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HOME VIDEO: Super Man of Steel Expectations: A Deluxe Review

Where does one begin? When it was announced that Hans was to score the new Superman produced by Christopher Nolan, and directed by Zach Snyder, there was much reluctance and trepidation. The last attempt at bringing back Superman by Bryan Singer and long time composing and editing partner John Ottman was met with moderate disappointment. Such is the legacy of Richard Donner and John Williams. Overlooked is the ongoing legacy of Christopher Reeve. In this case, the relationship between Nolan - read more -

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Score my acting

It is unusual to note actor-composer relationships, but with the announcement of the upcoming movie from Sandra Nettelbeck (Mostly Martha) being her first to be scored by Hans, the lead actor in Mr. Morgan’s Last Love, Michael Caine has notched up an amazing 7 movies to be scored by Hans. His Batman contemporaries Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman are not far behind, and Morgan holds the distinction of being one of the earliest actors to be scored by Hans. This is not an uncommon trend, - read more -

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+2: Direct me again

The upcoming Rush (grin), sees an equal record 6th collaboration in what seems to be a now stable relationship between Hans and Ron Howard. The Backdraft director chose John Williams for his follow-up Far and Away. He then embarked on a 2nd long run with James Horner, before rekindling with Hans on The Da Vinci Code. Variety has just reported that Howard is slated to direct the adaptation of Dan Brown’s Dante’s Inferno, and if precedent plays out, 2015 should see a new record 7th - read more -

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