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In late August 2013, after 4 months of blogging while waiting for alternate employment, Zinfo 2.0 went offline, on a 4 year sojourn as I achieved another milestone in joining Apple, allowing me to enjoy another of my passions on a professional level.

A lot has happened since then, including Apple Music, and Family Sharing, allowing this appreciation of music to broaden even further.

With last year’s Hans Zimmer Revealed and subsequent tour, demand for a broader coverage has resulted in another dream coming true – the announcement of Hans Zimmer Live down under, including Sydney on Tuesday May 2nd.

I had been pestering Hans persistently to play the Sydney Opera House which I had crewed each New Year, knowing his past experience with Green Card and M:I-2.

With Junkie XL visiting for Mad Max: Fury Road, and more recently Lorne Balfe for The Lego Batman Movie, there had to be a G’day coming on soon.

Even then I was not convinced to travel 3 hours from Canberra to attend a once in a lifetime concert especially being midweek and in the middle of work training and exams; finding someone to accompany me randomly was not fruitful, so I took a leap of faith after Tony my roommate from 1996 (who had no choice but to be exposed to Zinfo) agreed to make it an event joining him in Sydney.

My wishlist grew after listening to Lisa Gerrard recently and ever since watching her mesmerising behind the scenes turn on The Bible. So to make the road trip sweeter, I had suggested that it would be cool for her to appear being Australian, after reading that she was touring Europe and literally dreaming that she was joining the new tour there.

Sources said that would never happen, but the following week, there it was – Lisa is to exclusively perform during the Australian performances and New Zealand opener down under.

Knowing that I would be attending a concert in my new but former hometown of Sydney, the impetus was on to dust off the blog cobwebs hobbled by the excuse of a broken database.

The Coachella appearance announcement was not unnoticed a few months ago, but no one anticipated how successful it would be as a crossover event, with new fans adding to the mix.

One just has to compare the YouTube viewership of Inception at 1.2 million views and counting vs. the next average of the atypical performer at 45,000 views.

Now that’s telling. And that’s simply more reason for you to rock up to one of the relatively rare concerts of a lifetime, let alone unique in its nature. This will not be your rarefied Boston Pops,  Ghent or Hollywood in Vienna event.

So road trip plus entourage of 6, here we come!

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