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March/April/May 1996

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Mar 14 - 04:59
Brian Tiemann

Welcome to the Hans Zimmer Worship Page Message Board!

I've received several suggestions from users of this page that I install a board like this one; now users can connect with each other and share information about hard-to-find CDs, discuss favorite soundtracks, or just chat.

The Board is now open! Have fun!


Mar 21 - 16:35
Here's your starter for 10! =)
Matt "Red" Robinson

I spent several long and tortuous minutes thinking of something
to write here other than "HZ rules" =), and here it is:

- I have the soundtracks to The Lion King, K2, Millenium,
Crimson Tide and one or two others I can't think of right
now. I absolutely LOVE the Backdraft soundtrack but it's
only available on import over here and it costs more than
$40!! Aaaagh! So, if some kind soul would be willing to
buy and send me a cheaper CD, I'd be more than willing to
pay for it.
- Are there any other cool soundtracks available I should
absolutely get? =) (I just remembered I also have Power of
One )



Mar 22 - 04:09
Expensive BackDraft in UK !!!

(To Matt "Red" Robinson)

Take a look at They have 150000 titles, and
you'll probably able to order Backdraft at about $12-$15.

If someone wants to talk about HZ with me, no pb. I'm a HZ
megafan ! I've 16 original Soundtracks, including the
last one (Broken Arrow). My personal favorites are :

1) Dropzone (for the wild style)
2) House of the spirits (A must in classical style)
3) Millenium


Mar 24 - 22:13
Soundtrack availability
Dennis French

Several months ago my family saw AFRICA-THE SERENGETI at the Chicago I-MAX theatre.We were blown away not only by the visuals but also by the stunning soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer.As the credits rolled Ithought I would see the typical"soundtrack ava ilable on blah,blah CD's and tapes,but alas it was not to be. Does anyone out there know if this is available? Igotta have it!

Mar 24 - 22:39
Re: Soundtrack availability
Brian Tiemann

The soundtrack to AFRICA: The Serengeti is actually just HZ's 1992 score to The Power of One, with several tracks reorganized a little bit. That CD is widely available (I've got it right here with me), under the Elektra label. A definite must-have!


Mar 25 - 07:59
Hans Zimmer vs. Mark Mancina
Jon Aanensen

What are your opinions on the Zimmer-wannabe Mark Mancina? It looks like he's copying Zimmer's style a lot! SPEED from 94 was his first major assignment, but the producers actually wanted Zimmer to score that particular picture. I think that Mancina compo ses some great scores at the moment. FAIR GAME is my new Mancina-favourite, and I hate the fact that the score is unreleased. I suppose I have to buy the movie to get to hear the great music, especially as it was heard during the opening credits. BAD BOYS also had a great Mancina-score. By the way, he has already replaced "old" Michael Kamen twice. Both for ASSASSINS and FAIR GAME was Mancina brought in to rescore the movies.

Mar 25 - 14:27
Thelma & Louise
Thilo von Selasinsky

The soundtrack "Thelma & Louise" has only one track of HZ ("Thunderbird").
So, I am looking for more Score.
Can someone help me ?

Apr 3 - 19:14
Serching for Hans Zimmer Single CD
Uwe Sperlich
E-mail: 101531,

Hi to all Hans Zimmer fans !!
What a great idea this page is!! I'm a great HZ-fan and I own
almost every soundtrack that has been released (except "Younger &
Younger" and "Dropzone"). But I'm still desperately looking for
some score music from "Bird On A Wire" and "Days Of Thunder".
On "Days Of Thunder" there have been released 3 single CD's which
contain 1 theme by HZ. Those are:
- Show me Heaven (Maria McKee)
- Hearts in trouble (Chicago)
- Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Guns'n'Roses)
If anyone knows where to get one of these CDs I would be very
That's all I have for now.
If there is anyone who would like to discuss on HZ, he is very
much welcome !

Apr 9 - 23:49
Re: Serching for Hans Zimmer Single CD
Chris Caine

Thank you for the info. - will start looking for those singles...
I have every score except Muppets and "The Whole Wide World" - it's a
co-composition on a art film....

let's chat , man.

Apr 10 - 00:17
Re: Hans Zimmer vs. Mark Mancina
Chris Caine

Mark Mancina has been Hans' assistant for a long time -
so no surprise that styles are similar...

His Bad Boys score is good, Speed is choice (used well in Braveheart trailer)...

Apr 10 - 07:42
overview of CD-releases
Guido Athmer

Hello Brian,

I just looked at your fantastic pages...they are great
I'm looking for a complete list of cd releases with work of the "big master" Hans Zimmer.
Is it possible for you to send me one or can you give me information about where to find?

I'm a new Hans Zimmer fan so maybe you can help me...

Thank you very much

Guido Athmer - Primavideo Maastricht The Netherlands

Apr 13 - 23:41
Broken Arrow
Andy Kim

If you don't have Broken Arrow and you are a fan of Hans Zimmer, GET IT NOW!! That's right, stop reading this message and pick it up. I don't think I have stopped listening to that soundtrack.

I am a huge soundtrack fan and it is awesome to find others with the same taste. To date I have 72 soundtracks ranging from John Williams, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, Mark Shaiman, David Arnold, James Horner, and other greats. I'm particularly a fan of both John Williams and Hans Zimmer who have hit the top of my best composers list. If anyone wants a comment about any soundtracks, drop me a line, I can probably give you my opinion at least.

Anyways back to Zimmer. I currently hold "Lion King", "Power of One", "Broken Arrow", "Backdraft", "Crimson Tide" ... shoot I know I have others. Well I have yet to be disappointed. One of his best have to be "Black Rain". Unfortunately he only has a 10 minute theme mix at the end of the CD and the rest if other people's work (DANG). I will be picking up "Executive Decision" next week so I should be able to listen to it several times to give a good description of it.

Mind you I haven't seen half of the movies yet :) If it says "Hans Zimmer" I pick it up... no questions asked. His music stands alone as a soundtrack which is what I like most about his music.

Oh BTW... if you guys liked "Power of One", and "Lion King", you might want to pick up "Rhythm of the Pridelands". Although Zimmer only does a few songs on the CD, the whole thing is quite enjoyable. It's basically a Lebo M. CD. I highly recommend it.
Well sorry for the long windedness but just had to get that all out. Happy listening.

Apr 15 - 13:04
Re: Broken Arrow
Jon Aanensen

Well...I just have to agree with your statements concerning Broken Arrow. I think it's one of the best Zimmer-scores in a long time now. In my opinion Zimmer has released a few disappointing albums during the last few years, for instance Nine Months and Something To Talk About, but with Broken Arrow he shows us all that he has still got the musical guts which I thought he had given to Mark Mancina! The film will never make it to my Top 5 list, but the music saved the night for me at the cinema. From beginning to end it was right in-your-face. My only complaint is that he could have written a better main theme. The Duane Eddy guitar theme became a LITTLE tiresome. I have not bought the album yet, but be sure that I will! Did someone say that Zimmer had lost his highly unique Black Rain-ish action style?

Hans Florian Zimmer is back where he belongs.

At the top.

Apr 16 - 01:50
Zimmer Filmography

One score in the complete Filmography of Hans Zimmer
is missing : Taffin, a movie with Pierce Brosnan

Apr 19 - 17:40
I got into college
Alex MacDonald

Hi Hans and Emma,
I have finally finished applying to colleges. i got into 6 out of the 8 schools that I applied. The one's I am seriously considering are Wesleyan, The University of Chicago, and Georgetown (I got wait listed there.) Anyway I just wanted to co ngratulate you for Broken Arrow and hope all goes well. I might becoming to LA this summer to work at Disney again. Bye!

Apr 20 - 05:11
Eternal Father Strong to Save
Chris Tin

Can anybody give me any information of the song "Eternal Father Strong to Save? I understand it was used in Crimson Tide. What's the history behind the song? Whe wrote it?

Apr 20 - 14:34
Re: Broken Arrow
Chris Caine

I presume that you were implying that 'Executive Decision' was scored by Hans....sorry,
Jerry Goldsmith on that one.

Ummmm, the score in "Broken Arrow" was poorly mixed I reckon, the
sound effects seemed to take precedence, and the 'pumping' theme got lost in the gunfire
- pity. I guess John Woo decided on that, since he's an actioner.


Apr 25 - 15:28
Broken Arrow, Crimson Tide
Ron Schepman

Hey, what you say about the soundtrack from "broken arrow"
is so impressive.
I really mean what i'am gonna say now,
at some of that parts its so beautifull,
with those massive string sound.
That also counts for the Crimson Tide,
i wish i could write music that is so beautifull.
Does somebody now witch Yamaha or Korg he uses?

greetings from a Zimmer-fan

Apr 26 - 19:05
Paperhouse Soundtrack CD
Richard Mills

Does anyone know where I can get a CD
of the soundtrack to Paperhouse from?
Milan Records deleted it in 1993, and
I've not been able to find it anywhere.
If anyone's got it, and could get me a DAT
copy, that would be brilliant as well.

Many thanks

Richard Mills

May 1 - 11:55
Re: Re: Broken Arrow
Andy Kim

Whoops... yes it seems I have made an error and said Hans Zimmer
did Executive Decision. My mistake.

Anyways I finally SAW "Broken Arrow" for the first time (a month
AFTER I got the soundtrack). I noticed that his music didn't
stop for even a second, at least I don't remember it stopping.
Anyways I would like to say I loved Travolta's character's theme
each time it popped up. It almost made me laugh. It was homourous
instead of menacing as most "evil guy's" music is. :)

Still a great soundtrack and a cool movie!


May 1 - 20:26
HZ a member of the "Buggles"?

E-mail: Balthasar v. Weymarn

In quite a number of biographical articles about HZ his involvement with the above, band was mentioned. Since I have been a fan of these musicians for quite a while, I would like to know a. if this rumour is true and b. to what extent and in which function he worked with Horn and Downes.

May 7 - 04:49
Re: HZ a member of the
Chris Caine


As far as I know, Hans was part of Buggles (quite obviously sonically), and he has worked with Horn most recently as co-composer on TOYS.

any more questions?


May 8 - 14:13
Re: Hans Zimmer vs. Mark Mancina
Mary Lewis

I have tons of scores, and I think Speed is one of the best. It is absolutely awesome!! :) I also have The Lion King and Broken Arrow, of course by Zimmer. I can't understand why only one person has mentioned Broken Arrow on here. It is a great score by H.Z. Hasn't anyone heard of it????? Thanks for letting me jump in here...
Mary (age 16)

May 8 - 14:16
Re: Broken Arrow
Mary Lewis

Hi! I coulndn't agree with you more. Broken Arrow is by far Zimmer's best work, other than the Lion King, that is. GET IT if you like his stuff. I really can't believe more of you didn't mention it! It is major, should really count!! :) Check it ou t!
Mary (me again)

May 8 - 14:19
Re: Re: Broken Arrow
Mary Lewis

"Ummm," Chris, buy the soundtrack. Just music, no sound effects or explosions to cover it up...altho I think it was well balanced for that type of film.

Mary again

May 13 - 10:22
Re: Here's your starter for 10! =)

Hi I am from Mexico, and I am a fan of Hans zimmer. I saw your question in the zimmer worship page. I only wanted to tell you, that if you love the backdraft soundtrack like I do, there is plenty of zimmer music you are missing. You should get the rainman soundtrack, with this work he won his first academy nomenee.
I would like to keep in touch with people who likes this.


May 13 - 10:26
Re: Expensive BackDraft in UK !!!

I am from Mexico, and I am a Zimmer Megafan. And I would love to talk to someone who likes what I like.
My adress is:
Maybe we can begin to share some information and experiences on all zimmer¥s work.

See you soon

May 13 - 14:02
Best of Hans Zimmer
Andy Kim

Well it's me again and this time I've got a question. Has anyone heard if anyone is planning on releasing a "Best of" Hans Zimmer CD. The reason I ask is that there are several of his soundtracks that I'm hesitant on getting because of the other "non-Zimmer" stuff on there for example "Black Rain", "Rain Man", "Toys", etc. I'm not really into vocal music but want to get his stuff. Unfortunately there are several soundtracks where only 10 minutes of the CD are Zimmer stuff and the rest of it is other stuff. A Best of would be great or even a re-release of those scores in question would be even better! Just my 2 cents.


May 14 - 05:48
Re: Serching for Hans Zimmer Single CD

I totally understand your desire to find Zimmer music from "Days
of Thunder!" I have been looking forever! Unfortunately the
soundtrack only has vocals. I did, however, stumble upon the
opening theme music while listening to a Jazz station. It is on
a CD titled "The Driver" by Terry Reid. Unfortunately, Terry
is singing to Zimmers instrumentals, but the insert says they
wrote it together. I loved the opening theme music to "Days of
Thunder," but in the movie, as you know it was just instrumentals,
which I prefer. Oh, well. It's better than nothing I guess.

May 18 - 16:22
pacific heights
Costers Jimmy

Why is nobody mentioning Pacific Heights wich is mr.Zimmer finest
I have about 25 soundtracks with mr.Zimmer'smusic on it.
My top5:1.Pacific Heights
2.Crimson Tide
3.Point of no return
4.Beyond Rangoon
5.Broken Arrow

May 19 - 07:13
Fiachra Trench & Nick Glennie-Smith
Patrick Renier

Yesterday, the 18th of may, in Europe, there was the yearly long-awaited uninteresting European Song Contest.
If i tell you about this, it's not because there was good music (which is never the case), but because the orchestrator of the French song was a man called Fiachra Trench.
Is it the same guy who work with Hans on The House of the Spirits, K2 and Beyond Rangoon ?

Anyway, more seriously, does anyone knows if Nick Glennie-Smith has any plan of scoring an entire movie by himself.
People who worked with Hans like Shirley Walker, Marc Mancina or Jeff Rona did it, and when you listen to the cues he wrote on different Hans soundtracks , he seems to be very talented.

May 19 - 19:59
Re: Fiachra Trench & Nick Glennie-Smith
Chris Caine

TWO IF BY SEA with Dennis Leary and Sandra Bullock

trailered with music from TRUE ROMANCE by ........Florian

toodles ya Zimmer noodles!

May 23 - 11:53
Zimmers The rock????

Has anyone heard of a new movie due to be released this summer called "The Rock"??
It's directed by the same guy that directed Bad Boys, Michael Bay.
I think that I heard something about Zimmer composing for the film.
Has anyone else heard anything??

Ld-4 ever

May 23 - 12:57
Re: Zimmers The rock????
Costers Jimmy

Hello Alexis in Mexico;
I would love to get in touch with you.
I live in Belgium,Europe and looking for someone who likes
Zimmer's music as well.
E-mail me.

May 23 - 19:31


May 23 - 19:34
Re: Zimmers The rock????
Chris Caine

The Rock starring Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage,
directed by Michael Bay, produced by the late Don Simpson,
and Jerry Bruckheimer.

SCORED by Mark Mancina - director's carryover from Bad Boys.
Trailered with music from Crimson Tide (coz it's the same producers!)

Notes - Independence Day (directed by Roland Emmerich of Stargate)
is trailered by PACIFIC HEIGHTS, as well as another Zimmer score I can't
recall right now.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS has the record for being the most used Zimmer track
on other films, followed by Backdraft and Radio Flyer.

Mark Mancina's latest project is MOLL FLANDERS starring the yumbo Robin Wright
and Morgan Freeman - he does have a long list of movie scores now.

Enough dribbling from me - TOODLES ya Zimmer noodles!

Chris Caine

May 24 - 20:40
zimmer y su repeticiÛn
miguel angel antoÒanzas y pilar jimenez

Somos dos amigos que admiramos la m.sica de Zimmer. Comenzamos con la banda sonora de "A World Apart" y le seguimos con "Pacific Heights", una de nuestras favoritas y finalizando con la excelente "The Lion King". Creemos que su m.sica va m⋅s all⋅ de las im⋅genes que acompaÒa. Sin embargo Pilar, considera que .ltimamente se est⋅ plagiando a sÌ mismo. Prueba de ello es la .ltima banda sonora "Broken Arrow" que guarda muchas similitudes con Pacific Heights. En todo caso creemos que su m.sica supone una enorme contribuciÛn en el mundo de la composiciÛn para pelÌculas.
PD Si no saben castellano, comienzen a aprender, porque prometememos volver.
Thank you very much. We recommend you buy the formidable Collins Spanish-english to read this message. Ezkerrik Asko

May 26 - 02:10
Hans Zimmer Rules

This page is something I've been looking for!!! HZ rules. Does anyone know of a CD from that cartoon The Critic? Crimson Tide and Backdraft are the best. Backdraft is used for like every trailer. DOes anyone know if HZ has an E-Mail address? If there are any other HZ, John William and James Horner fans out there, write to me.

May 27 - 06:58
Re: Hans Zimmer
Chris Struselis

Just to say, and I know that this is a cliche, but I advise any Zimmer fan to buy Broken Arrow as their next addition to a soundtrack collection. It`s fast and impulsive: There are two great theme tunes (one for the freindship/betrayel between Slater and Travlolta and another for Travolta), there is also a hyper heroic signature tune for Slater when he get`s energy to fight again.
It`s interesting, because it`s not everyday you get music with techno and western mixed in this way. Oh, yeah! Does Can anyone tell me a bit about Fair Game?

May 27 - 11:31
What are they saying?
Laura McDaniel

Does anybody know what they're saying at the beginning of the song "Noyona" which is on Rhythm of the Pride Lands. It sounds like "A weave suarante. Umkay. Umnahhummanigh. (Sniff) Umnahhummanigh" Then, these other people say "Ellay" "Muhbugh, muhbugh,mubugh. Coma siya." What is going on? Did I miss something?

May 27 - 12:43
Re: zimmer y su repeticiÛn
A. Nonymous
E-mail: None

°Fresca! Es una mensaje en espaÒol. °Me gusta, pero no habla espaÒol. Let's see, there's something in there about "Friends of Hans Zimmer" and "excellent." Oh, and there's something about the Lion King! °Bueno!

May 27 - 18:34
Broken Arrow, Fair Game
Chris Caine

Fair description of Broken Arrow....earlier.

Fair Game - William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford; Joel Silver, producer.

Remake of Cobra with Stallone, Nielsen. Good special effects and gadgets.

Score by Mark Mancina (Hans associate), not available on CD as posted earlier;
hope for compilation or something - I feel not as good as SPEED nor BAD BOYS.

Note: please be aware that there are DEFINITELY scores better than THE LION KING by Hans,
the hype is just too much! It's good that commercial awareness has taken place, but artistic endeavour is

Toodles from a noodle.


May 28 - 10:04
Broken Arrow and Chris Caine
Malcolm Kenward

Yes, yes, yes....Hans, old chum. He has, to my surprise, kicked off a whole group of people (me included) who like this kind of music. I really do love his music, amoungst other soundtracks, and I get very happy thinking that there are others who like thi s music. I mean, face it! We are considered a rare breed in a way. Not many people buy film music religiously. Most people, if they do buy film scores, buy them as a one off. I would like, and I mean this, to say thanks to the organiser of this page and the people contributing, for helping me to see that there are others who listen to this diverse and interestingly rare music. We all know that most poeple in the world hear film scores anyway, even if it is subconciously.
Also, a quick thanks to Caine for the update of Fair Game. I don`t know if he was replying to that other Chris (were you?), but was an intersting account. It`s interesting tyhat he say`s it`s like a remake of Cobra. I don`t disagree but, people said that Waterworld was `Mad Max on water`, which isn`t true. It`s not true because, it just so happens that the world would probably turn out like that in those circumstances. It would be dry and desert like, even on water.
Anyway, Hans Zimmer has changed my life. He`s the Majestic Musician. Oh dear! That`s a bad one! Let`s put it this way: No-one can mix religios chorus with techno/western better than him!

May 28 - 10:11
Re: Mary and Broken Arrow
Dorothy Hills

Er...Excuse me Mary. Put some explosions and gun raps on Oasis then, please.
Oh, yeah! It`s true...Broken Arrow is a fantastic soundtrack. Does anyone like the freindship theme tune on the first and last track (mainly). Or does everyone only like this bloody bass theme?

May 28 - 14:27
Zimmer/Mancina compilation available!

Here's some great news for the ever growing Hans Zimmer/Mark Mancina "fan club":
A compilation CD entitled "The Hans Zimmer/Mark Mancina collaboration - Follow Your Dreams" is now avalable from a label called First Born Records. This is, as far as I'm concerned, a bootleg and thus illegal, but I think Zimmer-fans can't hold their hand s away from it anyway. I have not yet succeeded in getting the CD myself, but I'm trying the best that I can! The CD contains 21 tracks, mostly previously unreleased music. Here is the complete tracking list:

1.First Born (Theme)
2.Fair Game (Main Theme)
3.Fair Game (End Title)
4.Follow Your Dreams (Original Version)
5.Follow Your Dreams (Extended Version)
6.Follow Your Dreams (Dance Version)
7.Follow Your Dreams (Song Version, with Mark Mancina SINGING!!!)
8.Days Of Thunder (Suite) (I suppose this one is reason good enough buying it...)
9.Monkey Trouble (Closing Titles)
10.Millennium (Theme)
11.Bad Boys (Opening)
12.True Romance (Suite)
13.The Lion King (Circle Of Life)
14.The Lion King (Can You Feel The Love Tonignt)
15.The Lion King (Hyenas)
16.Speed (Closing Credits)
17.Toys (Theme)
18.Money Train (Suite)
19.Thelma & Louise (Theme)
20.Thelma & Louise (Thunderbird)
21.Assassins (End Credits)

"Follow Your Dreams" is the Original Marlboro Commercial Theme, composed by Zimmer and Jay Rifkin.
I really don't know how to get hold of this album, but I suppose it's kind of scarce...
If anyone knows more about this phenomenon, please post your message at the message board.

May 28 - 14:54
Re: Zimmer/Mancina compilation!
Jacob Jamone

It`s about the Mancina, Zimmer collaboration. Have you treid a rare lttle place in London called: `Backtrack`? All they sell is film scores. They have a lot of genuine classics and imports there.

Also, I just wanna raise one point which I think everyone has missed. Why aren`t we hating Mancina? He`s a defect. A traitor to Zimmer. He`s doing well and we should be cursing him with voodoo dolls! No?

May 28 - 15:18
Broken Arrow Download Page

Great job Brian! This message board is great! Now I can communicate with other Zimmer music fans.

Anyone who wants to chat about Zimmer or other film composers, please don't hesitate to email me!

For those of you who still haven't got the Broken Arrow CD
and wonder what it sounds like, please visit my
which contains a

Broken Arrow Download Page

You can download sample clips of the music score!

May 28 - 19:39
A few things

Wow, hot activity since yesterday!!!!

Jon, excellent searching, tell EVERYONE how to get copies, and you'll be a LEGEND,
on that Zimmer/Mancina compilation.

Fair Game is based on the same book that Cobra used.

And no, I don't only like the BROKEN ARROW base line (Duanne Eddy -
listen to his track on FORREST GUMP and you will notice the beginning is VERY similar),
I like all three tunes on BROKEN ARROW - the 3-note bass, the 'friendship', and the 'pump'.

WHERE in the world did Oasis come into the picture?

Oh well, fun is over for me, I should be going to work - like 10 minutes ago,
but I chose to get excited at the new postings!

Your fellow Zimmer freak!!!!!

Chris CAINE (Australia)

May 29 - 14:50
Re: Therapy

Mr Caine said that he likes the `friendship` signature tune, the `pump` (which I presume is the thrusting sequences that build up to climax on track 7), and the bass-line.
Okay, but what about the `hero` theme in 5,6 and 7?
And, finally which one (the signature tune that is) does everyone prefer?

Onto, James Newton Howard. Don`t be cliche`s and start saying that he hasn`t done well, cause that ain`t true!
The soundtrack sold more than the film is some States in America.
So what I hear you say! Well that`s a lot of people I reply!
Have you heard his score for Primal Fear. It`s city music, kind of like from Fugitive, but there is an incredible chasing track.
His WaterWorld music is also fantastic.

Has anyone noticed that Broken Arrow track 4 (about 4 mintues 10 seconds in) there is the X files reference?

Can anyone also tell me, you in particular Chris, if Crimson Tide would be a step forward or backwards after getting Broken Arrow?

Please help and thanks.


May 29 - 21:49
Re: Hans Zimmer Rules
Laura McDaniel

You're right, Hans Zimmer rules! Busa le lizwe, Hans Zimmer! Siykubongela! Usi lethel' injabulo! Sikuyo indlela yelizwi lobomi.I just thought I'd say that.