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With the movie premiere taken place, the Man of Steel score is now available in the US, and around the world since the 14th when the movie debuted, and the 21st in Australia where the movie opens on the 27th. The regular edition for the US is also now available to purchase at US$13.99, which features the colour cover, which is used internationally as the Special Edition (which omits the liner notes or iTunes LP).

The new DTS HeadphoneX app from Remote Control is also now downloadable here for iOS, with a personal video introduction by Hans to allow you to listen to the score in 11.1 DTS surround sound (those who purchased the CD edition receive a redemption code for the in-app purchases which are $1.99 per track; IGNITION is included for free, and the 6 others can be sampled for 30 seconds).
An Android version is also available.
You may also want to download the WaterTower Music app if you have access to the CD cover, which when pointed at with your iOS device, it opens up extra content.


Those who have access to the US iTunes store were in for a treat on May 11 when the Man of Steel [Deluxe Edition] – Hans Zimmer went up for pre-order, with the first available track as a teaser by the name of Ignition, which is now available worldwide! Pre-order prices have risen in the meantime outside of the US.

Here is the link for Amazon customers, and the SteelBook CD format which has the redemption code for the new Hans Zimmer app DTS X to hear 7 tracks from Man of Steel in surround sound on your mobile device exclusively!

Here are some early quotes from critics reviews:

with Hans Zimmer’s thunderous score rattling both speakers and eardrums

the unceasing Wagnerian bombast of Zimmer’s score

Hans Zimmer’s score is big and ominous and awesome, but likely too outside the traditional confines for the (Oscar) music branch (typical — and he’s used to it by now).

Hans Zimmer’s score is an exercise in dynamics, and while there may not be a theme as instantly iconic as the famous John Williams one, it fits this film perfectly.

By focusing on story and character—all set to Hans Zimmer’s already iconic score—Man of Steel is well-positioned to expand its audience beyond comic book aficionados.

The score by Dark Knight composer Hans Zimmer is phenomenal and heightens the film every turn, while also establishing yet another new-age superhero theme to replace a classic favorite (John Williams’ Superman theme from the Donner films).

Reviews are generally positive and the buzz on a sequel has already begun.

The 3rd trailer first debuted amazing material from the upcoming score, and the new Fate of Your Planet trailer has “a cut-up version of the score with some new bits just for the trailer by my friend JunkieXL” according to Hans himself.

The non-US editions name Nick Glennie-Smith as co-composer; Nick was a regular co-composer in the early Media Ventures days. Atli Örvarsson is also listed as co-composer; Atli started collaborating with Hans around 2007 and has quickly established a portfolio of his own.
According to the liner notes however, Nick is the conductor on the project, with Hans, Atli and Junkie XL as composers along with Steve Mazzaro and Andrew Kawczynski. The featured vocalist is Hilda Orvasdottir.

The main trailer cue is found on Disc 2, Track 1 of the Deluxe Edition, or Track 17 on the regular or special edition edition – What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?

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  1. AJ Hargens says:

    By far the most anticipated soundtrack of the year.

  2. Yumbo says:

    Hans just personally confirmed which music is used in the new trailer out today.

  3. Yumbo says:

    The album is now available to pre-order worldwide, listing Nick Glennie-Smith as co-composer.

  4. Chris J. Caine says:

    If you’re not in a WiFi zone, simply ask a friend or stranger to create a Personal Hotspot, just to kickstart your download to get around the 50MB limit over 3G/LTE.

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