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March 1998

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Mar 29 - 22:47
Old Postings
Alicia Miller
Location: Rialto

Zimmer fanatics,

Read some of the old postings and have some answers. Those of you who like it when the music gets loud and then goes soft must love what we call a creshendo in music. That is when the music gets loud. Those of you who dig it when the music gets low must dig the decreshendo. Ask me anything on music, esp. reading it and I will tell you.

Hidden voices and stuff: mistakes made during recording. That one posting about someone saying stuff like "shh!" and stuff is probably what the engineer was saying to the people in the recording booth or people helping him. It's all very uncomplicated.

Mistake in RotPL: Well I heard the "Hey that's nice." in Noyana but did you hear the heads upof hands up or whatever they say in Noyana as well? Another mistake is the 3 footsteps as made by mens dress shoes in the beginning of Lala. I have more but haven't got to it.

BT- where's my post? I posted on Tuesday the 24th it was there but a day later it was gone what happened? It was about the Full Monty and other Oscar stuff. What happened?

Well, that's all for me.

Alicia :)

Mar 29 - 02:34
Location: israel



Mar 28 - 05:26
Is this track being censored?
Han's Fan

Does anyone has the disc Pacific Heights??

I had a disc title Pacific Heights by Hans Zimmer.
I have been wondering whether track 3 of the disc
( Part III ) has been cut because it is only 8 mins 27 sec
long but on the back cover of the disc.. it says that it's
9 mins 24 sec...

So is there a cut in here or is it labeled wrongly??

Mar 27 - 20:36
Re: Re: imho
Toby Tenenbaum

The answer to your question Sven is definately yes GI Jane was trailered using CT music when the uninspired film itself didn't feature Zimmer's masterpiece rather a more lacklustre performance from Jones.


Mar 27 - 02:18
Re: Searching
Uwe Sperlich
Location: Germany

I have to disappoint you, there was never a release of the "Bird On A Wire" soundtrack :-(



Mar 22 - 16:46
Searching "Bird on a wire" soundtrack

Hi everybody,

I search "Bird on a wire" soundtrack but I can't find it anywhere! Perhaps it's not available! If you have any information about it, please contact me !


Mar 21 - 13:45
As Good As It Gets!
Location: still Sunday before...


Go get brainwashed by my review here!

I will certainly have pics, and real video up within the hour if Hans wins the Oscar.

Have also added purchasing links for titles by Mancina and JNH respectively from Mancinfo and Howinfo. Will be adding promo clips from My Best Friend's Wedding, in a few hours.


Mar 21 - 11:47
Re: Follow Your Dreams 2: The Zimmer Chronicles
Location: Sunday before...

there you go,

Read Zinfo's Late News, to save me repeating myself, concerning origins, and sound quality. Now I have no need to get one myself, as I have all the material, as do 6 others, for about a year now.

Hans did say one of his unscrupulous friends would bootleg the material from his A Zimmer Christmas compilation. The back cover artwork seems to have ripped off 2 Zimmer sites as well. And I'm sure the First Born Records people are reading the feedback right now. Retailers are selling, but not listing the waiting on word from Hans over the matter, as I may solely provide access to those who can't afford or find it, pending his view.

Here's the cool cover art though:

ps. John Powell has scored a new movie comedy, produced by Hans. Support that!


Mar 21 - 09:16
Follow Your Dreams 2: The Zimmer Chronicles
Andre Warner
Location: U.S.A.

I just picked this up yesterday. Great sound quality similiar to Follow Your Dreams Vol. 1. It is 80 minutes long and contains 28 tracks. Includes:

Cole & Claire (Days of Thunder)

Drive, Drive! (Thelma & Louise)
J.D.'s Blues

Opening Tango (Two Deaths)
Ana's Child
Daniel & Ana Die / Finale

I Just Can Wait To Be King (The Lion King)

Let Joy and Innocence Prevail (Toys)
Battle Introduction
The General
The Closing of the Year

The Ascent (White Fang)

O's Theme (The Story of O Part 2)
Madame Pembroke's Gigolo

Suite (Dark Obsession)

World of Theory (Insignificance)
Shape of the Universe
Remember, Remember

Counting Down The Years (Calendar Girl)

Main Title (The Preacher's Wife)
The Preacher's Wife Overture
Dudley Appears
In Court
An Angel
Church Saved / Happy Ending

Video Killed The Radio Star

Great disc. Good luck in your search.


Mar 21 - 07:48
Location: Amsterdam

Did HGW use themes from Serra?
Goldeneye and The Professional were the first soundtracks I owned, before I discovered Zimmer, but I still like Serra a lot. So I'm very curious about Replacement Killers...

Mar 21 - 07:26
Re: The Man In The Iron Mask CD Review etc.
Brian B

No need to buy the Replacement Killers soundtrack if you already own either The Professional or Goldeneye by Eric Serra. Most of the themes and score in Killers was lifted directly from the two Serra scores.


Mar 20 - 20:20
The Man In The Iron Mask CD Review etc.
Hadrian D.
Location: Home

As promised last week, here's my view: Loved the book (by Alexandre Dumas), like the movie and score. As stated by Doug C. some of the music are very reminiscent of The Rock but that's all right because Nick wrote most of the score. Then comes the Musketeer theme, forget what I've said before, this is one of the coolest, more memorable theme I have listened to. A very brave and gallant theme featured in track 1, I think it's even better than The Rock's "March" theme. Not to dismiss the other offerings in the CD , I loved the soft style Nick developed, which can be heard prominently in track 6 and 18, among others. Also his exceptionally Baroque style scoring of the entrance of king Louis the 16th in track 15, and the ballroom dance sequence in track 7. These track show his versatility as a composer though one person doesn't think so (Film Score Monthly friday edition).
Overall, I'm glad I bought this CD. Good score, with passages recalling some of The Rock moments. My personal favorites, the tracks listed above including track 2, 5, 10 and others tracks I forgot. Buy it( :-) |



p.s. Should I buy The Replacement Killers(HGW)? Couldn't hear much of it when I saw the movie (Theater has bad sound system)

Mar 19 - 20:21
Doug CD Auction
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa

Some Zimmer CD's on the Auction block:

Current Bids are as follows: (Auction Ends March 31 Midnight)
Please let me know of possible errors. Thanks, Doug
Min Bids at:

Raising Arizona/Blood Simple -(Min $10.00)
Masters of the Universe (Exp) - $25.00 - MB
Alien - $12.00 - MJR
Dennis the Menace - $15.00 - CK
Russia House, The - $15.00 - CK
Dave - $10.00 - CK
Flight of the Navigator - $11.00 - MJR
Fools of Fortune - $20.00 - JPT
New Music in Films,Zimmer- $20.00- JT
True Women - $6.00 - BF
Adventures of Huck Finn -
Right Stuff/North and South - $11.00 - JL
Daylight (radio promo)
Black Beauty - $15.00 - Astro34
Blink - $5.00 - HW
Air Force One - $8.00 - BF
Blue Max, The -
Star Command/Freefall - $15.00 - HW
Pagemaster, The - $5.00 - RE
Bopha -
Cocoon II - $18.00 - DH
Name of the Rose(El Nombre De La Rosa) - $22.00- DH.
Gorky park -
Far off Place, A - $9.00- JR
Dad (Cutout)
Willow -
Dying Young -
Fugitive, The - $7.00 - SC.
Grand Canyon - $7.00 - No8
Wyatt Earp -- $5.00 - HW
Moon Over Parador - $16.00 - D.H.
Cliffhanger -
Brazil -
Hudson Hawk - $5.00 - HW
Last Action Hero (Score) - $5.00 - MP
Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal Weapon 3
Maverick - $7.00 - Caesar
Paper, the
Conan the Barbarian (Milan) - $8.00 - K2001
Hot Shots Part Deux- $15.00 - RE
Serial Mom -
Eraser -
Richochet -
Shattered -
Cinema Septet (Autographed by C. Young)
Hellbound-Hellraiser II (Autographed by C. Young) -$15.00 - No.8
Black Rain
Pacific Heights -
House of the Spirits -
Radio Flyer -
Younger and Younger
Awakenings-- $5.00 - No8
Birth of a Nation - $10.00 - RE
Demolition Man (Score) -
Cinemagic (Dave Grusin) - $15.00 - RE
Firestarter -
Heat -
Hero -
Last Man Standing (Rejected)
Rising Sun - $7.00 - Cesare
Robin Hood-Men in Tights -
Tucker-The Man and his Dreams
Year of the Comet -
Zorba the Greek -

Check out the Auction page at:

Mar 19 - 04:29
Speech for TLK
Location: Amsterdam


What was his "thank you"-speech for The Lion King? Can anyone tell me where I can find that?
I was just wondering...

BTW Just listened MITIM in the store, and I didn't buy it. I don't really like all those medieval(?) music, but track 1 sounded pretty good. Maybe I'll buy it someday...

gotta go...

Mar 18 - 22:11
Alicia Miller
Location: Rialto, CA

Zimmer fans,

Yes it is I. The only person who will get to tape the oscars. If Hans wins, I will post his "thank you" speech for all to read. After all, when Roger Allers (writer of the Lion King) got the award for the American Music Best Soundtrack, he thanked Elton John, Hans Zimmer, and a very special thanks to Lebo M. Is it just me or am I the only female Zimmer fan to post messages? Well anyhow, I give kudos to Nick Glennie-Smith for his works as well as Mark Mancina.

Hans Zimmer's been busy preparing for the Oscars or putting up sandbags by his home for El Nino. Yes Hans lives by the beach so he has to worry about flooding.

Lion King 2: Simba's Pride score has been recorded. Hans is NOT doing the score. None of the people who worked on the original are doing the soundtrack. That stinks.

Well, that's all for me. Will scan a pic of Hans (hopefully, correct) for Chris to put on his page.

Alicia :)

Mar 18 - 18:02
Re: hans-my ex boss
Location: Sunny Fiji


is that you Lynn?
We spoke a few times...but you didn't send me the thingies! smiles. um, Zinfo's up now.

anyway folks...remember Oscar night Tuesday PST time (Wednesday for people like me; and Australiens, lol)....

and yes I'm still working on the AGAIG page, but you can go see/listen to it now, with the sound clips active. Should be complete by tomorrow.

alrighty zen,

Mar 18 - 14:20
hans-my ex boss


I worked for Hans for a year and a half. First in the front office of Media Ventures then as his personal assistant.

I still consider him to be a very good friend. I worked very closely with him on The Fan (you'll see my name in the credits.).
He's not only a great composer, but one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He'd be a little embarrassed by your page though. Hans is desperately understated..well..about some things.
Let's hope he takes home another Golden Boy this year!

Mar 16 - 22:03
Man with the Iron Mask
Doug C.
Location: U of F

Here are my two cents. I got the cd the day it came out and saw the movie the night it came out. (I guess the movie appeals to me). I think Nick did a great job, but needs a little bit more experience.

Track 1 is just like the Rock (I mean just like the Rock's track 1) but with a better theme....more majestic. A great musketeer theme. Last battle in the movie.

Track 2 is nice and is original in the whole Zimmer gang. The cd seems to be backwards from the movie b/c it is the last scene of the flick.

Track 4 is where I start to complain. The theme, which is played later on, sounds like the Hot Shots theme....real cheesy.

The Tracks...The Moonlight Beckons and The Greatest Mystery of Life....are wonderful and original themes.

I would give the cd 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Someone said that it seems like Nick did most of the work in the Rock but I disagree. Remember the Rock sounded alot like Crimson Tide when it came out.

By the way, I bought Horner's "Field of Dreams" last week and it is, in my opinion, the best thing he has done. It evokes a warm fuzzy in me. aaaaawwwww!!!! Don't buy Titanic when this stuff is out there.

See ya,

P.S. I have to hear the Borrowers to believe that it is good. That movie looks soooo stupid

**Also Zimmer was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly a couple issues back. They described him as "Dishes out action-movie blat with the best and has a knack for African and Asian Themes. Crimson Tide, The Lion King, Beyond Rangoon."

Mar 16 - 03:03
Hit: Leaving Wallbrooks on the road
Joerg Schrautemeier
Location: Bielefeld, NRW, Deutschland

Sehr geehrter Herr Zimmer,
mich w,rde einmal interessieren,
ob es zu der von Ihnen komponierten
Filmmusik aus Rainman "Leaving Wallbrooks,
on the road", oder so o/oohnlich,eine Maxi-Version
irgendwo oder irgendwie zu kaufen gibt.
Dies ist wie ich meine ein ganz besonders gelungenes
Meisterwerk von Ihnen.
Mit bitte um R,ckantwort verbleibe ich mit,
den freundlichsten Gr,ssen und w,nsche weiterhin
viel Erfolg

Mar 15 - 12:23
Re: The Borrowers
Location: Suva

hey ho, Jeremy,

The Borrowers is NOT composed by Hans, but by Harry Gregson-Williams. Hans did produce it though, just like White Squall and Face/Off.

Reviews have only been positive so far, and I wouldn't doubt them. "Brassy, splashy, symphonic, swashbuckling." Along the lines of Muppet Treasure Island, which itself is a great, grand, cool score (co-composed by HGW).

go buy it!

ps. I have fixed the purchasing links in the Zinfo CDiscography, and also added associate composer links, for CDs such as The Man In The Iron Mask (NGS), Replacement Killers (HGW) etc.

Mar 15 - 06:14
The Borrowers
Jeremy Allin
Location: Ontario, Canada

Could someone please tell me if Hans Zimmer's score to "The Borrowers" is up to par with some of his other work? (The Rock, Crimson Tide and Backdraft in particular). I saw it in a music store, but hestitated on buying it to see what kinds of reviews it was getting.



Mar 13 - 22:13
The Man In The Iron Mask
Hadrian D.
Location: I don't know?

I've just saw the movie, 2 hours ago, and I must say that it is and will be one of the best movie of 1998. Cut to the chase, it has one valoric score. The theme was featured in one the movie's trailer. It is a take on one of Zimmer's Green Card theme, except more developed and cool. I prefers Nick's theme. I haven't bought the score CD yet because my brother wanted me to be patient and wait. But I'll buy it anyway. One of the coolest scene in the film was the Bastille basement scene, featuring some of the best action music, with the "Hero" theme, as I like to call it, weavin' in & out. The music in the scene recalled some of "Rock" moments but differed in many ways, I just hope that the CD contain that cue because............
Next week, The Iron Mask CD review. Please tune in.

Mar 13 - 09:26
Location: Norway

Seems like Mark Mancina will be scoring the mini series From The Earth To The Moon, together with Michael Kamen. Actually, he'll be working on the second segment.

Read your catching up, Yumbo. So you're not familiar with Jay Ferguson? In the 70's/80's he was a rock star in the groups Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne before he went solo in the first half of the 80's. Suddenly he started to write film scores in the Faltermeyer /Hammer vein, with rocking drum machines and cool leadlines. Among his cool scores are The Patriot, Best Seller, Pulse, Bad Dreams (will someone please sell me the Varese LP?!) Double Dragon et al. His last film was Driven in 1996.

Stay tuned for terrific news...


Mar 12 - 18:35
Catch up plus
Location: I Suuuva


No, there isn't a Zimmer Anthology. Hans mentioned being approached about one by Sony (which would include the unused DOT sessions), but he doesn't have time to compile it.

MP3's online - I don't support them; they are too large, and they take away business from the artist, at face value (of course it's not that simple). I don't have much against deleted stuff, but stuff you can still buy should be supported. Heck, used copi es are excellent!

Hans has about 50 titles issued on CD, 43 of them official.
There is NO WAY it would fit on one CD.

and...welcome to the Zimmer world.

Mike et al:
Jenna Elfman - also appeared in recent bomb - K(r)ippendorf's Tribe.

Drop Zone - grin, Varese's way of giving you value for money?
Re-recording/alternate takes on CD; yes, happens a lot with Hans. And most of the time I do prefer the movie version.
Theories - compiler uses discretion to use alternate version as is/feels it is better (movie cut was rushed); segues better in suites. On the other hand, CD may have been rushed.
Beyond Rangoon and Backdraft is much better in the movie versions.

Just grateful to get something.

Iron Mask - from the MovieTunes clips - I'm not blown away, but will be patient and review CD if possible. Has had one negative review by a 'JNH' fan. Hans wrote only 2 themes for The Rock, and I'm guessing the main one, and the end of track 6.

Jon - glad you got Face/Off, but hey, who's Jay ferguson (his work)?

Michael - welcome. But The Peacemaker (promo) is not rare. It's just got a stamp on it, verifying it came out before the commercial release date. No different from normal release, maybe inferior in artwork actually. FOLKS, Dreamworks Records ALWAYS passes out promos to gauge response, standard industry practice.

This is not like a private/Oscar promo. prove me wrong if you will.

phew.....the AGAIG clips have been uploaded, final text page will be up sometime soon, when I get a chance.

and once NEWBIES, please take the time to read the whole Board, including archives, instead of repeating the same old questions.

I'll ask Brian if I can link into his cgi, so you can reply from the archives; and also look at a search engine for it.


Mar 12 - 14:26
Tommy Therkildsen
Location: Denmark

Do anyone knows. If its possible to buy Hans Zimmer CD ,i mean all/almost of his work on 1 CD ( or more CD`s ).
Or maybe as MP3 Files.


Mar 12 - 12:39
All in the Family (of Elfmans, that is.....)
Mike Skerritt
Location: Ann Arbor

I little while ago, I asked a question about Jenna Elfman, the beautiful star of ABC's Dharma and Greg. I wondered if she was related to Danny Elfman in any way. Well, for those of you who also wonder, I finally found out.

Elfman is her married name. Her husband is actor Bodhi Elfman (I don't know who he is either, lol) But he's Danny Elfman's nephew. So, that makes Danny Elfman Jenna's uncle by marriage. Just a little tidbit, but I thought people might be interested.


Mar 12 - 10:57
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

Craig at screen archives entertainment has two copies left of PAPERHOUSE at $ 6.99 each.

tell him rich from philly sent you... incidentally, this is the best place to buy rare soundtracks



Mar 12 - 02:19
Re: What's going on here?
Location: Amsterdam


Strange: I didn't have two cds in the box, but two of those little books, how do you call 'em... with the artwork and stuff...
And indeed in the movie you hear a woman singing when Terry droppes out, but that happens a lot, that you hear on the cd a little different version than in the movie. Same as in the Rock, when the SEAL-team swims under the water to enter the rock, you hea r a electric guitar, that is not on the soundtrack (end of rock house jail). Most of the times I prefer the version from the movie, but who cares.

That's all.


Mar 11 - 19:33
What's going on here?
Alain P.
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi all.
I just got Drop Zone and found a pleasant surprise- two identical copies of the soundtrack in the single CD case!
This was secondary to what I was really surprised about, the fact that I heard no female vocals when Wesley's brother dies. I clearly remeber a female vocal whaling in the backgroung during this point in the movie. Have I got something different to ever yone else? Have Varese simply substituted two alternate versions of the CD rather than the correct one? In any case, it is an excellent soundtrack.
Zimmer on!

Mar 10 - 16:23
Zimmer CDS FS:
Location: Durham NC


email me if interested:

Mar 10 - 12:12
The Man in the Iron Mask
Mike Skerritt
Location: Upright.......

I'm listening to Nick Glennie-Smith's newest score as I write this. It's very passionate and moving, but it makes me wonder, just how much of "The Rock" did Hans write? Several themes on this new score sound much like the 1996 actioner, as though it wer e set in 1667. : ) Much more classical/orchestral, but the styles are highly similar in the action cues, where synth occasionally pops in. The beginning is extremely similar to TR, low rumbling percussion, and a male chorus chimes in at times.
Some may say that Glennie-Smith is a Zimmer clone. I would tend to disagree. The two have worked closely together for a number of years, and NG-S has developed a style that resembles Zimmer's but is its own. NG-S is classically trained, after all, and it shows in this solid effort. I highly recommend it. IMHO, the first "gotta get" score of 1998.

Also, on a side note. A little family film came out without much fanfare, but with a great score from Mark Isham -- a la Fly Away Home. It's called The Education of Little Tree, and was released not too long ago by Sony Classical. Much more traditional , along the lines of FAH, with a charming theme and Isham-convention fiddle work. For those of you who might lust after FAH, I have CD-R copies of the 40 minute promo. E-mail if you're interested.

That's all for now, folks!!!

: ))))))

Mar 10 - 08:59
Location: Norway

Got the Face/Off CD by John Powell at last. First and foremost,I think we should greet Hollywood Records for including all the best music from the actual movie (The Fan anyone?), although it's only 41 minutes. When I left the theater having watched the fi lm, it was four themes/motifs that I remembered:
1. The dream-like opening credits with Travolta and his son, when the terrific main theme was presented for the first time. That part is featured on the CD (track 1), although it's a little short. An extended version had been great.
2. The guitar theme (Broken Arrow-style), for Nicolas Cage's character, first heard on the airport scene with his brother. Featured on the CD.
3. The atonal synth motif, possibly the theme for Gina Gershon's character. I didn't think they would feature this one, but it's featured very briefly on the beginning of track 7(?)
4. The music (it goes almost entirely electronic) for the last scene when the real Travolta returns to his family is featured on the last track. This part is in my opinion extremely Zimmer-influenced, (Point Of No Return, True Romance) with the melodic an d pleasant triumphant theme. Some people felt that this scene ruined the movie (happy ending..) but this music is IMO some of the best that has come from Media Ventures.
All in all a good CD, although the crashing action-material isn't very interesting in the long run. More of the themes, less of the action is my word for today.

Mar 10 - 07:53
black rain
rich roth

black rain at "" for $6.95

Mar 9 - 03:30
Rare Zimmer-Scores

Location: Mannheim, Germany

Is someone interested in: The Peacemaker - Promotional Copy Regarding Henry (sealed) Regarding Henry (sealed, MC) Toys - Closing of the year (Maxi-CD) I will accept best offers

Mar 8 - 18:33
Titanic on MP3 for FREE !!!!!!!
Jean-FranÁois Boiteau
Location: Qc,Ca

Hi Z's!!!

YOU CAN GET MOST OF THE TITANIC SCORE AT THIS ADDRESS ( in the ´direct downloadª section )!!!!!!!!!!
The sound is even better than on the tape I bought,lol!!!

Mar 6 - 11:09
NOOO, not the 80's, lol.....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Deadman's Flat....: )

Hehe......Good topic, good selections, too.....

Patrick Leonard - Actually, the Madonna ballad is based on his score, not the other way around. If anyone can find a compilation CD called "The Best of Hemdale," it has an instrumental version of the song, also material from Hoosiers, Adagio for Strings from Platoon, The Terminator, etc......

Ira Newborn - The Naked Gun series took him into the 90's a bit, but this man scored many John Hughes films back in the day, when Hughes was Hughes (Home Alone 3???? Flubber?????)

Jack Nitzsche - Began before the 80's, I know, but still his sound was what defined the 80's scoring scene, completely synthesized and monothematic.

Speaking of this, try heading over to, and take their 80's quiz. It shows you just how old you feel : )

Mar 6 - 09:11
Cult recommendations
Location: Norway

Read on if you want to find out which film composers of the 80s you Zimmer fans should check out. This is of course my taste, and then also my opinion.

Firstly, cult phenomenon Jonathan Elias is a very tasteful composer. Scores to Vamp, Two Moon Junction (terrific score on Varese), Far From Home (the Drew Barrymore movie from 89), and Streetwise are all great. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to work in fi lm any longer, I think he's composing music for commercials now...

Sylvester Levay wrote some cool electronic scores in the late 80s/early 90s with a lot of sequencer work. Although often rip-offs of Tangerine Dream (another name to look out for), he also had a personal style.

Patrick Leonard wrote the terrific At Close Range score in 1986, based on Madonna's Live To Tell ballad, while russian composer Eduard Artemiev is quite OK too.

Other 80s phenomenons: Jay Ferguson, David Foster, and of course Harold Faltermeyer, Jan Hammer and Vangelis.

I'm sure I forgot some..

Mar 5 - 17:31
Bulawayo Church Choir
Riaz Mohammed
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Does anyone know if and how I can find recordings by the Bulawayo Church Choir (from Power of One soundtrack)?

Thanks in advance,
Riaz Mohammed

Mar 5 - 16:40
Re: Been a While......
Location: work


Titanic - last certification was 8 million; 13 million is the number of units shipped to stores. Regardless, 8 makes the record.

Comedy score - my money's on JNH, then Newman. Of course I would prefer someone else, but JNH deserves it. Newman should get Best Song I feel.

Jones - Dark City - boring! So's the movie. I mean really, a waste of time. Innovating, hardly!
GI Jane - I just want that 'hrumph cue', lol.


Mar 5 - 10:56
Been a While......
Mike Skerritt
Location: UofM

Heidi-ho Zimmerites!!!!

Wow, it's been a while.......

OK - Chris, you didn't believe me before, but Titanic is in fact the most successful orchestral score in history. I believe the total is around 13 million now.

Alright, so there's not much merit to this, but VH-1 picked Hans to take home the Best Comedy Score Oscar. Personally, just because of the Academy's "illustrious" history with score picks, I think David Newman's Anastasia will win. Hmmmm......I wonder w ho's going to win Best Dramatic Score ;) BTW, let's all thank the Academy for splitting this category into two separate fields. Bravo! (for once....)

GI Jane - Finally saw it. It was a fair movie, but incredibly overscored by Trevor Jones. And why would Ridley Scott look at a shot of Washington, with Anne Bancroft doing her senator thing, and say, "Okay Trevor, now I want some electric guitar riffs in here. Trust me, it'll sell the scene." Right.......Haven't seen Desperate Measures, Jones' other action score, but I've heard it works in much the same way. I am interested, however, to hear his Dark City score. Any opinions?

Anaconda - Saw it last night. Randy Edelman scored it. A few good thematic moments, but again, vastly overscored. Quality, not quantity folks! :) And then, of course, we bitch at record companies for not giving us enough music. :)

Buh-bye! :)

Mar 4 - 21:32
Re: Whole Wide World/MTI plus
Location: hot place


of course you should buy WWW!
just the same with MTI!

do I have to egg all of you on...?

WWW - see Zoard archive Feb 17th 97 for review.
See Inside Media Ventures for sound sample from QT or RV clip.

It stands in a class of its own, much like White Squall's feel.
And yes, prettier and better than AGAIG and NMonths combined, so is White Squall!

However, once again, be careful you don't buy the short demo 9 track version, identified by misspelling of Hans (HanZ).

I recommend The Borrowers as well by HGW.

Heck I was playing WWW this morning, a friend (Kirsty) writes as well that she saw the movie last night, bawled her eyes out coz of the score...what more do you want!?


English Patient won the Grammy for best score. yuck. boring.
Best Song slips my mind - wasn't JNH.

Powerful full string music:

  • Stars Fell On Henrietta - David Benoit
  • Most John Barry (try Cry, The Beloved Country) grin, lil rhyme.
  • North and South - Bill Conti (with The Right Stuff)
  • Jack and Sarah - Simon Boswell
  • Romeo & Juliet (Vol. 2) - Nellee Hooper

    lemme know if you want a brass list.

    Ask Hans - his assistants check that - they haven't updated - busy. And the web department doesn't consider MV a priority, as opposed to commercial clients, lol....thus.....Zinfo!

    Action score for this year......hmmmm, Thin Red Line an action movie? Enemy of The State maybe. Deep Impact unlikely. Prince of Egypt - animated action?


    ps. recommended - LIONHEART by John Scott. Has pretty theme, with Backdraft rhythm!

    ok, I'm getting a Jaz Disk tomorrow (1GB), which means I can load a few more sound clips soon! Thank my brother, Abel.

    Mar 4 - 19:44
    Whole Wide World
    Doug C.
    Location: U of F

    I was thinking of getting the Whole Wide World cd.
    What is it like? If it is like Green Card or Rain Man, then
    I want it. If it is like AGAIG or Nine Months, forget it.

    I guess I don't like Zimmer's none synthesized scores.

    Off the subject, I met the two guys from Lovelines, Adam and
    Dr. Drew yesterday. Pretty neat.

    Who won the soundtrack category at the Grammy's, anyone know?

    Also, I am looking for really powerful, full string music like
    Schindler's List, Seven Years in Tibet, and Murder in the First.
    Any suggestions? I like Braveheart, Glory, Empire of the Sun,
    Shawsank Redemption. So there are my tastes.

    I wrote Zimmer on the Ask Zimmer thing at Mediaventures twice and
    he never responded. Does he check that thing much?

    Thanks y'all,

    Mar 4 - 12:46
    Julius Horsthuis
    Location: home

    just baught Muppet Treasure Island (about 8 dollars), it's pretty good, I like it. All the piratemusic...

    Has anybody got an idea what zimmer's next action movie project will be? Or is he done writing actionmusic?

    He wrote in the BA-cd that he wants to do an action movie every year. So... it's about time...

    Mar 4 - 02:04
    Luigi Fabris
    Location: Bassano ITALY

    If you are interested about rare LPs at lower prices, please contact me.

    Mar 4 - 02:00
    Zimmer's "Paperhouse"
    Luigi Fabris
    Location: Bassano ITALY

    I sell Zimmer's "Paperhouse" in LP.
    I will accept best offers.

    Mar 3 - 20:05
    African music/ TLK2
    Alicia Miller
    Location: Near LA

    Dear Zimmer fans,

    What would a sequel to the Lion King be without Zimmer? What would Zimmer's African scores be without Lebo M? I'll tell you. They'd be shitty. You see, Power of One and Lion King were so wonderful because of the vocals, as for A World Apart people liked i t but with vocals it'd be more authentic sounding as if Hans went to Africa to study the music. As far as TLK sequel, it comes to video October 27. Rumor has it that Hans didn't score it and the LK team that worked on the original didn't do it.

    Anyone in South Africa who has Deeper Meaning by Lebo M please email me.

    Alicia :)