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July 1997

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Jul 31 - 12:00
New Music In Films
SL Sreenivas
Location: New Jersey,USA

Hello Zimmerites,

I am desperate to obtain the compilation CD with music from early Zimmer films titled "New Music In Films". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SL Sreenivas

Jul 31 - 06:42
New action music?
Julius Horsthuis
Location: Amsterdam

Hello, I'm a fan of soundtracks like the Rock, Broken Arrow, Drop Zone and that kind of action music.
Does anyone know of Hans Zimmer is making a new action sountrack?

Jul 30 - 17:52
Re: True Romance
T. Lin
Location: NJ

It shouldn't be that hard to find, The true romance soundtrack hasn't been discontinued or anything, so you may have to special order it. His scores are mixed with songs and he has three tracks on the cd

Jul 30 - 05:58
True Romance
Lynn Thomas
Location: Canada


I have been lookin for the CD with Zimmer's score for True Romance on it. Could somone please help me in my search?

Thanks for your help.

Lynn :-)

Jul 29 - 23:53
Howdy there!
The Traveller
Location: Houston

Just a hello,

Hopefully will get to see a movie with decent sound here.
Will be offline for another week or so, hold your horses.

Will be in touch, zah zah... it's late, 'ya know'.


Jul 28 - 15:06
Face/Off on MD?
Michael Greenberg
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Does anybody know if the Face/Off soundtrack is available as a prerecorded minidisc? Email me if you have any info., thanx.

Jul 28 - 05:07
Re: New Music in Films
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

This CD sucks, in my opinion. The two long tracks from Burning Secret and The Fruit Machine features very little musical "meat" at all. I really don't understand that these scores were written the same year as Rain Man. Diamond Skulls is OK though. The cover features an early picture of Hans, with the usual knobs, keys & monitors in the background ..

BTW, Zimmer is committed to score Terry Mallick's third feature; The Thin Red Line, according to Film Score Daily.

Jul 27 - 23:40
Re: Composers and stuff....
T. Lin
Location: Nj

Sorry......I have to disagree with you on Air Force One. I thought that this movie was garbage, I mean I think that Ford is one of the greatest actors out there aand loved the Tom Clancy series, but Air Force One sucked. It was completely unrealistic, Glenn Close looked as if she were reading from a cue card, the crash landing looked really fake, etc. And the score really didn't do much....not really as patriotic as Horners Clear and Present Danger. That's not to say that Goldsmith isn't talented, just that i felt this movie was a big fat bomb. Of course, that's just my opinion.......

Jul 27 - 23:35
Re: Re: All Zimmer
T. Lin
Location: NJ

CDR stands for CD'll have to ask Chris to make one for you though.......

Jul 27 - 17:23
Composers and stuff....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Here

Going with the recent non-Zimmer theme in here, I'll post my thought on a different issue. Just saw Air Force One. It cemented two ideas in my head: First, this one-man-takes-on-terrosists thing is really starting to get to me. So is this whole idea of 4 climaxes in the same movie. AFO suffered drastically from both of these, but I guess it was better than most of these damn summer movies (save for Face/Off and Contact) Second, it proved that creativity has no bounds, as Jerry Goldsmith continues to tear up the film scoring scene. This man is truly gifted. He had 2 and a half weeks to score this film, and cranked out one of the best scores I've heard in a while. His patriotic theme, coupled with the presence of Harrison Ford, I thought I was watching Jack Ryan up there for a minute......zorry, I keep rambling

Most overlooked composer, now there's a great category. You're right about Graeme Revell, Wayne, but I don't think he's the MOST overlooked composer. This topic has two guys in my head.

In second place, Cliff Eidelman. Columbus: The Discovery's a great score, and proves this young maestro can handle an orchestra quite well.

But in my eyes, the composer most worthy of the big assignments in scoring is by far Christopher Young. Murder In The First, Flowers in the Attic, Species, Murder At 1600 (where the hell is that soundtrack, lol). Please go out and get Murder In The First.

I can't wait for Spawn, either (Or The Peacemaker! lol)

Zee y'all later!

Jul 27 - 00:08
Re: All Zimmer
Joe MacKay
Location: Whidbey Island, WA

What the heck is a CDR? How can I get this All Zimmer thing?

Jul 26 - 20:18
Regarding Henry
Location: Wichita, Ks

Looking for copy of soundtrack. Are there any cds out there ?

Jul 26 - 17:19
All Zimmer
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK

Hey Chris Caine,
I just recently made a CDR of all Zimmer.

2 tracks from COOL RUNNINGS
1 track from CALENDAR GIRL
2 tracks from RAIN MAN
2 tracks from TRUE ROMANCE
4 tracks from BLACK RAIN
2 tracks from LEAGUE OF THIER OWN
71 minutes of nothing but Zimmer.

I am going to make a second one with:

The art work is great. Scanned in all the covers and made an
insert with track listings.

I'll send you one. Where to?

Keep on Zimmering!

Jul 26 - 09:18
worst composer
Wayne Bressette
Location: canada

I agree with alot of people that Elliot Goldenthal is the worst piece of trash in the world. However he has had one good soundtrack, Alien 3. He seems to pull off the dark music quite well. I also agree with others that Jerry Goldsmith IS a good composer. I love the rambo soundtracks, Star Trek 8, and First Knight. Kamem blows the big one. A s for all time favorite composers, you know, the ones where you just see there name and thats enough to buy there score is Mark Mancina and Grame Revell.
(If only there was a bad boy score) I find that Revell is highly over looked. His scores suit the mood of his movies quite nicely. And with his upcoming film SPAWN, if its anything like The Crow it will kick ass. As for favorite score of all time it would have to be a tie between Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Crow and Aliens.
Most wanted Scores: Bad Boys and Predator.
See Ya.

Jul 23 - 21:40
Re: Zound Off --
Doug C.
Location: Florida

Favorite Non-Zimmer composer.....hmmmm. Of course Williams Star Wars Trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark haven't been topped by anyone yet...not even the mighty Zimmer.

Other good ones....The first Batman Soundtrack by Elfman was super. I really love Last of the Mohicans by one- time flukes Trevor Horn and Edelman. That theme is amazing. Horner's Braveheart is beautiful. Thomas Newman's Shawshank Redemption is another one of my all time favorites.

I forgot about how awful Elliot Goldenthal is. What the hell did he do to the Batman films? What is worse is he pretty much just played the Batman Forever soundtrack, which is bad, over the Batman and Robin movie. Not only was it unoriginal, but it sucked in the first place. The main theme is ok though, but it is barely played.

Star Trek 8 is the exception for Goldsmith.

Worst soundtrack of all time: Ennio Morriciono's "Disclosure".....what the hell was that? I felt like puking at the end.

See ya,
Doug C.

Jul 23 - 19:10
Zound Off --
Mike Skerritt
Location: Biozphere, lol

Hmmmm....worst composers? I have to say, I in a few ways agree with your pick of John Barry. SOOOOO sappy......but I am in total disagreement with your dissing of Jerry Goldsmith. Though he hit a slump in 1996 with Executive Decision and Chain Reaction, he more than bounced back with Star Trek 8 and The Ghost and the Darkness. I'm rather anxio us to see what he did on Air Force One with only 2 weeks of work (Ransom anyone?)

As for my worst, at the top of the list goes Elliot Goldenthal. The king of themeless compositions and T- Rex like orchestrations is an easy choice. Did anyone else see him at the Golden Globes this year with his Michael Collins nomination? Get back to the coffee house, my friend....

And in second (probably, and after much thought) I'd have to vote for Michael Kamen. While his actions scores for the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon series have been quite effective, his other efforts usually melt into sappy mish-mash. Although he is quite a nice man (I've spoken with him on a couple of occasions) I'm afraid my CD player doesn't usu ally call his scores out of the collection much. Sorry, Mr. Kamen......

And now I extend another zound off -- how about favorite NON-Zimmer composers and scores?

I like Horner, Chris Young, Basil Poledouris, Goldsmith (he he)

Also like (scores) Murder in the First (current overall fave), On Deadly Ground, Young Sherlock Holmes, Wind.....

On a final non-Zimmer note, John Williams. PLEASE, for the love of God, bounce back from this huge slump you are in with Seven Years in Tibet.

September 9th!!!!!!!! Watch out!!!!!!!!

LAter y'all.....

Jul 23 - 14:31
Does Anyone Know???
Wayne Bressette
Location: Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Hi everybody,
For about the last year and a half I have been trying to find out what music they used in the trailor for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Then they rub it into me by using it at the end of The Quest Trailor. If anyone knows who composed this piece of music I would be most thankfull.

Jul 23 - 09:34
New Music in Films
rich roth
E-mail: rothste
Location: la, ca

What are people's opinions on Zimmer's hard to find New Music in Films? is it worth my buying for $25?


Jul 22 - 19:59
Re: Personal Trivia and Other Ztuff....
Doug C.
Location: Florida

Have any of you heard the music to Once Upon a Time in America? I have and I am surprised that it has inspired Zimmer so much. It is not bad music, but nothing spectacular in my opinion. Only two themes repeated through all four hours of film.

The more I listen to Face/Off, the more I can hear a different style. Maybe I thought it was a Zimmer wannabe at first, but now I think I am dead wrong. This guy put alot of thought into this music.

Contact is truly a beautiful movie I agree. Music....well that is a different story. I guess it did its job. Too bad Chris about your sound problems, it is a very sound intensive film. I had a thundering DTS experience.

Have any of you heard the Fifth Element soundtrack yet? It is an interesting buy.

Sound off everyone...worse film composer. Mine are John Barry (yuck!) and Jerry Goldsmith. I've had burps that sound better than what they do.

Doug C.

Jul 22 - 12:32
To Maksim Nuorala
Location: getting packed


The Swede with the unusual name.

Care to read your email please?


Jul 22 - 03:44
Location: listening to Glory, oops, lol


I wasn't going to watch the movie, until I found out the beach scene was shot in my home country FIJI!

I wasn't disappointed with tthe rest of the movie, but AMC sucked again! Surround sound coming on every 20 minutes for 40 seconds only. American standards? lol.

7 weeks to The Peacemaker!

My personal FYD is up for sale at Zinfo.

brekkie time,

Jul 21 - 20:19
Personal Trivia and Other Ztuff....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Vertical.....

Wazzup, all yee Zimmer-ites?

I dunno about so many other things, Lida, but I do know that Zimmer's favorite composer is Ennio Morricone. Zimmer credits the Italian Stallion with getting him started in composing, and mainly mentions the score to Once Upon a Time in America as being the primo reason........p.s. he also loves The Mission

Doug, I can probably make you a CD-R of FYD, but I won't be able to do it for probably about a month.....

Regarding Face/Off -- zzzzzzz....While the producer of a score album obviously has some input into the general sound of the album, he or she on the main does not contribute to the general content of the album. There is definitely some Zimmer stylings in that score, but they come from Powell, the composer, not Zimmer, the producer. (I have to say I do agree, though. Face/Off and Con Air have been my favorite purchases this summer)

Non-related plug.....Puhleeese....if you love great movies, great plots, great acting, and wonderful special effects, go see Contact. It's more than a movie, it's an experience. BTW, kudos to Robert Zemeckis (another Z-man, lol) and Alan Silvestri for realizing this film was primarily meant to be visual, not aural. Oddly, Silvestri's score, thou gh in many ways mediocre, was quite effecting and I look forward to picking up Sony's release of it soon.

Whew, my hands are tired now, I think I need a nap.....


Jul 21 - 12:09
Re: Personal Trivia on Hans Zimmer
T. Lin
Location: NJ

Try the other pages on the web that deal with Zimmer. I know that they have some personal info on him that aren't on any other pages. I hope this helps a little........

Jul 21 - 10:31
Black Rain
rich roth
Location: LA, CA

Was at Tower Records yesterday in L.A. and they had a new copy of Black Rain in stock. I didn't need it so I didn't buy it. I bet you could buy it over the phone!

good luck

Jul 21 - 09:55
Personal Trivia on Hans Zimmer
Lida Daves-Schneider
Location: California

I'm trying to find out some personal info on Hans Zimmer for a first year German college textbook I'm working on. I can't get to Zinfo. I've tried for the last few days. I've also tried Ask Hans. No luck there either

I need items like Zimmer's favorite food, drink, car, composer, etc.

Does anybody have this info??

Thanks, danke!


Jul 20 - 20:18
Follow Your Dreams
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK USA

I am needing a copy of this CD on CDR.
I can give in return a CDR of your Choice with color inserts
of anything on my collection or a CD off my Trade/Sell list.

My Home page is:

Jul 20 - 00:10
T. Lin
Location: NJ

Many of you may already know this....... but the reason the score to Face/Off sounds like Zimmer is because that he produced the album. So far this year, Face/Off and Con Air are the best bets if you're shopping for good soundtracks. Later.......

Jul 19 - 19:03
Regarding Henry
Terry Pettit
Location: Slidell, LA. USA

Out of all the delightful scores HZ has written probably the most under rated was the soundtrack to Regarding Henry, (listen to Walking Talking Man).

I am looking for a copy of this soundtrack to buy or trade for. I am willing to pay a reasonable price or trade for a recent release that may be hard to obtain in your location.

Jul 19 - 03:08
Looking for the soundtrack of "The Rock"
Location: Malaysia

Can find it in Malaysia. Can anyone get for me in US? Willing to pay for it.

Jul 18 - 12:46
Finally found "Black Rain"
Matthew Caruso
Location: Los Angeles

After Years of Searching I finally found "Black Rain," a dutch import that was sitting in a Virgin Megastore in Newport Beach (I say that because,I've never been there before and may nver go again). I must say it was worth the wait, but now there are no Zimmer soundtracks out there left to get.... : ( well i guess i have to get by waiting for the new ones

Jul 18 - 12:07
Location: USA

Does anybody know if there are written scores out there detailing Zimmer's works. If so, how much and at what specialty stores.



Jul 16 - 13:01
Burn a hole in your calendar, and a small one in your pocket!!!
Location: departure lounge


here comes the day of The Peacemaker CD!!!

smiels, yabadoo!!!!!


Jul 15 - 07:21
Notice: Server outage etc.
Location: On the road again


just letting you know that the Swiss ancillary server is undergoing upgrades until Saturday, and a few pic, sound and Zoard archive files will be unavailable.

Hopefully everything will be up by then, so that I can update things before I hit the road on Sunday. I may not be able to update for 2 or 3 weeks while I'm in Houston, but will certainly try to get a PC going (Mac User here, lol).

So, if you're going to fret, start DL RA sound files before the server goes out.

ps. Will be re-creating the Driving Miss Daisy scene driving through Alabama to Georgia and vice-versa! Oh, what a thrill, lol. Obviously will be playing Hans score at the time...

pps. MV said they'll definitely try to get an enhanced CD for future Hans releases (post-Peacemaker).

Check out my new Muppet front page on the site!

brekkie time,

Jul 14 - 10:13
Re: The Peacemaker is gonna blow yoo away!
Doug C.
Location: Florida

Man, this hype for Peacemaker is driving me crazy, is there a release date yet or cd length available. European Romanticism with his synth mixed in eh? Looks like Zimmer is going to redefine the industries sound again.

By the way, I realize that the beach music is the start of the last track on Face/Off, however the whole gregorian synthesizer bit when they are in the church is left off entirely. You know, when Cage is praying near the candles. I am just mostly upset at how the beautiful theme at the beginning of track 7 is cut short. It really expands on film compared to the one minute it is given in the cd. By the way Chris, I don't know if I responded yet, but there is absolutely no furniture in the scene doing with track 3. Unless you count a helicopter seat as furniture.

I saw Contact...Silverstree does another Forest Gump soundtrack. I think his Back to the Future theme was a fluke. Nothing has been as good since. By the way, the movie is much better than it looks in the previews, one of my favorites of all time now. Sho ok me up bad.

Hey Chris, could you possibly put some Insignificance up on real audio when you get a chance. You peaked my curiosity.

See ya, Doug

Jul 12 - 20:59
Zimmer Scores for Sale trade
Brian Bilby

Zimmer Scores for Sale or Trade-

Radio Flyer-Open-Rear cover notched
Pacific Heights-Open
Green Card-Open
Drop Zone-Open and Sealed

More to Come....

Jul 12 - 20:04
The Peacemaker is gonna blow yoo away! Auction ends tomorrow
Location: moving next Sunday


yah, news on the soundtrack release at Zinfo, if you didn't know.
Asked/suggested to MV that it be an Enhanced CD (with multimedia), and offered to write liner notes.

My auction ends tomorrow, prices have dropped again. please check it out.

I am travelling for a month from next Sunday, July 20th. Plan is to go Houston, Huntsville, Atlanta, Richmond.

If anyone's in the area, and would like to meet, PLEASE let me know by Thursday. I have some Zimmer preview material on me, that you'd be welcome to LISTEN to.

I'll be back in Omaha end of August.
I'm taking my Jaz Drive with me, so Zinfo will be updated at every stop, and I'll have email access.

Trying to see whether I can luck into a preview, maybe premiere of The Peacemaker, lol.

Todd suggested that Face/Off does contain the church/beach music at start of Track 8.

Just realised The Rock CD doesn't have the quietish guitar music when Sean Connery meets his daughter, before the 'flute' bits kick in.

well, thar yoo go!

get excited - The Peacemaker is on its way!


Jul 12 - 14:54
My First Day Here...
Roger Schoolcraft
Location: Emerald City

Someone was kind enough to guide me here and I must say it's a very interesting board. I like lots of different composers, though, and wonder if there are any other message boards for film music? I'll check in again every day so I'm hoping someone can l et me know.

Jul 9 - 18:36
Auction ending/Europe
Location: Golf course

Hi Mike & J..... = Mike

Ok folks, my little soundtrack auction is ending on the 15th, so please check out the lower prices at For Sale.

Secondly, I am leaving the US around September, and MAY be able to visit Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Italy or any other country that doesn't require a visitor's visa for a Fiji citizen.

Any Zimmer fans who would kindly give me some floor space would be welcome to rock with my COMPLETE Zimmer collection (essential travel items), lol. Bear in mind that I'm pretty poor - I bought my ticket last year (when I was working), and it would be a p ity not to use it.

On that, any tips for CHEAP travel through Europe?

'How Do I Live' - both for sale as singles from Best Buy for $1 this week. Magazine article stated that Rimes voice wasn't old enough, and didn't fit Dianne Warren's (mature) lyrics.

Coming soon to Zinfo - final QT clip of MV; 'Ear to Ear' - transcript of my phone chat with Hans; 'Face to Face' - hopefully will happen in September (when I leave via LA).

I don't think 'Mouth to Mouth' would be taken the right way, lolol.

ok, I'm always weird, so fuggedabowdit!

Fave Zimmer - my current is INSIGNIFICANCE. Hard to have a fave when you have so many.

Suggestions - go rent the videos for TWO DEATHS and WHITE FANG.

And go get Whaled!!!!!


(Glad some other people are posting!)

Jul 9 - 17:58
J's Dilemma
Mike SKerritt
Location: Home

J: I have yet to see the movie, but I believe the song you are referring to is called "How Do I Live?" It is sung by two country artists (not at the same time, different singles) Originally it was recorded by LeeAnn Rimes (the version I hear all the time ), but apparently Bruckheimer didn't feel she sang it with enough emotion, so it was then recorded by Trisha Yearwood. I'm not sure which is used in the film, but that should be the song.

Everyone else, PLEASE go to Zinfo and check out the tracks of Sam Cardon's Whales. It encompasses so many different styles it's hard to keep up.

About Face/Off, I definitely agree with you about the music included. The first theme used is by far the best. At first, I was hoping Powell would do this huge orchestral sweep of it when Travolta is greeted by his wife at the end, but I've grown more a ttached to the other theme. (And you're right, it seems that Powell has caught a little Zimmer-itis with his track listings -- I think his compositions caught a little "z"neeze, too, lol) IMHO, his themes are original, but his style is far from it....

Just my $.02.....

Zee y'all later!

Jul 9 - 13:39


Recently I watched to the movie Con Air, I heard a song, sung by a women, when Nicolas Cage and his wife danced, and when the embraced at the end, can anybody tell me the name of this song and or the artist it is by? Thanks for your help and if you can te ll me please e-mail me with the answer....

Thanx again J

Jul 8 - 05:35
Re: Face/Off: What the hell?
Location: balcony


Hi Doug and mateys.
Yah, the track listings are strange, much like Broken Arrow and Crimson Tide (and a few others) in addition to the re-sequencing.

Bear in mind that the original score may be changed on the dubbing stage for the movie, and may not be as sequential as a CD.

I too was initially disappointed that the Hallelujah piece was left out, but in hindsight, and it might be the case, that it would've sounded funny adjacent to the score, on CD.

As for the names, I would bet that 'Hans Loft' is named after Hans loft where he relaxes and writes some. It is a quaint attic-like loft at MV where you have to climb up a ladder.

'Furniture' - is that when they're shooting up the furniture maybe? lol, who knows they might have been thinking of furniture or inspired by that scene or something.

In any case, I dont' think it is that important, as I am just glad it made it on CD, and I just refer to any track by number, rather than having to remember names that may be irrelevant anyway.

I like tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 for example. I have more fun picking up all the references to past scores, such as Point of No Return, Black Rain, Broken Arrow etc.

anyway....go get it! lol. it is a very good recording, very crisp, large dynamic range, just like The Fan (go get it!).

ahhhh, thar yoo go. For those need a sample of Face/Off, go to Zinfo, tracks 7 and 8 are there in full length.


Jul 7 - 21:11
Face/Off: What the hell?
Doug C.
Location: Florida

Well, I watched Face/Off again after listening to the CD alot. Who put this CD together? Whoever did should be fired. It is a great CD, don't get me wrong. However, So much of the great music is left out. Many of the cool themes are shortened as well. Her e are some instances:
1) The whole Messiah number
2) The great guitar solo after Cage is first introduced (when he is eating the chicklets)
3) A long version of the beautiful theme during the scene between Gina Gershon, the little boy, and Cage.
4) The whole funeral scene in the church.

The CD could have been put together so much better, and could have been much longer. However the tracks are terribly named (Track 3 is called Furniture!?! WHAT? It is a damn helicopter chase....THERE IS NO FURNITURE IN THE WHOLE SCENE!!!) The tracks jump around the different scenes.

It is a great CD though. Powell has alot of originality....more than Mancina I would say. His end theme is great.


P.S. By the way, I saw the awful Anaconda today. Randy Edleman needs to never again do an action score. He messed up Dragonheart as well.

Boy, have I turned into a mean little critic.

P.P.S. What is everybody's favorite Zimmer score of all time. I would have to say mine is either Rainman or Crimson Tide.

Jul 7 - 17:28
A neglection

Does anybody have or know anything about the availibility of the Days of Thunder soundtrack? There is a disc besides the one with the pop hits on it. I think it is just a Tom Cruise compilation. Nevertheless, it has the orchestral version of Days of Thu nder.

A Reply would be Appreciated!!


Jul 1 - 23:19
RECOMMENDATION: Whales - Sam Cardon
Location: The Zoo

hi zere,

Not exactly the style of Hans, but this highly deserves a mention, and a plug:

Whales by Sam Cardon

The best score I've heard in a while, especially from a 'new' composer.

Check it out, you'll be impressed. Otherwise, tell me of something better!


Jul 1 - 17:33
Hans is the King
Josh Pearson
Location: Idaho

To whom this may concern, or to whomever cares:

I am in awe with the work of Hans. His creations always bring joy and peace into my ears and soal. Today, I purchased the CD Greencard. Wow, such wonderful music. Every track bursted with laughter, and some of fear and anguish. Such is felt in his co mposition to The Power of One. This musical celebration warms my heart as well as the movie.
Thanks to all who honor this man!

I am open to all discussions or encouragements that are available. Please mail me your remarks. Thank you.