Interstellar makes 5

Coming Soon just posted that Hans Zimmer to Score Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. This adds to the ongoing relationship with Christopher Nolan, referred to earlier post Direct me again, and would be their 5th collaboration together. The assignment of scores by Hans nowadays seems to be fairly significant, apart from John Williams, but that is more Star Wars related. The Interstellar announcement is making the newsfeed rounds. - read more -

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UPDATE 2: The Lone Ranger wraps

Geoff Zanelli posted that the score with which he is obviously involved with is a wrap, on the Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer produced western adventure due in July. Given that the assignment changed hands not long ago, indicates that this compared to the schedule on Rush, was more rushed, and will be the typical last minute scenario for the editors before release date. The album itself will need to be compiled and sequenced as well, and the report that it was to be released by Intrada Records - read more -

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rF 14.2

The 2nd in this ongoing category for Hans was another visit to the family genre and another entry in the pirate genre after Cutthroat Island debuted a year earlier. 2. Muppet Treasure Island After a four year hiatus following A Muppet Christmas Carol, and 8 years after the previous original story entry, this was another story to be based on a literary novel. As with other movies in the Muppets series, it was produced as a musical. For Hans, it was an opportunity to introduce a bombastic - read more -

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APPEAL: Jeff Rona silent auction

Long time Zimmer associate Jeff Rona is kindly donating proceeds of his silent auction towards relief efforts in Oklahoma City where deadly tornadoes have caused massive damage and loss of life including primary school students. I’ve donated a signed CD of my score with Lisa Gerrard to “A Thousands Roads” for the Passionata Project Auction for tornado relief in Oklanhoma City. PLEASE BID ON IT! It’s a great cause, and hey, it’s a really good score! Make me look - read more -

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Rf 14.1

What may look like one of the various mysterious track titles used by Hans on albums is the current quotient of projects scored by him that is either a remake or part of a franchise, which would raise the question of continuity – that of transferral or when what is now an overwhelming trend of reboots, reinvention of familiar themes. 1. Point of No Return aka The Assassin This was a highly anticipated English language remake of the breakout action smash from France by Luc Besson, Le - read more -

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TOTD: Pour Bronte

Finding Green Card on CD as a young student collector of movies and scores, in a no longer existent high end AV store in Adelaide, was one of many wonderful discoveries of that decade. I can’t exactly recall where I first watched the movie – perhaps in a no longer existent cinema in Fiji, followed by taping it off Australian broadcast TV, but coupled with the ever growing popularity of Enya, and the endearing theme of romance fought and lost, the memory is enduring. Musically, - read more -

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+2: Direct me again

The upcoming Rush (grin), sees an equal record 6th collaboration in what seems to be a now stable relationship between Hans and Ron Howard. The Backdraft director chose John Williams for his follow-up Far and Away. He then embarked on a 2nd long run with James Horner, before rekindling with Hans on The Da Vinci Code. Variety has just reported that Howard is slated to direct the adaptation of Dan Brown’s Dante’s Inferno, and if precedent plays out, 2015 should see a new record 7th - read more -

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