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September 1996

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Sep 29 - 04:50
Zimmer WAVE or MIDI files...
Location: Adelaide

Hi, if ANYONE finds COMPLETE wave or midi files on The Rock or Crimson Tide or anything that's good, please notify me. i have been looking high and low for weeks, finding only clips that last for a few seconds. my email is, thank you

Sep 26 - 15:58
lil news, petition
Location: have i forgotten to fill this before? lol EVERYWHERE!..well, lil ol Adelaide for the next 2 months.

Zoo everybody!

Occasional soundtrack contributor, Chris Isaak (I like his first name, lol), has a new album out, and I am rather partial to his lamenting.

More ballads, tropical style (good thing), and enjoy!!!

Ummmm, ok, here is a rarity.

Anyone seen, heard the BIGGLES soundtrack?
Music by Shanislas
Song by Jon Anderson of YES, Motley Crue etc.

That song, DO YOU WANT TO BE A HERO?, is what I'm after - really cool.

Sounds like stuff from My Beautiful Laundrette, but instantly catchy! I tell ya, you'll be hooked!

Let me know, if you have the goodies!!!

Zinfo me, will ya?


Sep 26 - 15:38
List formatting
Brian Tiemann
Location: Ukiah, CA

Hey there... I just fixed the formatting on the two posts below with the column format. What do you think-- should I work on coding in an option to "Format As Typed" (a checkbox)? Or should I just put a note on the message posting form that explains how t o use <PRE>? :)

It's great to see this board flourishing!


Sep 25 - 15:27
Re-Neverending Story 2 and Willow soundtrack

Ive been looking for both soundtracks: The Neverending Story 2
and Willow, and I haven't been able to find them anywhere, If
anyone has them available for sale or has any ideas as to how I
could obtain these CDs , please tell me. Thank You

Sep 25 - 07:01
Fruit Machine

Oi!! Mateys!!!

ie., those in Australia..another classic Zimmer-scored movie is on SBS next Wednesday, details in Zinfo.

ALSO, for general fans - Stewart Copeland is online THURSDAY!
Stewart Copeland, the ex-drummer for The Police and composer for
the new Discovery Channel movie, The Leopard Son, will be
appearing on America Online this Thursday, September 26, at
6:00pm Pacific (9:00pm Eastern) in the "Coliseum" chatroom. For
more information, keyword: Hollywood (or visit Hollywood
Online on the web).

Copeland has written scores for Coppola's Rumble Fish, Stone's
Talk Radio and Wall Street, as well as Highlander II, Wide
Sargasso Sea, Babylon 5, Silent Fall, Rapa Nui and The

Mr. Copeland will be taking questions regarding his entire career, as well as a strong emphasis surrounding his writing for the newest theatrical documentary drama, The Leopard Son.

And there you have it!


Sep 25 - 04:18
Radio Flyer
Paul Bontenbal

Has anyone gor the score from Radio flyer. I am looking for it and i would like to have it. For some dark reason I haven't been able to track it down and it's out of production so, if you have it and you would like to sell please contact me.

Sep 23 - 20:39

Just a shorty,

Is anyone African? Black-orientated? (here, that is)

I have now come across 2 (maybe more) references referring to RAINMAN as african based. Now where did that idea come from?

Opinions? I reckon it falls into the Asian fold. Not coz I'm sposed to be Asian, lol, nor because I dig black, coz I'm from Fiji..

I just wanted to have some ACTIVITY!!!!!!!!! lol.

ok, Zoodles-heads, get to it!

Some lil more Zinfo there is.

Sep 22 - 23:31
The power of the one
JosÈ Blanco

I'm looking for the soundtrack, please help.

Sep 20 - 05:57
James Horner- Glory
Jeff Podeszwa

Anyone know where I can order the moview soundtrak- James Horner-

Sep 20 - 03:18
Re: Zimmer/Haycock k2 collaboration
Linus Girdland

Well actually, this k2 sountrack is the actuall sountrack of the
k2 version in europe. I don't know about the sountrack for the american
K2 movie, I gues it's not the same, maybe not even Zimmer.

But the K2 version I have (I live in sweden) features the Zimmer
score featured in the colab. CD you are refering to.

Mail me for further discussion if u like.

Sep 19 - 19:36
Something works!

Hey all,

Just grumbling about technology failure!

Well, our guestbook is NOW active, and Zinfo is updated a bit.

Forgot to mention that THE FAN is reminiscent of POINT OF NO RETURN with a dark element. Ya!


2 copies of BLACK RAIN - early classic, asian flavour, with good layers, and variations.

US$15 inc. postage

Well, go get your Zinfo!!!


Sep 19 - 15:34
Soundtrack sale update
Andy Kim

Sorry to everyone who have been emailing me but "Pacific Heights" by Hans Zimmer has been sold. I only have the following left:

Original Motion Picture Score		Artist(s)		Price
-----------------------------		---------		-----
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock	James Horner    	$12 (Cdn)
Batman Forever				Elliot Goldenthal	$11 (Cdn)
Dick Tracy				Danny Elfman		$10 (Cdn)
True Lies				Brad Fiedel		$11 (Cdn)
Always					John Williams		$10 (Cdn)
SeaQuest DSV (TV score)			John Debney		$10 (Cdn)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (cassette)	John Williams		$6  (Cdn)

Again all prices are in Canadian dollars.


Sep 19 - 05:26
Zimmer/Haycock k2 collaboration

The 1991 Varese Saraband CD titled: music inspired by the motion
picture k2, was'nt exactly from the motion picture sountrack. does
anyone know if there is any product that features Pete Haycock's
awesome guitar solos from k2 ?

Sep 18 - 18:04
Re: Re: Re: TWISTER-Score is available now
Wayne & Chris

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Where did you get your ears on the rumour that the scores to Fair Game and BAD BOYS (woo-hoo! wickedest score ever!!!) are going to be released? Please, please, please, let us know; Mancina's our favourite composer. Thanks, we appreciate it.

Sep 18 - 17:54
Re: Speed


Well, my friend and I live in Ontario, Canada, and we both have the original score to SPEED. All we did was phone up the HMV Superstore in Toronto, and they had approx. 5 in stock, for $33.99 Canadian.

Sep 16 - 19:23
Re: .mid or .wav files
Adam Kemp

I have a .mid file of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". Please
contact me if you woluld like to have it.

Sep 16 - 19:17
The 19.09minute Zimmer "Private Investigation"; but there's more!
E-mail:'s a pleasant spring morning, and THE FAN has started it's upteenth run since 10.15am yesterday.

Critical listening post - YAMAHA mini system (minimum); DSP even better. Every decent engineer uses a Yamaha NS10M monitor.

Has Hans done a Michael Jackson? Jay Rifkin is absent as alternative producers come up with alternative sound; is it fresh?

ok.....NOTE: I always listen with 'time remaining'!

Track 12 Sacrifice

19.09...Outer space?
18.40...where's the music? lingering....'s starting...
18.09...Is THE FUGITIVE starting?
16.19...after some cello recurring, a nice melody sets in - Marco
reckons it's some Vangelis thingie.
15.03...volume setting is working!
14.34...where are we going?
14.19...back to European cello style... it Depeche Mode?
12.40...I can feel it coming on!!!!!!!!!!!
12.01...Are your speakers ready!!!??
12.00...Heck, we're in a Pink Floyd concert!
11.37...Grandma has gone to bed now.....
10.55...I never buy Pink Floyd, but I like this!!!!!
10.19...Maybe grandma can come back out, and you can inspect your
speakers.'s coming back....
8.42...are we doing a U2 'Achtung Baby' trend?
8.00...the fun's starting!!!!! Throw everything into the musical
7.01...Did Trent Raznor come by, and show you what Nine Inch
Nails do for music? I like it!
5.44...My fave!!!!Where's Marek Dalibor? Come and do some
5.01...Somebody liked that instrument used for K2, and another
melody sets in.
4.10...let me remind you this is supposed to be a dark movie,
4.07...but it can sound nice too.
2.30...remember that cello....
2.12...somebody liked the sound of Jaws.
1.48...those guitars...
1.40...those bass lines....
0.22...oh, and a lil tag melody... down your amp, or if it's good, warm it up!

but there's more!!!!
TVT Records PR need some English lessons.

Track 2 Lettin' Go, is written by Hans, and sung by Terence Trent D'arby.

5.35...I love that industrial sound.
5.22...oh, it's a vocal track, lol.
0.00...I'll put it into program memory, as a companion to T12.

The lowdown!!!!!!!!!

Track 2 reprises the calmer melodies found on Sacrifice (track 12), and is nicely complemented by TTD.

Bob Daspit's talent is showcased. If you don't know, he's the guitarist.
I view it as an extended version of Dire Straights classic "Private Investigations" without the vocals, along with all those other references. Okay, I'm no music student, but I know my sound, and this is a great recording - very crisp, with tight bass, an d that guitar riff is fantastic.

As far as the score content goes, Todd loves it, Michael's buying it, Marco's not impressed, and if you can imagine a 'black chinaman from Fiji who ate British food, on his way to the US after graduating from Australia' headbanging to this, you can say it 's not bad.


Sound quality is good. Length is okay (Todd disagrees). Music is likeable. (Great card inlay)

What does it take? 3 listens!
And there you have the weirdest review ever seen!

and the riff's blasting again!!!!!

Zoo -oooo- ooooo- yeah---just got some noodles!

Zinfo just got better! (Keep a lookout for movie stills)

Sep 15 - 10:32
Re: Soundtracks for sale
Andy Kim

Sorry about the posting below. It looks pretty crappy. It is listed first by Movie name, then composer, then price. A couple of them have several songs not written by the score composer so they have been list as well.

Again sorry for the long and ugly list. Hope nobody's peaved off :|


Sep 15 - 10:29
Soundtracks for sale
Andy Kim

Due to some emails that came in after my post I have been requested to post what I'm selling. Here is the list with more info afterwards:\

Original Motion Picture Score           Artist(s)               Price
-----------------------------------     ---------               -----
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock     James Horner            $12

Batman Forever                          Elliot Goldenthal       $11

Dick Tracy                              Danny Elfman            $10

True Lies                               Brad Fiedel             $11
                      includes songs by Living Colour
                                        Screaming Trees
                                        John Hiatt
                                        Mother Tongue

Always                                  John Williams           $10
                      includes songs by J.D. Souther
                                        Jimmy Buffett
                                        Lyle Lovett
                                        Denette Hoover and Sherwood Ball
                                        Michael Smotherman
                                        The Platters

SeaQuest DSV (TV score)                 John Debney             $10

Pacific Heights                         Hans Zimmer             $12

Raiders of the Lost Ark (cassette)      John Williams           $6

All CD's are in excellent condition. I'm in Canada so all prices are in Canadian funds. I will ship to any country but you will have to pay extra for shipping and handling and I have no idea how much it will cost. Since they are used CD's I doubt customs will mind but I will make sure I package it so that Customs can't possibly know what's in there. I will tell you EXACTLY how much it will cost me to ship and won't charge one penny more than that.

If you live in Canada, you can pay by cheque and I will only cash it once you have notified me that you have recieved the CD's. If you don't, you're just going to have to trust me. I will send out the CD's as soon as I have received your money order (or whatever you are sending me ... I recommend not sending cash over the mail :) )

If the prices above seem unreasonable to you, email me anyways, maybe we can work something out but I won't waver too much from the above prices.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at

PS. if you live in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, I will hand deliver the CD's to your door!

Andy Kim

Sep 15 - 03:05


Sep 15 - 03:09
Dead Macs and corrections

Hey Zoo!

Mac died but got revived.

I will try to archive info garnered on this page into Zinfo, since this gets flushed, and we end up repeating stuff!

My addendum to my earlier posting - James Newton Howard's new material is the theme to RICH MAN'S WIFE with belle Halle Berry.

Just a recommendation for John Williams (shock horror - I do listen to him as well):


and there we have it, and off to add, and update the Zinfo!

Zoodles!..I'm a bit fed up of (the eating kind)

Sep 14 - 08:42
Andy Kim

Hey folks!
I had a couple of Soundtracks for sale on CD but I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to put them on this Message Board. If you guys want, I can post them but otherwise you can email me to see what I'm selling and for prices. I am in Canada so any p rice I list will be in Canadian Dollars (which means less in American currency).

Well whatever you guys decide! Keep the discussions up!


Sep 13 - 07:57
Back in business!!!

Hi all......

Thanks to MYER home office, I have a temp modem. Page is up, and it has (NEW!) Zinfo!

You must listen to James Newton Howard's RESTORATION - it's a buy for me. His new work is the theme to WIFE'S . It's the first time I've heard of separate theme and score composer for a movie - like they do on TV.

JAMES BOND - Goldeneye - Eric Serra....blah....

You will never find trailer music nor opening theme music on Soundtrack releases ('Living Daylights' is cool). That's reserved for some future anniversary compilation bullcrap.

well, must eat, rest, and catch you later!

Have you had YOUR Zinfo today???

Sep 13 - 07:05
Yumbo dribbles again
Andrew P. Carr

Saw an ad on TV a few weeks back for Eraser (hasn't opened here yet)
and guess who's music was on the trailer? None other than
Hans "I love to compose in 7/4" Zimmer's Drop Zone score.

So there you have it folks,


Sep 12 - 23:38
Goldeneye trailer music

Yes, it is awesome.

It is UNavailable, but all 17 trailers are available on laserdisc, which features 3 main themes.

By the way, the ER theme is released as a remix single, and original by James Newton Howard is on TV soundtrack album.

ps. we had a storm, and my modem died, and thus page is under construction, apologies for the confusion.

Zinfo is workable though..

must go to WORK!

Sep 12 - 07:39
Yumbo dribbles again


Nothing else works better at introducing a movie trailer other
than the soundtrack itself. Given the recent mix-up of tunes and
trailers there was a particular trailer soundtrack that has been
elusive to me although I'm an avert themespotting fan.

I'm sure lots of you out there has seen and heard the superb
trailer arrangement for Goldeneye. I was very impressed at the
packaging and promo of the movie.

In particular, the trailer music I felt was very impressive.
I don't know if there are many Bond fans out there, but maybe
you soundtrack lovers may be able to identify the source
of this elusive track.

Does anybody know who composed it and if it is available on
CD at all. Apparrently the sountrack to Goldeneye by Eric Serra
had nothing close to the trailer arrangement of the 007 theme.

Any soundtrack experts out there able to solve this mystery ?

Sep 11 - 08:56
Scores for Wedding Music
Joe Tracy

Six years ago, when my wife and I were married, all of our music was from various film scores. When my wife walked down the isle, she did so to John Williams Olympic Fanfare. When we exited, we used the closing peice to the Back to the Future III soundt rack. Throughout were various scores and trumpet fanfares. One trumpet fanfare played when we kissed under a heart archway that suddently lit up right on *cue*. It works great as long as the right songs are used to give your wedding (and audience) the f eel you want it to have.

Joe Tracy

Sep 11 - 00:34
Yumbo dribbles again

G'day folks...

And you thought I'd gone mute, aye? lol

...there and here...

First of all, thanks to Andrew and Andy (how many Andrew/dy's are there in this world!!??) for their wedding music suggestions. I think it is an excellent pondering topic, musically that is.

...This darned ID4 thingy again.....OK, I LOVE trailer music.

ID4: Four original scores were used, apart from the pop stuff.

1. Pacific Heights - his zorship
2. Crimson Tide - his zorship
3. Stargate - mr. arnold
4. Clear and Present danger - the big Horner

(why am I repeating myself? - coz others haven't read this before, and the messages are flushed)

...Why are other scores used in the trailer?...

Yes, coz the original isn't finished for one, and sometimes, yes, it doesn't work for a trailer. Others are more 'precise' and pop-orientated/accessible (riffs/sequences/bites) than others.

Furthermore, the STUDIOS (boo) own copyright of most scores; composers are commissioned to write scores - they don't write, then sell 'em to the studios. Therefore, the studio can do whatever they want with it - play it in other movies (rare), use it in t railers for their movies, earn royalties etc - choose NOT to release it on CD!

(Well, as Uwe (what a cool name) suggested, we can attempt a Bladerunner effect, in trying to access the unreleased scores.)

Universal Pictures with the copyright to BACKDRAFT used in trailers for Jurassic Park and In The Name Of The Father, to name a few. This is changing as of late, as other studios are using cross-studio owned score temps, which suggests a change in ownershi p rules, or lending of some sort.

No, it is unlikely that a trailer audience is meant to or will recognise a previous score being used to trailer a new movie, unless it is really famous like Star Wars or something.

Well, Zimmer leads the used score trailer stakes, and hopefully his MUSIC is more recognised in time. We all can contribute to that by continuing the practice (fave of mine) of always bugging our Zimmer-philistine friends with, "Hey, that's Zimmer's track from ...XXX movie".

...well, back to ID4; I thought it was a fun movie, nothing too engaging like THE ROCK, or was it because of the poor playback in the Oklahoma multiplex?

It has opened HUGE here in Australia, but naturally got anti-American word-of-mouth from some grumblers. Like duh, it's an American movie!!

BTW, the video is released in the US November 22.

It's score - I like Stargate better (but I am too lazy to explain why). Andy, you're not alone - Marco also likes ID4 better.

...and then......I am rebuilding my page, to accommodate a dedicated Zimmer section; you can still drop by for up-to-date info on Zimmer, or just hassle me with your droppings via email.

OK, anyone else with the entire Zimmer CD collection of 38 originals? Definition = Zimmer written stuff.

AND, does anybody CUSeeME?

well, I better work on that page!!!!! (optimised for Macs) hee hee.

Zoodles while I go eat some noodles!!!

Sep 10 - 20:47
"The Rock" downloads
Jason Knight

I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but you can download
clips from The Rock at
Hollywood Records. Hope this helps.

Sep 10 - 17:43
ID4 Trailer Score
Joe Tracy


You fell into the same trap I did. I loved the music on the ID4 trailer
rushed out to buy the ID4 CD when it arrived two days before the movie.
I listened closely to all the tracks and didn't hear the same song. In
fact, overall, I was disappointed in the scores. Then I went and saw the
movie and didn't hear the track. The scene with the president's speech
wasn't half as good as it would have been with the trailer music. Desperate,
I e-mailed FOX with the specifics about the trailer (they had 4 out) and they e-mailed
me back saying the score was from Hans Zimmer Crimson Tide scores. I rushed out and bought
that CD and sure enough, there it was! Unfortunately the specific cut is buried in other
songs, so it isn't one you can set your CD player to repeat, but it's worth the price.

As to your question, I was told that movies will use popular scores or recognizable tracks
in trailers to help motivate the audience to go see the movie and giving it recognition from
a "popular" movie even though it's just background music. This helped me understand why a ways
back I heard the Back to the Future III theme song on a Bushwaked preview and Beauty and the
Beast "Be our Guest" on a Pocahontas preview. It's supposedly a "marketing craze". But it seems
that it works. After all, I did go see ID4! -- Joe

Sep 10 - 15:00
Days of Thunder Score
Terren Lin

I'm looking for the rerecording fo Days of Thunder from Silva Screen Records. Anyone with info about how to get it, please e mail me. Thanks

Sep 10 - 07:00
Re: Re: Media Ventures
Andy Kim

The reason David Arnold was used for the score is because this was supposed to be a sort of sequel to "Stargate" also done by Arnold.
Also you will see other scores are used for the trailers simply due to the fact that the score writer wasn't finished.
It is also possible that there was nothing in the score that could work as trailer music.

This is just my opinion but I rather like David Arnold's ID4 score (I seem to be alone on this opinion). I was in the same flair as in Stargate with flowing themes and huge crescendos. Because of the nature of the movie however, I'm sure Hans Zimmer cou ld have done a superb job on the film as well.

Well chat with you all later!


Sep 9 - 15:26
Uwe Sperlich

I feel I need to post this right now, even though I think
this might cause some distortion.
Two weeks ago on a movie memorabilia market in Munich, Germany,
I was able to get a copy of


Even before having listened to it, two other collectors wanted
to buy it from me for the same price I paid.
I would like to point something out:
The CD is very well produced, it looks just great, but don't
get too crazy about the track of "Days Of Thunder".
It's 'just' a little over 3 mins long and is combined of a
30 second intro followed by the well known "Car Building".
The other tracks are quite remarkable, for example
an additional track from "Thelma and Louise".
Overall the CD is worth the price I paid (and that was enough).

I would also like to metion that I am not happy with the fact
that there are so many bootlegs in the film music world.
But on the other hand, hard-core fans (and that includes me)
are trying everything to get their hands on an unreleased
score. If in reaction to this disc, the producers would
release an offical disc, this would be widely appreciated.
It could become the "Bladerunner"-effect.

Anyone who would like more details about the CD is welcome
to e-mail me.

Sep 8 - 20:00
Re: Media Ventures
Andrew P. Carr

Hey, I had a feeling that was Zimmer music on the ID4 trailer! I downloaded the trailer
and listened to it over and over until I was convinced!! I later learnt that he didn't do
the ID4 score, and couldn't understand why I'd heard him on the trailer!

Why did they use his music, anyway? Was it simply because David Arnold hadn't finished
his score or did they actually want an ear-catching piece for the trailer...?
I didn't particularly like Arnold's score, anyway. It was big, loud, over-the-top and far
too cliched. To his credit, you need a score like that for space/sci-fi movies, but he
could have balanced the requisite space music with more exciting, energetic music back on
earth. IMHO, a bit of Zimmer techno-style music wouldn't have gone astray...


Sep 8 - 19:50
Re: Here and there....
Andrew P. Carr

Hmmm, how about some of the more uplifting songs from the Power of
One or TLK? Maybe Circle of Life? Then again, perhaps that's best
left for the kids...

The Rock Track 7? It's a kind of happy,
tap-your-feet-and-lets-try-some-boot-scootin', sort of thing!

Or you could always commission Hans to arrange the Wedding March...



Sep 8 - 10:49
Re: Here and there....
Andy Kim

There's an interesting idea. Using a soundtrack for a wedding.

I would suggest pieces but I don't know what kind of mood you want.

If you want a triumphant bang for the end of the wedding I would suggest some good ole John Williams fanfare. An alternative would be Hans Zimmer's "Show me your firetruck" from Bacfkdraft.

For soft filler stuff, I'll suggest the first track (I forget the name) from "Sleeping with the Enemy" by Jerry Goldsmith.

Now the hard part. There isn't too many things written for a bridal procession. You need something in 4/4 time, moderato, and quiet but triumphant at the same time (unless of course you are going for a different mood).
Hmmm... I'd have to think about that one. Try looking through your Alan Silvestri or Micheal Kamen stuff for that.

Have fun searching!! :)


Sep 7 - 18:51
Here and there....


My copy of THE FAN arrives in 5 days...WOO!
The Silva Screen version of DAYS OF THUNDER is alright, but very pale in
comparison, esp. without guitars!

Don't freak but, last night I started thinking of music to play for my
wedding ceremony, and alas I couldn't think of any particular Zimmer
track to play. Any suggestions? The one that I decided on (thus far),
coz I was playing at at the time is the theme from MUCH ADO ABOUT
NOTHING - Patrick Doyle.

Oh, what else is seem to be on posting holiday, write!

Oh yes, just relaying that PREACHER'S WIFE screens December 13th, and CD
is most likely to be on Arista, or Hollywood records. I will keep you
posted via my page. That is the only movie I know of to look forward to
this year concerning Zimmer.

Well, that gives us time to appreciate others (Mancina, Rona etc) or
keep replaying Zimmer like we're sposed to!!!!

Zoodles, ya noodles!!!!

Yumbo goes to work...

Sep 5 - 18:31
Media Ventures
Donald Fitz-Roy

Hi, I've been lurking on this board for about 3 weeks now, but this is my first post. I think this is a really great site, and it seems to get used very often. I think us soundtrackers need our own newsgroup! :-) In the meantime, I just wanted to say that Media Ventures is a really awesome company. Hans Zimmer and Mark Mancina are awesome at what they do. My favorite two soundtracks currently are Zimmer's The Rock and Mancina's Twister. For some reason, I didn't really enjoy Crimson tide except for the last track (used in the ID4 trailer), so I guess I'm a minority in that respect. As much as I wanted to love David Arnold's ID4 trailer, it just didn't come out as good as efforts from the two men I just mentioned. I think Arnold's biggest problem was that he didn't use the orchestra very well... his score for ID4 was loud, and it did have a very good main theme (used on track 10) but in my opinion he didn't do a good job with the orchestration. On the other hand, Mancina's twister work was excellent because he seemed to do such a good job with both the orchestra and synth aspects. In fact, I'm curious to know how much of Twister was done with a real orchestra and how much was synth. (by the way, was that Mancina on track 1 saying "don't start too soft?") Well anyway, I wanted to offer a few suggestions on the improvement of this site. Recently there have been many CGI programs on the 'net that are public domain that do a good job of creating a message board format in which you read a message by clicking on it's subject. Although that would be nice, I suppose that a lot of people may perfer the current format, since it's not like there are 100 messages a day or anything. :-) This is a great site though, and It's feels good to finally talk to someone about soundtracks.. all my friends think i'm nuts :-) Aloha,

Don "Quantum" Fitz-Roy

Sep 4 - 11:53
Re: Re: TWISTER-Score is available now
Jon Aanensen

Mancina's Fair Game score has not been released officially. There are rumours that both Fair Game and Bad Boys will be released ON BOOTLEG later this year, but I wouldn't take anything for granted. I don't think The Fan will be released as a score only CD, but 20 minutes of Zimmer-score isn't that bad when you consider all the scores of his that were never released at all (Bird On A Wire, Days Of Thunder, Chicago Joe & The Showgirl, Thelma & Louise...)

Sep 3 - 23:30
Re: Australia and then some
Lisa Jong

Please e-mail me if you sell the soundtrack of THE ROCK.
A.S.A.P. please!!!!

Sep 2 - 20:29
Martin Provost

Yes Trevor Rabin is the latest guitarist in Yes...not anymore
though. He was with Yes since 1983 starting with Owner of a lonely heart
Produced by Trevor Horn...There's another link. Zim a doo dah

Sep 2 - 15:48
Guitarists; why hasn't anybody written?


Disapointing when there aren't any new, here's a lil one..

Guitarists - not my first musical love, BUT! Appreciated are a few...with Zimmer:

and recently with Mark:

Now isn't he the guy from the group YES? The band with hits in the late 80's such as "love will find a way", and "Rhythm of love".

Just occurred to me, please verify (I sold my copy of Big Generator).

Well, that's it for now. Hey, has Blockbuster delayed the release of THE FAN till the 10th?

Yumbo retreats again....