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January 1999

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Jan 28 - 07:56
Sad day !
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium

Dear Chris,

I remember 3 years ago when I discovered the Net, I was looking for other people sharing the same interest in Hans' music.
I found this board, posted a few Zinfos nobody ever heard of ... except you.
You sent me a reply and we began to share something.
You became for me, and for a lot of people, the main source of information about Zimmer and Media Venture.

Now, you've decided to stop all makes me feel very sad.
I was just about to send you an interview of Marc Mancina and another of Trevor Rabin to 'feed' your site.

I'm sure your choice is as difficult for you as for us but, hey, it's your life after all, just do it your way...the best way.

So, thanks you so much for those years.

Keep Zimmering, Yumbo

Au revoir,


Jan 28 - 07:50
Endless criticism from Yumbo
Vance Brawley
Location: Georgia

I too can appreciate the strains and joys or running a film msuic website that is big and sometimes costly in nature on top of having a full time and ultra-competitive job in the television industry here at Turner. It can be unrewarding, but ultimately the wonderful feedback from readers, composers, and other industry personnel has been so positive that we continue on..

Also I must say that the feedback we get from other film music webmasters has been terrific overall and I consider some to be good friends. However, Chris Caine "Yumbo" has always been rather negative where ScoreLogue was concerned and his e-mails quite pointed and he has a knack for posting negative and almost hurtful comments publicly on the message boards.

How ironic that it is Chris himself who finds that he must shut down his own website for the same reason we find him to be a completely negative source, not only towards ScoreLogue but also in the message boards altogether ( & Filmtracks ScoreBoard). I guess what goes around, really does come around and what you put out there really comes back threefold. I can't imagine though that Chris himself would receive as much negative mail as he has sent us in the past, if so then it must be really bad. Below is only one example which was posted just this week on RMM:

<<<anyone else still waiting for some substance to materialise in relation
to all this unwavering neo-subjective ultra praise from Vance?

comes across as one of the numerous quotes one finds on movie posters by
some radio DJ.

highly shallow it still seems,

Chris Caine =:)

ah, it's a 25 words or less medium I guess.

ps. could someone let me know if the Scorelogue fonts are any smaller,
and the images are optimised yet? truly, a scary experience last time I
ventured. is it safe to return?

ah, they're not critics.>>>

Good Luck Chris

Well folks, the above is an atypical exercise in superficiality from Vance which is nothing new and a pity. I believe in what I say on the other hand.

Jan 28 - 04:47
Re: Message Board
Andrew Carr

Things happen so fast - 'tis a sad day indeed. I echo the sentiments expressed by Graham, plus a few words of my own...

Only those who have ever tried to maintain a website can appreciate the effort and passion displayed by Chris. It is time consuming. It is draining. It is relatively unrewarding. It is underappreciated by most who pass through your site, and the majority of feedback is critical rather than complimentary.

Only those (reasonably) close to Chris can understand the enormous workload and pressure he faces trying to make a living in a fiercely competitive industry.

To put so much financial, temporal and creative effort into a site that does not even pay for itself is a huge ask, and not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

I found Zinfo and its related sites to be an invaluable source of information and gently provocative in its attempts to further the appreciation and discourse of film music.

Thank you, Chris.


Jan 28 - 04:33
cd s
john snyder
Location: ohio

i have a bunch of cds i dont want any more if any ones interesred please email me at ill let you no what i have i have over 300 cd s

Jan 28 - 03:51
Thank you Mr. Zimmer!!!!
Jean - Fran┴ois Boiteau
Location: Qu╚bec

I had some problems with disturbing neighbours, and I shook
their apartment with CRIMSON TIDE!!!!!!!!
No more noise came from there....
He's the best!!!

Jan 28 - 01:59
Location: Suva

1. I have no quarrel with Machieste.
2. My name isn't Cain.
3. The following information has always been available on the board via the archives since May:

Armageddon movie score campaign used:

1st teaser:
Crimson Tide (Zimmer)

Superbowl teaser:
GI Jane (Jones)
America The Beautiful (Traditional)

1st trailer:
Self-score (Rabin/HGW)
The Rock (original NGS/HGW/Zimmer)
Self-score (Rabin/HGW)

2nd trailer:
The Crow (Revell)
Con Air (Mancina/Rabin)
The Rock
GI Jane

4. This is my last post in terms of providing information. The professionals should be sufficient in my absence.
5. Time to close the sites.

Thank you,
Chris Caine.

Jan 27 - 23:25
Location: Canton,Mi

"Well,I hate to burst your bubble,but I have no repressed rage.And,my quarrel with Cain is none of your affair.Lastly,I am not a manager of a "Taco Bell"(Exactly where you got that I have no idea).So my advise to you is mind your own bussiness,and we'll all be better off.This place is not for this kind of thing-it's for intelligent people(or so I thought)to congregate and discuss film music in detail.So let's just try to keep this a cordial place to be.And why you decided to start castigating me I have no idea.You dont know me,and it's unlikely you ever will.So one must question exactly who has the rage to deal with when you start calling someone names whom you dont even know."

Jan 27 - 17:55
Original Zimmer CD's for Auction
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK

I have 12 CD's for Auction at E-Bay at the CD Section

Point of No Return- Hans Zimmer, V.A.
Driving Ms. Daisy- Hans Zimmer, V.A.
Green Card - Hans Zimmer
Thelma and Louise - Hans Zimmer
Toys- Hans Zimmer
True Romance- Hans Zimmer
Cool Runnings- Hans Zimmer
Calendar Girl- Hans Zimmer
Lion King (German Version)- Hans Zimmer
Paperhouse- Hans Zimmer
Pacific Heights- Hans Zimmer
Rain Man- Hans Zimmer
Muppet Treasure Island (German)- Hans Zimmer
Thanks, Doug

Jan 27 - 15:46
Re: Re: Who is Hanz Zimmer?
Location: Sweden

Gigantic noyse and boring music?

Wow, you have listened to even less music composed by Zimmer than me. Nevertheless you tell us that he is doing noyse and boring music. Shame!
My only comment is: Listen to "The house of spirits", not a sigle noyse or boring tone there.

Long live Crimson Tide!

Jan 27 - 14:48
Re: Trailer music for Armageddon
M. Greenberg
Location: USA

You're right - it is Zimmer. The Armageddon trailer music you heard is a combo. from The Rock and Crimson Tide. Both are excellent scores - Crimson Tide is a bit more tense, great theme though. Hope this helps!

Jan 27 - 08:27
Message Board
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Ann Arbor Michigan

First off I would like to extend my best wishes to Yumbo on all of his future projects. Secondly, Machieste where is all of this rage coming from? You have used this board just as much as the rest of us. If your knowledge is so "superior" to Chris's why do you keep asking questions on this board? Go start your own Zimmer page and see if anybody visits it. Just because he didn't answer one of your questions you are going to throw a tempertantrum. You remind me of my 3 year old neighbor who cries when he can't have what he wants.
What was with the question about Chris writing music scores? How many have you written. Obviously your "manager" position at Taco Bell has made you feel superior to others.

I don't know how you do things in Canton Michigan but in Ann Arbor we treat people with Class and Respect. Obviously two words you know nothing about.

Thank-you Chris for all of your hard work

Dr. Graham Leslie
Ann Arbor Michigan

Jan 27 - 08:16
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Michigan

I think somebody said on this board that Millennium was going to be re-issued. I think I saw the re-issued copy today. I was at Borders Book store and they had three copies of Millennium with a big yellow border around the front cover. It also uses a different font on the back for the track listings. I don't know if this is the actual re-issued copy or just an alternate copy.

Just thought I'd let everyone know....

Jan 27 - 08:02
Manolo Porraso
Location: Chibchombia

I hope you don't close the site,
but if it's too late :
Thanks for all,
The News (Zinfo , Mancinfo, etc..)
The Ras ( all of them )
The reviews
The Message Board.
PS :
I think 98% of the ones that visit this site are fans of it.
The other 2% or less are those offensive e-mail senders.
I would ignore those e-mails, or just erase them, because there
are so many "more" important things.

Jan 27 - 00:22
NOTICE: Zinfo et al to close tomorrow
Location: The 3rd world

Sorry all,

People don't understand what I'm trying to do.
Received more abuse in email.

Will make it easy for all.
Please download what you want, as all my composer sites will close indefinitely from tomorrow morning.

Thanks for all the support in the last 2 years. I'll try to stay in touch via email.

Off to look after myself for once.

Chris Caine.

yes, I do it with tears.

Jan 26 - 23:16
Re: Re: Re: DOT score/Armageddon sampler
Machieste DeMiro
Location: Canton,Mi

"Listen,Jackass!If you've got something to say to me,just E mail me!I'm not a fool,in fact my film score knowlege probably surpases yours.And as far as "realeasing music and realizing your dreams",I can see you've done a real bang-up job of that from all the movie scores you've written...NOT!If you cant be civil,just keep your comments to yourself or post them to me personally.With all due regaurds..."

Jan 26 - 11:32
Re: Re: DOT score/Armageddon sampler
Location: busy department


some read, some don't.
some ignore, and some just don't understand.

I receive an average of 40 messages a day, and I don't have the time or money to reply as you want.

I do reply everybody.

"Noted" - your message is noted. It is not ignored. Call yourself a drongo if you can't understand that.

Don't waste my time either. I'm busy earning a living in order to pay $150 monthly for running the sites for one thing (while sacrificing being able to buy new music), and taking the time to source unreleased music, while getting on with my life and realising my dreams.

Ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer.
As for repetitive questions, that's what the sites are for.
I am the same person who runs all the sites.

As for the HGW issue, read my post again.
If you don't get it, call yourself a foolish fan-boy.
And guaranteed, no one will ever hear the music.

If you don't have the patience, you don't have anything - nothing.

grazie, fa niente.

voluntarily, the idiot, a**hole, and webmaster,
Chris Caine

Jan 25 - 23:34
Re: DOT score/Armageddon sampler
Machieste DeMiro
Location: Canton,Mi

"I agree with you,the music for "Days Of Thunder" is great and it's a shame it's never been released.I would like to see it in print as well.I'll sign your petition.And that guy who runs the HGW site is an a**hole.Dont waste your time with him.You can ask him a question or leave a detailed message and all he'll say is "Noted" or some s***.I'd also like to have HGW's part of the "Armageddon" score.His parts were the best.The meteor shower of New York,the shuttles burning thier thrusters around the moon and the Independance crashing-all him."

Jan 25 - 23:28
Re: Re: Armageddon sampler
Machieste DeMiro
Location: Canton,Mi

"I'd also like to get a copy of the "Armageddon" score that HGW did,but that guy whoruns the site is an idiot.You can send him a completely detailed message,and all he gives are cryptic little responses like "Noted" or "Message noted".So in regaurds to not pi**ing him off,he's not God.If he get's pi**ed,so the f*** what-it happens to everybody."

Jan 25 - 23:19
Trailer music for "Armageddon"
Machieste DeMiro
Location: Canton,Mi

"Ok people,here's the sich.I'm looking for the music used in two of the three trailers released for "Armageddon".In 2nd trailer,ther is some very cool Zimmer or Macina-ish music in the first part before it kicks into the "Con Air" part,and from there into "Armageddon"s own score.That's the first cue I'm looking for.In the third trailer,It begins with a cue from "The Crow" called 'Pain and Retrobution'.After that,the rest of the trailer is action music completely unfamiliar to me.However you might remember the voice-over in the trailer saying "

Jan 25 - 22:47
Black Rain
John Nguyen
Location: Wichita, KS

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the soundtrack to Black Rain? I have searched everywhere and I'm hoping its not out of print. Any info on this would be very appreciated! Thanks, John

Jan 24 - 19:32
Re: Follow Your Dreams??
Location: Memphis

Does anyone know where I can locate or order this CD. I searched but had no luck. I am a diehard Zimmer fan and would greatly appreciate anyones help on locating this.

Jan 24 - 15:46
Re: Just a tought
Location: between earphones - rather pleasant with Carter Burwell

bula schizo,

your lack of grammatical and spelling skills aside:

- you started the nonsense.
- it's good to be young and fresh.
- you assume badly.
- you consistently assume badly.
- Orson Welles is dead.
- you seem to be a fogey.
- it is the 90s.
- you still lack comprehension skills.
- your personality seems to be inadequate that you resort to multiple idiotic ones.
- you may find it a tad difficult to post further messages.

Jerry's Powder score is noticeable, but tiring due to the consistently generic orchestrations from Courage (fogey-itis). The Rock did suffer a similar fate, apart from a few nice cues.

Age is relative, but you seem to be stuck in a rut...try growing up with some fresh sounds. Hans keeps trying like few others have managed to. Regardless I do listen to countless other works by others.

back to work,

Jan 24 - 13:12
Back to music !
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium

Hi folks,

Let's talk about Ze dude a bit, no ?

I've just read this review about TTRL in Movietunes.

This is the soundtrack Steven Spielberg wishes John Williams had composed for Saving Private Ryan. Any movie ever made about the horrors of war would be made better by having this music as its soundtrack. It is perhaps one of the finest movie soundtracks of all time. Hans Zimmer hasn't done much in the last couple years, but all is forgiven. This soundtrack was worth the wait. Zimmer's style has matured beyond anything he has composed to date. It is absolutely mesmerizing.

The focal point of the score, "Journey to the Line," is a masterpiece.
The theme is rich and full, sad and beautiful, but more importantly relentless. The orchestration of the music is fantastic and only enhances Zimmer's music. The theme builds to an incredible crescendo and then fades into the most beautiful high strings theme I've heard since Barber's Adagio for Strings. The wonderful part is, this music is all totally original. It's hard to imagine this is Hans Zimmer. The wild percussion and sound effects are totally missing here, and he has supplanted them with a minimal melody and flowingly rich chords that only a master, who is inspired, could create. I am in total awe of his talents.

It is consoling that Zimmer is a relatively young man. We can expect many more wonderful scores from Hans Zimmer. May he have a long, healthy and musically creative life. I know mine has been made much fuller and richer for having become acquainted with his glorious music, and in particular, this soundtrack.

Review by J. R. Lunt

Hey Chris, what about a new "Under a blue moon" wish ?
Hans is the first composer ever to received 2 Academy Awards for 2 different movies the same year !

I've also read that a remastered version of Millenium will be out the 26th January.


Jan 23 - 15:47
Re: Re: Regarding Henry
Location: squeaky new chair

hoo ha,

it is OOP, and a good buy if under $40.
wow...male/female...I had to bear being apart from half my Zimmer collection since September 97...just reunited a few days ago.

though I 'gave' some other scores to my 'ex'...I kindly asked for them back, as its appreciation is greater on my end. rationale being that I gave it as being together, to share.

julius - easy, don't give 'em the satisfaction.

ISP, Millennium, in dreams.


ps. I'm building the new Board from tonight, email your suggestions. Should be up by Tuesday.

Jan 23 - 12:23
Re: Regarding Henry
T Chrisman
Location: Washington, DC

I don't know of the value of the CD but I do like the score from this movie particularly. Any way I could purchase 2nd copy from you? Earlier copy I had was a "casualty" in a nasty split up.



Jan 23 - 07:38
Zimmer rules
Location: Amsterdam

Hi, I'm a Zimmerfan, and I wanted to say to all those sons of bitches out there trying to make a mess of this Zoard: "F**k You."
That's all.

(excuse my language)


Jan 23 - 06:08
Lord Zimmer, please forgive Gazula
Chow Lee
Location: Malaysia

I was shocked that someone who don't appreciate music has criticized Lord Zimmer as a louzy composer. Further, this guy claimed that he is from Malaysia. Yak! Lord Zimmer's music is not for everyone, expecially when your I.Q. is way to low on the chart that those I.Q. testers have to extend the chart downwards for you. To truly appreciate Crimson Tide, you have to listen to it over and over again, it takes time to appreciate a good piece of music. I am from Malaysia and I have a huge collection of Lord Zimmer's music, which energizes me everytime!

Jan 22 - 21:45
Re: A thought....
M. Greenberg
Location: USA

Dr. Leslie,
Thanks for posting your words. Pretty much what I was trying to say, but you put it much more eloquently than I could have (even if I had not been in a rage when I wrote it).

For those of you claiming that Zimmer ripped off McCarthy, a few words . . . I've had the Generations soundtrack for years. I like it. Yes, the synth voices and overall palette of instruments are similar. However, they're dissimilar melodically. For that matter, the voicings sound eerily similar to those in Horner's Titanic score - so if you're going to go that route, you might as well accuse Zimmer of copying that too. In any case, if that doesn't convince you, I suggest taking a listen to Zimmer's soundtrack for 'Black Rain' - the POE theme which you say came from Generations, actually appears a few times in the Black Rain score (track 8). Surprise! Zimmer does this a lot - resurrects parts of past scores and turns them into themes. Unfortunately for some of you, Black Rain was written about 8 years before Generations was a thought in anyone's head. Sorry to burst your bubble, better luck next time.

Jan 22 - 17:10
A thought....
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Ann Arbor Michigan

I love music. Doesn't everyone? Music has in one form or another changed everybody's life. Maybe it was the first time you heard Mozart, or maybe the first time your heard Shaft. Music is beautiful in it's own sense.

Remember that when you hear the theme from Rambo
Remember that when you hear the theme from Crimson Tide
Remember that when you hear a little kid playing chopsticks

You are hearing someone expressing themselves in the most beautiful way possible. And to say that something like that sucks. You try telling a musician that his/her music sucks.
Would you say that to Goldsmith, Zimmer, or even Brahms. Would you really have the guts to tell that to someone's face?

Or would you just vent yourself on some message board

Think about it.

Jan 22 - 16:36
Regarding Henry
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Ann Arbor Michigan

I found Regarding Henry in a used C.D. store today. Anybody know how rare this one is? I heard that it was hard to find. They had another copy and I'm wondering if I should get it.

Thanks for Reading

Jan 22 - 11:13
Re: Negative Posts
M. Greenberg
Location: USA

OK, here's my try at convincing you all. Personally, I think that Mr. Zimmer is an excelent composer/arranger/performer. He's my favorite in fact, and I love his music, but you don't need to feel the same in order to recognize his skill. As a musician, it's personally frustrating to have somone say that Zimmer's work is such sh*t, not to mention the disrespect it conveys. Zimmer sometimes works for months or years on projects, and even those done in a mere six weeks are better than what some of you out there could come up with if given a lifetime to think. I'm willing to bet that none who have posted negative messages to this page have ever sat down and spent time trying to compose or arrange music. Simply for his success at this, Mr. Zimmer deserves the respect of those who listen to his music.
I also happen to be a fan of several other composers, who I could nearly say the exact same for. Shame on all of you, Zimmer fans or not, for attempting to degrade these composers. Hopefully sometime soon this page will once again become a reference for those who love music, instead of those who arrogantly wish to display their disrespect and lack of knowledge and appreciation for the art.


Jan 21 - 20:27
Re: Re: Re: Response to ingenious posts
Location: courage under fire


jealousy...a wonderful attribute of the verbally challenged.

hope your parents weren't disappointed with your astute encompassment of ineptitude.

wonderfully amused and pulling the wool,

Jan 21 - 15:55
Zimmer is outstanding
Joe MacKay
Location: Whidbey Island, WA

I thought this was a Hans Zimmer Worship page? If you don't like him, fine leave. I don't like other composers too but you don't find me ripping on them on their websites. If Zimmer's music is so bad, why is it used for just about every trialer that comes out (I know I exaggerate but just about every trailer that I have seen uses some track from a Hans Zimmer composed movie). Thanks for the post on the music in The Thin Red Line. I'll have to go see it before I buy it. Just my 2 cents. By the way, I love the Crimson Tide soundtrack and it isn't a piece of crap (you'll probably hear it at the beginning of the Super Bowl or some of his other work like they always do when the start the intro to the game).

Jan 20 - 18:13
Re: Responses to stupid posts.
Location: coming soon


my guess is the drongoes trying to piss us off are none other thna the rejects from FSM and Filmtracks.

the current webmaster policy is one of non-censorship, of stupidity, in the hope of stimulating debate.

yeah, opinions are fine, but they become statements of crap without any form of validation.

that's my logical argument.

come Feb. 1, this board will move, and will have guidelines, where any opinion is welcome, only if substantiated.

don't like, it, start your own, ie. piss off.

you really don't want to get me started - lots have learnt their lesson, crying along the way. and I didn't even try.

off to make some (ISP) money, so I can maybe pay for the DOT re-use fees for one thing. and get a live performance come New Year's.,
living it, without Generismith (most of the time), and with Hisaishi,

ps. you newbies, try learning English, maybe you won't read so bad. on the other hand, I understand if it's just your natural lack of ability. beautifully amusing.

Jan 20 - 17:26
Responses to stupid posts.
Hadrian D. - Zimmerite

You're one to talk, Nicholas Cage
I'll pretend I'm you OK?
You're clearly an idiot. Dennis McCarthy's theme is long, overdrawn, overstated. It has a 6 notes long melodic lines. Hans' theme is composed of only three special notes. The first goes octave into the second not then it descend. McCarthy's wanders all over the map. and just because it is sung by a choir mean jack squat. Get a brain before you say anything, OK?

Macusco: Whatever, but you sucks and this is true. Get lost too.


Jan 20 - 15:50
Re: Re: Who is Hanz Zimmer?
Manolo Polbazo
Location: Chibchombia

If you don't know Hans Zimmer , then how the .. you got here ?

I think most of you that post messages about disliking Zimmer
are doing it not because you don't like his music, but just to
fill this message board with stupid comments.

I now there are people that don't like his music, I respect that, because there are a lot of composers I don't like to.

What I don't like is people that arrive to this page and post
just some garbagge thinkin they can offend the others.


Jan 19 - 22:06
Daryl Tan
Location: Singapore

Anyone knows where I can get the Backdraft CD? I can't seem to find it in any of the major music CD stores here in Singapore.


Jan 19 - 20:02
Music is subjective
A Zimmer Fan


What the hell has been going here lately- a string of anti-Zimmer messages have been popping up all over the place. Quite frankly, I don't like it. So, I'm going to set the record straight- music is a subjective experience; you either like particular music, or you don't. For example, some like classical music, and others pop....... so if that means you don't like Zimmer's music, then fine, you don't like it. That doesn't entitle you to come to "our" (ie. the Zimmer fans) site and bag the crap out of Zimmer. I mean, fine.... if you have an opinion, make it, but above all, don't give un-substantiated comments. The impression I get from those that have "negatively" posted about Zimmer on this page lately is that you have absolutely NO idea what the hell you're on about. My suggestion to you: get lost

What happened to the old message board, where we used to have long, structured talks about soundtracks, etc.?? Come on Zimmer people, it's time for some soundtrack talk!


A Zimmer Fan.


Jan 19 - 11:17
Musi of the beautiful movie 'prince of egypt'
Willem van Duijn
Location: Netherlands

Do anyone know where I can download music from this wnderful movie. The songs sang by the priests???

Jan 18 - 19:50
Re: Thin Red Line and responses.
Hadrian D.
Location: yes you ask?

The score is highly melodic. The CD feature two of the many themes Hans composed. It's soft at time, and you have to pay attention while listening to it. Listen to it 10= before you make a decision. FSM said that Hans' score is "an ode to stillness," among other praises. Though it contain some electronics, the orchestra is the primary focus of the score. Do not expect to hear an action score, but if your in the mood for high quality, thoughtful music, buy it. But my recommendation is that you see the movie before buying it. The music flows through the image and suggest more, emotionally, than what is being perceived.

Guluza Picadura - styles and preference blinded your ear to quality. If he's so bad and untalented, why is it that he's so successful?

M. Jackson (lol) - he is, first and foremost, a composer, arranging music is something every composer do.

Patrick Reiner - I didn't know that, thank you. I hope Hans will put out a CD.

Manolo - Thumbs up in agreement.

Jan 18 - 19:33
Re: Thin Red Line
Hadrian D.
Location: yes you ask?


Jan 18 - 12:23
Re: Re: Re: Why this Hanz Zimmer is so bad composer?
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium

I think Mr Guzula has forgotten to read the title of this page !


Jan 18 - 08:25
Re: Why this Hanz Zimmer is so bad composer?
Manolo Porraso Emadre
Location: Chibchombia

Just for hearing one score (Crinson Tide) you can't judge him
as a bad composer.
I think he is the best out there, his style is unique and gigantic.

I see you write from Malaysia, maybe you would enjoy the
Beyond Rangoon Score, maybe this is the kind of music you are
familiar with.
I recomend you Azafata Burromochi (a great Indu-movie-music-composer), maybe you would like his style.

Jan 18 - 06:39
Thin Red Line
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Snowed In

I thought by now somebody would've posted their review of Zimmer's work in TTRL on the message board. Has anybody bought it yet? I thought I heard some of the score on a behind the scenes feature. It include a choir of some kind. Even though I'll probably buy it anyway, I still would like to hear somebody's thoughts on it....

Jan 18 - 04:05
The Last Days
Patrick Renier
Location: Belgium

Hi everyone

Too bad Guluza... it seems someone has asked Hans to write music again.

According to MovieTunes, he has co-composed with Nathan Wang the score for the movie The Last Days.
This movie about the holocaust is directed by James Moll and will be distributed in the US by October Films on February the 5th !

I don't know if there's a CD going out.


Jan 18 - 01:39
Re: Zimmer CD for Auction and trevor Rabin
Location: hunched over

just letting you know,

that Radio Flyer is a good buy/bid.

Armageddon is available commercially in HDCD quality at 55 minutes compared to the poorly produced (ie. sounds like crap) 30 minute promo.
Bid if you're a weirdo collector who likes covers more than good sounding music that's longer.

as for Guluza Picadura - ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer. go learn some logic lessons.



Jan 17 - 15:02
Zimmer CD for Auction and trevor Rabin
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, Ok

56390221: Radio Flyer- Hans Zimmer -Soundtrack CD
Bidding starts at: $5.00
Auction ends on: 01/19/99 21:53:32 PST

56393205: Armageddon -Trevor Rabin- PROMO CD
Bidding starts at: $5.00
Auction ends on: 01/19/99 22:07:15 PST

Thanks, Doug

Jan 17 - 08:32
Where is Follow Your Dreams?
My Name Is Tim
Location: CA

Can Anyone tell me where I can find, the 2 bootlegs Follow Your Dreams?

Jan 16 - 14:13
me again

According to FSM, Hans is scheduled to write music for the next Ridley Scott's Roman Epic, Gladiator, starring Russel Crowe.


Jan 16 - 14:09
Re: the prince of egypt
Hadrian D.
Location: importance nonrelevant

He didn't write it, Steven Schwartz did. Hans' job on those song was to produce (orchestrate and arrange) those songs. He let Gavin Greenaway produce 2 song(Heaven's Eyes)(The Plague), John Powell did one song(Playing with the Big Boys), HGW did one also(All I Ever Wanted but not Queen's Reprise). Hans did everything else.


Jan 16 - 10:09
Music From "As Good As It Gets" Movie
Location: Palm Beach, Florida

I am trying to identify the music that Jack Nicholsen was playing in the car scene when he was driving to Baltimore. It had an interesting melody and was not a vocal. I would appreciate your help.

Jan 14 - 03:03
the prince of egypt

I wanted to ask,does anyone one know who composed the songs in the POE score?was it zimmer?

Jan 13 - 05:35
Re: Re: Bird on a Wire Music
Location: NEW JERSEY

Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it. However I am unable to listen to your edited sound clips. So I can't tell whats what. Do you by chance make compilations of his music? And if so is there a way I can order from you?
Thanks also for the information concerning the soundtracks to The Rock and Crimon Tide. I don't understand your last comment though. Glad I'm able to talk to people with the same interests as I.
Hope to read from you soon, Thanks

Jan 12 - 12:24
Re: Bird on a Wire Music
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the closest you'll get currently is the collection of edited clips I've uploaded in real audio (ISDN Stereo). ie. @ Zinfo.

hans did say he recycled a few themes in another movie, which I disagree with.

CDR of Crimson Tide and The Rock. Please, leave your street or order from any mail/online order retailer. They're both still in print, and used copies are numerous; or someone can sell them to you.

New Jersey is not the bush.

Being kind,

Jan 12 - 05:50
Bird on a Wire Music
Vincent Gomez
Location: NEW JERSEY

Hi everyone, I'm kinda new to this page. I'm hoping to get some help from one of you about the music from the movie Bird on a Wire. Unfortunately they never produced a movie soundtrack, as you know, and I absolutely love the music composed in it. What I'm trying to find out is if that music is on any other soundtrack or album that Mr. Zimmer has worked on? Or if anyone happens to have gotton a hold of the soundtrack by some act of God. I'm also looking to find out if anyone can make a CDR of Zimmer's movie soundtracks The Rock and Crimson Tide. Can't find them here.
I hope you can help find the music I'm looking for.

Jan 11 - 18:17
Re: Armageddon sampler
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I don't have it, and probably won't if you keep whinging.
The only person who can get it is Harry; don't piss him off.
Think harder.

I don't even have POE, Antz, nor TTRL.
nor a other things.

Got other plans. Much bigger plans.
When Hans is not busy and I get his attention, an interview would be nice.

Until then, this board will be changing.
New site coming soon.


In case you missed it, here's my movie review of POE:

When you believe....

Searching for first words can be difficult when your first reaction is that of tears. Yes, the last time I cried during the very opening scene (yes, the disclaimer) of a movie was with Saving Private Ryan and thefirst being Free Willy. And the major reason for such a reaction is the marriage of the visual with powerful yet subtle music, in this case by acquaintance and composer of The Lion King, Hans Zimmer.

Following Titanic, the first traditional animation from Dreamworks whose aim by principal Jeffrey Katzenberg to rival his former studio Disney where he had produced The Lion King, has probably had more press attention than any other movie this year in terms of its aspirations.

Katzenberg took some of the talent from The Lion King and on that basis formed Dreamworks with Spielberg and Geffen after falling out with Michael Eisner, Disney's current boss.

Rather than copy the Disney formula, what we have here is a bible epic loosely based on the Exodus story of Moses, which most people are generally familiar with. To cater for secular audiences in addition to religious groups, great research was conducted to present a balanced, attractive feature which in the end comes off as a family based musical drama that happens to be animated. As indicated by the opening disclaimer, historical and artistic licence was taken, which allows Rameses (Ralph Fiennes) and Moses (Val Kilmer) to be brothers forming one of the themes of friendship divided by destiny. The opening visuals of clouds which bring forth the movie title are almost lifelike and the
start of some of the most impressive traditional animation ever
produced. On a technical level, there are numerous aspects and
combinations of those which affect the overall presentation just as there are with live action, but in this case evoke many comparisons, due to some innovative designs, and major use of a new 'exposure tool' which allows the fusion of 2D and 3D animation.

Stephen Schwartz (Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame) provides the songs here produced in conjunction with lead composer Zimmer, in addition to his band of Media Ventures co-composers, opening with the powerful Deliver Us - a chorus depicting the slaves building the pyramids and idols, which momentarily reminded me of David Foster's Ruber from the ill-fated Warner Bros animated debut Quest For Camelot. A respite enables the narrative to show Egyptian soldiers seeking Hebrew
babies to be killed, forcing Yocheved (Israel's evocative Ofra Haza, who also provides the score vocals) to set baby Moses in a waterproof basket and send him down the river, singing a lilting lullaby that will remind Moses years later of his heritage, as carried on by sister Miriam (Sandra Bullock). The river animation is so glassy in its translucence and another highpoint visually, further showcased by the Nile turning into blood, and the climactic Red Sea parting.

Safely, the Queen (a sensually drawn Helen Mirren) discovers the basket and adopts Moses, which leads to the camera pull up over the city showing the majesty of the kingdom to close the chapter with the familiar boom from Zimmer, only this time softer and with a male chorus.

We continue with a chariot race scene by the 2 grown up brothers
showcasing the mischievousness of Moses and the burden carried by
Rameses. Pharoah Seti (Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame) sighs as he fears he has a weak link in the dynasty silhouetted against a brilliant statue backdrop. The high priests Hotep (Steve Martin) and Huy (Martin Short) make their entrance here initially treated as victims of humour.

Rameses is named Prince Regent, and nomad girl Tzipporah (Michele
Pfeifer) is offered to him, but her brashness sees Moses sizing her up. In allowing her to escape, Moses encounters Miriam and brother Aaron (an annoying Jeff Goldblum), which triggers his realisation of the Egyptian tyranny.

In a groundbreaking dream sequence of moving hieroglyphics (scored by Harry Gregson-Williams), Moses discovers his heritage, which causes him to retaliate against a soldier whipping a weary slave, resulting in death that drives him into self-exile. A massive sandstorm signifies a new Moses as he stumbles upon Tzipporah's family. Encouraged, he settles as part of the family, only to be interrupted by the burning bush, here a mystical body of smoke and light, creating one of the most awe-inducing scenes ever experienced embodied by Zimmer's tender and contour following cues serving as the theme for each major miracle.

With his mission, Moses returns to Egypt, to face a stubborn Pharoah Rameses who uses the magic of the high priests to resist letting the slaves go free. In an ode to Dumbo, Martin and Short get centre stage with their cool Playing With the Big Boys Now number, one of the elaborate palace scenes produced by the Fox Animation Studio effusing the feel of the brilliant Anastasia. The rest of the plagues are condensed into a montage, concluding with the eerie passover, which iniates the numbing exodus, marked by another showstopping tune, When You Believe, showcasing Michele Pfeifer's singing. This leads to the hair-raising parting of the Red Sea, signified by the breathtaking trumpet layering by Zimmer as they raise themselves through the surround channels to perfectly complement the encore of a miracle.

Rameses is left alone on the other shore, as Moses looks ahead and brings forth the 10 Commandments, concluding a unique achievement in cinema. From the obvious silent awe by the audience in both screenings I experienced to the reverent word of mouth by random friends, I thoroughly recommend this magical if not spiritual event. It isn't perfect nor for everyone (being animated) and with a few narrative hiccups, but with a first screening impact causing me to well up 5 times, adequate humour, and a personal affinity to the score personnel, see how close you come to experiencing a 10.

...ashira ashira.

Jan 10 - 15:13
Armageddon sampler
Hadrian D.

Mail me if anybody know where I can get the Sampler.
You know, I thought that maybe, since Yumbo is so close in connection to Zimmer and HGW and others, he may have copy of the sampler.

Just a thought.

Also, Yumbo, don't you think that it's time for an online Zimmer interview? I have questions to asked ya know?


ps. does anybody know when the third volume of the FYD series will come out. I heard it will be call "The Zimmer Crew"

Jan 9 - 07:31
DOT score/Armageddon sampler

I truly think that we, as fans of HZ, should all sign another petition to release the score from the movie Days of Thunder. The previous petition only recieved 50 or some votes because a lot of people had no clue it was going on. So why don't we get everybody we know of to sign a new petition and turn this thing around.

I'm also interested in finding a copy of HGW's sampler/promo for the Armageddon score among others.
Please, if anybody knows where I can get this, e-mail me.


Jan 8 - 06:43
Re: CD
Manuel Porraso
Location: Chibchombia

Dort gibt es weitere anleitungen und eine adresse um demos zu

Jan 7 - 06:02
Ray Haller

wer weis, wie man eine CD an Herrn Zimmer sendet?

Jan 4 - 11:36
Re: Black Rain
M. Greenberg
Location: Harrisburg PA, USA

For all of you looking for this soundtrack, I was able to find it as an import at the Virgin Records Megastore in New York - might try giving them a call to see if they will ship. Also, has it listed as an import, and fairly cheap too (thirteen dollars US plus change, i think). Good luck!


Jan 1 - 04:22
prince of egypt
Location: israel