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My brilliant Mum

My one and only bro Abel

History Room Balcony with Cristiana

With Anare (his 21st) and Vasiti after radio shift

One of the rare days I got sick, traversing the sheep poop-ridden Welsh mountains - 1st year camp

My late uncle's lovely daughters

Inga and co. visiting Fiji

Terence striking a pose in Suva

Cuz Reggie bringing up the front

Tony lost my original cap

On the Gold Coast with Jennie

Mick, Theo and Andrew loitering at the Yumbo Oz pad

The last time the hair grew

Recent Myer friend Kristina

St. Donat's castle at dusk

The Welsh weather getting to me

Going after the piece of paper

AC Yearbook self-portrait

Myer Music mate Mick

In Cheryl's company

UWCers in Canberra

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