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May 1997

Here you can post messages to other users of the page regarding CD availability, soundtrack discussion, or other such items of interest regarding Zimmer's works.

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May 31 - 21:51
Famous not only for Lion King
Jason Bice
Location: Columbus Ohio

This is for anyone who admires Zimmer for his Lion King work:

If you liked the Lion King work, then grab the soundtrack to both Backdraft and The Rock as soon as you can. They are similar in style, but the energy ommitted is beyond inspirational and moving. If you haven't heard these two titles through their entir ety, then do it, for you haven't listened yet to the true Hans Zimmer.

By the by, he also wrote the track to Basic Instinct, which I have yet to hear. If you have, let me know how it compares.

May 29 - 04:56
Backdraft - new track RA
Location: OKC

hi all,

Visit Zinfo to have a listen to the new Backdraft track off the Ron Howard compilation - Passions and Achievements! I'll write a mini-review comparison for Zinfo soon.
Late news - check it out for news on John Powell, who's scoring Face/Off, not Mark Isham.


May 27 - 20:18
Zimmer CD's
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK

I have the following Zimmer CD's for trade.

Pacific Heights
Radio Flyer
Calendar Girl
Thelma and Louise

I will entertain all trade offers. Thanks fellow Zimmer fans.

May 27 - 08:38
End of the month suggestion.....
Location: up there!

oh no,

it's me again, lol.

Here's a lil response to a GB entry:

P. Lippitz
Location: Austria

I have recently heard that H. Zimmer can be compared with Mozart, but this is not true. Compared with Zimmer Mozart is nothing.

(lolol, very original...and wootie of the day!!!)

There was only one Classic Composer of the same genius like H. Zimmer: Richard Straus. The last five minutes of the K2
soundtrack really sound like the classical masterpiece "Also sprach Zarathustra". There is however a relation with Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" in TLK and House of the Spirits (piano part after LaPaloma) soundtrack. Everytime I listen to classical music, o r to the works of James Horner, which are great as well (Glory...) and then play e.g. The Rock track 8, or Backdraft 7, 8 it seems that this music blows all other music away. H. Zimmer is for sure the greatest composer of he past, the present and I really do hope that sometimes there will be a composers like him in future times again.


I would like to hear a Zimmer soundtrack about a Science fiction movie or a Reqiem composed By Zimmer.

(He scored the theme to LIFEPOD which is set in space.
Paperhouse would be the closest to a requiem (my idea of it anyway, lol).)

The Zimmer Requiem, I'm sue would be the best music in the history of man. - with this choral passage from Backdraft 7...

May 27 - 01:11

(yeah for dreams and inspiration!!!!)



here's my suggestion:

DO you all think it would be a neat idea to create a web photo album of us score fans, Zimmer in particular? I already have a few, and if interested, please send, and I'll create a page within Zinfo.

it would make us Zimmer fans quite unique, as I believe this is unprecedented. Who cares how strange we look, as long as we have a visual reference of our 'Zimmer friends'? I reckon it'll be neato.

And for the shy ones, lol, like Marco, I can always reduce, and dither, and speckle you beyond recognition, lol.

anyway, food for thought.....lemme know!!!!!!

toot your zoodle,

May 25 - 17:10
Re: Ri: Ro: Rum: Black Rain
Andrew Carr

Black Rain actually has 4 Zimmer tracks, collectively named "Black Rain Suite". It runs for about 20 minutes. Sound quality is not fantastic, as the CD was made from an analogue recording, but probably worth looking for to appreciate Zimmer's early action -score style. Unfortunately, it's out of print!!


May 24 - 19:41
Re: Re: Black Rain
Andy Kim

I've seen it here and there but if you are looking for Hans Zimmer content, there's only one song at the end by him. Unless there's another soundtrack with more of his music in it. If there is could someone email me telling me where I can find the CD. Thanks.

May 22 - 14:10
Hans Zimmer Music
Chandler Sorenson
Location: Tucson, AZ

Ok, someone said that I should say which type of scores I want, written or the ones on the CD.

I want the written sheet music for piano (solo) so I can play the scores from TLK. I already have the scores on CD.

Thanks, hope this is a little clearer.

May 22 - 13:25
The Lion King Scores
Chandler Sorenson
Location: Tucson, AZ

Does anybody know if there's been a book published with all of the scores that Hans Zimmer made for TLK? I am looking for a piano solo book with all of those scores. It would also be nice if it was the highest level too. If anybody knows where I could get a book like this, or if one has even been made, please e-mail me back.

Thanks A Lot :)

May 20 - 21:19
Yo there Zoodles....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Home....finally.....

S'been a while.....

To Mike Daughty -- I have a copy of BLack Rain for sale or trade if you're interested...lemme know.

Anybody interested in Paperhouse or Radio Flyer also? (CDs)

Soundtrack to Speed 2 was released last Tuesday. Haven't seen it, but I'm betting it's "Music From and Inspired by" If there's no suite by Mancina, I'm betting the score may be released somewhere down the line like with the first film. Any word on Con A ir? Yumbo?

Oh, man, SOOOO glad school is over.......

See y'all later!

May 20 - 21:16
Yo there Zoodles....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Home....finally.....

May 19 - 18:20
Crimson Tide scores
Keith Canseco
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

I'm looking for any type of score to track 5 on the Crimson Tide Soundrack. If anybody knows where I can find one please let me know. Thanks.

May 19 - 11:18
First Born!


Finally got my hands on FYD. Absolutely love First Born track... is there any more of this anywhere? I can't even find the damn movie listed...


May 16 - 23:00
Re: trailer?
Location: heat


I haven't seen any Speed 2 trailer using Broken Arrow, and as seen/heard, all music is original except for the excerpts of the original Speed.

Maybe they've got a newer trailer out; so far:

2 theatrical, newer is longer, showing more plot.
2 TV, edits of theatrical, same music.

Check Mancinfo for updates.



May 16 - 22:17
rich roth
Location: phila

Anyone have any idea what the cues are for the END of the Speed 2 trailer shown on TV in america. I know Broken Arrow is from the beginning, but what is it?

Also it was the same music used in The fifth Element trailer...



May 16 - 18:22
Re: Black Rain
Mike Doughty
Location: Bloomington, IN

I am looking for the soundtrack to the 1989 movie, Black Rain. IF anyone knows where I might find a copy, please let me know.

May 14 - 15:00
To Alphonse Brown, etc.
Location: lunch

hi Alphonse,

thanks for stopping by. Your email didn't work.

Wavs are simply too large to fit the 14 minute score.
Basically, dl the unstreamed RA file.

And then play from your hard disk. Pretty simple.

try it. but i gather you have a PC, and a friend has the same problem. You need ot configure the sound control panel or something. I have no problem with sound (Mac, lol).

lemme know.

Smilla - the studios always want Hans' name up there. Alex, your email doesn't work either.

Lots of new Zinfo! Go get it.


May 13 - 18:24

Hi everyoe!

May 13 - 08:00
Re: Who did what etc.
Alexander Larman
Location: UK

Smilla is NOT a Zimmer score, except track 7, which is OK,
and which is almost certainly Hans.


May 12 - 07:42
Mancinfo update
Location: Mancinfo


Mancinfo has the new details on CD releases for Con Air and Speed 2.


May 11 - 18:49
For Sale/Trade
Doug Friend
Location: T-Town (Tulsa, OK)

I have the following Zimmer CD's for sale or trade.

RADIO FLYER - (nothed, Sealed)
MILLENIUM(Tribal Wisdom)- Sealed
THELMA AND LOUISE - Open near mint
RAIN MAN - Open near mint
COOL RUNNINGS- open near mint
TOYS- open near mint

Please look at my want list for trade offer at:

May 9 - 04:48
Titles for sale (trade)
Location: Sale land

hi zall,

Here's some titles you might want to add to your collection:

Email me for prices, bids; want list is on Zinfo.

Watch May 20th!


May 7 - 04:05
Re: Birthday/FSM
Andrew Carr
Location: South of the equator...

If I remember correctly, Hans' birthday is on September 12.

Haven't read the article(s), but it sounds like FSM sucks big time!!



May 5 - 14:22
Long Kiss Goodnight
Tim Doyle
Location: Toronto

Anyone know whether Hans Zimmer wrote the track that plays over the trailer to Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis? If it is him, please let me know where it's from etc.


May 5 - 13:29
Re: Mancina commercial
Robin Kuipers
Location: Still behind my monitor

Here the address is again, but now clickable:
The Unofficial Mark Mancina Site

May 5 - 13:26
Mancina commercial
Robin Kuipers
Location: In front of my monitor.


I just like to take this opportunity to advertise for my new site: it's called the unofficial Mark Mancina site, located at
Come check it out. I've got tracklistings, news etc.

I know this is a Zimmer page, but since Mark was a student of Hans'...

Need info on Zimmer scores "A world Apart" and "A league of their own". Are they any good? Please e-mail me.

Keep Zimmering and Mancining,