Rf 14.1

What may look like one of the various mysterious track titles used by Hans on albums is the current quotient of projects scored by him that is either a remake or part of a franchise, which would raise the question of continuity – that of transferral or when what is now an overwhelming trend of reboots, reinvention of familiar themes.


1. Point of No Return aka The Assassin

This was a highly anticipated English language remake of the breakout action smash from France by Luc Besson, Le Femme Nikita which made stars of the director, composer Eric Serra and leading lady Anne Parillaud. It was expected that director John Badham would create a star out of Bridget Fonda.
While Nikita co-star Jean Reno was retained for Leon: The Professional by Besson and subsequent success, it was the score by Hans in translation which was seen to be the successful element in the remake.
Featuring killer guitar licks by Bob Daspit, the trademark synth choir, wonderful romantic melodies and juxtaposed with a collection of Nina Simone ballads, this ensured the character would live on; a TV series transpired and that itself was also rebooted a decade later.

As seen with several listings on iTunes indicating a new open policy concerning ghostwriters, co-composer credit on this album goes to Nick Glennie-Smith, which is misspelt as Glenny Smith, along with presumably the accompanying score vocalist Sam Ellis.

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