rF 14.2

The 2nd in this ongoing category for Hans was another visit to the family genre and another entry in the pirate genre after Cutthroat Island debuted a year earlier.

2. Muppet Treasure Island

After a four year hiatus following A Muppet Christmas Carol, and 8 years after the previous original story entry, this was another story to be based on a literary novel.
As with other movies in the Muppets series, it was produced as a musical. For Hans, it was an opportunity to introduce a bombastic score into the world of the Muppets, and brought serious production value to the weighty matter, which us mateys certainly enjoyed.
Featuring catchy songs and your favourite characters, along with the requisite guest stars, this one ploughed the course for one of biggest live action series to come!

If Hans does score the next Treasure Island remake for Guy Ritchie, that would make it a unique entry in this RF series.

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