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October 1998

Here you can post messages to other users of the page regarding CD availability, soundtrack discussion, or other such items of interest regarding Zimmer's works.

Days Of Thunder and FYD vol. 3 are NOT released!

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Oct 30 - 23:35
Prince of Egypt
Doug C.
Location: U of Fl

Just thought I'd let you guys know that the Prince of Egypt website is in full force as of today. All of the track listings are on. The soundtrack looks very interesting....alot of different singers all bound together by Zimmer's score. The whole media ventures team is in on this one.

Can't wait!


Oct 29 - 10:49
Re: Re: Concerts
Location: Suva

time for a breather,

well, Hans said he doesn't have time to do concerts, and he's not in that business.

he does not conduct, but that has nothing to do with the issue.

Armageddon - November 10. Try reading for once.


Oct 27 - 20:05
Score to "Armageddon"
Machieste DeMiro
Location: Work

"Dose anyone know when the score to "Armageddon" by Trevor Rabin is coming out?I can't belive that they've got the nerve to call what they released a soundtrack!Rabin's score got 3 minutes on the album,and the rest of the songs were in less than 10 percent of the film,and they dominate the album.I must have this incredible score!"

Oct 24 - 00:26
Re: Concerts
Alicia Miller

Hans Zimmer doesn't do concerts...he can barely even conduct an orchestra....


Oct 19 - 19:44
Helen San

Hey, just so you know, Scorelogue is starting a monthly live chat with a composer, beginning with Chris Young this Wed October 21st, at 10 pm. To go to the chat, go to and click on the "Chat with Chris Young" banner.

What does this have to do with Zimmer? I am a die hard Zimmer fan. And if enough people show up and support these live chats, I think we can have a good case for Scorelogue to invite Zimmer one of these days. :) Makes sense, huh?

Helen San

Oct 18 - 15:52
Location: Montreal

Hello Gang,
Be sure to watch for the score release by Harry Gregson Williams and John Powell's will be worth it. For the preview, go see the movie! There are some previews of Prince of Egypt...3 more weeks.
Yumbo, let me know about your discs at my new address i have trouble with the old one or here. Martin

Oct 18 - 15:46
Follow your Dreams I & II
Location: Germany

Does anybody know where i can get these CD's.
Or can anybody make me a copy??

Oct 18 - 05:25
Zimmer's "The Critic" Theme
Quentin Smith
Location: Tempe, AZ

I was wondering if anyone had a .wav of the theme to "The Critic". If so please send it to me at


Oct 16 - 14:53
Re: Prince of Egypt
Laura McDaniel
Location: My Aurora, CO

According to Mirko Parlevliet's page, Nov. 17

I can read!


Oct 16 - 00:52
Prince of Egypt
manuel morrens
Location: brussels

when will both soundtracks from "The Prince of Egypt" be released
in the states????


Oct 15 - 17:01
Laura McDaniel
Location: My basement

Hey! Laura McDaniel here. I don't know quite what I'm doing here as I'm
not a Zimmer expert and can't help with any of the below messages. :p I'm
just a fan!

It may have to do something with the fact that I bought RotPR and truly
was disappointed Zimmer didn't work on SP. I knew he didn't before I bought
it, but heck, there isn't anything that I can determine as a "score on
this CD." I'm a nut, and I live for instrumentals.

Oh, and my birthday is coming up, and I was curious if there was any
Zimmer anyone would recommend that I could request or purchase with the
money I'll most likely get (all of my relatives live out-of-state so I
get only what can be mailed). My only preference is that it's something
that I can actually find. :) I currently own Muppet Treasure Island (Why?
I dunno.) Po1 and TLK. Yeah, I know, small library. That's why I'm hoping
to expand it. ;)


(Umm...spellcheck here says Zimmer should be "Dimmer" or "Simmer" and
that my last name is McDonnel?)

Oct 12 - 09:49
Enemy Of The State
E-mail: jaanensen36
Location: Norway

Read in FSM that Hollywood Records will release EOTS by Hans November 17, but Hans is not scoring the movie... Will they release Rabin's score instead on the same day?
Also, Antz by Powell and Gregson-Williams will be out Nov 3 on Angel.

Oct 11 - 07:17
Theme song to True Romance
Location: Taiwan

I would like the song in mp3..i don't know the name, but it plays at the end when they're walking on the beach. If someone has to make the song from the cd i would be willing to make some sort of something to compensate. It is really light and happy, wi th steel drums i think.

thanks elliott...please e-mail me as i don't know when i'll check this board again.

Oct 9 - 05:16


just got Waterworld, from James Newton Howard,
And I noticed Hans Zimmer in the thank you-list. Does anybody know why?
BTW pretty good soundtrack, looks a bit like Beyond Rangoon.


Oct 6 - 12:05
Backdraft WAV file
Location: USofA

I am looking for a .wav or .midi file of the theme from Backdraft, not the Zimmer composition, but the other one.

Oct 6 - 11:32
follow your dreams volume II?
Todd Rhodes
Location: south bend, indiana

I saw a German Hans site the other day that mentioned a Hans compilation entitled Follow Your Dreams Vol II. If this is true, where is Vol I, and where can i find either or both of them? If you know anything about this, please e-mail at me and it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you much, Todd.