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NOW SCREENING: The Lone Ranger

EXCLUSIVE – iTunes Australia released the score on June 28 unannounced, with the rest of the world following from July 2nd starting with the USA, and New Zealand in line with the movie’s opening. Subscribe now for exclusive tidbits! The CD edition was released through Intrada Records on July 23rd. With the highly divisive movie and score release of Man of Steel recently, this new project is a return to familiar territory thanks to producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore - read more -

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Girl Rising

The inspiring trailer features the empowering sounding song by Florence + The Machine, Shake It Out, and touts a bevy of strong female actresses as narrators for this documentary about the campaign to provide education for girls everywhere. What is taken for granted in developed countries is as unfortunate as women not being able to vote. The score album was released on March 7, 2013, and those with access to CNN are able to watch this unique documentary, with lead commentary by Liam - read more -

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Score my acting

It is unusual to note actor-composer relationships, but with the announcement of the upcoming movie from Sandra Nettelbeck (Mostly Martha) being her first to be scored by Hans, the lead actor in Mr. Morgan’s Last Love, Michael Caine has notched up an amazing 7 movies to be scored by Hans. His Batman contemporaries Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman are not far behind, and Morgan holds the distinction of being one of the earliest actors to be scored by Hans. This is not an uncommon trend, - read more -

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UPDATE: The title has been truncated to Last Love and is now available to rent ahead of its theatrical (and album) release! IMDB has posted that this Michael Caine drama has been scored by Hans. The brief details include that it is about ‘A look at the life-changing connection between a retired and widowed American philosophy professor and a young Parisian woman.’ The release schedule includes a debut in Germany on August 22nd followed by an October date stateside. 2013 is - read more -

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UPDATE: Surround yourself with HanZ+

With the recent launch of the Man of Steel soundtrack on several formats and editions, a new Zimmer app (the 4th for those who are counting) called Z+ in his trademark black, was quietly made available on the App Store. Similar to what Dolby Headphone aspires to do for personal listening in surround, a proprietary algorithm is utilised to localise sounds where they were designed to be. In this case of actual music, and specifically a movie score, it is an interesting initiative which Hans - read more -

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Out of Aurora

Less than a year after its timely release following fan requests to honour the victims of the tragic cinema shootings in Aurora, Colorado, the titular piece is no longer available to purchase or download on iTunes. Given iTunes erratic and random policy on purchases, it is highly recommended that you create a backup or also subscribe to iTunes Match to ensure you have continued access to all affected tracks and albums in this digital age. It is unclear why it is now out of print, especially - read more -

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Hans speaks

In a small chat earlier in the week, Hans hinted at Man of Steel being released in surround sound when I had asked about M:I-2 being out of print: No idea. Never even listened to it… Hate stereo they took away all that pretty surround! That might change on the 11th! With that, his comments are elaborated upon in detail with this interview by HighDef Digest. This reiterates his early comments from the ’90s that all album compiling is handed over to others. His affinity for surround - read more -

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