similar trend?
Mancina wrote again yesterday, so Mancinfo is updated.

Julius - once again, see Zinfo for details.
Personally I don't think TLK is one of Zimmer's best scores, at least not on the badly recorded CD. Stuff like The Peacemaker, Crimson Tide, Whole Wide World, Green Card, Power Of One etc should get nominated. Jon is right to a degree about the nomination process...recent movies have more edge as well.

As for TLK...the Disney streak? Disney itself. But a good thing nevertheless. Got a lot more people onto Zimmer...but still a pity people don't listen to stuff before TLK. Horner's success will get more people onto him, and SCORES.

Short CDs - economics...and artistic discretion. In that order.
Song vs. score preferences....well, didn't EVERYONE think we were the only ones? Not to say that won't change - do your own bit of score promotion!

I do like GOOD songs, and the stuff on TRomance I like, as well as the Nina Simone stuff on PONR. Art is appreciated in different ways by different people. Never assume.

Expanded score CDs......real world - not enough demand, too much capital. what you can, and if I had money, the first thing I would do is pay the re-use fee on certain scores, without hesitation! I'm not kidding. But of course the artist will have to agree to have their work in public. (Criticism does discourage inspiration.)

ps. Alan Williams - composer of the beautiful Amazon IMAX finally emailed, so go visit Willinfo! He left his email address there for us to use (not to abuse!).


Feb 17 - 05:41
Re: Stuff
Location: Amsterdam, Europe

What do you mean that only these kinds of scores get nominated? The Lion King is one of zimmer's best scores. And it's not like nine months or agaig. Too bad that tlk is only so short.
Is asgoodasitgets a full-zimmer-score? How many minutes? I haven't seen the soundtrack here in holland yet.
Actually, I think it's very ridiculous that the most zimmer cd's only have a few zimmertracks. A few weeks ago I bought true romance. about 15 minutes! That's way too short. And there is more music in the movie than on the cd. The people that buy the cd for zimmer aren't interested in the other songs, and the people that are interested in those other songs don't listen to zimmer. So why don't they just make two cd's like they did for speed and twister. And who listens to nina simone on PONR?
And why don't they make a cd with music that hasn't been put on the soundtrack of that movie. It would sell great.
Like in the rock, right after connery smashes the unbreakable glass in the interrogation room with a coin. You hear a theme that isn't even on the entire cd.
Or does such a cd already exist?

Feb 17 - 03:41
The Lion King - Broadway
Kirsty Townsend (Dr K)
Location: somewhere in the pacific...

I'm not sure how many people have already discussed this one, but as the show itself is relatively new, I'll post this anyway.
Yumster knows my views on this, but as he hasn't had the benefit of hearing it himself I thought I'd throw it open to those who have.

Any comments? I personally can't stop listening to it, the power and the passion (grin, all you Aussies out there... Stop thinking of Midnight Oil!) of the performers is phenomenal. I guess I'm slightly biased as I was fortunate to see it early January. And I tell you, if you loved the movie, if you love the Broadway soundtrack... you'll be blown away by the performance!

And IMHO, the arrangements used in TLKB are much better than "Rhythm of the Pride Lands"... more refined, more energy, more passion. Everything you need in a good score.

Almost like "Krull" and "Willow"... But I don't want to start on Horner... ;-)

TLKB - It's zimply mantastic!
(If you're a regular on Yumster's pages, you'll know who else I'm referring to... :-))

Feb 16 - 11:33
searching for the dig
j. hamilton
Location: tx

hey everybody, does ANYONE out there have a copy of The Dig soundtrack? I have been so desperate lately i really love the music, if you have any information on it or know a website company that sells it email me please??


Feb 16 - 09:34
Jon Aanensen
E-mail: yeah, sure
Location: Nooooorwaaaaay

Just saw As Good As It Gets. First of all, I found the movie at times VERY boring. I mean, 2 hours and fifteen minutes with this is 45 minutes too much. And Zimmer's score; well, I just have to admit that this kind of music in not my cup of tea. OK, I'm a Zimmer-fan but I can't with my best will find this score interesting. Wasn't it just a mixture of feel-good and syrupy Nine Months, Younger & Younger and Renaissance Man-anthems? At least he is a versatile composer. And regarding the Oscar-nomination; well, it seems that it is these kind of scores that will get nominated.

According to Film Score Monthly, Sonic Images will release a new volume in the Outer Limits series, plus a Jeff Rona CD called Scenes From The Crime or something, with music from Chicago Hope and High Incident(?) Any facts? Yumbo? They will also release The Sentinel by Steve Porcaro. Interesting. His Metro score was cool, quite similar to Mark Mancina's Bad Boys IMO.


Feb 14 - 23:20
A Zimmer Valentine
Yumster of love
Location: lol


in line with a Christmas project (grin), I'd recommend these for Valentine's!

  • Whole Wide World
  • Regarding Henry
  • Green Card
  • A League Of Their Own
  • True Romance
  • Beyond Rangoon
  • Rainman
  • White Squall

    alrighty! go give and share some love...everyday.

    Rare scores:

    Sheila - The Fan is on CD - 19 minutes. High Incident will be out this year.

    Keary - if you go into the Zoard archives, you'll find a few copies of Black Rain for sale.

    EVERYBODY - try the newsgroup, the archives on Zinfo, Henk's Adbook, 2nd hand stores, and for availability status - see the Zinfo Discography.

    Otherwise, slightly exasperating for repeat questions. Newbies are understandable.

    Posting messages - please read Brian's english - do not repost, RELOAD! Referring to double messages. Makes it easier to maintain.

    ps. The AGAIG page is in progress.


    Feb 14 - 21:17
    Black Rain Soundtrack

    Does anybody know where I can get the Black Rain Soundtrack. They have stopped producing it and I cannot order it.

    Feb 14 - 06:30
    Rich Roth
    Location: phila


    Just found out Bill Conti is conducting a night of movie
    themes with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy
    Center in Washington on April 17 & 18. (fri and sat)

    I just bought my tickets yesterday -- fifth row orchestra!
    Their web site is
    Tel. 800-444-1324

    Plenty of great seats still available.
    Don't order through web site though, computer will randomly
    generate what seat you get in the price range you choose.
    (No service charge on web site, there is one on phone though,
    again IMHO, it's worth it.)

    Box seats are $58
    Orchestra are $47
    In the concert Hall, IMHO, If you can get within the first 10
    rows of orchestra, they're better than the box seats 'cause
    box seats don't start until row 35.

    Email me if you have any questions.

    P.S. On Thursday before concert is rehearsal free for the

    Feb 14 - 04:48
    Alain Phomphoukhao
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Hi all.
    I thought I would bring this up because Mr Rothstein mentioned the use of Zimmer music at the Olympics.
    Well anyway, I was watching the Winter Olympics a couple a days ago, and heard one of the ice skaters using "Hummell gets the Rockets" as music to accompany his routine. Anyone else hear this? The guy (I think his name was Marcus or something) looked pretty out of time, especially when the action music kicked in. In any case, Zimmer's music is beautiful.
    The next day at school, a friend claimed that Backdraft was also used. Was it?
    Oh well, that's it. By the way, As Good As It Gets is an excellent soundtrack!

    Feb 13 - 23:45
    Re: Music Scores
    Location: going somewhere


    As far as I know, NONE of Hans' scores are printed.
    That goes for MOSTscores.
    Only available ones are the OLD ones - 30 years prior etc.
    BLAME the copyright holders - the studios.
    Otherwise, get a really good ear, and a copyist.


    Feb 13 - 19:50
    Music Scores
    Andrew Ball
    Location: Australia

    Am looking for the score/written music for Mother Africa (Reprise)from the Power of One CD. I require this for a choir and would appreciate any help or direction on how to obtain this.

    Feb 13 - 05:21

    CBS has been using Backdraft, The Rock, Crimson Tide, and Con Air in many of their segments, promo pieces, and commercials for the Olympics... wanna know why? Because Zimmer's music is the most powerful on the planet... and yumbo, they used a clip from First Born too... you know what that means? C'mon... please! I'll make you music supervisor in my next film.

    Feb 12 - 19:10
    Alicia Miller
    Location: In the mist of El Nino

    Hey Everybody!

    I got the newspaper yesterday and, for the record, Hans Zimmmer has been nominated for an Academy Award for best score (Musical or Comedy) for As Good As It Gets. So, now on March 23, we all must chant out his name and hope that he wins. That's all.


    Feb 12 - 13:51
    Hans Zimmer - Days of Thunder
    Rocco DeVilliers
    Location: Riverton, Utah

    Hi, I would give just about anything for Hans' "Days of Thunder" score. Does anyone have any info on how I could require a good recording of this incredible piece of work? Any info would be greatly appreciated, even if I have to pay for a DAT copy off a master from Paramount! Please help. Thank you, Rocco.

    Feb 11 - 19:11
    New Zounds on Zinfo!
    The Yumster
    Location: Sinnamon Park, I wish......smiles.


    go get 'em:

  • Days Of Thunder - 3 tracks
  • The Driver Part II
  • First Born
  • Fire Down Below - NGS
  • Dark City trailer

    Link via Yumbiosis for index. And more Zinfo to come zoon.

    ps. Face/Off was produced by Hans....has his 'sound'. Pretty theme by John.


    Feb 11 - 13:18
    Deep Impact, AGAIG and Great Exp.
    Jean-FranÁois Boiteau
    Location: Qc, Can.

    Hi everyone!
    The Deep Impact trailer is out!!!!!!
    It seems extremely amazing, and I even think that it will greatly complete Armageddon, in a way that isn't without reminding us Contact by its style...

    Also, I bought AGAIG, and I can say that Zimmer, to adapt himself to this different kind of movie, succeeded to do some fascinating new material, and that even if he doesn't use here his so famous
    synths!!! And curiously some parts seem to sound like Patrick Doyle... You'll be surprised, it's very different...
    The ending song, produced by Zimmer, is espescially sublime!

    And, talking about Doyle, Great Expectations score is absolutely..... great, lol! ( The only matter is that they released it in two parts : Doyle, and the rest... )
    And the movie would worth to see only for the virtuoso 10 minutes performance of DeNiro!!!!!! Of course there's also the images,
    and Gwyneth Paltrow!!

    Zee you later....

    Feb 11 - 07:34
    Re: Re: Good ol' Mancina
    Sven-Oliver Schibat
    Location: Germany and on the way home *g*

    Hi there!

    The first time I watched "Speed" and heard the theme, I thought: "Hey! Is this Zimmer?" Then I saw Mancinas Name and I knew, why it sounded like Hans. I think, Mancina is a very good composer, but (except a few examples like Moll) he sounds like his former "boss" Mr. Zimmer!
    And you can't say that only Marks Scores are like songs. Ever listened to "I'll do anything" or "Green Card"? Beautiful Scores which are very much like songs!

    And if your friends only know Mancinas Speed-Theme... Backdraft is used in so many trailers, that anybody should know this piece of music! ;-)

    Have fun! :-)

    Feb 10 - 21:05
    Zimmer, Mancina, Powell
    T. Lin
    Location: NJ

    I don't think that any of them copy each other (at least not on purpose). I think it's more about the style that they practice. I mean, they have a style all they're own,right? (loud drums, chorus, synthesizers, etc.) It's a style that has been pioneered by Zimmer and clearly different from say..... Horner, Williams, or Goldsmith. You can tell. And mabye it's that style that makes thier works sound alike in some respects. Granted, the mind of the composer must come up with an original theme to defferenciate the score, but that's hard as hell to do. Also, keep in mind that Zimmer basically trained Mancina. They even worked in the same studio for many years, so it's no suprise that Zimmer influences would pop up in his music. It's not really fair to say that this composer copied off this composer. That's just my opinion and my thinking, that's all.

    Feb 10 - 20:15
    Re: Good ol' Mancina
    Doug C.
    Location: UF

    Let me make myself clear on Mancina. I really enjoy his music. I own Con Air, Speed, Twister, and the Follow Your Dreams. OF COURSE, Mancina has his own style. His music is more beat driven, kinda like dance music meets Zimmer. However, each one of his scores has something that I have heard before.

    1)Zimmer came up with this unique sounding, synthesized theme ten seconds into track 5 or 6 of Backdraft, that at the time, was one of the most original things done in Movie music in decades. That theme as been done over and over again, in slight variations, through most of Zimmer and Mancina's work. i.e. Crimson Tide, The Rock, The Peacemaker, Con Air, Twister.....

    2)Monkey Trouble is a kiddie theme to True Romance.

    3)The Tornado's theme in Twister is right out of Pacific Heights

    4)Con Airs opening credits is just like Crimson Tides and The Rocks

    I guess my point is: While Macina may stray from Zimmer's music every once and a while, I hear repetition quite often.

    I probably sound like an ass b/c scoring films is amazing and really hard I imagine. Con Air's bad guy theme in track 3 was brilliantly original....well....I guess it kind of showed up in Bad Boys.....but thats ok since Macina did that too.

    By the way, I thing Powell's Face/Off was nothing like anything Zimmer has ever done, except for the occasional heavy drum.

    See ya,

    Feb 10 - 14:16
    The House of Spirits CD
    Location: United States

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase "The House of the Spirits" CD by Hans Zimmer. Where can I purchase this CD online???


    Feb 10 - 11:29
    Re: As Good As It Gets Oscar nominated
    Location: On chair


    at least there's a CD out this time.
    Will try to have web page ready before Friday, in light of the nomination, grin.

    Julius - only 9 of Hans' scores would be termed action scores for their volume....the rest are....quiet. Take a listen to As Good As It Gets!

    And Mancina does emulate Zimmer, on SOME of his scores, not that it's a bad thing. I actually like Money Train now.


    Feb 10 - 09:45
    As Good As It Gets Oscar nominated
    Jon Aanensen
    Location: Norway

    Looks like our old friend (no pun intended) will get a chance at this year's Oscar's. According to various sources, As Good As It Gets by Hans Zimmer is nominated in Best Comedy/Musical Score. Must Brian Tiemann (where are you?) at last change his picture at the top of his worship page?

    Feb 10 - 05:45
    Re: Good ol' Mancina
    Location: Amsterdam

    Let's get this straight:
    I own ten zimmerscores, I enjoy them every time I hear them very much. But zimmer makes real filmmusic, Mancina on the other hand, makes music that is easyer to listen to. His music is more like 'normal' music. I got some friends that hate all my zimmer cd's, but they love speed. They say that zimmermusic is way too chaotic and too depressing. I disagree.
    But maybe that's what makes Zimmer so popular with filmmakers, the music should be very quiet, because otherwise people listen to the music in stead of watching the movie.
    And it's great that they both have different styles, that Mancina doesn't try to copy zimmer, like Powell does.
    Okay, that's about it.

    Feb 9 - 13:09
    Good ol' Mancina
    Yumbo says...(grin)
    Location: Next to dinner table, just after brekkie

    reads the Zoard ya know,

    I forgot to say, in repsonse to Doug, that Mancina does have his own 'sound'....and he's mentioned it too....try listening to:

  • Moll Flanders
  • Man Of The House

    ps. The Driver RA clip is up, just have to link it now. Also forgot to mention that Part 1 is a short acoustic version, verrry nice.

    And to many Zimmer scores have you heard to say that none are his themes are memorable/recognizable? For you to say that in the first place is quite surprising (from the small audience sample you cite). I'm not going to list any...that's for you to discover and enjoy.

    And no, he doesn't ALWAYS use the "dies irae" theme. Maybe in three out of three scores, but certainly not 60.

    Not dissing you, but just take the time and effort to LISTEN (to as many as you can) before lumping things.

    Jon - even his assistant doesn't know if he's on Enemy of The State...I do know he's also already on El Dorado. And besides producing scores for his Media Venturers, I'd think he'd prefer to spend some time with his son.

    Zimmerites - apologies for the delay in updates/new ztuff.
    Patience enhances your reward...zmiles.

    Enjoying The Peacemaker more and more...


    Feb 9 - 10:26
    Location: Amsterdam

    I don't know.
    I only have two soundtracks by Mancina, Speed and Con Air, and they both sound like something I had never heard before. Let's face it: Mancina accomplished something that Zimmer never did; The theme from Speed is a theme many people know. (I mean people that don't listen to soundtracks)
    I showed a film of my own in my class, and in a chase-scene I used THE theme from speed, and a lot of people knew it, they even knew that it was from Speed!
    And there's been made a remix, on the soundtrack from Speed2: Cruise controll.
    As far as I know, Zimmer never did something like that. Maybe the Rock House Jail-theme, some friends of mine knew it a little, but they didn't know that it was from the Rock.
    Don't get me wrong: I love Zimmer, he always uses the dies irae-theme, that isn't his, and he always copies things from his own scores, what Mancina as far as I know never does. (exept in Speed2, but that makes sense. 'the gap' from speed is exactly in speed2, when they figure out that they'll crash into the Eindhoven Lion)
    Anyway, both the composers are totaly f**king great. (excuse me for expressing myself like that)

    Feb 9 - 09:22
    Enemy Of The State
    Jon Aanensen
    Location: Norway

    According to the IMDB there is still no composer attached to Tony Scott's Enemy Of The State. Does anyone know anything? Actually, I think Zimmer have the time to score this, 'cause he's only on Price Of Egypt and The Thin Red Line at the moment, reportedly.

    And to DougC, perhaps Bad Boys sounds like Axel F. because Jerry Bruckheimer produced both BB and BHC. He has a certain sound to his movies. Almost every Bruckheimer movie has a cool score, IMO.

    Feb 8 - 22:45
    The Driver/Replacement Killers/Twister
    Location: Ol' Suva, I Suuuuvaa.

    hi ho,

    Folks, once again....

  • The Driver Part 1, The Driver Part 2 - Terry Reid

    Warner Bros 9 26912-2

    Out of print, cut-out - go get it!
    Yes, it uses themes from DOT.
    A variation was used on the DOT album, sung by David Coverdale (Whitesnake), with different lyrics - yet againdifferent from version used in movie, same singer/lyrics.

    Terry Reid does sing in movie/album - a cover of "Gimme Some Lovin". But version on The Driver is WAY better.

    The album is produced by Hans 'partner' Trevor Horn (The Buggles), and co-composer on Toys.
    Also contains cover of The Waterboys song - "Whole Of The Moon", with backing vocals by Enya.

    I'll re-upload RA of The Driver this week (see Zinfo sound library).


    Replacement Killers - Harry Gregson-Williams.
    While both score and movie have gotten flack on RMM, it was actually alright. Haven't seen Chow Yun-Fat before, so was intrigued, and it was enjoyable. Always a joy to see Mira Sorvino anyway, looking a bit thin in this movie though.

    Score starts well, and integrates some songs seamlessly.
    Basically, it is Smilla sped up, a touch of Serra droning, and in the tender moments, depicting the Asian themes, an homage to Black Rain/Zimmer, ala a short riff which appears at least 3 times.

    "The girls wanted to see them kiss", but alas.....
    Final scene at airport reminds you of Black Rain as well.
    If there is any criticism, HGW may have been in a rush.
    I was there when he had to present score to director Antoine Fuqua, and he was nervous!

    I once again recommend Whole Wide World, and look forward to The Borrowers, and Deceiver.


    Saw The Postman, which is enjoyable, and cool percussive and epic score, along the lines of Wyatt Earp. However, quite amusingly, there is a theme which is a variation of Apollo 13! Trust me, you'll notice it. JNH????

    So, while I wallow w/o that many new scores.....I listened to Waterworld, and realised for one theme - that there is an obvious reappearance in Twister!



    wahhh, I need TLKB!!!!!! lol.


    Feb 8 - 20:27
    Aspen Extreme
    Doug C.
    Location: University of Florida

    I was flipping channels this afternoon and I came across the unfortunate movie "Aspen Extreme". Before I switched, they started to play this song that seemed very familiar.

    It was called "The Driver pt II" by Hans Zimmer and sung by some no name artist. They played the whole song with no voices or any other noises over it. It was very nice. I heard it played and sung by someone different at the end of "Days of Thunder". It contains many themes from DoT.

    By the way, I got Pacific Heights recently and I think it is quality-wise one of Zimmer's best. Listening to the cd brought back memories of the movie. It flows so well with it, more than any other movie he has done so far I think. I could distinctly here in the music when Griffith eats the mint and, soon after, Keaton coming out of the elevator. I guess you have to know the movie well to know what I am talking about.

    Why didn't Harold Faltemyer (sp?) sue Mancina for "Bad Boys". I swear that some moments were lifted straight from Axel F. Mancina needs to find some niche in his music that he can call his own. Whenever I here his music, I feel like I have heard it before. I do admit that "Twister" has some moments that are his, but not many. Don't get me wrong....I do like his music, but I think I like it mostly because it sounds like other people's, mostly Zimmers, music.

    But then again I could be completely wrong...hehe.

    Feb 8 - 20:01
    T. Lin
    Location: NJ

    While this tidbit is not directly related to Zimmer, it's close enough. Just this afternoon I was watching the winter olympics and as I turned on the television, they were playing G.I. Jane. It was pretty cool, hopefully they will start using Zimmer tracks as well. (and Mancina too)

    Feb 4 - 08:54
    Location: Zinfo

    Matey (Glen),

    See the link above, ie. Zinfo.
    Then choose CDiscography.
    Doesn't take much effort you know.

    Mike - I believe that would be 'the best selling CD SCORE-based soundtrack' of all time. grin. Still good regardless.

    - Star Wars - 4 million
    - Lion King - 10 million (song/score based soundtrack)


    Feb 4 - 02:43
    Glen R Mason
    Location: United Kingdom

    Can anybody give any info on Hans Zimmer soundtracks on CD .
    At the moment I am unable to find anything in the UK.

    Thanks Glen

    Feb 3 - 19:53
    Whole Wide Wurld......
    Mike Skerritt
    Location: School

    Just an interesting tidbit, since I haven't posted in a while....

    I was browsing through my local Border's a while back, and noticed that the copy they had of Whole Wide World was one of the infamous bad copies (Hans was spelled "Hanz") I brought it to the clerk's attention (I had hoped to get a better reaction, since I figured he might have been more musically knowledgable) He said he'd check on it, after several weird looks, and we left it at that. A couple of weeks later, the same copy resurfaced. Hmmmm......guess I'm gonna have to bust out the can of whup-ass, lol...Well, some unknowing fan is going to be surprised.

    Well, it seems that after only 10 weeks of release, James Horner's Titanic has quickly become the best-selling score of all time. I'm a Horner fan, I should be happy, but I'm just not.
    A friend asked if she could borrow my copy. I said sure. About 20 minutes later, she came back and asked where the songs were with words. "Track 14," I mumbled. I sincerely hope that Sony Classical releases the Enya-hack track Southampton as a single, so hopefully fans will recognize the score itself and not Celene Dion.....or Leonardio DiCaprio, for that matter...: )

    Feb 1 - 13:03


    Feb 1 - 12:46
    Re: Zimmer Plug at the Golden Globes

    hey, i love james horner, so never say anything bad like this again!