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September 1997

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Sep 30 - 14:46
Re: Drop Zone
J. Hamilton
Location: TX

The only music in the Drop Zone soundtrack (besides a short rap song by Randelle K. Stainback) is just Zimmer's score, which is pretty good I might add. It's definitely not a beautiful score, but it is very energetic and complex (check out track 7).

Sep 30 - 12:55
Drop Zone
Ken Blum
Location: austin TX

What other music in Drop Zone?? Who sings when will we fall down?

Sep 30 - 06:41
New Address Unofficial Mark Mancina Site
Robin Kuipers
Location: study-hall

For all you Mancina fans out there:

the new address for the
Unofficial Mark Mancina Site

Come check it out.

Absolutely love the Peacemaker!!!1

Robin Kuipers

Sep 29 - 22:26
Peacemaker Review part 2
Doug C.
Location: Florida

Well after seeing the movie and listening to the score for the last couple weeks, I think this one is my favorite. It just grows on me more and more.

Zimmer really invested alot of time into this one from how it sounds. I did make a mistake in saying that I thought all of the themes were the bad guys in my first review. Clooney has such a heroic little number in the film and in track 3 and 4.

By the way, the movie is alot of fun, but nothing original. Clooney is one of the most charismatic actors I've seen in along time. Hopefully he will keep that really mean side to him that Harrison Ford lost a long time ago. I think Clooney is actually alot like the old Harrison Ford (i.e. Raiders of the Lost Ark years) By the way, Kidman looks like an idiot compared to him in the film which wasn't to P.C.. Great! I hate completely P.C. movies.

The musical highlight of the film is when the theme 2 minutes into track four comes blaring out when they show the helicopters in pursuit. When a jolt! Kiss my butt Goldsmith and Goldenthal. Zimmer is the best.


Sep 28 - 14:23
Re: Looking for Henry
Torben Sachert
Location: Germany

Hi, there!
Check this page. It helped me a lot.

bye, torben

Sep 27 - 05:14
Eric Serra
Location: Amsterdam

Are there any fans of Eric Serra in the world?
He made scores as Goldeneye, The Fifth Element, Leon and some more French stuff.

Sep 25 - 16:41
Come and get it!
richard rothstein
Location: phila, pa

Yo, everyone, this site has a copy of REGARDING HENRY for $15.

Please mention my name when ordering though.

richard rothstein

Sep 23 - 20:59
Overlooked or unknown scores
Brian Bilby

A couple of scores that I like personally that people have overlooked or do not know about.

Russia House-(Goldsmith) Nice romantic score with sax playing by Winton Marsalles(sp?). Good to relax or read by.

Gundam V-Score 2-(Composer Not Known)-Score to the animated film. Very nicely orchestrated and very relaxing, with some good adventure/action tracks mixed in.

Needful Things-(Doyle)Good suspense/horror score that goes from upbeat and hip to dark and brooding. Movie was a hoot too.

Lifeforce-(Mancini)-Big orchestral action adventure score with a epic feel to it. To bad the movie wasn't as good as the score.

Wolfen/Deadly Blessing-(Horner)Even thought it's a bootleg, it shows that Horner was a good composer before he hit it big in the major studio releases.

Outland/Capricorn One-(Goldsmith) Outland has a good diversity between suspense, action and dramatic tracks while Capricorn is seen as the basis of many action scores that folowed it, including Horners action scores.



Sep 23 - 09:26
Re: Suggestios!?
Mike Skerritt
Location: School......


I myself am a writer, and when I write (or read, or study, andything like that), there are several scores I look to. Take note, most of them are quiet, intimate, orchestral scores:

Murder in the First - Chris Young -- my all-time fave, get it through Screen Archives for $20 (it's out of print) e-mail me for details

The Man Without a Face - James Horner -- a seriously overlooked Horner score for a surprisingly good film. Excellent adagio

Schindler's List - John Williams -- achingly beautiful. Easily Williams' best score. Some forceful choral tracks, but the Itzhak Perlman stuff will blow you away.

The Blue Lagoon - Basil Poledouris -- Not the best sound quality, but the music is undeniably Poledour-ish, haha, Lush and elegant

Searching for Bobby Fischer - Horner -- another overlooked gem. Not only a fave score, but also a fave film. Great effort all around. If you can find it as a cut-out, you can get it for $4

Wind - Poledouris -- Not easy to get, but excellent. Soaring at times, intimate at others. Another Screen Archives gem, e-mail me for details

Medicine Man - Jerry Goldsmith -- Overlooked, do you see the theme here? lol. Anyhow, this is one of the best of the 90's. A beautiful theme which is totally built upon in tracks 4 and the end credits (A Meal and a Bath)

Dad - James Horner -- not too easy to find anymore, but nonetheless great. Like many of his quiet scores, this one uses the full orchestra sparingly, relying heavily on the piano. Might have to use Henk Wymeersch's adbook to find it.

Braveheart - Horner -- Need I say more? If you like Legends of the Fall, you'll love this one

I may post more as I think of them.....hope this helps.....

Everyone else: Watch out for two new scores on September 30!!!!

Jerry Goldsmith's The Edge and John Williams' Seven Years in Tibet (using cellist Yo-Yo Ma) Woo hoo!!!!!


Sep 22 - 05:09
Thanks, keep it up, catcha soon
Location: Off to LA/London/Fiji

Hi all yoo Zimmerites,

Zinfo et al moves into another phase as of today.
As some of you know, I'm going back to Fiji to brave a new career and plans.

I'd like to thank all for being part of the Zimmer experience and even though I won't be around as much coz it costs a BOMB to logon in Fiji, feel free to email me any Zinfo updates, and I'll be on once a week. My email and URLs are permanent.

Erin will be my US contact, so that takes care of itself.

I'll be sure to upload what I can of my visit with Hans and Jeff Rona (at least) this week, and any new adventures.

No tears, lol........and to be Yumbo-ishly brief....

Zimmer on, Zoodles!!!!!

Chris Caine

Sep 20 - 05:58
rich roth
Location: phila, pa

I don't know about you, but I've spent hundreds of dollars on CD's last year -- all of which pretty much sucked. I'm a writer and only listen to movie music when I write -- I hate short tracks, banging music, or any of that "temp track" sounding typical movie music strings fare, or any music that doesn't expand and expound on a theme(s) throughout the disc; I couldn't give a crap if it "fit in well with movie," I care if it's listenable, or not -- and most of the time they're not.

I love Zimmer and Mancina, have all their cd's and would love people to post some of their suggestions for other cd's which are similar in their sound/listenability. Note: I'm also one of those people who buys almost any serious recommendation, so please suggest accordingly. Also, I love scores with Chorus, symph, and synthesizers.

Here's my list (no particular order)

Daylight - best score of 1996
Vangelis 1492
The Crow - Graeme Revell - Great score!
Dragon: Bruce Lee Story
Escape from New York
First Strike/Rumble in the Bronx -- Rocks! Very Zimmer-sounding
Henry V - beautiful, powerful, expands on many themes
Hunt for Red October - of course!
Legends of the Fall - one of my fave scores ever; beautiful/long
Midnight Express - great main theme
Needful things - also one of my faves - ubelievably powerful
Once upon a time in China - my favorite compilation
The quest
Rocketeer - classic horner - doesn't suck
Starman - beautiful, inspiring, top three fave
Willow - worth the buy - can transport you out of any bad mood

Well, that's part of my list. Also, I know very little about old movie music, would love any suggestions in that area too. I know there's some great stuff out there -- I just don't know what.



Sep 19 - 20:45
The Peacemaker Trailer
T. Lin
Location: NJ

Any one know where the music came from? The theatrical trailer?

Sep 17 - 14:33
Re: Re: 29 000 Mark Mancina fans
Chris Ivey

Hello. Hope all's well... Where the heck is the Monkey Trouble soundtrack? Thanks. Love your work. Take care.

Sep 17 - 14:30
Found you!! I think.
Chris Ivey

Chris Ivey from Pittsburgh, PA. Recently back in town and want to yip yap with you. (412) 362-9656. Give me a buzz. Take care!

Sep 17 - 14:21
Re: Re: new music in films
Chris Ivey

Tell me more about the compilation CD please.

Sep 16 - 17:11
Real Audio Player
Joe MacKay
Location: Whidbey Island, WA

What is the best way to get a RA player?

Sep 16 - 08:12
Re: new music in films
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

I'm last!

Check out the new Film Score Monthly issue if you're after the New Music In Films compilation. A greek guy is selling it for 20 bucks. If you're lucky, he hasn't sold it yet. He also has some other goodies for sale I think.

Sep 16 - 00:46
The Hans Zimmer/Mark Mancina Collaboration
David Bergman
Location: Sweden


Can anyone tell me where i get get "The Hans Zimmer/Mark Mancina Collaboration"?

Mail me please

Sep 14 - 04:35
Re: Buying Hans' music on-line/The Peacemaker Page
Location: Over here


Take an easy click to Best CD Buy Online Comparison Table and have a blast. Gives you a choice of 7 retailers, shipping, service, availablitity figures etc.

The Peacemaker page is up with the 'review', and I'm being generous this time, two formats of Real Audio files of the tracks in montage form.


Sep 14 - 03:59
Buying Hans' music on-line
Peter Lee
Location: Malaysia

Can anybody (please!) help me on buying Hans' music on-line?

Sep 13 - 19:09
CD auction, 2-Zimmer titles
Doug Friend
Location: Tulsa, OK

I have a CD auction going.
I have two Zimmer titles.

Pacific Heights
Radio Flyer

Check out the auction for great deals

Sep 12 - 20:40
Big Trouble in Little China Soundtrack
Steve Boisvert
Location: Boston, MA

Help!!! I need to find this soundtrack to complete my "childhood want" collection. I know it is out of print, but if you have any information please E-mail me!!!! Thanks!

Sep 12 - 12:38
CABLE TV ALERT - Paperhouse/Peacemaker page
Location: Mac/face

Yo Peace to ya,

The BRAVO cable channel is repeatedly screening Paperhouse today, 9pm CST, 2am CST - check your listings! (Not offered in all places, Omaha included, drat. Oh well, at least we got free PPV the other night, lol.)

Am still working on Peacemaker page, which will have my weird review along with pics, and 5 RA samples, in dual format! Should be up in a few hours.


Sep 11 - 19:34
Brian Bilby

Picked up Peacemaker tonight and it's great. Even though it sounds like Crimson Tide in spots, it's really faced paced and balls to the walls exciting. Hope the movie is as good as the score.

Hey has anybody picked up the Mimic CD by Marco Beltrami?


Sep 11 - 15:43
new music in films
richard roth
Location: phila, pa

desperately looking for HANS ZIMMER's NEW MUSIC IN FILMS
released on milan.

email me...

p.s. ordered through took them 2 months to tell me they couldn't get it...

will accept a cd-r

Sep 11 - 12:12
RECOMMENDATION: Amazon - Alan Williams
Location: IMAX-land

hi zere,

Still not exactly the style of Hans, but this also highly deserves a mention, and a plug:

Amazon by Alan Williams

The most hair-raising score I've heard in a while, especially from a 'new' composer.

Check this one out as well, you'll be impressed.


Sep 11 - 09:02
Brian Bilby
Location: Jackson,Mi

I don't know about Levinson as a director. He did do OK though on Young Sherlock Holmes though with it's fantasy elements and it's effects.

As far as Goldenthal goes, he hits once every 6 films.Extremely overrated. I think Jerry Goldsmith or Chris Young could have delivered a great suspense/action filled score if they were given enough time. I think Williams has hit a decline. It seems that h e's like Goldenthal in the sense that he trys to over orchestrate his scores. Big complex pieces where a quiet simple piece would work better. His scores are becoming repetitive. If he were Horner he would be called for this.


Sep 10 - 17:24
Elliot Goldenthal==SPHERE
J. Hamilton
Location: TX

Oh well,

I'm like you Mike. I feel that John Williams (or maybe James Horner
or David Arnold) would have met the tone of the movie better. If
Goldenthal can pull off another ALIEN 3 I guess we will be
in pretty good shape. Goldenthal has been known to be EXTREMELY weak
in most of his scores. I certainly hope Barry Levinson is right for
directing SPHERE. This film certainly is in James Cameron or Steven Spielberg
territory. But yesterday I downloaded a minute and thirty three second
preview of Sphere and from what I saw it looks alot like what the book
describes. (If anyone is interested in dowloading the SPHERE preview
I downloaded it at DARK HORIZONS....It's a movie page)

Sep 10 - 17:07
Mike Skerritt

The post below is mine...I goofed....

Sep 10 - 17:00
The Lone Star's Debate (aka The Sphere Dilemma)
Mike Skerritt

Mr J. ~

Fortunately, Sphere will undoubtedly sport superior technical values with Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson (who replaced Andre Braugher form Homicide -- sorry to rant here, but has anyone read this book? Can't you see Braugher eating up the screen as Harry Adams?) and of course director Barry Levinson and
talented screenwriter Paul Attanasio -- Ironically, creator of Homicide. Also, Sphere was one of Crichton's better books, with really Jurassic Park and MAYBE Rising Sun being his better books in the last 15 years (The Andromeda Strain and JP are his best ).

Okay, with all that said, the film's release is being delayed until February 98, andwhose score will you have to look forward to (totally subjective of course, lol)? None other than Elliot Goldenthal. Yep, that master of trendiness will be pepping up the screen with another hodgepodge of themeless material and headache inducing orchestrations and the like.

Personally, I think Barry Levinson could have done much better with his choice, considering some of the composers he's worked with.

I think he should have chosen (no, not Mr. Zimmer -- sorry, but as adaptable as Zimmer is, I'm not sure a film like this would quite fit his forte) I think he should've chosen John Williams. While Williams has also fallen victim to the weak-themed sc ore of late as well (check The Lost World, Rosewood, and even Levinson's own Sleepers), he's a master of creating an ominous tone and otherworldy awe at the same time.

I'm not sure how everyone might react to this choice, so let me hear what you think!

E-mail me, throw bloody daggers at my door, but let me know what you think!!!

Which leads me to my next rant -- I got The Peacemaker yesterday, and actually, rather than dig myself a hole and pre-judge it here, I'll wait to see the film and view the score in the context of the film to make a final judgment. Maybe I'll have a f ew more listens tonight....well at least it's not Smilla....hahha

Talk to everyone later!!

Sep 10 - 15:18
J. Hamilton
Location: TX


Does ANYBODY know who is scoring SPHERE??? Please E-Mail me or
post who it is if ya know!

Also, thanks YUMBO for telling me the music that was on the
THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT trailer awhile back. I bought that Enigma
2 CD and that track is awesome!!!! Going to buy THE PEACEMAKER

Sep 10 - 13:14
Zimmer Clubhouze opens/Let's meet in London
Location: Going to LA, London, Fiji (for a year)


The Zimmer Clubhouze is now open!

Apart from staying and meeting people in LA (lemme know!), from Monday, Sep. 22nd to Monday, Sep. 29th, I'll be spending Sunday, Sep. 28th in London!

Yes, I'll be there from 9am to 5pm, and rather hang around the airport, I was wondering whether ANYONE would like to meet up, loiter around London soundtrack shops etc.

Why don't you Europeans catch a train/ferry in?!

Now or never, and I'll be full of zubbles after meeting Hans a few days prior, and should have some goodies on me.

lemme know!


Sep 9 - 14:56
Looking for Henry
Mark Robison

Anyone have the Regarding Henry soundtrack on CD available for sale/trade? (Have the tape, but looking for CD...)
(aware that it's OOP, but hoping that there's some kind soul out there.)


Sep 9 - 12:02
The Fan plus LA plea
Location: 2 weeks left in Nebraska


well Jon, one could argue the whole case of songs vs. score.
TVT - 2 score only albums so far (Mortal Kombat, Conspiracy Theory - good stuff).

I've seen the movie once, a while back and don't recall the entire score, but the one bit I do miss, is when Snipes hits his home run.

The movie sells in the US for $10 on NTSC video.

Yes, I did talk to Hans about it, as some pressed me to do, and he did say that he enjoyed scoring it, and the best bits (30 piece orchestra/cello) were left out.

IF there was an extra-release, he wouldn't MIND it being The Fan. As for me, I enjoy the CD for what it is, and apart from the extra Hans stuff, would like the NIN stuff too.

I'll try to see the video before I leave here.

I'm no houdini, and have spoken to Hans only once, but will most likely see him in LA, where I'll be from Monday, Sep. 22nd, till the following Monday, the 29th, thereafter going home to Fiji.

I will TRY to spend ample time with him, for our benefit (info-wise), and see whether a box-set from Sony is any closer to fruition, and if so, what will be on it, and who decides so.

PLEA: If anyone is able to host me for a night or more in LA, I'd appreciate it, in the vicinity of Santa Monica if possible.

I have lots of stories at least, and ample cooking skills, and so on, in kind. Lots of scores to listen to, with some extras.

ps. I still have my stereo for sale, and possibly my SONY 15" computer monitor.

ps2. Sonic Images Records have a petition for unreleased scores!
My vote went to High Incident.

and thar yoo go,

Sep 9 - 09:51
"THE FAN" soundtrack disappointment
Jon Aanensen
Location: Norway

WELL, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS????? I've never been so disappointed.
After having seen "THE FAN" I realized that Zimmer had written hi s best score for quite a long time, and I couldn't wait to lay my hands on the little shining disc, although it featured only a 20-minute suite by Zimmer. In the movie, the music was phenom enal all the way through, where Hans delivered a much more modern and much less orchestral score than he had done for years.

But what do we get from TVT Soundtrax, the label that tries to be as "alternative" as possible? Well, we're getting 19 minutes of ambient nonsense, without any musical themes at all. His amazing and noble main theme are heard from ca. 3 to ca. 4.5 minutes and I thought it would go straight to the top, but nope. The secondary theme (reminiscent of True Romance) are heard during the last 15 seconds of the track... Of course, "Letting Go" by D'Arby features an alright rendition of the theme, but it's not eno ugh.

In my opinion, we are getting fooled by the labels when things like this happen. After all, we buy the soundtracks to hear the music FROM THE MOVIE. No plans of releasing a score here, Yumbo? You tend to know these things. And if you're planning to talk w ith Zimmer soon, please mention this for him.. Suppose I have to buy the film to get to hear the music.

PS: I hope this message don't get lost in all the Peacemaker posts.
PS 2: Look out for a Zimmer interview in the September issue of Film Score Monthly.


Sep 8 - 22:54
The Peacemaker....first review haha
Doug C.
Location: Florida U of F

Hey you all. Well am I the first one to get it? I went to midnight madness at Media Play and picked this beauty up. For the last hour and a half I have been shaking the house.

A short review for I am tired.
I am glad to say that the Peacemaker has been worth the wait. It is amazing and powerful. Not quite 60 minutes (53 or something) but it is all Zimmer at least. Very high in action.

Zimmer has definitely gone with a Russian feel to this with parts that resemble The Rites of Spring emensely. Holst comes to mind as well with his Mars theme of the dissonant strikes. Very loud music here with barely a lull. It seems that the hero has no main theme really, but the Russians (or the bad guys...I haven't seen the movie) sure as hell do. They have a great Crimson Tide like choir going in some parts, but it has a more somber sound.

The end of Track 3 "Sarahevo" is by far the best part for me so far. It sounds like the lady from Beyond Rangoon is back to work again for Zimmer but in a much more powerful theme. Absolutely beautiful.

Some parts of this CD sound like a train is rolling right through my living room.

The end of track four is very much like a Russian Crimson Tide. Not the choir but the main anthem of the movie.

I could most definitely say that if you like Zimmers old stuff, than get this NOWWWW!!! I am listening to it right now....beautiful. are the man. I have never heard music like this in my life. Rites of Spring with a synth fell....
CRAZY. Zimmer rises above with music too good for a movie.

But that is my humble opinion, you may hate it. However, then you would be an idiot.


Sep 6 - 08:09
Zinfo updated, Willinfo added, 15 of 25 RA clips added ...
Location: Nebraska

guud mewning,

and Nick-Glennie-Smith's FIRE DOWN BELOW opened yesterday.

Peacemaker is available Tuesday.
Anyone got CHICAGO HOPE yet?

Still sprucing site...

have a good weekend =:)


Sep 6 - 06:57
Re: New Ones?

Hi Cavalier,
all I can suggest you is a Hans Zimmer Production. I highly recommend you FACE/OFF. This CD has got very good themes. These are my favorite tracks: 1, 3, 7, 8,

Sep 4 - 14:14
Want to buy-Broken Arrow
Sam Girard
Location: Newport, NC

Hey, all you zimmer buffs. If anyone has a new or used(don't care, as long as its in good condition) copy of the Broken Arrow CD that they are interested in selling, i would like to open negotiations for buying it through the mail.

If you are interested, email me at

Sep 4 - 08:45
Exclusive Mancina interview.
Robin Kuipers
Location: Uni

HI everyone,

I'm back on the net and I have updated my site! Please check out the unofficial Mark Mancina site at
Now the exclusive interview with Mark by Daniel Schweiger is up!
Yumbo, e-mail me!

Can't wait for the Peacemaker!


Sep 3 - 06:44
Mark Mancina?
Location: Omaha, Erinland

Hi all again,

long day ahead of me.
7 days to The Peacemaker CD! Nicolai has already given a personal review (of the score in the movie) on my Guestbook.

Safely back in Nebraska, had a wonderful trip, and a mighty thanks to fans John and Ron for hosting me in Atlanta; and they got to hear some 'music', lol.

The preceeding entries were by the same person, and not to doubt the author's validity, the Jeff Rona comment was made by the same person (at least from the same computer).

Though politics may be evident here, Jeff's work is indeed the most separate from Hans, but there isn't and is no need for acrimony between them, even in name (as far as I know).

Congratulations to Jeff for finally having his work on Chicago Hope released.

And yes, for those of you with an opportunity, let us know of Mark's efforts on TLKB, and its effect on you, smiles.

(Is that you Chris W.?) lol.

Anyway, I've still forgotten what I really wanted to say...
I'll just upload more RAs and stuff - see youz on the site!

Chris Caine

Sep 3 - 00:04
Re: Repliez......

please don't ever put Jeff Rona's name near Han Zimmer's.

Sep 3 - 00:01
Re: 29 000 Mark Mancina fans
mark mancina
Location: in the forest

thanks for the support. trevor and I worked very hard, trevor extremely hard on the album/movie. Now just wait until you hear
about the Lion King On Broadway. Unlike the original, it is all performed live.I've set up a really interesting band and written two new songs, rearranged all the songs, and written new score.
Keep up the interest.
mark mancina