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Out of Aurora

Less than a year after its timely release following fan requests to honour the victims of the tragic cinema shootings in Aurora, Colorado, the titular piece is no longer available to purchase or download on iTunes. Given iTunes erratic and random policy on purchases, it is highly recommended that you create a backup or also subscribe to iTunes Match to ensure you have continued access to all affected tracks and albums in this digital age. It is unclear why it is now out of print, especially - read more -

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rF 14.3

When Tom Cruise began the movie adaptation of this beloved TV series in 1996, anticipation was off the chart. The catchy music theme had 2 incarnations with the modern version from the ’80s version setting the bar for coolness. Danny Elfman had the honour of starting off and kept to the tone of the TV series and the main theme performed as a homage┬áto original composer Lalo Schifrin. M:i-2 While Brian DePalma’s launch of the movie franchise was fairly successful, many felt the - read more -

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