In recent years, Hans has embraced mainstream media in line with the rise in popularity of scores from films in particular. Correspondingly, it has certainly helped that along with the breakout appeal of Gladiator, the choice of new franchises and an ongoing relationship with director Christopher Nolan gives added rise to this media reporting trend.

I will attempt to collate all worthwhile online interview articles here starting with this one from Empire magazine:

Hans Zimmer Career Interview On The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel and Going For Gold.

It features some new information on his early career and relationship with the Scott brothers.

With the imminent release of Man of Steel in cinemas, Rolling Stone covers the behind the scenes creation of the score. This fairly brief article has an insightful video of moments from the scoring sessions:

‘Man of Steel’ Composer Hans Zimmer Offers Glimpse of Creative Process

In a few weeks we get to savour a new score by Hans. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at Man of Steel and discovers the segue way into The Lone Ranger, which surprisingly has had a low key approach so far in comparison:

Listen to the Music That Makes ‘Man of Steel’ Soar

The Huffington Post interviews Hans and gets him to describe the method of deviation from the work of John Williams here:

Hans Zimmer On His ‘Man Of Steel’ Score: ‘The First Thing I Did Was Leave Out The Trumpet’

The CBC blog has an interesting version of Hans’ publicity push describing the piano approach in the new Superman here:

Man of Steel’s Man of Music

The Hollywood Reporter maintains that the approach to the new Superman was as such amidst criticism from several quarters:

Hans Zimmer: ‘Man of Steel’ Score Is a ‘Look at America in a Different Way’

Hans spoke to LA weekly about reinventing sound palettes in order to keep things interesting linked here:

How Does Hans Zimmer Keep His Film Scores Fresh? He Invents New Instruments has referenced a new featurette from Warner Brothers on the making of the score. Highlights include Hans conducting the drum sessions, and a live peak at the t-shirt custom made for him titled SuperHans, which is also in a photo still on the album liner notes.

Hans Zimmer Takes You Behind the Scenes of Man of Steel’s Score has also referenced another featurette on the violin solo aspect of the Man of Steel recording sessions.

Exclusive: Watch Hans Zimmer Record the Violin Solo for the MAN OF STEEL Score

The press for The Lone Ranger has begun, with The Hollywood Reporter highlighting this aspect of creating the sounds for the score:

Hans Zimmer Did ‘Unspeakable Things’ to a Train in Creating the ‘Lone Ranger’ score

The following essay posted on is a great insight into the business world of movie scoring:

Why Hans Zimmer Got the Job You Wanted (And You Didn’t)

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