Girl Rising


The inspiring trailer features the empowering sounding song by Florence + The Machine, Shake It Out, and touts a bevy of strong female actresses as narrators for this documentary about the campaign to provide education for girls everywhere.

What is taken for granted in developed countries is as unfortunate as women not being able to vote.

The score album was released on March 7, 2013, and those with access to CNN are able to watch this unique documentary, with lead commentary by Liam Neeson.

Originally reported to be scored by Hans, this collaboration with Rachel Portman ended up being solely credited to Lorne Balfe.

What is striking about this score is the dynamic headroom in sound quality where the featured female vocalist shines through.

As much as other up and coming composers and particular breakout scores go, this one should prove to put Lorne on the map as an independent artist, in light of the many co-credited scores he has worked on.

Personally, it would be a continued shame that this would go unnoticed.
While not an out of left field score, it is solid in its structure, ethnicity and simplicity. Again, it has to be said that the sound palette, frequency range and mastering is quite arresting, and a pleasure to listen to.

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