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NOW SCREENING: The Lone Ranger

EXCLUSIVE – iTunes Australia released the score on June 28 unannounced, with the rest of the world following from July 2nd starting with the USA, and New Zealand in line with the movie’s opening. Subscribe now for exclusive tidbits! The CD edition was released through Intrada Records on July 23rd. With the highly divisive movie and score release of Man of Steel recently, this new project is a return to familiar territory thanks to producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore - read more -

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Henri 4

When did that happen? Unless you follow IMDB closely, most of us outside of the US media would have overlooked this worthwhile score, co-composed by recently prolific Henry Jackman which was released on March 5th, 2010. Unavailable in the US and the UK, it is currently available in several countries worldwide – Henri 4 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Hans Zimmer. For American and British fans, you may try purchasing from Australia (iTunes), or if you prefer from Europe - read more -

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Now playing – Man of Steel

With the movie premiere taken place, the Man of Steel score is now available in the US, and around the world since the 14th when the movie debuted, and the 21st in Australia where the movie opens on the 27th. The regular edition for the US is also now available to purchase at US$13.99, which features the colour cover, which is used internationally as the Special Edition (which omits the liner notes or iTunes LP). The new DTS HeadphoneX app from Remote Control is also now downloadable here - read more -

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