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Interstellar makes 5

Coming Soon just posted that Hans Zimmer to Score Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. This adds to the ongoing relationship with Christopher Nolan, referred to earlier post Direct me again, and would be their 5th collaboration together. The assignment of scores by Hans nowadays seems to be fairly significant, apart from John Williams, but that is more Star Wars related. The Interstellar announcement is making the newsfeed rounds. - read more -

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UPDATE 2: The Lone Ranger wraps

Geoff Zanelli posted that the score with which he is obviously involved with is a wrap, on the Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer produced western adventure due in July. Given that the assignment changed hands not long ago, indicates that this compared to the schedule on Rush, was more rushed, and will be the typical last minute scenario for the editors before release date. The album itself will need to be compiled and sequenced as well, and the report that it was to be released by Intrada Records - read more -

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