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July 1996

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Jul 2 - 14:33
Zimmer/Cann upcoming CD 13 years on...
Cerise Reed

Dear Brian,
Hello from the Ultravox fan club! Stumbled across your excellent
Hans Zimmer page and thought you'd like to know about an upcoming
CD release. 13 years ago Hans collaborated with Ultravox's Warren
Cann on a project they called "Helden", and recorded an album they
called "Spies" (just in case you didn't know this already). It was
never released since they were never happy with the deals they were
offered, but we are hoping to get Spies released this year, this
is with Warren and Hans' blessing. Artwork is done, barcode and
catalogue number are ready... we're just waiting for the final deal
to be thrashed out with the record company. I'll keep you posted,
mail me if you like and I'll tell you more about it. By the way I'll
have an Extreme Voice (fan club) site up later in the year, I'll
include a link to your page. If you could perhaps return the favour
it would be much appreciated. (You already have a link from Caroline
Allen's Ultravox page, that's how I found you). Anyhoo, all the best.

Jul 2 - 15:50
Re: Space concerns
Cerise Reed

Brian - suggestions for flushing message board - I'd say flush
messages over two to three weeks old, and if possible add new
ones to the top rather than the bottom. But I'm sure you
thought of that anyway.
Cerise. (Again).

Jul 3 - 14:13
Uwe Sperlich


thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to find Hans Zimmer's new score "THE ROCK". Unfortunately we don't have those great stores like BLOCKBUSTER MUSIC here in Germany, but I was lucky and I got it yesterday. At the moment I can't stop playing it. It sounds a little bit like "Crimson Tide" meets "Backdraft" meets "Speed". I like it very much. And it's over 60 mins. long !!! Just great....

If there's any news on the Zimmer/ Mancina compilation please e-mail me. I hope it'll be available soon (even if it's a boot of a boot !!)

Keep up the good work with this page !!!

Thanks Uwe :-)

Jul 3 - 14:38
Re: Re: Zimmer/Mancina compilation available!
G. Sumners


Jul 3 - 21:52
Irie: Putting New Zealand on the board!
Yumbo Caine
E-mail: around the world, otherwise, see previous!

Yoo Zoodles!

First week on holiday, and Kia Ora from New Zealand, Wellington
- the capital - to be specific.

I managed to listen to Terry Reid's THE DRIVER, which features
the basic track from DAYS OF THUNDER. But alassssssssss, I chose
not to spend US$6 to buy it, but instead to wait in hope for the real
thing from First Born Records.

I wonder how Jon got the track listing in the first place!

Anyway, hope ya'all are fine - I will get on with my holiday, and
keep brainwashing as many Kiwis about Hans!

Catch you from Fiji!

Chris CAINE!

ps. Snowboarding is fun (for the first time), but not
the next day..........

Jul 4 - 09:55
Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Joe Tracy

The final trailer release for Independence Day contained one of
the best scored pieces I'd ever heard - very motivational. That
piece alone made me want to see the movie - so I rushed out on
opening day and waited two hours to get a good seat. Yet, the
movie went on and the president's speech and NOWHERE IN THE MOVIE
was that score present. I emailed FOX and they wrote back that
the score in the trailers was from CRIMSON TIDE by Hans Zimmer - so I rushed out and bought it (listening to it now)!

I'm aware that Hans Zimmer also took Mark Mancina under his wing and I've come to appreciate Mancina's music too. However, when the Twister Soundtrack came out, it didn't include Mancina's movie scores - only songs. Is there a score version of Twister j ust with Mancina's score? Any help finding this would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know abou the availability of John Debney's music in Cuthroat Island.

As far as Zimmer goes, I'm now buying his soundtracks to even movies I don't go and see - definately talented!!!

Jul 5 - 13:37
Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Andy Kim

I have never seen the trailer you are talking about that uses
the Crimson Tide soundtrack. All the ones I've seen uses
David Arnold's "Stargate" soundtrack (which by the way blew me
out of the water when I first heard it). Anyways I'm seeing the
movie ID4 tomorrow so I'll be able to check out the soundtrack
then deciding whether to buy it or not.

I haven't got it yet but I've ordered "Pacific Heights" soundtrack
after hearing all the rave reviews about it on this homepage!
I'll tell you my opinion when I get a listen. Anyways, ciao for


Jul 5 - 13:45
Disney music
Andy Kim

How many people saw "Hunchback"? Now how many people didn't
like that soundtrack in the movie? I liked Menken's "Aladdin"
and "Beast" soundtracks but I absolutely hated "Pocahontis"
(which in my opinion did NOT deserve the academy at all), and
I wasn't very impressed by "Hunchback". Has Menken lost his
touch or am I comparing it to "Lion King"? I'm usually quite
bias about comparisons between movies but in the Disney movies,
Zimmer did such a superb job, none of Menken's music has been
able to beat the "King" (mind you this is MY opinion and not
necessarily yours). Anyways just making my views known after
watching "Hunchback" (which I thought was an inferior movie
compared to the previous Disney cartoons (except Pocahontis)).


Jul 5 - 15:17
Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Joe Tracy


Go to the ID4 website at then go to propoganda. Download
the FINAL ID4 TRAILER RELEASE. There you will hear the selection
from CRIMSON TIDE. I also saw this same preview in the theater
(the song was only on the THEATER previews, not TV) playing just before

I tried to find "THE ROCK" today with no success.

In regards to Hunchback, I thought the music was pretty good with
a few exceptions, if you are talking about the songs. If you are
talking about the scores, that's a different story. Beauty and
the Beast is still, IMHO, the best Disney soundtrack. Circle of
Life from Lion King and some of the Lion King scores were really
well done too.

Does anyone have soundtrack recommendations for dramatic marching type
scores (like Imperial March)? Thanks!

Joe Tracy

Jul 5 - 18:04
Zimmer again....into ID4
E-mail: somewhere out there

As far as I've heard, ID4 trailers use a few scores -
CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER - I think, definitely James Horner track

Anyone listened to ID4? What's the take on David Arnold's 2nd Emmerich score?
I've seen the CD for LAST OF THE DOGMEN by him - gave it a quick listen.

Saw Muppets yesterday - almost got arrested for trying to camcord Hans name on the credits,
and bowing at it, but tape got confiscated to be deleted. Oh well, some things do happen.
Who said life was boring? And normal?

ummmm, the Spanish page seems to include a few more titles for Hans' filmography.
I would presume they're a bit inaccurate, but hey, do I speak Spanish? Not quite, Italian - sort of.

Please notify Alexis in Mexico, that I have a copy of Black Rain for him.
Paper House and Burning Secret should be available from Germany on re-issue - all Milan stuff.
PH is also available from Colesseum Records through GEMM online shopping. I have
one spare European copy sitting at home without sleeve.

No copies of Regarding Henry to be found in New Zealand yet.

Well cheerio for now....


Jul 5 - 18:58
Re: Disney music
E-mail: again

I liked Aladdin, definitely Little Mermaid (dedicated to Liljane), then Beauty and
the Beast. Got excited with Lion King.

Wondered why Disney movies got all the oscars for score. Whether
Hans only got it coz it was a Disney movie (by default).

Haven't seen or heard Pocahontas, but was NOT surprised that it
got the Oscar. And won't be surprised at ALL when Hunchback gets teh next one.
So much for Oscar surprises.

I spose the split in the categories allowed Disney to get the oscar
this year. IL POSTINO is classic, Braveheart is brave. Disney is a bit suss.

I still believe that LION KING is a bit over-hyped; the simple and
elaborate elegance of A WORLD APART and POWER OF ONE easily surpasses
LION KING (in my limited opinion).

Creativity is better than commercialism is my naive point.

Oh well, time to go. I'm the pridelands (aka Fiji)

Sincerely to Zoo,
Chris C

Jul 6 - 05:43
Various rumours
Jon Aanensen, Konsul Chr. v. 2, 4616 Kr.Sand, Norway

Well, I suppose it's time for me to post something again.
At last I managed to get hold of "Follow Your Dreams", the Zimmer/Mancina compilation. It's not very strange that people have problems locating it, 'cause the cover tells us that the CD is only released in 100 copies!!! The artwork is very professionally done, with color photos of stars like Bullock, Reeves, Crawford, Arquette and Slater, and the disc is told to be"24 carat gold"! Inside the booklet there are photos of the two guys, and the lyrics to the title track that Mancina croones. (Not a very good song by the way). I have bought the CD from a german guy whose name I am not going to reveal yet, cause he has got "only" 10 copies in all and I don't think he would like getting hundreds of requests. And of course, I wouldn't do that without his permissi on. According to this guy there are two MORE Zimmer bootlegs out there, called "THE HANS ZIMMER CHRONICLES" and "THE HANS ZIMMER CREW". I know this sounds crazy, but I am only referring to my source of information. If these two CD's also are from First Bo rn Records, then I suppose the quality is very good. By the way, Follow Your Dreams was availably in March this year, for the first and last time.
What about he music then? Well, the sound quality is very good and the cd contains many "ultra rare tracks", as the cover says. Mancina is represented with music from six movies, Fair Game, Speed, Bad Boys, Assassins, Money Train and Monkey Trouble, while Zimmer has got tracks from First Born, Days Of Thunder, Th & Louise, Lion King, True Romance and so on.
The cat. number is FBR-CD 2501. If you don't succeed in getting the CD, I MAY be able to dub it over to a cassette.
Sorry, I have no valid e-mail address.
So long,


Jul 6 - 08:51
Looking for soundtracks

To Chris :
The mail has arrived. Great CD. Thank you.
I¥ll sent the stuff you¥ve ordered at July 10th.
About Regarding Henry and Radio Flyer, please take the CD¥s.

To Joe Tracy

Cutthroat Island was released by Silver Screen Records, London. It sounds a little bit like Muppet Treasure Island.
It got 19 Tracks and it¥s over 70 Minutes long. Happy Hunting.

To Uwe:

Where in Germany do you found THE ROCK ? I¥ve tried it in Hannover, Braunschweig, Wolfenbuettel and in Salzgitter, at the Cinema Soundtrack Club and Tarantula Records in Hamburg, everywhere without success .
Please E-Mail me or mail on this board.

To everyone :

I have seen the TV-Series SPACE RANGERS last weekend. Great Music by Hans Zimmer and Mark Mancina. Is for this TV-Series a soundtrack available ?

I have heard that for K2 were 2 albums released. Is this true ? ( I have a soundtrack with 2 Tracks on it ).

Where can I order the SPACE RANGERS and the 2nd K2 Soundtrack ?


Jul 6 - 13:22
I'm just a big fan!!!
Kaveh Vali

Hallo everybody,
I just would like to say that Hans Zimmer is really great!
I know that such scores as Crimson Tide, The Rock, etc.
are very good, but I also like the soundtrack of Treasure Island wich in
some ways has been overlooked.

Does anybody know if there are any concerts given by Hans Zimmer?


Jul 6 - 20:08
Days of Thunder
Bannister Bergen

I'm looking for Hans Zimmer's work on the motion picture "Days of Thunder". Hans being one of my favorite film score composers, I bought the "Days of Thunder" soundtrack. To my extreme dissapointment It was just of re-produced pop & rock tunes. NONE OF HANS ZIMMERS WORK. I would very much like to find a compolation of the work he did for this movie. Can anyone give me a hand?


Jul 7 - 10:17
Re: Days of Thunder
Eric Daley

I have bought an album called 'Born on the Forth of July: The films of Tom Cruise' in which it has two Hans tracks. It has 'Las Vegas' from Rain Man and it has a track from Days of Thunder. Now don't get too excited, because the tracks are remade. Even though someone else redid it the Days of Thunder track is still pretty good. It's not great, but worth buying. I picked up mine at a blockbuster music store. Good Luck!

Jul 7 - 20:31
Crimson Tide & The Rock... more?

I remeber seeing the movie Crimson Tide then IMMEDIATELY driving to the mall to purchase the soundtrack. My friend and I were waiting in the car for the rest of the crew which saw something else. I kept humming this tune which was similar to but not Cri mson. I realized it was Lion King and that I had that soundtrack. Suprise! Hans Zimmer too! I now also own the sountrack to The Rock (track one is the best). I simply love loud dramatic classical music! I am wondereing which other works by Zimmer are similar. E-mail me or reply. Thanx! :)

Jul 8 - 11:27
Re: Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Andy Kim

In response to your mail, yes I finally say the ID4 preview with
the Crimson Tide score (sure adds to the excitement).

I saw ID4 (which BTW is a must see movie) and I recognised David
Arnold's style from the beginning. I will most probably be
getting this soundtrack as soon as it's out (it's quite similar
to his Stargate texturally and harmonically speaking but
I like it nonetheless).

In regards to Hunchback, I was talking overall. As a complete
package I felt the soundtrack fell short of the mark and does
not deserve the Oscar this year (although I predict it will get
the Oscar anyways). My favorite is Lion King again overall.

As for the dramatic March type stuff comparable to Imperial march,
I recommend the following:

"By Request" (John Williams and the Boston Pops) - tons of march
themes from "Battle of Midway", "1942", "Superman", "Liberty Bell".

"Summon the Heroes" (John Williams and the Boston Pops) - the
newest CD by the King of Fanfares and Marches (in my opinion).
This has the three Olympic themes by Williams (including the one
for this years Atlanta Olympics! (I can't wait to see Williams
conduct this on the Opening Ceremonies!)).

"BackDraft" (Hans Zimmer) - Mainly the last few pieces although
not meant for marching do have that 4/4 steady pace especially
"You Go, We Go" and "Show Me Your Firetruck" (both of these part
of a long piece that spans 5 tracks).

"Crimson Tide" (Hans Zimmer) - some neat march themes but its
just a good soundtrack :)

"Macross Plus" (Yoko Kanno) - if you are into Anime there are some
pretty cool military stuff (and some pretty cool other stuff too).

"Total Recall" (Jerry Goldsmith) - the introduction credits are
epic making with awesome percussion.

"Glory" (James Horner) - if you like military type stuff get this
one! One of Horner's best!

"Robocop" (Basic Poledorus (sp?)) - if you didn't like the movies,
just ignore them when you listen to the soundtrack. Some really
good march type stuff here...

I don't know if you would like any of the above (I do). Anyways
these are my contributions. There are probably more but I just
don't want to go through my entire scores collection right now :)

Hope this helps :)


Jul 9 - 04:59
Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Joe Tracy

Marco - thanks for the info on Cuthroat Island. Hopefully it will
our local music store hunt it down. The info you provided was much
more useful than the info I got when inquiring on the John
Debney fan page.

Andy - thanks for the list! I have "by request" and "Crimson Tide"
and look forward to trying a couple of your suggestions, like
"Backdraft" and the new Atlanta themes. BTW - Being new, I just
recently read all these posts and I WHOLEHEARTIDLY agree with your
post (I believe June 12) on the disappointing trend of movie companies
releasing soundtracks with songs instead of scores. By doing that,
they are totally isolating a market (how hard would it be to put
BOTH). Because of this, I didn't buy the TWISTER sound track
where I would have otherwise.

I got to hear the music from "The Rock" yesterday (WOW). Now I
need to find a CD!!!

Joe Tracy

Jul 9 - 18:28
Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Tim Cleary

I just recently started to listen to Hanz Zimmer's scores and I have to say that they are some of the best movie scores ever made.
I do have a few questions. First, Did Zimmer do any of the score in "Top Gun", because in the first track of Crimson Tide, around 3min into it, the music sounds just like the sad scene in Top Gun.
Also, does anyone know if the score to Twister will be available?
If anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I also bought the ID4 score and can't put it down.

Jul 9 - 21:35
The Rock - Twister - Muppets
Joe Tracy

Finally was able to get a copy of "The Rock" -- WOW !!!!!!!

I know quite a few people looking for the Twister scores - can anyone give us tips as to where to start in our hunt?

Also, in regards to Muppets Treasure Island which was mentioned as similar to Cuthroat Island in music style - is the music really dramatic or is it.... well.... "Muppety?" I didn't see it, but if the soundtrack has some killer dramatic scores, I'll rush out and get it.

Thanks again - everyone's help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Joe Tracy

Jul 10 - 07:17
Re: Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Andy Kim

Hi Tim...
In response to "Top Gun", the score is done by Harold Faltemeyer
(sp?). His other works include "The Running Man" (that Arnold
movie about the violent game show). Of course here's another
example of a soundtrack that basically only has the "POP" music
that was in the movie and none of the score (however I must admit
"Top Gun" is one of the few soundtracks I actually like that is
not a score) :) !

Must.... get.... The Rock..... soundtrack! :P


Jul 10 - 07:24
Posting a new message...
Andy Kim

I was wondering (for convienience sake) if you could but the
"Post a new Message" link after all the messages as well as
before so that after I've read the new messages, I can post another without having to move up to the top of the page. It's
not a big thing but it might help us people with slower screen
refreshes a lot! Thanx!


Jul 10 - 07:25
Re: Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Andy Kim

Hey Tim,
If you liked ID4 so much, you might want to check out Stargate
also by David Arnold (if you haven't already)!


Jul 10 - 07:30
Re: The Rock - Twister - Muppets
Andy Kim

Excuse my ignorance but who did the Muppet's TI soundtrack

In response to Joe's comment, what's wrong with being "Muppety"
:) :) :)

Seriously, I like the occasional jauntly (sp?) themes especially
from Elfman, Shaiman, Silvestri, etc. It's fun listening to those
cool polka-carnival-waltz type stuff :)


Jul 10 - 19:49
Being Muppety
Joe Tracy


If "muppety" is your style - nothing wrongs with it (I think Dragonheart
has a "muppety" score. For me, it's not my thing though - "muppety" does
nothing to motivate me like a strong Hans Zimmer score.

Joe Tracy

Jul 11 - 00:27
Re: Re: Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Tim Cleary

Hey thanks for the help. I've checked out the Stargate score and it indeed is awesome. I heard from a friend of mine that the Twister score was available at a store by the name of Best Buy. The closest one to here is about 60 or 70 miles away, but they said that they were out and didn't know when anymore were coming in.
I work at a local movie theater, as a projectionist, So you can bet I was excited to see the ID4 trailer with the Crimson Tide music on it. I even took the original trailer after the movie came out. Now I just need to find a 35mm projector to play it. That is the one advantage of working at a movie theater, lots and lots of freebies.
I have a ton of actual movie trailers, posters and other movie stuff. The CD's though, regretfully I do have to purchase myself, I have built up quite a collection of movie soundtracks in the past year and half. What would you vote as Hanz Zimmer's best score? It's hard for me to decide since I haven't heard them all. Do you or anyone else know of any other composer's fan pages?
Thanks again,

Jul 11 - 11:42
Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Andy Kim

(Removed some of the Re:'s from the that subject :)

Hey Tim!

Well for my vote for Zimmer's best score is quite hard to make.
I've ordered "Pacific Heights" which a lot of people say is by
far his best score (yet to be seen). Anyways I can't put a finger
on his best overal score but I have a couple of memorable separate
pieces from various soundtracks:

1. "Show me your Firetruck" - Backdraft
By far my favorate Zimmer piece! If I'm listening to it in
the car, I feel like I'm in some sort of big convoy or something
and I'm in the lead :)

2. "The Rainmaker" - Power of One
The song that got me really interested in African sounds. I
would really like to make a trip to Africa to listen to the sounds
around me like one of my music teachers did. Who knows? Maybe
I'll be inspired as well!

3. "To Die For..." - Lion King
The title says it all. This track is just the best. So
primal and yet all the interweaving textures make it so facinating
as well :)

4. "???" - Crimson Tide
I've forgotten the name of the last track in Crimson Tide but
it's a great one! So moving and dramatic ending off with that
really awesome arrangement of "Eternal Father Strong to Save"

5. "Mother Africa" - Power of One
This piece is sooooo powerful. I love the offset of the
soprano and baritone timbres. Very nice. Can't get enough of
this piece.

Well there are my top 5 Zimmer pieces. How about you (out of the
ones you have listened to of course)?

I must admit I'm quite envious of your job :) . Well I'm hoping
to go into a career as a soundtrack artist in movies or video games
but I don't think I'm quite talented enough. I wouldn't mind making
one in my lifetime though! :)

As for other soundtrack artist homepages, there are a couple out
there but not as awesome as this one. This is truly a great
homepage! I really should work on mine (which looks like crap!)


Jul 11 - 11:42
Muppet Treasure Island

Hi and Bula from Fiji!

It's great to be home, to have a radio station
at your control, and teh sun and teh sea.....

Anyway, MTI is a great score by Hans.

Very dramatic, and exciting - a cross between Drop Zone
and whatever else. Definitely worth buying..

IT'S VERY UN-Muppety to be honest. Very grand.

Thar yoo go. Will check out teh local Zimmer stock tomorrow.

Zoodles, hi to all!

I have got 2 spare copies of BLACK RAIN now.


Jul 11 - 11:45
Re: Being Muppety
Andy Kim

Oh yeah! Given! Nothing beats a good Zimmer score! However,
those "muppety" (we should stop using that "word" :) ) scores
sure are fun!


Jul 11 - 19:25
James Welles

I have been looking for the PAPERHOUSE soundtrack for
quite some time, with little luck? Anyone have an idea on
where I might be able to locate or order this atmospheric
masterpiece of music? I'd appreciate any help.



Jul 12 - 18:22
Re: Disturbing trend on Scores
Michael Schwing

Amen to that!

Thats not only disturbing, that's simply comerce taking over art.
Where is the rest of the great score of Hans Zimmer from Bad Boys.
The one and only suite from the so called soundtrack was exceptional.
But for my humble taste by far too short.

They (the record companies) should simply release two set of disc.
The one for the mainstream (the often call music-inspired-by CD) and
the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (I won't except anything less.)

There only very few examples where this mixture of Pop and Score were
done right. (IMHO this was done on the Zimmer Work for "Black Rain")

So more original Scores and less of theses mix-up-scraps..

Bremen, Germany

Jul 12 - 18:49
Re: Disturbing trend on Scores - Mistake
Michael Schwing

Ok Ok Ok

my mistake, before anyone flames me down ;-)))

Bad Boys was from Mark and not from Hans, but hey, I my opinion
both are doing a great job. I simply love these driving themes like
in Backdraft, Speed, Crimson Tide, well and also Bad Boys....

BTW. For the german fans out there. I know its not so polite to make
advertisement for own good, but we (Cinemabilia, Bremen) had The Rock OST-CD for quite some time.
We should have it back in stock soon. And YES, it's simply as good
as said earlier....

Check out: Our new Homepage at


Jul 13 - 20:28
Re: Muppet Treasure Island
Joe Tracy


Thanks for the info! I'll go pick it up tonight. I also just got
Han Zimmer's Broken Arrow. A different style of mix/music - but
still great! I love songs that incorporate "voices".

Thanks again for the info on MTI being more drama than "muppety" -
I look forward to picking up a copy in a few minutes.


Joe Tracy

Jul 14 - 11:24

If you read my earlier posting, you would have seen
that PAPERHOUSE is available from Colesseum Records
online via GEMM; via import order from Germany;
and I also have a spare copy.


Jul 14 - 23:07
Re: Re: Zimmer in ID4 and Mancina's Twister
Tim Cleary


Let me see, I would have to say my favorite Zimmer score I've heard would have to be, well it's too hard to put one out front. The one's I've heard are: "Crimson Tide" "Power of One" "Beyond Rangoon" "Backdraft" "Broken Arrow" "Lion King" and "The Ro ck"
Out of all those I like Crimson Tide the best, after that The Lion King and its sister soundtrack The Power of One. Has anyone heard any sound clips from The Fan yet? I wonder how that one will sound. Oh well catch ya later!

Jul 16 - 00:38

Just a note to refer to Andy's earlier comment -
the TOP GUN soundtrack does have a score track
by Harold F. and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol).

I picked up a copy of Harold F in NZ, that contains
a good track score lifted from Beverly Hills Cop II!!!!!

Anyway, I think this is 'moce' from Fiji, and see Zoo's all
in Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!!

Always Zimmering,

Jul 16 - 02:18
New Zimmer scores

Ok, Zimmer is doing Prince of Egypt for Dreamworks....anyone
have any other places to get info on what they are actually
doing with the film? Zimmer rules, nobody will ever match him,
nobody will ever beat him.....

Jul 16 - 18:04
The Rock distribution problems
Jon Aanensen

I just have to complain a little about the lack of worldwide distribution concerning The Rock score from Glennie-Smith and Zimmer. The CD was released on Hollywood Records a few weeks ago but it¥s apparently only US residents that are able to get hold of it! With better distribution this could be a top-selling soundtrack, perhaps challenging Broken Arrow which has sold very well.
What about Mancina¥s Twister score? Will it see the light of day at all? I doubt it. But his Moll Flanders score should be out now. Has anyone heard it?
By the way, it¥s great to see lively and vibrant discussions about Hans Zimmer on these pages. His name just gets bigger and bigger, even among people with no special interest in filmmusic.
See ya,

Jul 18 - 16:54
Looking for...
Eric Daley
E-mail: Hans2go

I am a big Hans Zimmer fan. I have thirty-two Hans Zimmer soundtracks in all and I cherish every one. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find or has an extra copy of the CD's for Neverending Story II, I'll Do Anything, Regarding Henry or any of the rare ones. If you could e-mail me I would appreciate it. P.S. Could Jon Aanenson please e-mail me.

Jul 22 - 12:49
The Rock sample?

Does anyone happen to know where I can download a sample of The Rock soundt? I couldn't find it at Thanks.

Jul 23 - 10:28
Bill Kistler

Recently saw an IMAX film called Serengeti. The score was by HZ. Does anybody know if this is available on CD. Overall sounded much like Millennium. Thanks

Jul 24 - 06:43
Andy Kim

It's called "The Power of One". Most of the music was taken
from this soundtrack. Didn't the music just make that film?! :)
This made it one of the best IMAX films I have seen!


Jul 29 - 12:51
Laura McDaniel

Oh, and the Power of One soundtrack is great!!! Listening to it right this moment.That intro to "Limpopo River Song" is funny! Who had to throw that in? (FYI, someone says, "This is a river song, Limpopo River.") I hope my mother doesn't see me rocking out to this. She'd think I was weird.(I'm 13, so don't expect to find me in college, working, or anything like that, OK? :) ) I would highly reccomend this!!! I give it ***1\2 (3 and 1\2 asterisks on a scal of four.) Alamsiki! (Goodbye!)

Jul 29 - 19:44
Love the page!
Hans Zimmer
E-mail: I'm not about to tell

I just thought I'd check into this page to say what I great job I think you have got here. I never knew I had such devoted fans!!!

Jul 29 - 19:45
Love the page!
Hans Zimmer
E-mail: I'm not about to tell

I just thought I'd check into this page to say what I great job I think you are doing here. I never knew I had such devoted fans!!!

Jul 29 - 19:54
I'm BACK!!!!!!!

I have seen/HEARD THE FAN trailer!!!! AND IT IS CHOICE!!!!!

I am getting my Liljane to send it to me as soon as it's released!

Hi, back from my holiday, brown again, and loaded with my COMPLETE Zimmer

I saw THE ROCK CD in New Zealand as an import, and is readily available in the US.

I bought MOLL FLANDERS without watching the movie, solely coz it had a SARAH McLACHLAN
track on it - she is HOT (as far as vocalists go), and the score is good!

More to come (listening to THE ROCK on my lovely YAMAHA DSP system now).

OH!!!! I called Media Ventures when I was in LA!!!!
Apart from the most fantastic phone system they have, they are really friendly and were frantically finishing off THE FAN.

I should have some literature soon in the mail! Will let everyone know.

Chris Caine

Jul 29 - 20:00
Re: The Rock sample?


Go to THE ROCK website to at least hear a sample.


I saw the Neverending Story II cd in New Zealand, I'll DO Anything is possible,
I am getting the last known copy of Regarding Henry in Australia for Marco in Germany,

and I have 2 spare copies of BLACK RAIN for anyone.


Jul 30 - 12:54
Days of Thunder
Sven-Oliver Schibat

Does anyone know if there is a pure instrumental Soundtrack-CD of "Days of Thunder" available? I think, this was Hans' best Soundtrack ever and the normal Soundtrack does not contain any instrumental track of Hans.
Can anyone help me?

Jul 30 - 12:54
Days of Thunder
Sven-Oliver Schibat

Does anyone know if there is a pure instrumental Soundtrack-CD of "Days of Thunder" available? I think, this was Hans' best Soundtrack ever and the normal Soundtrack does not contain any instrumental track of Hans.
Can anyone help me?

Jul 31 - 03:24
Thelma & Louise

Hi HZ fans !

You all folks would agree that one of the best score ever
composed by HZ is certainly Thelma & Louise. If you
never heard "Thunderbirds", the last song of the soundtrack,
then you really missed something !

I wonder if a pure instrumental version of the soundtrack exists.
I would really hear the complete masterpiece of HZ, as heard
on the video CD. The official soundtrack has just only one
instrumental song by HZ ; all the others are (good but) non-HZ
songs :-(. Any idea ?


Jul 31 - 12:51
paperhouse soundtrack
P.J. Walter

I have been looking for this soundtrack (paperhouse) since the
movie was released. I saw in in NYC a few years ago but wasn't
able to purchase it. If anyone knows how I can get a hold of
it I'd like to hear from you. The musical score not only
contains music by Hans Zimmer but also Faure's Requiem.
If you haven't seen the movie... SEE IT!