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November 1997

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Nov 30 - 16:51
True Romance
Michael McGowan
Location: Virginia

I know this may be a crazy question, but did they ever release an all-score soundtrack to True Romance? It is by far Zimmer's best score, but I don't care for the soundtrack that much because of all the lousy lyrical songs on it.

Nov 30 - 16:12
Mike Skerritt
Location: School....


Doug C. -- If you like Toys (like I do), try to get your hands on Follow Your Dreams, that becoming-rare Mancina/Zimmer promo. It's got a 5-minute track from Toys WITHOUT vocals. It's excellent. Great sound quality, too.

Alicia -- Not only POO, but Horner's Courage Under Fire is also used in the Amistad trailers, just in case you were wondering. About the second TLK, from my understanding, it will be yet another straight-to-video sequel, so my guess would be that Zimmer will not assume scoring duties. (If theatrical, however, I damn well hope they enlist the help of the maestro)

Recent impressions of scores I've picked up:

TITANIC (Horner) Hmmm.....many a soul has been especially looking forward to this release, myself included. Well, here's my two cents on it. It's a treat in that it presents some excellent themes (finally, lol). The main title cue, utilizing those exotic Ulliean pipes (is that right?), plays a melancholy tune, a theme that reminds me of The Rocketeer (No, Horner-bashers, it doesn't sound like the Rocketeer) Rather, it has a long progression that is like The Rocketeer. The more you hear it, the more you like it. Inevitably, the more famous theme is taken from Celene Dion's song, which Horner co-wrote with partner Will Jennings. The lyrics are a bit trite, but the theme is sensuous and grand. It's definitely a highlight. Both themes show up several times, so coverage is great. There's a surprising amount of synthesizer work here, along with vocals by Enya-sound-alike Sissel of Norway. I'll agree with Filmtracks on this one that there is a great opportunity missed during the ship's leaving dock sequence. I was expecting a grand orchestral bombastic cue along the lines of Apollo 13. Unfortunately, though the cue (actually, it's separated into 2 cues) is powerful, it could have been done a lot better. Too many synthesizers, too much vocal work. Overall, the disc is great, quite varied, and well worth the wait

SWEPT FROM THE SEA (Barry) I was a little skeptic about this one, and I got much of what I expected. Lush strings, with subdued brass backing a sweeping theme. But oh, what a great theme it is. The disc manages to get a little boring, as the minor themes are used much more than the main theme, and these themes get a little boring. But the main theme makes up for it, saving this score from mediocrity. Advice: Ask for it for Christmas.

FLY AWAY HOME (Isham) I heard so much about this score before hearing it (mainly people complaining so much that it wasn't released), that I just had to go out and rent the movie just to hear the score. While watching the movie, I wasn't struck by any one thing, but it did quickly become my favorite Isham score (other than Point Break, which to be honest, I'd rather see a release of) Anyway, I managed to get my hands on a copy, and I must say this: The more you listen, the better it gets. It doesn't have a huge sound (lots of individual work and quirky instruments), but it is richly thematic, which is a great thing for an Isham score. It's a solid 40 minutes of score, and is quite touching and sentimental. If you can find it, get it. Try to get a CDR, though, an original's not worth it's ridiculous auction price.

I'll have to agree with Doug, I'm also looking forward to As Good as it Gets. I still think the best score from a James Brooks movie was Michael Gore's Terms of Endearment, but our Hans has certainly shown he can write an intimate, down-sized score. Anyone know when/if the score will be released? Marco? Chris?

Wow, I'm exhausted from spewing so much, lol. E-mail with questions/comments. I'd love to hear what people are thinking....


Nov 29 - 16:03
Change of addresses etc.
Location: Sunny Fiji, with the Seaborne Legend in dock

Hi all,

Very busy down here.
Please amend your bookmarks to: as the root folder for all the Yumbiosis composer sites.

All old links are still valid, so not to worry - all automated. However, some links may be broken, and it costs me a bomb to check em - so please let me know if there are any glitches.

New email address is
But PLEASE do NOT email me anything over 200k - ask first!

My new scanner was a dud, so when it is replaced I will be completing the Inside Media Ventures section of Zinfo.

The ship used in Speed 2 was in dock this week - very purrdy! No it wasn't damamged.

FSD published 2 Zimmer articles this week.

The new server is my own commercial server which should be faster as well. Just in case anyone needs extra space - lots of space, email me for some reasonable rates.

alrighty, back to work, lol.

Chris Caine

Nov 28 - 00:13
Re: Amistad
Marco Samtlebe
Location: germany

The Music for Amistad was composed by John Williams, hey, thats a Spielberg-movie, who else should compose the Music.

The Power Of One Music was used in the Amistad-Trailer, but Zimmer has nothing to do with the music in the Film.

Nov 27 - 23:09
Alicia Miller
Location: Rialto, CA

Hi Zimmer Fans!

I was watching Oprah on the 25 or 26 and they showed a scene from the Amistad (Dreamworks next movie comine Dec. 12) that had the score from Power of One. Now I know some other composer composed the music but is Hans doing the score? Also, Does anyone kno w if Hans is doing the second TLK? I'd like to know because if he isn't the movie will DEFINITELY suck!


Nov 22 - 18:29
Music Score for Backdraft
Location: Williamstown, NJ

I teach a high school band, and we are interested in performing music from the movie "Backdraft." If anyone can help me locate this score, please email me and let me know where I can get it. My students and I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Nov 20 - 19:24
Zimmer in Trailers
Hadrian D.
Location: Surfing by

This morning I heard Zimmer's score to Blackrain being use in the Rainmaker trailer, and the choral bit from Broken Arrow in the beginning of the Alien Resurrection trailer.

p.s. For those wondering, Devoe coincidentally is my last name.

Nov 18 - 21:23
Pacific Heights
Doug C.
Location: Florida U of F

Could I get some opinions on Pacific Heights? Some kid wants to sell it to me.

I recently have listened to Toys and Muppet Treasure Island and was extremely surprised by the two. One track on Toys is one of the best things I have heard from Zimmer. M.T.I. is just as epic as the Lion King. I can't believe that Zimmer put so much effo rt into a freakin' Muppet flick.

Hopefully Old Friends will get Zimmer an Oscar nod and have some classic Driving Miss Daisy/Rain Man type theme.

Doug C.

Nov 18 - 09:30
Job offer in Switzerland
Patrick Haertsch
Location: Switzerland

Job Offer in Switzerland

Sorry for adding in here a job offer, but I thought
some people who are interested in Zimmer are interested in media
questions in general as well.

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where we will work on
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We have an open position in our research field href="">Business Media as a
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write a doctoral thesis. For more information on our research
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If you are interested you should have a sucessfully completed
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conatct me:

Nov 18 - 09:13


I don't think One False Move by Peter Haycock and Derek Holt ever got released. The strange thing is, Terry Plumeri is listed with "orchestral underscore" on IMDB.

Nov 17 - 05:22
Location: Sandy, Bedfordshire,UK

I would be very GRATEFUL for some info on the
avalability of the sound track "One False Move" featuring
PETE HAYCOCK on guitar.


Nov 13 - 20:53
Re: Sniper, PW, FSD, Zinfo update, Conti new, John Ottman(?)
T. Lin
Location: nj

Hows the Sniper Soundtrack.

Nov 13 - 08:16
Lion King On Broadway
Robin Kuipers
Location: Uni Delft

Has anyone heard the new Mancina album for the Lion King on Broadway? He used quite some new techniques recording it.
Check out details at The Unofficial Mark Mancina Site

Nov 13 - 06:54
good cd store
rich roth
Location: phila pa

this store has a good selection of used soundtracks and some from Zimmer

tell them Richie sent you!

Nov 12 - 06:30
First Born
Peter Bridges
Location: Near Exeter, Devon, UK

Hi! I would be grateful if anyone could tell me of a CD which
features First Born. So far, I have only been able to find this
on tape entitled "The World of BBC TV Themes" and I'm afraid that
the sound quality does not do justice to this brilliant music.

Many thanks and be lucky...

Peter B.

Nov 11 - 15:23
Sniper, PW, FSD, Zinfo update, Conti new, John Ottman(?)
Location: Sunny, clear blue skies in Fiji.

Bula all,

Jon - I thought Mancina scored Sniper, with additional by Hans.

There is only 14 minutes of Preacher's Wife, as I put up back in February on Zinfo.

Check out FSD for my reply to Jason Comerford that Lukas uploaded, and an excellent one from Zimmerite Jeremy Muniz, in response to Zimmer FSM interview.

Grin, I already sent off another reply.

Zinfo has some lil nifty updates - Zlate News, new photo, Peacemaker trailer music, sad villain theme named.

My friend and old workmate from Myer, Adelaide, South Australia -Luke Tregloan, had this cool report:

"I am actually doing some work experience at the SA Film Corp. with Mario Andreacchio, the director of "Napoleon". The other week Bill Conti was in to record the score he has written for the film. Amazing stuff. We had the full Adelaide orchestra in and s etup on a sound stage. The music was quite outstanding and emotional."

I'm very tempted to give you all a preview of The Apt Pupil (Main title) too, lol.

and thar yoo go,

Nov 10 - 13:36
Preacher's Wife
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK

I am getting a CDR of 14 mins of score of
The Preachers Wife.
Does anybody have any more?
Thanks, Doug

Nov 10 - 10:16
Re: Under Siege
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

Gary Chang has scored quite a few movies during the last 13 years. He started in 1984 with The Breakfast Club (additional music) and he haven't looked back since. Scores of his that are available: The Island Of Dr. Moreau (Milan CD), Shock To The System ( Rare Windham Hill release) and maybe more. And for Zimmer fans: He scored Point Of No Return back in 1993, but the producers didn't like it and Hans came in to save it. Chang also scored Sniper, where Zimmer and Mancina delivered "additional percussive mu sic"...

Jon Aa

Nov 9 - 16:07
Black Rain
Adam Kaiser
Location: USA

Hey Zimmer Fans,

I made an interesting find the other day. a new mall opened down here, one of those huge Mills malls. Anyway, they have a Virgin Megastore (huge soundtrack selection). As I am walking I spot, Black Rain!! It has a sticker on it that says IMPORT and on the black another that says "Made in Holland". I was extremely suprised, so I bought it. I wasn't sure if I liked it, but after listening to it a few times, I rather enjoy it.

So this maybe the way to get Black Rain without paying 30-50 bucks.

Adam Kaiser


Nov 9 - 02:56
Under Siege
Location: here

Hi there,
just wanted to tell that I just love the soundtrack of Under Siege. It's only 30 minutes, but the sounds are just great. It's almost an entire synth-score, made by Gary Chang. Did he make more scores? I hope so. (Check out the movie too.)

That's all.

Nov 8 - 22:07
Follow Your Dreams??
Big Al
Location: In front of my T.V.

I am a very desperate in finding a original copy of the Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer "Follow Your Dreams" PROMO CD. There are many tracks on there I am dieing to hear, especially the never before released ones. Its a must have for me!! Also what is the best version for Bill Conti's Blood in Blood OUt, the VArese or the Paradise CD boot??? ON a lesser note I am also looking for an original copy Varese SArabande "The Hidden" by Michael Convertino. Please reply if you can shed any light on any of these t opics?? Thanks much!!

Nov 6 - 21:51
Brian Bilby
Location: Michigan


I believe she's Dannys wife?


Nov 6 - 21:11
Elfman = Elfman?
Mike Skerritt
Location: Gimme an M - I - C - H - I - G - A - N!

I have a question for the group here.

ABC has a new show this season called "Dharma and Greg." The female lead is an incredibly beautiful young woman named Jenna Elfman. She's tall and has short blond hair.

Does anyone know whether or not she's related to the great Danny Elfman? Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller, Bueller, hehe)

Thanks for any info.....

Nov 5 - 22:25
CDs for Sale.....
Mike Skerritt
Location: Michigan, USA

Well howdy everyone.......

I have some rare Zimmer CDs for sale. These are originals and are in mint condition:

Black Rain - Virgin - $30
Radio Flyer - Big Screen - $15
Regarding Henry - Capitol - $30

E-mail me if you're interested!

Got my hands on some new CDs not too long ago:

Starman - Jack Nitzsche - completely electronic, though not in a Zimmer style. Actually, I've always been a fan of Nitzsche's themes (Jewel of the Nile, Seventh Sign, etc) and this is no different. This CD is subtly beautiful. It sneaks up on you.

Under Fire - Jerry Goldsmith - this CD, as you collectors know, is very rare and hard to get, but well worth the hunt. This CD is a showcase of the maestro's versatility. A variety of intruments are featured in solos, including piano, pan pipes, and gui tar great Pat Metheny, along with synth backing and orchestra. Several themes, styles, and what you have is a coherent, thematically rich score. It's also underrated in my opinion. I was unaware of it myself until just a few months ago. Superior sound quality, once again, from a Japanese release.

Zee y'all later!!!

Nov 5 - 11:25
Listening positions
Location: In front of bewdiful monitor!


If you haven't, try these (requires simultaneous CD capability on computer - same speakers):

  • Play an action computer game, backed with Crimson Tide.
  • Run screensaver of Sports Illustrated in slow fade mode, backed with Smilla (I think) or any slow dramatic score - VERY surreal!
  • Play Peacemaker or any loud action score in bathroom, with decent portable system (I used a Bose). Choice acoustics!

    Mancinfo has been updated!

    thar yoo go,

    Nov 2 - 21:01
    One more thing.....
    Mike Skerritt
    Location: Michigan, USA @ a decent time, for God's sake...

    I forgot to mention in my little post last time that very CD which made me think of the subject in the first place.

    This used CD is.....*drum roll*

    The Piano - Michael Nyman - Now, this score has its rough edges. It is fiercly classical in some aspects, and quite odd in some respects at that. BUT, and this is a HUGE but, for those of you who've heard it, you know what I'm about to say. Nyman creat es a theme in this score from which Holly Hunter's character speaks. It is intensely emotional, and is brilliant in both its composition and its execution. It shows up three times is developing stages. First, it appears as a solo piano tune. Nyman her e performs his own theme with a vigor not often seen, and it seems as though 3 people are playing at once. How he did this I'll never know, and it's part of its excellence. The second time, it is the same piano performance, now backed with haunting stri ngs. This is perhaps its best rendition. At last it shows during the end credits, completely taken by orchestra. There's no piano, but it's no less forceful. A truly astounding musical experience, The Piano is one to be gotten without hesitance.

    OK, shameless self-plug. If anyone who reads my rants here would enjoy reading my structured (really? lol) reviews, head to, and enter the name Mike Skerritt into the search engine. E-mail any comments if you read them. Thanks!

    OK, now I'm done, hehe

    Nov 2 - 20:55
    Alicia Miller
    Location: Rialto

    Ok. I want to make a Lebo M, Hans Zimmer and Lion King page all in one and can't do it on AOL press! Can someone help me?

    Nov 2 - 07:49
    Preacher's Wife
    Doug Friend
    Location: Tulsa, OK

    I know there are some CDR's of the "Preachers Wife".
    Please let me know how I can obtain one.
    I can make CDR's or trade or even buy.

    Thanks, Doug

    BTW:Some CD's I have seen laying around that are also good:

    Basic Instinct
    Free Willy

    Nov 2 - 00:50
    Used Bin Funk
    Mike Skerritt
    Location: Michigan, USA @ 3:30 in the morning?!?!?!

    Hi folks. Up really late, thought I'd add my two cents on another topic, used bins.

    Now don't get me wrong. They are G-R-R-R-R-E-A-T (BTW, that was Tony the Tiger, lol) That's not the issue I'm trying to bring up. As Mr. Bilby might tell you, I have NO probelm staking my claim at various used stores, lol. Actually, most of the people around Ann Arbor don't know my name, they just say, "Hey, it's the soundtrack guy! Hey, is this score available?" Making quite a name for myself that way, hehe

    The funk I'm talking about is that over my many years of score buying, there seems to be a pattern of great scores (some obscure, some not) that I see in used stores ALL the time. Truthfully, it annoys me to no end to see these scores always sitting on t he shelves. So I made a little list (no certain order here, just spills):

    Legends of the Fall - mass produced, yes, but still one of Horner's best. A robust 73 minutes, several themes, and the London Symphony Orchestra, who can go wrong?

    Braveheart - James Horner - mass produced, yes, but still one of Horner's best. An even robuster 77 minutes, several themes, flutes and bagpipes, and the LSO, who can go wrong?

    Schindler's List - John Williams - I think this one gets me the most, because I always see several copies of this. This is Williams' masterpiece, by far his best score. Itzhak Perlman delivers one of the grandest and emotional themes ever put to disc. For those of you who don't have this, please snatch those used copies up.

    Star Wars - John Williams - Now this isn't my favorite score, not even close, but it deserves to be in any serious film music afficionado's collection. It is a classic, after all....

    Beauty and the Beast - Alan Menken - The most digestable of all the sticky sweet Disney offerings. Menken's best score. The CD release leaves a little to be desired, because of all the damn dialogue, but it's still an enchanting score.

    The Rock - Hans Zimmer - For some reason, I see this one a whole lot more than I see any other Zimmer scores. Definitely near the top of his hit list. It's a relentless tour of action, with three great themes.

    Batman - Danny Elfman - IMO, Number 2 on Elfman's all-time list, behind Edward Scissorhands. This score put him on the map, and changed the standard for film scoring. Always lively, always original, it is brilliant in every sense of the word.

    Honorable Mentions: Glory, E.T., Jurassic Park, Ghost, etc....

    What do you think? What do you always see in a used store that really pisses you off? Let's hear ya!!!!

    G'night all......

    Nov 1 - 10:05
    CT/HFRO/Alien 4/Carter Burwell
    Location: Rainy Suva


    As Trixie the dog tries to distract me from typing.
    Firstly, couple of fixes:

  • The Africa:Serengeti DVD is NOT mastered well.
  • Power Of One CD has a low level recording (common error).
  • Power Of One MOVIE has excellent sound.

    Crimson Tide and Hunt For Red October are totally different I reckon. CT has the more obvious theme, HFRO has the more obvious hymn (but Peacemaker still better there, in terms of choir). However, the HFRO CD is terribly compiled.

    Basil wasn't there when I visited his studio, but his lovely assistant was. lol. Didn't talk since we were there to hang with John Ottman - now (that's another 'story') that was cool, watching them put final touches on THE APT PUPIL score. Wonderfully bom bastic score it is - better than Usual Suspects and Cable Guy. Watching orchestra and recording earlier, was also nice. Now John has a lovely sound editor, lol.

    But Hans' assistant Mo would get your yumbo vote.

    Finally, Alien 4 had a preview screening in London, and somebody was VERY disappointed, with movie, and score. Pity.

    Starship Troopers has had good reports, and good score. Cool.

    Hey, any of you reckon one of Carter Burwell's Conspiracy Theory themes, would have been based on his LOVELY theme from THIS BOY'S LIFE? Was the score to the latter released on CD - I"m aware of one release - all songs?

    Otherwise, I'll RA the end credits, off LD. Rather nice having access to an LD - just need a Yamaha DSP system again. Having to be content with going to dealer showroom and help myself, lol. The perks of being former staff.

    One more thing, Jason Comerford had the opinion to slag off Hans in FSD, and I just had to reply, lol. We'll see if Lukas has the balls to print it.