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When Tom Cruise began the movie adaptation of this beloved TV series in 1996, anticipation was off the chart.
The catchy music theme had 2 incarnations with the modern version from the ’80s version setting the bar for coolness.
Danny Elfman had the honour of starting off and kept to the tone of the TV series and the main theme performed as a homage to original composer Lalo Schifrin.


  1. M:i-2

While Brian DePalma’s launch of the movie franchise was fairly successful, many felt the tone of the plot and score was subdued.
So when John Woo after Face/Off took the helm of the sequel, and Sydney, Australia was the focus of the new century thanks to the Summer Olympics, the extremely effective teaser indicated the tone of things to come.
Not only was everything from Tom Cruise’s hair, the budget, and the box office bigger, the score exploded with guitars and bass galore.
Even Iko-Iko, the song that anchored Hans’ first hit Rain Man, made an encore here. We were also introduced to the delicate guitar pickings of what became a long relationship with Hans, by Heitor Pereira.

As suspected, this was the 2nd time Hans worked on location in Sydney, and had this insight to share:

…I wrote the main theme literally getting of that flight that lands at the crack of dawn while walking across the Fox lot, waiting for people to wake up. A lot was done in Sydney. I stayed there while shooting was happening, had a writing room…after a while I’d commute every two weeks or so between L.A. and Sydney. We had such a great time, and it’s one of my favourite places in the world…

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