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November 1998

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Days Of Thunder and FYD vol. 3 are NOT released!

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Nov 30 - 13:35
Prince of Egypt Tunes
Manuel Porras Brand
Location: Chibchombia

I'm a fan of Zimmers work.
Since the soundtrack hasn't arrived yet to Chibchombia,
I searched for MP3s of this soundtrack
I was lucky and found the whole soundtrack in a ratio server.
I downloaded just a few tracks, most of the instrumental ones
and of course "Deliver Us" (Ofra Haza) (my favourite).
Al the Mp3s where worth the 3&1/2 Hrs download.
I'm actually thinking in buing the Soundtrack as soon as it arrives to this moridero here.

Nov 27 - 07:46
Re: Smilla!
Julius Horsthuis
Location: Amsterdam

Coincidently I just saw the movie yesterday, the soundtrack I've had for a few months now, and I must say I disagree with you guys!
The soundtrack is composed by both HGW and Zimmer, I think just like NGS and Zimmer on the Rock. Zimmer composed a few themes, and HGW put them together and made some other things.
The soundtrack has some very nice moments, the feeling of the dark Greenland is perfectly captured in the music, and there are some very nice samples on it, just like in TRKillers, that I liked less.
The music suits the movie very good, there's a great part in the movie where Smilla gets explained a few things, and the music there is absolutely great. But they didn't put that on the soundtrack.
So, everybody: Get Smilla's sense for snow (and go see the movie too, it has some cool special effects with collapsing icebergs or so)
And ofcource, get POE! I've had it for a few weeks now, and it's great. Need I say more...
The end of track 8 is absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to see the movie.

See ya!


Nov 26 - 23:30
Chow Lee
Location: Malaysia

I thought Smilla was composed by Hans. Will someone clarify on this? The music is definitely darker than The Rock or Crimson Tide. For something similarly energetic instead of Smila, try the Peacemaker.

Nov 25 - 22:07
Re: Re:
Review - Smilla's Sense Of Snow
Location: Across the street,really!look outside your window, I'll wave.

I agree, Harry Gregson-Williams is not that impressive,however, "The Whole Wide World" was a really good effort.
I'd reccommend that if you want to give him a third chance {:-).

Nov 25 - 14:17
Review - Smilla's Sense Of Snow
Thor Joachim Haga
Location: Norway

I am a huge Hans Zimmer fan, and tend to like everyone who follows in his footsteps (Glennie-Smith, Rona, Powell, Mancina, Rabin etc.). However, I DO have a problem with mr. Gregson-Williams. I first bought "Smilla" because i thought it was something like, yes, the beautiful "House of Spirits". I was hugely disappointed, though, when I found it was nothing like it. It is boring, devoid of any structural melodies, very low-key without ever "taking off" musically. When you feel a melody is taking shape, the track is already over (e.g. track 1). The percussion is irregular and unsupportive and everything is just so incredibly repetitive and DULL!!!
I decided to give Gregson-Williams a second chance with the action movie "Replacement Killers", but only to discover that this, too, was full of the same sound as "Smilla", and this is a ACTION MOVIE?! Where is "Crimson Tide" and "The Rock" in this, where is the Hans Zimmer/Mediaventures sound that I adore? Well, perhaps Harry wants to take his own musical path, and I guess noone can deny him that artistic privilege?

Nov 24 - 19:02
PRINCE OF EGYPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alicia Miller
Location: Here

Hello fellow Zim-heads,

Well as you know Prince of Egypt is out. Although there is no specific time on it, Hans has 8 tracks on it. He also produced 3 of the movie songs. Striking note to all you Harry Gregson-Williams fans: Harry is singing on it! There is also a relation to Harry, Rupert, also listed. About half of the composers at Media worked on the album with Hans. It is the bomb! Get it now if you can!

More info will be sent to Chris.

Alicia Miller
#1 Lebo M and Hans Zimmer fan

Nov 24 - 12:05
Re: hans zimmer
Mike Greenberg
Location: PA, USA

A fairly complete list of his works is available at

Nov 24 - 00:13
Prince Of Egypt
Jamie Pang
Location: Malaysia

After months of anticipation and speculation, I rushed to the stores to get a copy of the POE OST. And I was not disappointed with Zimmer's works though some other pop tracks are better left in pop albums.

Zimmer's scores suffered in the Lion King OST in that many splendid tracks are left out. In POE there are also tracks left out but I hope there are not many - we will only know that after watching the movie. A good thing is that many are produced by him.

Fans familiar with Zimmer's electronic works will find a refreshing change to his usual materials. Again, he demonstrated his ability to work across many genres, this time he explores the Middle Eastern theme. The powerful chorals (reminiscent of The Power Of One's OST) and thumping percussion are still there in a few tracks but the use of ethnic instruments is done quite well.

The track cuts are also much better with tracks blending very well into each other.

With all that, we can only hope that buyers of the album look beyond the duet of Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey (not that it's a terrible one) to enjoy the soundtrack. But then again, by getting the album, the uninitiated will get the chance to experience the powerful musical journey that's Hans Zimmer. Any chance of him producing a New Age album?

Get the album, see the show!!

Notable listening : Tracks 14 and 15 (what a rush!)

Nov 23 - 14:06
hans zimmer
Location: scotland

can anyone supply me with a complete list of hans zimmer

Nov 23 - 11:47
Location: The same chair

bula all,

Yumbiosis has expanded with a separate page for Harry Gregson-Williams; a 34-question interview kicks it off covering most areas that one would wonder about.

HG-Winfo features the standard Late News, Discography, Links, and upcoming album reviews etc.

The influence of "the teacher"...


Nov 22 - 20:00
Mike Greenberg
Location: PA

First off, let me say that the Prince of Egypt soundtrack is an absolute triumph for Zimmer. I was hoping for and expecting something unique from him this time around and was not disappointed. Also, I had a question for those out there with info. on the Enemy of the State soundrack. I have already seen the movie and it seems like there are a few good spots but mostly a lot of techno stuff - I don't consider myself much of a Rabin fan as I find most of his music never seems to do much for me emotionally - most of the good stuff I usually find out HGW did. Anyways, I had heard rumors of a release of Zimmer's score for the film, though it was not used in the film. If anyone has info. on whether this is true or not, please let me know. Thanks all.

Nov 22 - 16:21
Prince of Egypt
Dr. Graham Leslie
Location: Michigan

I bought Prince of Egypt the other day. It's not bad for a non Disney animated film. Individual moments in the C.D. are better then the others. What possessed them to hire Amy Grant to sing a song on the C.D.? I'd rather hear Zimmer sing then Amy Gran t. It's not as good as the Lion King, but that was in a class of it's own. The Red Sea is definently the best on the C.D. I think one of the main themes sounds a lot like Arabian Nights from Aladdin.

Anyone know the quality of Enemy of the State Soundtrack?

Roll Tide

Nov 18 - 19:27
Re: Armageddon Score
Location: Rainy Suva


be patient and then be enlightened when HG-Winfo debuts - Harry answers the nitty gritty...

till then,

Nov 18 - 18:21
Prince of Egypt's 'lai,lai,lai...'
Chow Lee
Location: Malaysia

I thought that 'lai,lai,lai...' song is good, similar to the 'shakalaka' them in the Muppet Treasure Island. These tribal songs are extinct until Lord Zimmer brought us the real stuff.

Run, don't think, and buy P.O.E. now!

Nov 18 - 15:06
Re: Armageddon Score
Hadrian D.
Location: why do you need to know, is it really that important?

The reason, as far as I know to presume, is that Harry Gregson-William co-composed half of the music in Armageddon, and the cues you've mention happens to be some of the cue HGW did. There's like over 50 minutes of score material that were excluded from the CD. The majority of that were HGW's stuff. And also the noted fact that Sony screwed up and forgot to include HGW's stuff. I don't think they'll try to fix that particular problem. I guess you, I, everybody else, will have to be content with what is offered.
Anyway, buy Prince of Egypt. It's one of the best I've heard in a long time. It certainly kick Mulan's butt, in everyway. Great song, except for one with annoying "lai, lai, lai..." Epic, ethnic, secular, awesome, and often lovely score materials(28:5 4 minute) that will guarantee Hans an Oscar and further acclaims. You'll love it the first time around.
Further review on the way.



Nov 18 - 12:20
Armageddon Score
Machieste DeMiro
Location: Michigan

"I'd just like to know if anyone else out there is as dissapointed with the 'Armageddon' score cd as I am.Most of the best cues of music are missing from the album.The meteor shower of New York City,the asteroid collision 65 million years ago,the 'Freedom ' and the 'Independance' burning thier thrusters around the moon and coming up behind the asteroid cullminating in the crash of the 'Independance'-and then landing cue was severly edited.All these great pieces are missing.Dose anyone know if Sony just scr ewed Trevor Rabin over,or if there is going to be a second score album?I'd appreciate any word please,even if someone else just wants to vent like me."

Nov 18 - 08:16
Re: Prince of Egypt
Olivier Roth
Location: France

can you tell me how long is the score as there are 13 songs??? thank you from france

Nov 18 - 03:05


how long is the poe score on cd???

Nov 17 - 00:26
Prince of Egypt
Doug C.
Location: U of Fl

Go get it now!!! Trust is better than the Lion King. I just got it tonight and it is keeping me up b/c I can't stop listening to it.

Doug C.

Nov 15 - 18:35
You're So Cool
Location: Vancouver

Hello - anyone out there know who I contact for 'copyright clearance' for "You're So Cool"? It's for an animated student film. Thnxxxx.

Nov 14 - 20:04
T. Lin
Location: NJ

Sorry, haven't been in touch with the rest of the world since college started. Did the score for armageddon come out? many thanks

Nov 14 - 18:52
Rain Man is good
Chow Lee
Location: Malaysia

Just bought Rain Man with the curiousity of whether the CD is worth the 12 minutes of Zimmer music. My conclusion: a definite must buy for Zimmer fans out there. The rest of the album consist of a nice mix of vocal songs too. This satisfy my five year puzzle of why Zimmer was nominated for the Rain Man score.

Nov 14 - 13:41
Re: Re: New action music?
Thor Joachim Haga

No, Face/Off was scored by John Powell

Nov 13 - 13:59
Harry Gregson-Williams
Location: Tahiti


just kidding, just got lovely French/Tahitian cousins visiting.
well, Harry is back in touch, while Hans is still busy.
it's a funny feeling when everyone else has heard the music before me.

the business at hand...HGW is fielding questions before he heads back into the feel
free to send a few. The result will to add to the slog of RA/views that will kick off HG-Winfo!

Preview - there is no Hans-like anthem in the "really good movie" Enemy Of The State.


Nov 9 - 08:04
My Name Is Tim
Location: Planet Earth

The music you heard was from Drop Zone,and yes by Hans Zimmer!

Nov 8 - 23:59
The Prince of Egypt
Chow Lee
Location: Malaysia

Brothers and sisters, look no further! The Prince of Egypt is this year's best offering from our Lord Zimmer. If you consider yourself a Zimmer fan, get off your butt now and start looking for one!

The Egyptian tune in the soundtrack is inspiring, innovative and exciting!

Nov 8 - 10:27
Re: Rain Man Soundtrack Availability
Hadrian D.

My local Circuit City has a copy of it. I could get it for you. Interested?


ps. Buy ANTZ, from Zimmer proteges, John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams. I bought it on Tuesday and been listening to it since. To emulate Yumbo, "it's fun, brassy, and symphonic," but with a touch of Face/Off(Powell) and the Borrowers(HGW). The mus t buy score, beside Armageddon, of the year.

Nov 8 - 02:41
True Romance
Andreas Kuhlo
Location: Germany

Does anyone know how long the three Zimmer tracks on the True Romance CD are?

Nov 7 - 06:01
Re: New action music?

Do You Know if he did the Face/Off soundtrack?

Nov 6 - 04:50

Just saw The Negotiator, and I really liked the score, by Greame Revell or something. The score is very Zimmerish, and I was wondering wether there has been a release or not.
BTW the Zorrotrailer does contain pieces of Drop Zone..


Nov 5 - 13:02
Rain Man Soundtrack Availability

To Any Regulars Or Knowledgeable Fans,

I have spent upwards of 45 minutes just now flipping through every single possible online music store I could find. Only one came up with a result for Rain Man and had to information regarding purchase. Quite irritating. If you now any places I could try, please e-mail me as I do not plan on returning (or finding, rather) to this site again. If this question is completely off the subject of the board, then I apologise and welcome the deserved flames.


Nov 5 - 09:20
Jean-Fran┴ois Boiteau
Location: Quebec

I think it's a ┤Drop Zone¬ cue...

Nov 5 - 05:01
Elly K
Location: n/a

HELP ME! I saw the trailer for The MASK OF ZORRO and the music used sounds amazingly like a Hans Zimmer type of composition, but I don't know which one. PLEASE HELP ME. My e-mail address is above this message.

Nov 3 - 19:10
Radio Flyer
Steve Mason
Location: Philadelphia

I am desperately trying to replace my Radio Flyer soundtrack after it was stolen a few years ago. Does anyone know where I can get one? Please email me. - Steve

Nov 3 - 13:30
Regarding Henry
M. Robison
Location: USA

Been lucky enough to find this on cassette, but looking for it on CD...any traders out there (no CD-R please)

Nov 3 - 11:54
Melody appearing in soundtrack of Thelma @ Louise
Dell G.

Can anyone advise me whether the haunting melody, by a solo guitar in several scenes in the Thelma@Louise movie (including the final scene where the two women characters drive off the canyon rim) but which does not appear on the published sound track, is available as a complete piece anywhere? It's not on any of the Zimmer recordings currently available, but I hope that it might be one of the two pieces appearing on his "Follow Your Dream" recording which refer to that movie; & if so, where can that CD be obtained. Thanks for any help.

Nov 3 - 03:58
Elliott Thorn
Location: Australia

I am a big fan of Hans Zimmer's work and I loved his co-composed score of The Rock with Harry Gregson-Williams. I heard that Harry Gregson-Williams co-composed the score for Armageddon with somebody and I was wondering if anybody knows when the score albu m will be released in Australia.
Please help me I'm desperate.
Hans Zimmer rocks!!!

Nov 1 - 08:05
You're so cool - Sheet music
Location: Scotland

Can anyone tell me where I can get a hold of sheet music for Hans Zimmers' classic theme tune 'You're So Cool' from the film true Romance ? Please feel free to email me at