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May 1998

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May 31 - 18:36
Theme MIDI
Nate Ziarek
Location: Milwaukee, WI

I was looking for the theme from The Rock, Con Air, and the upcoming Armegeddon that I believe was composed by Hans. Any fan of Bruckheimer should know what I am talking about, although I do not know what the name of the piece is called.

Any information would help,

Nate Ziarek

May 29 - 22:02
Re: Re: I am related to Hans - eh?
Doug C.
Location: U of F

Is there someone else on this board from the University of Florida? What is this cousin of Han's thing going on or is it an inside joke?

Any word on the Armeggedon cd? I hope it isn't a bunch of songs.


May 28 - 12:36
Re: Enemy of the State
Mike Skerritt
Location: Home


Don't you mean 4 tracks covering 60 minutes? lol.....

May 28 - 09:16
Enemy Of The State
Location: Norway

OK, it's almost june and still no composer is on Tony Scott/Jerry Bruckheimer's Enemy Of The State action flick starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, according to the IMDB that is, and they're usually reliable alright. (Is the film postponed perhaps?) But let's face it: If I DON'T see Zimmer's name on this film sooner or later, then I'll eat my hat. I really can't see what other composer can make this work. This is the perfect film for Hans to score, and I already see the Hollywood Records soundtrack album before my eyes:




The CD features 10 tracks, totalling about 50 minutes. Not too long, not too short. Both the opening and closing credits are featured of course. The score is primarly electronic, with some soloists like Pete Haycock on electric guitar and some cool orchestral effects. And remember, it's a Tony Scott film, a director that usually brings the best out of Hans, IMHO.

But hey, this ain't reality (yet), so don't rush to the store and ask for this CD...

May 26 - 10:41
Muppet Score
Tim Smith
Location: Murray, Kentucky, USA

I am looking for a score to Muppet Treasure Island. I need the Opening Theme and Shiver My Timbers. If anyone knows where I can get these please let me know.

May 23 - 14:44
Re: I am related to Hans - eh?
Not Hans' relation
E-mail: you know it
Location: still the same - beautiful

so cousin,

How's the University of Florida?


May 21 - 19:00
I am related to Hans
E-mail: Cannot say
Location: NONe

I am the cousin of Hans, though I don't know him very well. He is my cousin and swear my life on it.

May 21 - 00:15
Lebo M and Media Ventures
Alicia Miller

Sawubona! (Hello)

Did someone say Nick Glennie-Smith was doing TLK2 music? Well, on May 10 I saw a preview for TLK2 and it had one song in it called "We Are One" it's on in the Rumor Mill and then go to Simba's Pride. It has Lebo M in it too. While you're there, if you like Lebo M then read my posting there too.


Zimply zantabulous!

May 18 - 22:48
Follow Your Dreams
Location: San Diego

I am still looking for "Follow Your Dreams". I was wondering if anyone can help me find it. If not, would anyone willing to burn it onto a CD and I will pay for it. Thanks!!!


May 18 - 19:16
The Living Daylights
Mike Skerritt


The new re-issue will contain about a half an hour of unreleased material, and it WILL include Barry's music during the opening chase music. I know exactly the music you're talking about, and I'm thankful for its inclusion as well.

(BTW, you don't have to apologize for bringing up non-Zimmer subjects here. Just check some of my old messages. If anyone should be beaten around here, it's me, lol)

May 18 - 16:41
Old Messages/Archive menu
Location: recovery

hi all,

yes, still alive, but feel dead (long story - just 'wasted' the last 2 years of my life)...just letting you know that you can reply messages direct from the archives, and also easily navigate through all of them, with just 2 clicks, thanks to a new floating menu.

got new account though, and the 3 new Alan Williams promos are uplifting, sweet, dark, grand, and a 'lifesaver'.

thank you all,

May 18 - 11:03
Living Daylights - Intro Sequence
Florian Dvorski
Location: Munich - Germany

First of all, sorry to come up with a non-zimmer related

Does anybody know if there is a release of the music used in
the intro sequence of 'James Bond-The living Daylights'. It
seems to be from John Barry who composed the score and it's some
kinda remix of the James Bond Theme.
Is it on the official soundtrack-album?
Is it on another release (eg. some compilation)?


May 18 - 09:43
Follow Your Dreams 3
Mike Skerritt
Location: Not School : (


While I was flipping through the artwork of the recent Follow Your Dreams 2 release, I came upon an advertisement for the next volume of the series, called Follow Your Dreams: The Hans Zimmer Crew. I'm assuming it means rare stuff from Nick Glennie-Smith, Mancina, Powell, and the like. Anyone with definite info? Release date? Material? Thankz......

Regarding the end of Die Hard (I know, we haven't discussed it in a while, but I thought I'd mention something interesting), Aliens isn't the only score that's temp-tracked at the end. The other score is Man On Fire, which appears right before the Aliens music. It's the more flowing string music that plays as the bonds fall from the tower.

Which brings me to another point, yet another wonderful composer who's been overlooked: John Scott (he composed Man On Fire). He's done some fantastic work, but like Bruce Broughton, Cliff Eidelman, and so many others, the business refuses to put its spotlight on him. He does, however, issue scores on his own label, so check out Intrada or Screen Archives to find them. Happy hunting!

Has anyone heard a street date for Tevor Rabin's Armageddon? I know there's an album coming out June 30, but I know it hqas the likes of Aerosmith on it, and I'm not sure if it contains any score? Any word? Thanks!

Until next time......

May 17 - 14:32
Re: Re: Regarding Henry Soundtrack
Marty J. Crane
Location: U.S.A.

Hey Neil, I am sorry I haven't got a chance to respond back for I haven't checked the board lately but I would be happy to let you know on any links you have and would be pleased to hear the same from you. All I have heard by the composer you mentioned was the ER title song and I enjoyed it very much, in fact there is a copy of the ER soundtrack at my local CD place, its good, I am sure. Anyways, I have a couple links on a CDR and a copy without the cover, email me if your interested. Regarding Henry was a great movie though. Marty

May 15 - 07:41
Follow Your Dreams - a nightmare
Mathias Andersson
Location: Engelholm, Sweden

Is there anyone out there who is a owner of Follow You Dreams Vol 1 and willing to burn a copy for me? If so, just drop me a mail and I WILL pay you!!!

May 15 - 06:35
TLK dutch

Today I saw something that surprised me. In the stores, I saw the soundtrack from the dutch version of The Lion King (de Leeuwekoning) With all the songs in dutch. And also with the four zimmertracks. But between ' die for' and 'under the stars', there was a track called 'Hyenas'. It was four minutes long, and produced by Zimmer an Rifkin. Sounded pretty good.
Did you guys already know this? I didn't. It is not on the Lion King. Or is this track from Rythm of the Pride Lands or TLKbroadway?
If you're interested in this cd, let me know.


May 15 - 05:42
Anyone seen these soundttracks?
Bleus Gert
Location: Belgium

'Bloodsport' & 'Kickboxer' both starring Van Damme + 'Teenwolf' starring Michael j Fox
Please contact me if you have!

May 15 - 05:37
I'm looking for..
Bleus Gert
Location: Belgium

these following soundtracks:
'Bloodsport' starring Jean Claude Van Damme
'Kickboxer' starring Jean Claude Van damme
'Teenwolf' starring Micheal J Fox
Please contact me ,if you got one of these albums!

May 13 - 03:26
Beyond Rangoon
Location: Amsterdam

Hi ya'all

I have a pretty silly question: If you have the soundtrack from Beyond Rangoon and a scanner, can you please scan the back of the beyond rangoon-cd (with the tracknames and stuff) and email it to me? I'd really appreciate this.


May 12 - 10:17
Re: Re: Regarding Henry Soundtrack
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

I really don't understand why it should be so hard to get Regarding Henry and Black Rain. If you post a message on or with your request, you should quite easily find a person that is willing to sell/trade a copy. I have personally found many rarities there, but of course you may have to fork out a few bucks.

May 12 - 05:14
Black Rain

BTW I also remember in New York in the Virgin Megastore at Broadway and 42th or so a copy of Black Rain. Thought it might be interesting for those of you who live there or go there.

May 12 - 04:49
Black Rain
Location: Amsterdam again

Here in Amsterdam I've seen many copies of the Black Rain soundtrack, it's not so very rare here. It is BTW a very great one. I just could buy it and send it to anyone who's interested. Price aint that big I guess. I just don't really know how expencive it is to post a cd to another country.
So, zimmerfans without Black Rain, mail me if you're interested, what you should be.


May 11 - 18:32
Re: Black Rain
Hadrian D.
Location: still at school


If you've read my post way back in March, you'd know that I bought a Black Rain Import from Germany through for 25 green. A relatively reasonable price considering what I was getting; an out-of-print first Zimmer action score. I love the CD and I value it. If you have the money to buy it from, do it, but check earlier posts to get a good deal. I heard that you can get a copy of Black Rain on some online CD store for 6 buck or something, so ask around, check out any leads, it'll help alot.


May 11 - 14:42
Re: Regarding Henry Soundtrack
Neil Henderson
E-mail: 101734.3577
Location: London

I haven't got acopy, but I am like yourself looking for one and have been for about three months now with no joy whatsoever. I have searched countless internet soundtrack sites and they hardly seem to have any of Hans' work. My point is that if you reply then I'll gladly keep you informed if I find anywhere that has copies, as I hope you would do the same for me? Have you buy the way heard any of Martin Davitch's work (composer of music for ER television series)? If so what do you think?

May 11 - 09:59
Black Rain
Arthur Peng
Location: San Diego

I have enjoy Hans Zimmer's music for years, but I am having problem finding both "Follow your Dreams I and II." I have "black Rain" on cassette tape and would like to buy a CD version.
Someone please help me find it!!! Thank You

May 11 - 07:23
Hadrian D.
Location: a l'ecole

You know, I was watching TV late last night and the trailer for Godzilla came on. The trailer was good but the music was better. Hans Zimmer's score to the Peacemaker was tracked into it and it was awesom. It used a passage from near the end of track 4 in the CD and segued into the five note action theme from Zimmer too. You can probably guess what it is.
In other news, there were two Zimmer movie shown last night Broken Arrow and The Lion King. For Broken arrow, I realized how Zimmer's music often cruised under the action, unlike his preivous score. The same thing happened in all the good part of The Lion King. The stampede sequence, the elephant graveyard scene etc. There were alot of music unreleased therethat should have gotten more recognition. I saw a couple of scene from the sequel, Simba's Pride, including hearing one song from it. Will there be a score CD coming out for it? Disney did it before. Well, gotta go, class is starting.



May 10 - 22:16
Wayne R. Tyler

Man, I'm confused. I've got just about everthing on the Official Zimmer CDiscography page. But folks here are talking titles I've never heard of (and aren't listed in the discography). How do you find out about these titles? Where on earth can you get them?

I'm a big fan, and I thought a completist on the edge of lunacy for collecting all that I have. So, I'm much further behind in filling out my collection than I thought. Any help here?


May 10 - 21:28
Doug Friend
Location: T-Town

I would like to trade for a CDR of Follow Your Dreams 2

I will trade either a original CD of "Pacific Heights" or
a CDR of Speed2(40 mins)Bad Boys 25 mins

Thanks, Doug

May 8 - 14:55
Upcoming Soundtrack Information
E-mail: SPYCEDEE@aolcom
Location: Michigan

I'd like to have all the information that I can get on how I can submit a song for the upcoming Halloween 7 Movie Soundtrack. Any one who can help me out with some information PLEASE email me back immediately.


May 8 - 12:43
The Game continues...
Jean - FranÁois Boiteau
Location: Qc, Ca.




May 7 - 13:48
Re: best of hans zimmer


May 7 - 12:41
best of hans zimmer

Is there a CD with the best of Hans Zimmer's music on it? For example, themes from the Rock, Crimson Tide, Lion King, etc.

May 6 - 12:37
Regarding Henry Soundtrack
Marty J. Crane
Location: U.S.A.

Hey everybody,
Jon, thanks for the info.
If anyone knows where I can get the Regarding Henry soundtrack, please let me know, I am interested in the original copy not a CDR. If anyone would like to sell I would like to buy, thanks

May 6 - 00:01
Pull a Yumbo and Other intrests
Location: Rialto


Chris, ya pulled a Yumbo again! I have some words to add on too Zafrica- it means an African Zimmer score. Zlobulous- have no idea on a meaning for it just like saying it. Zantabulous- a terrific, fantastic Zimmer score. There's some new terms for ya. it appears that Hans has a new assistant. By the looks of the name, i'd say he was oriental or something along that line. he emailed me on my interveiw subject. Well that's all in the fantastic world of Alicia Miller.

Got to go Zerrios!


May 5 - 19:48
Location: Manhattan

Is it really true that Zimmer had nothing to do with track 11 on the Toys soundtrack? I just got the cd, and tr. 11 sounds a lot like like zimmer. BTW I don't really like the soundtrack as much as I do all the others.
Also got a compilation album from Cannes, with a world apart on it (end titles) . That one I really love. Very much like rain man, but even more beautifull.
Nobody interested in the Fan???
(I can't read my mail 'til saturday)


May 5 - 11:42
follow your dreams
j heath
E-mail: movman@webtv

Where can I get a copy of "Follow your Dreams"1 @ 2 volume

May 5 - 10:02
Re: Regarding Henry Sndtr.
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Gee, I've got an e-mail address...but it's only temporary, so mail me while you can..

The Regarding Henry score came out on EMI Records in 1991, but it's LONG out-of-print. You should be able to find it somewhere though.

Also, I'm interested in buying the CD "Follow Your Dreams 2: The Hans Zimmer Chronicles". Anyone interested in selling?


May 4 - 05:41
Re: How many aknowledge Lebo M?
Don FItz-Roy
Location: NJ

Lebo M. rules. Two years ago, my family attended the centeral park premiere of the Disney movie Pocahontas. (we won tickets) Lebo M. was there, performing hits from the Rhythm of the Pridelands CD. During the final stage show before the premiere, he joine d the Harlem Boys Choir, Michael Eisner, and the kid who was the singing voice for Simba all on the stage and they sang the best version of "Circle of Life" I've ever heard...

He's also great in The Power of One. Speaking of which, I'm listening to the TLK on Broadway CD right now, and it appears that Mancina stuck Track Six of the Power of One during the "Lioness Hunt" (starting at 0:58) :-) I also could have sworn that I hear d Lebo M's voice during Track 15, The Lion Sings Tonight. (but he's not part of the broadway show...) Someone double check this stuff for me!

In any case, two of my fav Zimmer scores are Lion King and the Power of One. Simply put, Zimmer and Lebo M. MADE the Lion King what is was today, I truely doubt that it would have ever been as popular without such a powerful score (even if most people did n't even notice what made them enjoy the movie so much)

So Lebo M. must be doing something right. :-)

- Don

May 3 - 16:32
The Fan
Location: Amsterdam avenue, NY

I've got two copies of the Fan. That's one too many.
Does anybody wanna trade?
(I can't read my email till saturday, but I can read this zoard)

May 2 - 20:02
Julius Horsthuis
Location: New York city this time

Hi Everybody,

Just walked trough Broadway and saw the theatre where they play TLK on broadway. But it was sold out till september, so I can't see it, whitch I pretty much regret, 'cause I'd like to hear Zimmer- and Mancinamusic in a very big musicaltheatre.

Raymond goes at the end back to Wallbrook, although Charlie doesn't want this, not because of the money (he receives a fat check anyway), but because he's beginning to love his brother. A very nice movie with very VERY beautiful music.
I know a few people, and they don't like zimmermusic, except Rain Man (The leaving wallbrook/on the road part + end credits part) That's all I have to say.

Julius :-)

May 2 - 19:47
green card piano score
Location: wisconsin

I am a novice net user and a big zimmer fan. I have been searching long for the piano score from some of the pieces in
Green Card. Can anyone offer me some direction? Thanks very much.

May 2 - 18:30
Re: Armageddon trailer music
Location: lunch


while the CDR has its hiccups, I decided to download the trailer (3 hours later):

A: Teaser - Crimson Tide
B: Superbowl - GI Jane
C: Full - The Rock; new stuff (Rabin self-score?)

Interesting that Deep Impact hasn't had much press, and doesn't look like anything new, apart from unusual casting. Review has been so-so, and the same for Horner's score.

Armageddon - July 4th week....looks like Apollo 13 with action to me (a more palatable ID4?), and I like it, lol.
As far as the trailers go, the known cues were most effective esp. The Rock (which is heavily criticised as in movie, but highly effective OUT of movie, with trailers and NFL promos) - very 'inspiring'.

I would RA them, but clarity isn't sufficient.

New target for TRKillers page is next weekend...sorry gotta do some client work, grin.

New z'word - 'zaction' - Zimmer action (music).


May 2 - 06:34
Aliens & Die Hard
Brian B


The music from Aliens used in Die Hard comes not from the airlock scene, but from the scene where Bishop rescues Ripley and the girl off the platform as the Alien queen is about to get them at the power station. Both the same theme but orchestrated and ed ited differently. As for the mix, there is a difference in the way it sounds between the videotape, new THX laserdisc and DVD.


May 1 - 23:00
Re: CDR offer/Software check
T. Lin
Location: NJ

What is Speed Dubler Eight?

May 1 - 22:04
Re: Re: Re: The Awful Truth About ALienz : )
Doug C.

This is a little silly. Anyone reading this argument, watch Aliens, where the alien gets sucked out of the airlock, and Die Hard, where Al blows away the blond terrorist, and judge for yourself. Also Brian, you might want to check the movies again b/c I j ust did and there is no "mix" about it.


May 1 - 21:10
Rain Man
E-mail: Don't got one
Location: CA

I was wondering. Did anyone get the ending? What happens to Raymond?

By the way Alicia, I like Lebo M too. He's really cool! I'll spread the word to everyone I know.


May 1 - 20:05
How many aknowledge Lebo M?
Alicia Miller
Location: Zimmersville

That is my question for the month of May.

Do you know that Lebo worked with Hans on many African movies? He is responsible for those wonderful little chants you hear in the background. If it weren't for Lebo, Lion King would suck. Totally. I've got two people who want me to aknowledge that this M ay is Lebo-awareness month. I mean this month we should all listen to Lebo M. scores. If you want a list of his scores email me. Lebo is Hans (I think) only black friend. Hans even said the closest he got to Africa is Lebo M. And did I mention Lebo said t hat he always thoght of Hans as a world renowned composer, the best in the world. So, what's it gonna be? Am I and two other pals of mine the only Lebo M fans or are you all thinking that Hans pushed Lebo around like a slave? It don't go that way people! This is the month you will all accept Lebo into our humble little Zimmer conversations! If I don't start something, who will?


May 1 - 17:09
Re: 1986 movie sountrack
Location: jacksonville, florida

have it on lp...if u have any questions about soundtrack then send me an email....dont listen to albums anymore...might consider selling it to u....let me know if i can be of any help

May 1 - 09:51
CDR offer/Software check
Location: night time

Hi all,

I have access to a CDR for one day (today), and anyone who needs a copy of something hard to find, let me know NOW.

ALSO, anyone who has a copy of Speed Doubler 8, please let me know.


May 1 - 07:28
1986 movie sountrack
jare rindlisbacher
E-mail: jrindlisbacher
Location: price, utah

have been looking forever it seems, for a soundtrack to movie called RAD. it was in 1986 when it came out, and want the sountrack, can anyone help?