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January 1998

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Jan 31 - 21:53
While they last
rich roth

For Sale...

Very, Very Rare MOLL FLANDERS "Press Kit" interactive Cd-rom,
with clips, score, etc.

make me an offer.

also, I know a place on the web that has 3 copies of BLACK RAIN for $6 each... however, i've posted info on good deals in the past and no one thanked me, so, if you want to know where to find these, you'll have to email me and make it worth my while


Jan 29 - 04:33
Re: Fire Down Below
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Actually, there *is* a CD from Fire Down Below, but I suspect there aint much score material on it, if any at all. I guess the album is filled up with all the country songs. I didn't find the score very appealing in the film, with a lot of bluesy guitar stuff, and with no hints of his Media Ventures-roots at all. And the movie was completely ridiculous, IMHO. I mean, why can't Seagal act at all?

Enough complaining...


Jan 27 - 09:39
Fire Down Below
Location: Amsterdam

just saw fire down below, music by Nick Glennie-Smith, there wasn't much of his music in the movie, but some of it was pretty good.
Why don't they release a cd of The Glimmerman and Fire Down Below. The music in the openingscene of The Glimmerman is in my opinion great. It looks like Con Air, but it's just a little different.
And the music in the fight in the mine in FDB was pretty good too.
So, that's about it.

Jan 27 - 02:17
Re: Re: Days of Thunder Composition
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: In the cold middle of Germany

Hi there!

Hans hated the DOT-Score, so he never released it.

On the FYD-Compilation you can find only ONE Track out of DOT, which contains a short intro and the Car-Building-Track (formerly released on the Singles "Hearts in trouble" by Chicago and "Show me heaven" by Maria McKee).

That's all!

Have fun! :-)

See ya!

Jan 26 - 22:28
Re: Days of Thunder Composition
Hadrian D.
Location: somewhere out there

This is one of the most asked question on this message board, but always the same answer everytime. There was never a Days of Thunder CD containing music from Hans, though there is one compilation CD called Follow Your Dream. It features two tracks, I believe, from DOT, among other unreleased music from Zimmer and Mancina. Unfortunately, it's a rare, bootleg CD if come across, will be sold for around $100 dollars.


p.s. Asking if anybody know who wrote the beginning music to the new Armageddon trailer. It's not a transposition of the Rock music parce que I heard a longer, extended version of it during the Super Bowl. Thank you.

Jan 24 - 16:52
Days of Thunder Composition
E-mail: SmokenTire@
Location: AOL

Helllo I admire the purpose of this website but I have a question. I know as well as you if I can find the Days of Thunder original composition CD that Hans Zimmer did for the hit movie. So if you could E-Mail me I would appreicate it. Thanx

Jan 24 - 13:44
Re: Congrats......
Adam Kaiser

James Cameron mentioned James Horner in his Best Director speech I believe, something to the effect "James Horners music, even though I have heard it 1000 times, still brings me to pieces."

Adam Kaiser

Jan 23 - 21:10
Mancina and Tarzan?
Hadrian D.
Location: The Electronic Box

Just visited Robin Kuiper's site where he had posted that Mark will be scoring Tarzan(?) Is it true? I've read another report on Harry Knowles' AICN page say that Alan Silvestri was commited to the project. Verification anybody?

Jan 21 - 11:49
Living Daylights - Face/Off unreleased score, plus more Zinfo
Location: Rainy Suva


First, my copy of THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS is on 3 day auction:
$65 plus $3 registered mail postage.

Just going through Face/Off on LD...

The beach/funeral/church scene uses a classical track called "Miserere" (I think), in addition to 2 others.

Unreleased score stuff can be found in chapters:

33, 27, 22, 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 03
(yes, I watched it backwards, lol)

I finally got my scanner back - it's working, and thus MV reports, articles etc. will be up by Monday - hopefully I don't get side-tracked.

Will review AGAIG when I gratefully receive a copy from someone, lol. Will be uploading RA clips from Face/Off etc every week...


Jan 21 - 08:47
Re: Hans Zimmer Compilation CD?
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: Still in Germany

Hi there!

The only compilation I know is the "Follow Your Dreams - The Hans Zimmer / Mark Mancina Collaboration"-CD.

It contains rare and unreleased stuff by Hans and Mark.

Nice CD, but out of print, very rare and it's a bootleg!

See ya!

Jan 20 - 21:52
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

Any one want to recommend other music that is like Zimmer or Morricone in that there is beautiful/powerful wordless singing with synth, symph, drums, or haunting melodies in the background. It doesn't have to be "movie" music... i just find this style extremely relaxing/soothing/inspiring and especially good for sex, yes, sex (and writing too).

Any other artists that I don't know of would be GREATLY

p.s. How about good Pan Flute cd's too!

Hope y'all having a great new year...

here's some of my new recommendations.

Espiritu de los andes -- pan flute, chorus, drums, bought cd from "Brookstone"... was very surprised
Morricone's QUIEMADA (Burn)
Morricone's Il Prato (The meadow) absolutely beautiful
Zimmer's New Music in Films -- Finally got a copy
Rob Roy
Yellowstone -- Conti
Sea Power -- Michael Whalen
Across the sea of time -- barry
Once upon a time in China -- varese
Starman -- if you don't have, you must get. $11.99, pentagon


Jan 19 - 21:11
as good as it gets
Hadrian D.
Location: EM screen

Epilogue: Last week I brought this CD on the way home from work. I expected a score in the vein of Nine Month and so forth. But upon first blew me away. It was different than most of his other romantic comedy scores I've ever heard before. Bear in mind that I have not had the pleasure of listening to I'll Do Anything.
This score was different, but excellent. The cool, upbeat, syncopated theme, performed mostly by celli in alternating pattern, fit the mood of movie very well. Different from what you're probably used to. The parts of the score has a very much Stravinsky-esque feel to it Kudos to Hans. There's also a piano theme that begins track 6, the last track by Zimmer, reminiscence of the piano in the 7th track of Nine Months', only at first listening. As noted in the liner note, the last track of the CD, called Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, was nominated and produced by Hans Zimmer himself and has a very CRIMSON beginning. lol. :-)
Prologue: 6 tracks of all new, all different, Zimmer materials. Buy the CD, listens to it, revel in it, love it. Trust me. You'll love me for it

p.s. a site is a coming.

Jan 19 - 09:50
Hans Zimmer Compilation CD?
Location: New York City

Does anyone know if a Hans Zimmer compilation CD exists? It would include his movie soundtracks, etc... I've tried Tower to no avail.

If it does exist where would I find it?

THANKS!! :-)

Jan 19 - 00:14
Zimmer Plug at the Golden Globes
Doug C.
Location: University of Florida

Tonight, the producer of "As Good as it Gets" mentioned Hans in his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes when the movie won best Comedy/Musical. He said something like "the idealistic note Hans Zimmer". It was nice whatever it was, I can't remember.

I have recently purchased "The Lost World" soundtrack. I couldn't believe I have overlooked it all this time. I couldn't it pull it too well from the movie. This is one great piece of work. It seems alot of people have been down on John Williams lately, but I think that he has grown alot as a composer to the point where his themes aren't as catchy and gimmicky as they were at first. Now they take time, but are real masterpieces. His "Amistad" is an amazing blend from the ethnic tribal themes of the slaves to the Coplandesqe themes played during the speeches and wonderful rantings by Hopkins' John Quincy Adams. "Seven Years in Tibet" was always unfairly compared to "Schindler's List", yet was a terrific score for the film. I think Williams had a great year, and I look forward to his continuation of the Star Wars prequals.

By the way, just to put my two cents in, "Titanic" was such a disappointment for me as a score. Although the love theme was sweet, the action themes and themes played when the Titanic was traveling or leaving the harbor were terrible. Horner, please for the rest of your life, never touch a synthesizer again. There is no doubt it is nothing but a commercial reason why the soundtrack hit number 1. Two girls I know bought the soundtrack b/c they loved the movie and wanted to be reminded of it. Their other soundtracks include stuff like Grease and The Body Gaurd. They had no idea who Horner was, and I don't think they even care know.

I know there is little chance, but Peacemaker better be nominated for an Oscar. I wish they would stop nominating music based on how good the movie was. What a terrible way to judge things.

Anyone know if Murder in the First is good and if it is still available.

See ya,

Jan 18 - 20:30
Mike Skerritt
Location: School

Kudos go out to James Horner for his double whammy at the Golden Globes. Seeing how he beat (fairly) John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, this will hopefully just be a stepping stone to his first Oscar.

I thought it was interesting that Titanic's producer didn't mention James Horner in his Best Picture acceptance speech, but James Brooks did. We need more directors like that, who appreciate such work.

Jan 18 - 19:57
TV appearance: Randy Newman/Hans Zimmer - 60 Minutes
Location: TV land

hi mateys,

Just letting you know that you can view/listen to Real Media clips on the 60 Minutes Randy Newman story, that I was lucky to present on Fiji TV.

Go here to see promotion of scores at work!!!

Of course I plugged Hans Zimmer!!!! lol.

thar yoo go,

Jan 18 - 11:01
Re: GI Jane
Mike Skerritt
Location: School

For all who are wondering, there is a score-only promo of Trevor Jones' score to GI Jane. I believe it is yet another Oscar consideration promo. There is also a full score available for JNH's My Best Friend's Wedding. I believe I'm getting that soon : )

Ouch, the news about Titanic hurts, but it gives a little more weight to my commercialism problems. (However, if I was not a film music fan, I might have bought it just for Kate Winslet *g*)

Power of One and A World Apart should still be available. Have you tried more soundtrack-friendly stores such as Border's or Tower Records? I'm sure they could special order it.

Well well, if that is Mr. Rabin's music, let me be the first to buy it.

Jan 18 - 05:34
Location: England

Is there ever going to be a score release of Gi Jane,cos it is so much in the style of Hans and is absolutely great.I heard a rumour that there might be!I also heard that the music in the armageddon trailer is really by Rabin.I hope he does a better job than on Glimmer Man cos Armageeddon needs music in the zimmer/mancina vein.

Jan 17 - 23:13
Titanic and other scores
Alicia Miller
Location: Rialto, CA

Hello People,

Ok. Here's the REAL reason why Titanic was such a hit. Girls (Including me) love Leonardo so naturally, because it had a picture of him on the soundtrack they bought it. See, I've never seen the movie or listened to the soundtrack but most of the girls I know bought the soundtrack for the pictures. Stupid really if you ask me but that's the real reason.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can find The Power of One soundtrack or even A World Apart?

Also on my agenda is for anyone who loves Lebo M's music to email me. This is also for the soundtracks of Outbreak, Born to be Wild, Congo, Made in America, or Rythm of the Pride Lands. If you love those soundtracks then we need to chat on them because there are certain people online who should think before they make a web page. Thanks.


Jan 17 - 23:13
Alicia Miller
Location: Rialto

Oh I forgot to mention,

You can find the TLKB soundtrack at your local Walmart in the US. This soundtrack is the bomb and contains little of Hans work (only two songs =:( ) LOTS of Mark Mancina, and four songs of Lebo's work. So if you love the Lion King, check this baby out.


Jan 17 - 05:39
Re: The Outer Limits plus...
Location: Hot Suva

hey hey hey,

I actually like the theme...and a couple of other cues, but didn't keep the CD.

Toys - cool movie, cool soundtrack - get it!

House Of The Spirits - somebody's selling copies on the newsgroup. Otherwise, buy the Best Of Miramax compilation - has 10 minute main theme of HOTS. Or check used stores.

You can buy Toys or the Miramax CD via Zinfo/Discography.
You can also get an idea of how/where to start/build your collection.

The Critic - haven't heard it, but don't hold your breath.
Basically Hans does not have time to go dig (yes, he will only do it himself)....but you never know...

lol, I got to plug Zinfo on 60 Minutes!!!!!
(The Randy Newman story)


Jan 16 - 22:45
Re: Armageddon Trailer
T. Lin
Location: NJ

I heard that it was an original score by rabin for the movie, but i'm not sure cause it's just a rumor

Jan 16 - 09:11
Armageddon Trailer
Mike Skerritt
Location: School

Watching E! recently, I managed to get a look at the extended trailer of Armageddon. Wow, is Michael Bay the illegitimate child of Tony Scott? Hehe, seriously, the movie looks great. Bruce Willis looks an awful lot like Ed Harris, which I think is good, considering I love Ed Harris. Wait a sec, what was I getting at? Oh yeah.....

The trailer music......In total, the trailer runs about 3 or 4 minutes. The first two are taken up by various transpositions of The Rock. But the last minute, ohhhh....It is very Zimmer-ish, but the theme is quite heroic, very moving. I have not heard it before. Has anyone else seen this trailer? Any help? Trevor Rabin is doing the score, but I'm not sure if any of it is done, since the film doesn't hit theaters until July. And the theme itself does not use Rabin's pounding electric gutiar style. Can anyone help? Please?????


Jan 16 - 05:04
The Outer Limits
Jon Aanensen
Location: Kristiansand, Norway

I rented The Outer Limits: Sandkings recently only to hear Mark Mancina and John Van Tongeren's score which is released on the Sonic Images label. I expected something in the X-Files vein, but this was actually nothing like Mark Snow at all. The score was messy and un-melodic, even the main theme was bad. Synths that try to sound like orchestra isn't my cup of tea. The movie (a pilot for the TV-series, I guess) was actaully far better than the score, with mad scientists all over. I thought about buying this CD, bot now I don't think I will. Any opinions on this and the other Sonic Images CD from Van Tongeren called Poltergeist: The Legacy?

Jan 15 - 21:26
Commercialism vs. Aficionado-ism and other ramblings.
Mike Skerritt
Location: School

This may get long, folks, so bear with me......

Critic ~ As I said before, I think this is a vastly underrated TV show. As far as I know, it's not available anywhere, but there are numerous compilation CDs out there with TV themes. Try one of them....

Toys ~ The more score I hear from this film, the more I like it. What I once thought was a monothematic, hodgepodge of electronic sounds + Wendy and Lisa, has turned out to be one of my more prized collections. There is, of course, the wide release, which has limited score tracks. However, on the Follow Your Dreams bootleg compilation, there is a 5-minute track, with the main Toys theme, The CLosing of the Year, WITHOUT the W + L vocals. It fully developed and outstanding.

Danny Elfman ~ Josh, my man, I agree. Elfman is one of the few composers who consistently delivers original, energetic scores. He's also proven to be quite versatile. With all of his comic-book and crazed comic stylings, my favorite by far is his ethereal masterpiece Edward Scissorhands. If you haven't please do yourself a favor and check it out : )

Trisha Yearwood ~ Her version of How Do I Live was released on her greatest hits album. Not sure if it was liscensing limbo, because LeAnn Rimes did in fact record it first, but producers felt there wasn't enough feeling in it. So Yearwood was brought in. Hmmmm.....sound familiar? Mr. Goldsmith, do you have something to say about this? lol

Commercialism vs. Aficionado-ism ~ Well folks, the Titanic soundtrack managed to become the first original score to top the Billboard 200 chart since Chariots of Fire, and while I cheer this victory for film music, I question its true merit. Here's my debate.....

Titanic is one of the best films of the year, to be sure. So, the soundtrack, on a mass release from Sony Classical, will get tons of exposure. Fine, ride the wave of a record-breaking film (no pun intended, lol)
On a positive note, James Horner's music is receiving attention it has never received before (even bigger exposure than Braveheart) IMHO, this is the victory. More than just background music, hopefully people will begin to recognize composers' names during the credits and pay attention to their hard work. The art we've come to so dearly love. Aficionados rejoice.
HOWEVER, it is my feeling, since there have been many high-profile films with high-profile scores that have seen only moderate success in record stores, that what makes the difference on this soundtrack is the presence of Celene Dion. The song, IMHO, though played to an elegant melody, is rather trite, and not the best song I've heard this year. My fear is that people who are not "in the know" are buying this soundtrack specifically for that song, programming track 14 on repeat play, and completely disregarding the score. Tis a shame, my friends. To illustrate the point, a friend of mine came into my room while I was playing the SCORE (hehe, I try not to play the song), and said "oooh, I wanna hear track 11." I was happy, because I thought she meant the score. But, she really meant the song, and didn't care for the tracks, because she didn't care about the score. But she's attractive, and I'm sensitive, so I played the song.
It pains me when I hear the song, and say, "This is one of James Horner's better songs," and friends will say, "Who's that? This is Celene Dion." Tis a shame, indeed. Chalk one up to commercialism.

As for the score, I think it's above average. It grows on me with each listen. It flows quite nice......that is, when I skip Track 14.

(No offense to those who love the song AND the score. Hopefully, if you're "in the know," you'll understand my beef! :)

Sorry to take so much time!!!!

Jan 15 - 20:32
The Critic
David Allen
E-mail: wd0104

I really liked the Main Title Theme from "The Critic." Is that
music ever going to be available for sale?

Jan 15 - 12:53
"Iron Chef"/"Fighting 17th"
Brian Tiemann
Location: Caltech

Here's a tidbit of info from Kannik (

"Zimmer's music has found its way into an unusual new field... Zimmer's _Fighting 17th_ (for Backdraft) is used as the opening sequence music for Iron Chef (a rather unique Japanese TV program, also viewable in California) From the soundtrack version of 17th, it seems they tightened it up somewhat, making for a good short and intense intro. }:)"


Jan 15 - 07:38
Re: Musioc style.
Location: Amsterdam

I agree!

A few weeks ago I saw a movie on tv, I didn't know what movie that was, and I when I heard the music, I almost immediately knew that it was Zimmer. Later I found out that the movie was Toys. Has there been a score-release from this movie? I hope so, because I liked the music a lot.

Jan 15 - 04:36
Musioc style.
Elly K

I don't know about all the Hansy fans out there, but I find that Zimmers style is unique and for that reason, you can always tell that it is his composition when you listen to his music.Does anybody agree?

Jan 15 - 04:15
Re: load

For all those people who post the same message two, three or four times, if you view the message board after posting a message, you don't see your message. You have to reload the page first. So don't think that it didn't work, and don't post it over and over.
BTW Can nobody erase the other three messages?

It's done! - Yums.

Jan 15 - 04:04
Con Error & Desperately Seeking...
Robin Kuipers
Location: Computer Room

About the Con Error thing: funny how a message board works, Sven!
But hey, it still is a weird choice of track title.
They haven't released the Trisha yearwood song on the soundtrack, probably because of conflicting record companies. It has been released on single though.

The House of the Spirits could be found in some stores that still have it. I know that a store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands recently still had a copy, but I don't think that's helping you any! Just keep on looking, there must be stores that still have it.

Robin Kuipers

Please visit the Unofficial Mark Mancina Site

Jan 15 - 03:02
Desperately seeking a soundtrack!!!!!

Location: California

I've searched for hours and hours! I've been looking for "The House of the Spirits" soundtrack. And after the long hours of searching, I came to a sad conclusion that the soundtrack was no longer available. Question: Does this mean I have absoulutley no chance of getting a hold of this wonderful..but not so available, soundtrack?
If anyone has any information on purchasing this soundtrack..please..please e-mail me. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Jan 15 - 00:55
Re: Re: Re: Re: Con Error, lol
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: Europe

I read the entire board after writing my last message. Now I know, that somebody wrote the same as me a few days before... lol

Have fun! :-)

See ya!

Jan 14 - 13:07
Re: Re: Re: Con Error, lol


Hi there!

Maybe you should read the entire message board first, before you reply.
Read Con Error, lol. Than you understand what Robin Kuipers ment with Re: Con error, lol.

Jan 14 - 08:28
Re: Re: Con Error, lol
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: Germany??? *lol*

Hi there!

Okay, okay. Next time I should read the message-board first, before I write looooots of replys which I could send in one mail. lol

Trisha: I don't think it is a hommage to Trisha Yearwood, because Cages wife in "Con Air" is named Trisha, too! So I think they mean THIS Trisha and not Trisha Yearwood. BTW: The song by Trisha Yearwood is very nice! Why is it not on the CD?

See ya!

Jan 14 - 08:20
FS: Black Rain
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: Still in Germany *bg*

Hi there!

Anyone interested in a brand-new "Black Rain"-CD?

No Bootleg!!!

Send me a mail if you're interested!

See ya!

Jan 14 - 08:19
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: Somewhere in Germany *lol*

The only compilation I know is the "Hans Zimmer & Mark Mancina Collaboration", which is a bootleg with lots of unreleased and rare Zimmer/Mancina-Stuff. Very good, but rare, too!

My fav Zimmer-Score is "Radio Flyer". Backdraft is also very good! Or "Crimson Tide". Or "Lion King".

Have fun! :-)

See ya!

Jan 12 - 23:37

Someone emailed me concerning BLACK RAIN soundtrack. unfortunately my fingers work faster than my eyes and your address was erased. PLEASE e mail me again. I am interested if Music Blvd. doesn't have it(they speial ordered me one) Also leave the suggested price you want for the soundtrack.

thank you J

Jan 12 - 19:59
Location: KY

Hi. This is just a general message telling all of you Zimmer fans out there to please check out Danny Elfman's stuff. I wanna get some people hooked like me. I encourage you to visit Elfmaniac's Music for a Darkened People page or the Grovvy Yak's Page o' funk.
I have a question too. Is there any collection CD that has the best Zimmer stuff? If not, what would you guys say is THE BEST Zimmer score? I don't know where to start with my collection.

Jan 12 - 08:56
Black Rain
Location: nc

Does anyone have a copy of Black Rain or any other out of print Zimmer score. would like to purchase.

Jan 10 - 06:03
Re: Bird on a wire
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Bird On A Wire was never released. Zimmer didn't care for the score himself, but I think it's cool. The main theme is very similar to Black Rain (Sugai), while the opening titles is a nice version of The Age Of Aquarius. One can hear it's Zimmer after about 5 seconds.

Jan 9 - 23:59
Bird on a wire
Location: California

"Bird on a wire". Was there a soundtrack put out for this movie. If so I want it. The score is some of the finer action music Zimmer has written. I would be willing to trade a Rare Zimmer cd for it.

Jan 8 - 20:26
Rich Roth

Everybody go see the movie FALLEN - comes out Jan 16th.
(I worked on it as the Script Coordinator). Stars Denzel, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland... score by Tan Dun (interesting, too)!

Peace Y'all.


Jan 8 - 19:46
Goo a Little Dance, Make a Little Flub
Mike Skerritt
Location: School


On behalf of the HZMB posse, let me welcome you. Most of my postings don't concern Zimmer either, as many folks might tell you, lol. All film music is great!!!

In reference to your question, yes, that is James L. Brooks' recent composer-of-choice Maestro Zimmer whose music you hear during The Critic, which, IMHO, I think is a vastly underrated show. (Brooks co-developed the show) Thank God for Comedy Central! As far as I know, the theme is unavailable, but you might want to try those TV theme collection CDs. Who knows, it could turn up.


The Yearwood connection is a possibility, but considering the fact that the central character's name is Tricia, and that track is her version of the theme, I think it might be an honest mistake. Who knows....hehe....

BTW, I managed to unearth a little gem recently. Paul Buckmaster's 12 Monkeys. Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis...come on, the pickin's are ripe for a great score, lol. But really. Now okay, the main theme is a tad on the obnoxious side, but there are various points throughout the score (most entitled "Cole's Dream") where a beautiful melody pops up, played primarily by solo violin. It is the key attraction of the score, and makes all the rougher moments bearable. It gets a recommendation. Even that main theme (not, incidentally, written by Buckmaster, only transposed by him) grows on me. And if that isn't enough, Buckmaster, just like James Newton Howard, got his start as a musical arranger for older rock acts (like Elton John). Give the lad a try!


Jan 8 - 13:58
The Critic?
Josh James

Before I ask my question, I do have to admit that my address IS in reference to Danny Elfman. I hope its OK with you guys that I decided to visit the Zimmer team. (Danny is my favorite, but I love Hans Zimmer too!)
Anyway, I'm a big Zimmer fan as well and I'm new on the net, so somebody may already have asked this, but am I right that Hans Zimmer wrote the theme to the short-running animated series called The Critic? If so, is that available on any CD? I would love to hear people's opinions of the BEST Zimmer scores too.
Oh, by the way, if any of you haven't checked out the 3 tunes on True Romance, I encourage you to pick up a copy. That's actually the score that got me interested in Zimmer!

Jan 7 - 11:29
Re: Con Error, lol
Robin Kuipers
Location: Uni

Mike, I think they named the track on Con Air Trisha as a hommage to Trisha Yearwood, who sings the song "How Do I Live", featured at the beginning and the end of the movie.
Tricia or Trisha?
The subtitles in the dutch version of the film are not consequent with her name if I remember correctly. Trisha and Tricia both were used!
Still, a very good soundtrack.

Jan 6 - 18:47
T. Lin
Location: NJ

Anyone know if this cd is still availible? I recently got the an arnold swarzegger (sorry for the spelling) and it contains the opening theme to predator and commando as well as the infamous terminator series. Just thought i'd let you know since commando and predator are hard to find. oh, the armaggedon trailer features music from the rock, and it's an amazing trailer, not the teaser with the space shuttle, the real trailer. you can download it off the net

Jan 6 - 06:57
Re: Con Error, lol
Julius Horsthuis
E-mail: I can't remember.
Location: Most beautiful city of Europe

In the soundtrack of Goldeneye (Eric Serra) is a track (5) that is called:
"A Little Surprise For You". It has two parts.
Part one is called Xenia, and part two is called D.M.Mychkine.
But in the movie his name is Mychkin. Without the last e.
BTW, I think Con Air is a beautiful score. I didn't really care for it when I first heard it, but after a while I really loved it. Tracks 3 and 9 are my favourite. (the movie rules too)

Jan 5 - 12:31
Con Error, lol
Mike Skerritt
Location: School....again.....


Just an interesting piece of trivia I thought I'd jot down for all of ya.

Last week I saw Con Air for the first time. I saw it as a humorous rehash of The Rock, but it did have its moments. I still don't like Mark Mancina's score, but during the movie I noticed something interesting.

In the film, Nicolas Cage's wife's name is Tricia. It is spelled like this, I saw it during the end credits. However, on the score CD, the track depicting is wife is titled "Trisha." (Which, incidentally, I think is by far the best track)

I don't think I've ever seen this happen before, a misspelled track title. Sure, they've been badly edited (a la Crimson Tide), badly missequenced, cut too short, badly recorded, etc.....

But misspelled??? Hehe, just thought it was funny....Anyone ever seen this happen elsewhere? Chris? Marco?

Jan 4 - 15:45

Does anyone know about the trailer music to Firestorm?? I am referencing the second trailer that begins with the match striking then segues to an aerial shot of the prision. The first 30 seconds or so sound much like The Fan (deep cellos, but very sustained) or pieces of Horner's score to Ransom.

Oh, Happy New Year everyone!

Jan 3 - 12:33
Re: Greencard plus
Location: Hard Rain place (with 3 cyclones hovering)

Bula bula,

Yes, Green Card is (an electronic) classic!
Regarding Henry is its sentimental counterpart.

Power Of One remains my fave score - the African vocals are like none other.

I've only heard great things about TLKBroadway.

My Zimmer Discography has brief score descriptions, and comparisons with a few reviews, availability, and purchasing options.


Jan 3 - 10:07
Doug C.
Location: Fl

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good holiday.

I was in Barnes and Noble Bookstore the other day and they were marketing Zimmer's Greencard cd on their cd listening stations. So I gave it a try. I never looked for this cd b/c I have heard nothing about it and thought it could be one of his bad one's.< br>
This cd is terrific! I was amazed by it and it is now one of my favorites. I think it is alot like True Romance and Rain Man, but better that TR. Very romantic and relaxing. I highly recommend it.

I saw As Good as it Gets but couldn't pay much attention to the music. Is it any good? Does anyone have the cd yet?

Also could I get opinions on
1)Regarding Henry
2)Power of One
3)Lion King on Broadway

Thanks everyone. GET GREENCARD!!

Doug C.

Jan 2 - 14:23
Days of Thunder/Toys
Mike Skerritt
Location: Home

*putting baby to bed*

Follow Your Dreams does have one cue of original Days of Thunder music on it, and it is about 3 minutes long. However, that elusive main title music is NOT included on the track. It features the final burst of the main theme as Tom Cruise and Robert Duv all are running, just before the end credits. It then segues into the "Car Building" theme, which can also be found as the B-side of the Maria McKee single "Show Me Heaven," featured as the love song in the film. The single is long gone, however.
But alas, there is hope. You can do what I did, if you have the tools, to get the main title onto tape/CDR. If you have a surround sound system, or some type of stereo with a TV input, run the audio feed into your stereo and the video into the TV. Then , using a professional copy of the tape/laserdisc (preferably not one copied from the TV), you can tape in stereo sound and crystal clear quality, any of thge music from the film you want! If your careful, you won't get any dialogue/sound effects, but so me of it can't be helped. IMHO, the main title sounds cooler with the sound of the crowd and the engines roaring over the theme, You just have to get by the announcer's voice (not a big deal) I managed to get about a 9-minute suite of music onto CD-R, including the main title! Otherwise, I'm afraid you're up the creek.....: (

Regarding Toys, my friend, you are in luck. Follow Your Dreams features an instrumental-only suite of the "Closing of the Year" theme. It runs about 6 minutes, with about 4 minutes being the actual theme, and the other 2 being Trevor Horn mish-mash. Bu t the 4 minutes are glorious. A fully realized theme hear, once again, with no vocals. If you can grab a copy, I recommend it. I have it myself, and I can tell you it's worth it.....

BTW, I've seen Titanic, As Good as it Gets, and Amistad all in the last week. Wow, is all I can say, they're all fantastic. Especially Amistad and Titanic (Titanic is easily the best film I've seen this year, and one of the best of the decade) As for Z immer's score in AGAIG, it's rather quaint, much like Zimmer's last effort for writer/director James L. Brooks, I'll Do Anything. Not much score material, I found, but it served its purpose.

Until later!