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June 1997

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Jun 30 - 19:49
Re: REVIEW: Face/Off
Doug C.
Location: Florida

Hi everyone,

Chris, I got to listen to Face/Off tonight. (The guy at the store sold it to me....I guess he didn't know that it isn't supposed to be release yet)

The ending track brings tears to my eyes. It is so good. The rest is so-so. I agree with you about the movie and the cd. The movie was great. I just can't begin to illustrate how good that last track is on the cd. The cd has bad track titles though. Doesn't have much to do with what is going on in the movie.

Once again....Con Air is the best buy out right now. It rocks. Track 13 baby...Track 13.
Anyways gotta go. Potential with Powell


Jun 30 - 07:54
New addresses and names, names, names...
Location: Land of Corn


Maa-aaawning all.

Well, it's crunch time; since I haven't had a decision from MV yet, my website will move its main/index files to my permanent OZEMAIL server (no, I'm not in Australia, and won't be going back anytime soon, lol) at:

Permanent email is also at:

The 'theshop' server expires end of today.

If no one sponsors Zinfo et al. the site will be heavily reduced to text, and without sounds and QT videos. Any expansion will be dependent on sponsorship; minimal will have the files spread across different servers; otherwise full sponsorship will see another move.

So, if you need to, and don't want to miss out, download (unstreamed) the sounds - lol, somebody already deleted the big sounds and QT videos from my server....naughty, for not letting me know.

All transfers will occur by 7pm Central US time.


Florian - I had a mean Dutch dorm-mate who had that name, so I'm not to endeared to it, but it is unique, lol. Maybe it is the sissy-sounding balance to the cool Hans Zimmer ring. (hee hee, yes I am warped.)

Anyway, I named my (who now needs a home) yumboistic pup, HansZi - howzat!? lol.


Have a ziotous listen to Face/Off, out tomorrow. Anybody wanting me to send them an export copy, lemme know!

alrighty, have a good one fellowzz!


Jun 30 - 05:35
Re: Hans Zimmers name
Sven-Oliver Schibat
Location: Korbach, Germany

Why does Florian not sound german? Many people in Germany have the name "Florian"!

Jun 29 - 12:03
Hans Zimmers name
Maksim Nuorala
Location: Sweden

In the soundtrack of Broken Arrow, Hans Zimmer is reffered to as "Hans F Zimmer", what does the "F" really stand for? I've heard it's supposed to be "Florian" but is that really true, considering his German origin, "Florian" doesn't sound German.

Jun 27 - 22:49
REVIEW: Face/Off
Location: in the dark

well well well,

grin........if you love Hans, you'll be ecstatic over this score! The opening credits hits you in the wallet straight away - excellent melancholy theme......kudos to John Powell.

Then it's all action, non-stop, Zimmer style, pumping, pounding all the way.......all his early/action influences are here.

A bit hazy in the early scenes, but main theme has consistency.

End has really neat electronic percussion version of the romantic theme, and then original string version.

9 out of 10 from me!
An appetizer before The Peacemaker.

Produced by Hans Zimmer, score by John Powell, new staff on recording credits.

CD is out Tuesday on Hollywood Records.

Movie was well done, surpassing that of Broken Arrow in polish, acting was superb, maybe a bit violent for some, if not 'poetic'.

Kudos to John Woo........a tad too many slo-mos at first, but spectacular action.

8 out of 10 there.



If something doesn't come up, my website will move to:
for the time being.

Jun 27 - 17:55
Various Zimmer and Mancina stuff
Brian Bilby

Howdy...Long time since I've been here. Some of my following comments may open a hornets nest, but here I go.
1)Speed 2- Movie sucked, score sucked too.

2)ConAir- I thought the movie was a boring standard action flick. I was dissappointed, however Mancinas score worked in this one.

3)Zimmer- Went on a Zimmer buying spree last month. Bought The Rock,Broken Arrow,Crimson Tide and Drop Zone. Liked them all and even though The Rock has the most energetic feel to it, I think that Broken Arrow is the best all around. Has good themes for t he main characters and good action cues.

Talk to you Zimmerheads later


Jun 27 - 14:05
Hans Zimmer midi files
Seth Weiner
Location: New Jersey

Hey all fellow Zimmerites-
I was wondering if anyone could steer me to any location where I could find midi files of Zimmer's work, especially Crimson Tide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Seth Weiner -

Jun 26 - 10:33
Z's Independent albums + ´The Jackalª
Jean-FranÁois B.
Location: QuÈbec, Can.

Hi everyone...

Even if I never sent some messages here, itís been a while I
surf on this site and I really appreciate it. First, letís say that Iím an extreme fan of Hansí work ! But thereís something I always wanted to know : did Z produce many albums
that are INDEPENDENT from the soundtracks world ? I heard about one called ´Guitarsª, but thatís the only one I know...

Secondly, perhaps you already know it, but if you want to
GO IMMEDIATELY TO : ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Jun 24 - 14:26
Something for your ears!
Location: Omaha


thought I'd give you a treat, so in the tradition of Jedi Rocks, I give you:

Hans Rocks!

It is 800k ISDN stereo quality and is unstreamed - download and then play. Running time 2.43 minutes.

Just something I was playing around with.

alrighty then!

Lemme know what you think of my wacko mixes,

ps. Zinfo, and related sites will move on the 30th, details to follow.

Jun 24 - 10:58
Re: Michael Bays new film
Robin Kuipers
Location: behind monitor

Michael Bay has directed "Bad Boys", which was scored by Mark Mancina and "The Rock", which was scored by Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams. So it is very likely that one of these musicians, or a combination of them will score the film, but there's nothing for sure at this moment (as far as I know).
Con Air the soundtrack should be available at your local record store, although I don't think it has been released outside the US yet.
Bad Boys the soundtrack contains one track of four minutes from Mancina's score, and is excellent. But we all would like a real score album to be released....
Speed 2: Cruise Control the soundtrack doesn't contain any score. The contract with Virgin Records leaves room for a score album six months after the song-album release. So we must push Virgin to bring it out. Will maybe be tough, because of not so great reactions in the US.
More info on Mark Mancina:
The Unofficial Mark Mancina Site

Robin Kuipers

Jun 24 - 09:56
Michael Bays new film
Maksim Nuorala
Location: Sweden

I heard that Michael Bay directing a new film, called Armagedon. My question is, of course, if anyone knows if Hans Zimmer is going to compose the music?
Is there anyone that knows where to get a hold of the film music from Bad Boys, Con Air and Speed 2? Bad Boys and Speed 2 already exists, but they only have music from diffrent groups and not Mark Mancinas film music.

Jun 18 - 20:52
Eric C
Location: Warrensburg, MO

So, the BIG PICTURE was good? I normally don't trust things done by an alternate conductor and orchestra, but that one did look interesting. Where did you find it? I looked at a Camelot Music but saw nothing. Is it already a rarity? :)

Jun 18 - 19:34
Zimmer Fan
Jon H.
Location: Texas


I don't think I've posted a message before, but I just wanted to say
that I am a huge Zimmer fan. I have all of his action scores. The
only other score I'm looking for is K2. Can't wait until The Peacemaker
comes out.

I am also a Mancina fan. Just bought Con Air yesterday. Good music.
Ranks behind Speed though for me.

I have a question. Does anybody know the music in the Long Kiss Goodnight
trailer. It's the music towards the end. Please let me know if you do
know. I really like it.

Jun 17 - 21:54
Con Air review
Doug C.
Location: Florida

I bought Con Air today and it is sweet. I have new respect for Mancina. It is the best soundtrack I have gotten since The Rock.
A cross between Days of Thunder, The Fan, Bad Boys, & Speed.

The best tracks are:
1: Con Air Theme (Music played during the previews, but it seems much more pumped up now. Play it loud.)
3: Carson City (I love the bad guys them. It is so corny)
13: Battle in the Boneyard (The best track on the album! Days of
Thunder all the way at around minute 5:30 to 6:00. Also when
the main theme comes blazing in on the guitar at around
minute 3:00 I think, It rocks the house.)

I don't really understand the point of track 12 because it is 22 seconds long.

A great cd up there with the classic Bruckheimer/Simpson movie scores aka: The Rock, Crimson Tide, Days of Thunder, and Dangerous Minds (just kidding).

Tell me what you guys think.


Jun 17 - 13:00
I'm back!
Location: Omaha, Nebraska!


Hi all:

There is no soundtrack release to The Glimmer Man - that's just the copyright for the score that they screen.

Speed 2 - yes, very poor indeed. Movie and score.

MV has said again that they're looking into supporting Zinfo.

Con Air is released today on CD!

zoodles for now......

Jun 17 - 10:39
Soundtrack Glimmerman
Roland Buijnink
Location: Stein,the Netherlands

Hello do you know if there is a soundtrack available of
the Glimmerman by Trevor Rabin .
At the end of the movie they say that the copyright of the
original music is by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
What does this mean do they bring it out.

Jun 15 - 15:15
Lyrics to "I'll Be Holding On"
Oleg N. Mironov
Location: Russia

Does anybody know where I can get the lyrics to Black Rain's "I'll Be Holding On" performed by Gregg Allman online,
or if you have them will you, please, email them to me.

Thank you!!!

Jun 14 - 11:20
Broken Arrow
Jack Ryan
Location: NC

Hi all!
I am a big fan of Zimmers work. I find myself sitting through some of the stupidest movies just to hear the music. Anyway. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a MIDI file of the Broken Arrow theme. Please email if you can help.

Jun 13 - 17:11
Speed 2
Doug C.
Location: Sarasota, FL

I just saw Speed 2 and I am sad to say that the movie and the score were both very uninspired and poor. Sorry Mancina, but you need to be better and more creative as in your bad-guy theme in Con Air. But then again...who the hell am I to criticize. I can't play chopsticks on a piano.

I can't wait for Con Air's score to be released. It should be fun.


Jun 13 - 01:49
Re: Re: A League Of Their Own & Con Air
Location: On the road!

Hi all,

Just a farewell from Oklahoma.......trying to tape as much as I can before I sell my stereo, lol.

Con Air - short as in not around 60-70 minutes. AT least someone else has noticed that it is inspired by DOT, grin.

LeagueOTO - is one of my fave scores - do the jig!

Smilla - was mainly Harry, decent movie.
WWW - still love ot see it, great score, mostly Harry.
PW - great score, nice movie.

Currently in touch with MV, let's see what comes of it; I'll be offline until Tuesday, hopefully no later.

Peacemaker - expect good things. Hopefully I'll chat to Hans about it before i disappear back to Fiji......ahhhh, all that sun, lol.

Edelman - great themes, but 'underscore' is weak.

alrighty dudes, catch you next week.

Zoodles......ya faloodles.....(just sounded,

Jun 12 - 16:22
Re: Lebo M
Brian Bilby

Jerry Goldsmith used Lebo M on Congo. The soundtrack has songs by him on the first and last track.

Jun 12 - 10:53
Con Air
Rob!n Ku!pers
Location: out of high school !!!!!!

Regarding the Con Air question below this message:

The running time of the soundtrack is in fact 44:56.
You can view the tracklisting at The Unofficial Mark Mancina Site.

You can view the tracklisting for Con Air here.
That's it.

Rob!n Ku!pers

Jun 12 - 10:20
Re: A League Of Their Own & Con Air
Doug C.
Location: U.S. Florida

I just popped in the video of League of Their Own to listen to Zimmer's music. It is quite wired, but some parts are rather corny. The wild jazz parts do a helluvalot for the movie in general.... adding suspense and all.

I have a question for all of you Zimmer fans. Does it bother you that people like Mancina, Rabin, & Glenne-Smith directly mimic Zimmer's style. It bothers me because they seem to give these guys the big budget blockbusters like Con Air, Twister, and Speed while Zimmer has to deal with crap like The Preacher's Wife, The Whole Wide World, and Smilia's Sense of Snow....all movies I don't care to see. I am glad that he is getting The Peacemaker though.

Don't get me wrong. When I saw Con Air, I loved the music enough to sit through the credits. But I did this BECAUSE it sounded like Zimmer (Days of Thunder big time). Mancina did have some originality with the bad guys theme which is hilarious. I love the part of the movie music where the DEA undercover agent gets shot and Cage just sort of gives him a look like "what a damn shame". The music cracks me up and makes the scene.

Has anyone heard much about the soundtrack to Con Air? I read one message that it is short. That sucks. I hate when they do that. Does anyone have a breakdown of length and tracks? It is wierd that they use the same music in the previews that they do in the movie. I don't see that too much.

On a side note...I saw Dragonheart the other day, and Edelman ruined it with the score. Get a real synthesizer.


Jun 12 - 04:23
Re: Rain Main Original Score
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

On the Rain Man soundtrack you will find 2 tracks by Zimmer. There is not an original score album for this movie; those two tracks are all there is. Buy the movie if you want to hear all of Zimmer's music!

Jun 11 - 06:03
Rain Main Original Score
Paul Webendorfer
Location: Dayton, OH

Does anyone know if there is an original score from Rain Man? I don't want the soundtrack, but rather a Zimmer original track collection.


Jun 10 - 20:03
New Music
T. Lin
Location: NJ

Has there been any new scores out recently? I mean good scores? I'm awaiting Con Air and Speed as I'm sure that they will be amazing, but unfortunately, they are not Zimmer. When is Zimmer going to come out with something new? It's been dry ever since the Rock and nothing has even come close. I've been buying his older stuff like the Fan and Smilla's Sense of Snow and have been disappointed.Any suggestions out there? Old-New, Zimmer-NonZimmer

Jun 10 - 12:02
Re: The Big Picture - Kunzel/UNBELIEVABLE!
Location: okc


I took the time to listen to the above, and I concur with Doug that the take on Crimson Tide, is just below par, (along with some of the other tracks). There is simply NO bass whatsoever on the track.

The rest are quite refreshing.

Meanwhile CT's trailer usage is growing, with more fans buying the CD.

Con Air is delayed till the 17th - it'll be a good buy for fans of THE ROCK and DAYS OF THUNDER (very inspired by them).

Does anyone have DIAMOND music by Karl Jenkins? Please email me.


Jun 10 - 05:17
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

Folks, I have heard the best five minutes of music in my life.
A new CD from Telarc was released called THE BIG PICTURE # 80437
and on it there is a symphonic version of ROLL TIDE with a huge chorus, it'll blow you away. Also there's the theme from SPEED, and TWISTER... also Braveheart, Cutthroat Island, ID4, etc...

This CD is mind-blowing. Buy It!

Jun 9 - 10:14
Lebo M
Alyson Dutch
Location: Malibu, California

Hello all Hans Zimmer fans! For those of you who knew Lion King, you were introduced to Lebo M. Lebo did Rhythm of hte Pridelands -- which since it's release has sold over 900,000 copies! He has a new album in the works, "Deeper Meaning" which is comin g out later this year on Tusk Records. Although it will initially be distributed in South Africa, your support will help to get it to the US quicker. For more information, email me:

Alyson Dutch


Jun 9 - 08:28
A League Of Their Own
Ryan Davies
Location: Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto)

I personally think that Hans Zimmer is the god of music.

Now that I have established that, I would like to bring to your attention the soundtrack of the movie A League Of Their Own. Although it is not really a Zimmer soundtrack, two tracks on the album, one being nine and a half minutes long are by Zimmer. #1 0 (The Final Game) is personally my favorite piece of music in existence. I think that you should get your hands on it, even temporarily, and listen to this track. You will not regret it. You may, however, regret only borrowing it if that's what you di d...

Thank you for this wonderful web site, Brian!

Jun 5 - 13:01
For Sale/Auction
Chris Caine
Location: Oklahoma City

Hi all,

Thanks for the generous web space support so far, reflective of your fan relationship.

Just letting you know that you're now welcome to bid on some of my spare CDs (25) ranging from $6-$45 postage paid.

Please visit the Sale!


Jun 4 - 08:45
Chris Caine
Location: Oklahoma

Hi Evezybody,

This had better be announced now rather than later. A bit of 'news', call it sad, or realistic.

Sometime around the end of the month, all my websites will go 'DOWN', I will be offline around or by June 20th, as I will be moving around then to Omaha, Nebraska.

Furthermore, I will be travelling again at the end of July (as I am out of money to sit still, and thus the reason for my inabilty to maintain the sites), either through the US back to LA, to go back to Fiji (so that I can work, and get some money, maybe to come back), or I may use up my London ticket (very unlikely at present) as well.

I have invested more than a $1,000 maintaining the website, and it's not easy with this type of commitment and effort.

The options I can think of, is for either:

- Someone to adopt what they can,
- Someone to set up free space (I'm too stressed to do it),
- Media Ventures to do something (no contact in the last month),
- All sites reduced from 25MB to 5MB in minimal text form to reside on my permanent Australian server,
- Host at Simplenet for unlimited space at US$10 a month, dependent on sponsors/donations.

I will try to visit via this Zoard.

you prolly understand why I try to sell as many CDs as I can, currently supporting the current $40 a month server.

Anyway, I am letting you know. and thar yoo go! I will also inform the RMM Newsgroup, Media Ventures, all in my email database etc.

I will try to jazz up the site before it goes down, and so, have a good read, listen, watch, download as much as you can.

I will also sell off/auction the spare CDs I have, and if I'm desparate, and if necessary sell 'essentials'. Please watch the Sell list on Zinfo.

I will also upload a few RA files one more time.

Always, sincerely, zoodles,


Jun 2 - 17:39
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

Looking to buy a copy of Follow Your Dreams, anyone selling?


Jun 1 - 20:52
Re: Famous not only for Lion King
Brian Bilby

Sorry Jason, but Hans didn't do Basic Instinct, it was Jerry Goldsmith. It's a good Goldsmith score, but different style than Zimmer.