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January 1997

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Jan 31 - 20:52
Out of Print
T. Lin
Location: Jersey

I'm looking for Regarding Henry and excaliber. New or mint. Drop me an e mail. Also, does anyone know if renasaince man, point of no return, the fan and drop zone scores are good? I'm also interested in what beyond rangoon is similar to. thanks alot Zimmer fans.

Jan 30 - 20:28
Zimply Aztounding.....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA

Hey there! What the title means, I have no idea, but it sounded cool....:)

Jeff: I will have a new copy of Black Rain soon if you'd like to do some business. Let me know either here or by e-mail.

Mario: Will also have The House of the Spirits soon...

Yumbo: I know I've asked before, but I'll go ahead and be a pest...can you get me a copy of FYD? I'd be much obliged....:)

Did anyone see that shamble of a Super Bowl? What the hell was that? (Sorry in advance to any cheeseheads, :) ) I hope the Patriots don't let Parcells go....

Okay, now to everyone: I might be able to get another copy of Regarding Henry, anyone interested? (New/Mint condition)
And also, from the Renaizzance file (I love that word Renaizzance, it just makes me giddy ;) my recommendation for the day is Greencard. This is truly a great score. Go out there, get motivated, and spend some money?

Hope to see y'all soon.....Toodles! (or as Yumbo would say, Zoodles!)


Jan 30 - 17:33
Location: My place

Hi folks,

If all goes well, I should be online from tomorrow!!!

And if current plan goes ahead, here are the facts to be:

email: (Use IONET still)

url: to change.

Sorry for the change yet again, but with 20M server, expect lots of AV goodies. I will reply all unread email.

ok folks, off to surf.


Jan 30 - 08:31
Re: Re: Zimmer Cds
olaf lindner
Location: germany

hi jeff !

try it on

there are many people, which sell/trade this score



Jan 28 - 08:59
Re: Zimmer Cds
jeff heath


Jan 28 - 08:59
Re: Zimmer Cds
jeff heath


Jan 27 - 19:20
Re: AFRICA.The Serengeti
Location: Boston

The music from the Serengeti is the soundtrack to
"Power of One" by Hans, kids.


Can anyone get that Maria Mckee single for me from Days of Thunder?

Jan 27 - 13:40
Re: Almost time for ZEE Zuper Bowl!!!!!
oh yah
Location: Snowland

hiya all,

my 1st Superbowl, and what a ROAD TO THE SUPERBOWL program!

featuring David Newman's THE PHANTOM; Zimmer's THE ROCK, and TOYS (Horn).

THE ROCK was also featured on the Gametime show. cooolers!!!!!

Checked out BADLANDS, and folks and mateys!!!!!!! Sure sounds like the basis of TRUE ROMANCE's 'You're So Cool'- composed by George LIPTON.

ZINFO should be updated this Saturday hopefully, ala new Mac. Expect a fully detailed report on a visit to Media Ventures; analysis of THE PREACHER'S WIFE score; updates to HOWINFO, and the usual blah. OH, should have the PETITION Round 2 in action too.
The biggest funny occurred yesterday!!!!!!!

Someone has the notion that Hans is running around in Oklahoma! lololol. Very funny when someone calls you up and believes you are Hans Zimmer - I didn't even have to fake the accent, lol.

Thinking someone like (....) was playing a 'play-along role' conversation on me, I obliged for a while, and then said who I was. lol.

anyway, it's kinda weird, lolol.

SPACE JAM score should be out tomorrow.

ok zoodles-heads, I'm off to buy me a computer!

all my zove,


Jan 27 - 07:21
AFRICA.The Serengeti
Location: Belgium

I have been looking for the SERENGETI soundtrack
I was hoping someone out there could help me findit.

Jan 27 - 05:52
Days of Thunder - Score
Location: Switzerland

As metioned already, there is a Zimmer Score of "Days of Thunder"
on a Single-CD available.
For those, who are interested, you can find it on:

Maria McKee - Show me Heaven
CBS - EPIC 656303-3
(Song 2: Hans Zimmer - Car Building 2:35)

Jan 27 - 04:58
Have an extra copy of "Broken Arrow" promo CD for sale/trade...
Location: San Francisco

Has a track that is not on the stock release.

Jan 26 - 22:50
Re: Re: The Fan in Australia & a thing called The ZM Collaboration - Follow Your Dreams
Location: Boston,MA USA




Jan 26 - 12:59
Almost time for the Zuper Bowl!!!!!
Mike Skerritt
Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA

Hey there, fellow Zimmer cronies!!!!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say GO PATRIOTS! I know they probably don't have a prayer, but I'll still be jeerin' and cheerin'!

Yumbo - might you have a copy of Follow Your Dreams for sale/trade? If not, do you know anyone who does? I can get another Regarding Henry if they're interested.

Everyone else - Any word yet on Smilla's Sense of Snow? I think it's supposed to be a mystery type film.

Until later....I must study before I party!!!! Go New England!!!

Jan 26 - 03:44
Rich Roth
Location: Philadelphia, USA

looking to buy or trade for the FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS CD



Jan 23 - 13:43
Re: Zimmer Projects
Location: Twister location

yo Pat,

Just noticed your non-standard (double negatives/Ebonics) linguistics - too mnay movies? lol.

OLD FRIENDS - read that it is a James L. (The Simpsons/I'll Do Anything) Brooks movie with a few big stars.

Mike (too many Mikes, but only one snootchin' one!) - didn't understand the dong, but I love dongin', lol. The BOOT DOT is kosher - pulled straight from LD and CD.

How could you not notice CT's track 1?????????? man oh man - it's the best one (for longevity)!

FIRST BORN - not a fave of mine either, but it's track 1 on FYD, and Hans said he likes it; as far as the quality goes, diminishes my liking for it - quite muffly/filtered.

I like Gabrielle Anwar - what a yumbo!

TWO IF BY SEA/STOLEN HEARTS (trailered by True Romance...) - watched it last night - not bad, NGS music is the basis of his work on THE ROCK, so I guess missing out on the TVT RECORDS RELEASE ain't such a bummer.

ZINFO should be active soon - a week hopefully.

Anybody for copies of TVT's TV Greatest Themes Vol. 7 (65 90's themes) @$20 inc. postage (sealed - RRP $21)?

well, time to leave. lol.

dribblin Yums.

Jan 23 - 10:46
Zimming along....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA

Yumbo: You should try Michigan!!!!
Is the boot track on FYD from DOT the same as from the BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY: MUSIC FROM THE FILMS OF TOM CRUISE disc that Silva Screen put out? Main title on that one sucked but Building the Car was pretty adequate. lol
Might you have a copy? Same question goes for Marco......

Just a note to everyone. I realize since you're all LOYAL Zimmer fans that you knew this one before me, but I had become so used to the fact that the Roll Tide cue from Crimson Tide was the only real good track on there that I didn't realize that Track 1 (forget the name zzzzzz.....) kicked some booty too!
Love the guitar before the main theme rumbles through.
And how bout Track 2! 24 minutes!?!?! It's called editing, Hans lololol
But anyway, everyone send me a thump on the head let's hear it for my personal Renaizzance (get it?) lololol
Snoootchie Bootchies!


Jan 22 - 12:01
Re: First Born
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

On the cover of the bootlg CD, it states that the CD is only released in 100 copies. I think it's not that scarce, but you're a lucky man if you manage to find it in the UK or wherever. The track from "First Born" on this CD is under 3 minutes, and very dramatic with a male choir in the foreground. Not actually my own favourite, but that's a personal statement.

In 1988, there were plans of releasing the complete score album from "FB", but I think the project stranded somewhere in the BBC archives. As far as I'm concerned, there is ONE track from the film available on a commercially released album too.

Jan 22 - 04:11
Bootleg CD
Richard Roth
Location: Phila, PA

Where can I get this bootleg CD? Any sellers? I'm very interested.

Also looking to buy K2 and Beyond Rangoon.


Jan 21 - 22:55
Re : I need help finding a Zimmer score
Marco Samtlebe
Location: Salzgitter / Germany

I believe the track you are looking for is ÑYou¥re So Coolì from True Romance. It was used for the ÑTwo If by Seaì Trailer, don¥t know if it was used for Badlands or for a pudding-commercial.

The Track is on the True Romance-soundtrack, it has 3 Zimmer-Tracks on it.

Jan 21 - 17:20
I need help finding a Zimmer score.
Janice B.
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

I can't believe this page exists! For almost one year I've been trying to identify a particular Hans Zimmer score. I've heard it all over. I'd been told it had been used in the movies "Badlands" and "True Romance" and I also heard it used in a coming attraction for "Two If by Sea." Oddly too, recently I saw a Jello chocolate pudding commercial that had a very similar sound. The only way I can describe this music is to say that it sounds like it's being made with a xylophone and has a slightly "Caribbean" flavor. It is definitely in "True Romance" but when I've looked at the soundtrack, I only find non-Zimmer songs. Can anyone tell me what and where I can find this score?


Jan 21 - 14:25
First Born
George Davson
Location: Oxford, UK

In some subliminal way I had noticed for years that
a TV or film score was unusually good, so I looked at the
credits at the end and there was always this same name - Hans Zimmer.

Now my particular favourite is the theme from the BBC series "First Born" and it seems that this is a track on the "bootleg" CD. I would like to get hold of this item as I only have a groady old videotape off a TV transmission.

So, how do you rate my chances of getting a copy of the CD in the UK?

P.S. For those who care, "First Born" was delightful high budget, high concept crap from the BBC's "Weird dramas about rich people" phase in the late 80s/early 90s. A government scientist (Charles Dance) succesfully creates the first gorilla/human hybrid (to be used as expendible soldiers/slaves) but the project is cancelled and he is ordered to kill the experimental hybrid. Unwilling to do this, he ends up adopting the baby who turns out to be very close to human - just a bit hairy.

Cut forward 18 years, where Gordon (the hybrid) believes he is human and starts romancing the scientist's daughter (Gabrielle Anwar) much to the scientist's dismay. In the ensuing arguments Gordon starts to search into his own origins...

If you can get the European Astra satellite channel UK-Gold, this cheesy but wonderful program is quite often repeated!


Jan 20 - 14:42
Radio Flyer
Rich Roth
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I have an excellent copy of RADIO FLYER for sale/trade.


Jan 20 - 14:41
Radio Flyer
Rich Roth
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I have an excellent copy of Radio Flyer for sale/trade.


Jan 20 - 10:46
Getting there
Location: new pad

Hidee all,

Kenny - There is no DAYS OF THUNDER score except for the bootleg track on the FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS compilation.

Mike!!!! I like it...FYD - follow that CD, lol.

um......numerically, it's been cold.....but quite alright....

GIVE ME COLDER!!!!!!!! lol - I think the Welsh coast is still colder.

Hey Deutsch boys - was one of you sposed to give me the text?
May be selling PCs soon, grin.

well...better go, darned hungry again.

My friends love THE PREACHER'S WIFE...excellent Sunday music, lol. Well, there was some redemption from AMC cinemas as I whinged about the mono sound again (this time for 101 Dalmations - entertaining) - 2 free passes, ack!

thanks Pat for the lead.

zoodles, ya BLACK RAIN noodles!


Jan 18 - 06:22
Zimmer Projects
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium

Hi there,

Just read that Hans is going to score OLD FRIENDS.
The film will be released on Christmas 1997.
Don't know nothing about it yet.
Just giving you the info.


Jan 16 - 18:13


Jan 16 - 15:39
Zimmer Cds
Richard Roth

I have Black Rain and Regarding Henry and Point of No Return... make me an offer.


Jan 16 - 13:38
Re: Zimmer CD's for Trade/sell
Kenny Roost

Hey Doug, I'd love to get a copy of Zimmer's score from Black Rain. Also, is there just a score CD from Days of Thunder? I really like the music in that film too. Thanks, over and out -


Jan 16 - 13:33
Re: Regarding
Kenny Roost

Dear awesome person,
You mentioned you had an extra copy of the score from the movie Black Rain. I've been looking for it for a while and you shed hope on my search. I'd love to be able to get it. Let me know if you're interested and thanks. Over and out, kenny

Jan 16 - 10:31
Regarding "Hans".......
Mike Skerritt
Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA

Hello once again....

Yumbo, is it too cold for ya yet? hehehe

Marco, e-mail me when you get TAC CD I sent.

Everybody else:

If there's still anyone out there who'd like to trade or buy a new copy (unsealed, but new) of Regarding Henry, let me know soon!
Also still have one new copy left of Black Rain.
E-mail me for info/offers.

BTW, what's the consensus on that Mancina/Zimmer Follow Your Dreams CD? Any good? Heard many different things.

Well, as Hans thanked Jeffrey Katzenberg in his Oscar speech for only accepting the best he had to offer on The Lion King, so goes my Econ professor, and so must I study...



Jan 16 - 08:01
Hans' mate - Jimbo
Location: still here

aka JNH.

Marco - I have a copy of ALIVE, anyone else want it?

I like PREACHER'S WIFE more and more, 3 themes to it, 15 minute total. May watch it again (with normal/standard SOUND!).

Anyone seen WHOLE WIDE WORLD yet? gotta go......



Jan 15 - 20:28
Zimmer CD's for Trade/sell
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK

I have several Zimmer CD's for trade/sell

Beyond Rangoon
Black Rain
Drop Zone
Rennassaince Man
True Romance
World Apart, A

Please look at my web page for additional composers

Jan 14 - 08:02
new Zimmer project
Location: science block basement

yopputy yum,

Just read that Hans is scheduled to score DEEP IMPACT for Dreamworks (duh), helmed by Mimi Leder (E.R. veteren), who incidently has wrapped THE PEACEMAKER (SKG as well).

Update on WHOLE WIDE WORLD credits - seems like it is a co-composition as originally posted early last year.

Anyway, watched THE RELIC - very entertaining, good effects, plot, and music by John Debney.

Oh, the release of the SPACE JAM score on Atlantic Classics has been pushed back to Jan. 28th.
Hopefully DANTE'S PEAK is released at the same time - that was your Howinfo update!

liljane is here....gotta zoom, boom, bbye!

zisses for ya all!!!!!

Jan 13 - 07:30
the Weekend's over
Modem-Demolition Man....."Oh yah"
Location: snowbound Oklahoma


gewd murrning; why does Erin start school so early???????

ok.....Uwe, read through the MV site again, it has been updated a bit, and that movie was mentioned.

IF you haven't realised, Hans' NAME appears on a lot of movies he hasn't FULLY scored (even not at all; which is intriguing given the lack of respect scores are given - that it shouldn't matter at all in the first place).

According to the credits for WHOLE WIDE WORLD (which recently opened in the US on a limited arthouse basis), Hans scored; but according to the MV composer credits, only Harry is mentioned - go figure. (geez, that was eishingly American...........matey/cooo-eee/true's up........MUCH better. lol.

To the train-planning dude in bloody freezing Germany......LG (Hans has a copy too) is on its way...JB - no reply, coz my accounts are messed up...give me the url again please, or phone number.

Roger - MILLENIUM is on its way - yes, you misspelled Antrim, but so do a lot of other people, lol. I think you all think of 'atrium'.

MaRTY, MARTY.....RADIO FLYER is 'easily' available...options: few people have trade/sale copies, most likely to be cut-outs (big deal! - sarc)...BEST BUY et al may still have copies at $3-$5. Newsgroupies may be hawking them for $25+. Alas, Hans has stacks of copies in his studio room, bottom cupboard on the left. lol. But that is reserved for industry visitors I guess - reference material.

THE ROCK is on LD, with those lilbits of extra music.
THE FAN comes out on sell-thru VHS 28th January.
STAR WARS special edition 2-CDs come out tomorrow ($21 net).

Chris Green - most likely BACKDRAFT, and anything brassy - possibly LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. Non-score - all his pop stuff, including movie songs. Email for details.

....15 minutes to go..wish I was at home on private PC - supervisor here may recognise my foreign accent soon, lol. well since he knows what I want, I dont' have to say much. ack.

ANYBODY had trouble with PC modem's not responding? Getting "modem not responding/com port check" error messages?
Is it easy to re-install DOS/Windows without deleting all files - custom-install?


....lowdown - I need something to maintain ZINFO!!!!!

Watched THE PREACHER'S WIFE on Friday, in an AMC multiplex on a single center speaker (mono/MONO) which distorted.
The slow NINE MONTHS-ish theme was the standout despite the UCLY (utterly crap-listening and yucky) sound playback. The score totals 15 minutes, and is complete on the promotional (unfortunately bit UCLY - I'm not complaining though!!!!) cassette.

Dudley's Arrival is the best (fast-paced) cue I feel (feel very good), lol.

well, I move into my place tomorrow, and may have new email soon.

sincere regards to all, and if I've been weird...well, it's snowing, below zero Celcius, not that I find it cold (weird since people here do, and my sunburn is peeling now, lol).....

I recommend HOLLYWOOD '96 (excellent recording, and TIN CUP is brilliant!) - I have one spare copy.
I also recommend TVT Records TV'S GREATEST THEMES Vol. 7 - it has SLEDGEHAMMER etc.

Still waiting to post my review of MV visit!!!!! Have Hay/Rona/Gregson-Williams on camera. Oh, Hans wasn't there, lol. I think he deserved a holiday, and he has a home studio anyway.

time to go!!!!!!! pookie's waiting, love chaffeur's, don't you???? lol

zoodles, ya freezing noodles!!!!!!! (Northern hemisphererites!)


Jan 12 - 23:17
Uwe Sperlich
Location: Munich, Germany

Hi y'all out there.

Yesterday I saw a preview of "The Ghost and the Darkness" (good movie & music BTW) and a poster of the new film by Bille August !

The film's called: MISS SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW and was produced by Bernd Eichinger. Although the IMDB states Harry Gregson Williams as the only composer, on the movie poster both names can be found: HANS ZIMMER AND HARRY GREGSON WILLIAMS. Ok, this can also change (see RANSOM), but I'm pretty sure that they worked both together on this picture.

And there is going to be A SOUNDTRACK release, yeah !!!!!!
After their collaboration on "The House Of The Spirits", Hans Zimmer has again worked together with Bille August and Bernd Eichinger. I'm really looking forward to this one !!

Chris, did you get any news about this movie when you visited Mediaventures ? I'm really curious, because I didn't know that he would score this movie at all.



Jan 11 - 11:25
Southwind and 1997 Show
Chris Green
Location: Carolina Crown Drum Corps in North Carolina

I know that Southwind is a Drum Corps from Alabama that will perform several Hans Zimmer selections. Does anyone know what soundtracks they are from or if Hans Has done non score works that could be purchased??????

Jan 11 - 07:57
Radio Flyer
Martin Provost
Location: Montreal

Can anybody tell me where i can find Radio Flyer
and/or if it's still possible to get it.

Jan 9 - 12:20
Re : Rythm of the Pridelands
Marco Samtlebe
Location: Damned cold Salzgitter, Germany

I wish all readers of this page a happy New Year !!!

"Rythm of the Pride Lands" was released by Polydor, Nr. 522 701-2.
A real good song-album in my opinion !

And a little note for the Modem-Demolition-Man ;)

As Uwe told, I¥ve got the letter we talked about last year !
Looks good, when do you sent the message ?

Don¥t worry about the CD-delay, I was looking so long for this
CD, so that some days more don¥t count.

Jan 9 - 03:21
Re: I need a Mac!!!!!!!!!
Uwe Sperlich
Location: germany

Hi Chris !

Good to hear from ! Snow ? Great, just like in Munich.

I sent the (German) letter to MARCO yesterday. I'm very interested what they'll say. The other news is very interesting,
btw, how did you manage to meet these folks? Did you get an appointment or were they just hanging around ?

Take care and take your time to get things settled !


Jan 9 - 03:21
Re: I need a Mac!!!!!!!!!
Uwe Sperlich
Location: germany

Hi Chris !

Good to hear from ! Snow ? Great, just like in Munich.

I sent the (German) letter to MARCO yesterday. I'm very interested what they'll say. The other news is very interesting,
btw, how did you manage to meet these folks? Did you get an appointment or were they just hanging around ?

Take care and take your time to get things settled !


Jan 8 - 07:22
I need a Mac!!!!!!!!!
Location: Southern Nazarene University


good morning!

Well, I have settled a bit. (I am using a Mac right now - only one in the room!) hee hee.

News - Erin's modem died on me, therefore no changes to yumbiosis, and Zinfo/Howinfo. Well, it didn't exactly die, just NOT responding, and my lack of Windows effort leaves me frustrated.

Bear in mind that I cannot reply your email just yet; if you're desparate, email:

Regarding Henry - Hans has LOADS of copies at Media Ventures! lol, as well as other scores.

Black Rain - that's the only release with a decent 20 or so minutes of score, and the songs aren't that bad either.

Disney owns the score rights to THE PREACHER'S WIFE, so maybe I'll pester them again - they had told me Arista had it.

I'll try to upload snippets of the score, and am trying to watch the movie soon. I am currently listening to the Whitney barrage, and from a pop view - STEP BY STEP is a cool R&B/dance song.

I met Jeff Rona, Roy Hayes (former CULTURE CLUB teamster), and Harry Gregson-Williams.

The CBS Sunday interview ran for 9 minutes, and was well presented - more Zinfo later (when I have a decent computer system/setup running!).

I saw all the master/session tapes at Media Ventures - UWE, where's that letter?????

Hans is working on PRINCE OF EGYPT continuously (much like TLK), and hopefully the next muppet movie.

ok, gotta run - it's snowing here, and it's the first time I've been below zero C since being in Wales!

Marco, and Roger, please bear with me. Your CDs are being posted
tomorrow (when I can find a flamin' PO in this country!), and

TODD, please please call me at Erin's!!!!! I didn't copy your phone number down.

alrighty then (or A.R.T),

ciao ciao!


Jan 7 - 07:11
Rythm of the Pridelands
Patrick Haertsch
Location: Switzerland

Hi there,
I tried to find the CD "Rythm of the Pridelands" (inspired by Lion King)
here in Switzerland.
Can someone tell me where I could find it, or under what label
the CD was published. Perhaps I could order it, when I have this


Jan 6 - 23:48
Re: About Henry
Uwe Sperlich
Location: Germany


the film's called "Regarding Henry", but unfortunately the CD is out of print for several years now. There might be a slight chance for you to get it from Japan, but don't count on that !



Jan 6 - 23:45
Uwe Sperlich
Location: Germany

I'm sorry pal, but what does your request have to do with Hans Zimmer ? The score music for Shocker was composed by William Goldstein and was released on VarËse (VSD-5247). Check out maybe footlight records (

For questions on specific scores, I'd suggest you post them on the newsgroup, which is just made for this !



Jan 6 - 16:03
JosÈ Rodrigue
Location: Canada

I'd like to buy or to trade.If you have any information about this one please contact me.

Jan 6 - 06:51
Black Rain Score?
rich roth
Location: philadelphia

Hi, my local record store has a copy of Black Rain soundtrack, is there a score too, or is this all there is?

Thanks, rich

Jan 5 - 20:58
Re: recommendations
Jason Reisch
Location: True North Strong & Free

Recommended composers of intense music:
Michael Kamen
Danny Elfman
Mark Mancina
Howard Shore

Jan 5 - 19:44
richard roth
Location: Philadelphia

Hi, I'm a writer who loves to write listening to THE ROCK and CRIMSON TIDE, can you suggest other soundtracks (doesn't have to be Zimmer) which are intense, tension building, inspirational, and just plain beautiful. I love the symphony/synthesizer/chorus stuff

Note: I hated the ID4 soundtrack, it wasn't musical enough for me.



Jan 5 - 02:00
About Henry
G. Mazzeo
Location: Caserta, Italy

I am looking for the soundtrack /CD or cassette/ of the
movie "About Henry" (or something like that) starring Harrison Ford..
The Italian title is "A proposito di Henry".
I haven't been able to find it in Italy.
Can anybody help me?
Thank you
Giuseppe Mazzeo

Jan 3 - 00:02
New message for new year, and blah!
engaged man!
Location: Oklahoma

Well, howdy noodles!!!!!!!

yup, made it safely.....quite warm here I must say. well, Dove has stuffed a few of my files, so bear with me.

yes, I have moved servers, and hope you haven't been too frustrated with the move. I am! lol.

tidbit news - it's late and I now have good reason to get off this puter, and hug a real person....

I visited Media Ventures - full report later.
I have a copy of the Preacher's Wife score. smiles.

well......enjoy your holidays.and I'll get back you yaz all soon!


flamin' zoodles, yah?