In late January 1999, I retired after 3 years from voluntarily maintaining what was a passionate collection of film score fan sites comprising of composers Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Mark Mancina, and Harry-Gregson Williams, which began in my student days in Australia.
As I was an independent webmaster at IMC in my home country of Fiji, I concentrated on work which paid me for my time.
As there was a void in my creative passion, I went on to then launch IMDVD (which evolved into IMHD), which allowed me to continue my love of movies, music and Apple products.
After 12 years of retail service, I returned to Australia where I now reside.
Inspired by a passionate group of score fans and a much larger base who appreciate the works of Hans Zimmer and his new stablemates, I have decided to reboot Zinfo.
I look forward to collaborating on ideas, and growing new acquaintances, and of course reconnecting with friends of old.

Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list, to be the first to receive new post notices.

After 2 months, the blog has hit a high of 200 views in 1 day, and the first lost and found original Zinfo member from the ’90s!

The occasional comment from Hans is always a welcome surprise.

Chris Caine aka Yumbo.


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