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NEWS (19/8/11) - Pirate who pled guilty gets acquittal.
"This case will set a precedent" - Magistrate Makareta Mua

In June 2006, Fiji Audio Visual Industry Association (FAVIA) was formed by members of the entertainment industry group with its main objective but not limited to the following: To date the following developments have taken place:
  • To collate, develop, review, promote and represent the Audio Visual Industry providing effective service, support and direction for our members and generally to establish a good understanding between them for their mutual benefit.
  • To bring awareness about intellectual property issues in Fiji.
  • To assist and advise members in relation to imposing of restrictive conditions on the conduct of any business or industry.
  • To lobby the interest of members of the association with the Government and any other authority that may seem to be conducive to the association’s objects or any of them and to obtain from them and exercise any rights privileges licenses and concessions which may seem necessary or desirable.
  • To make submissions to the government and other authorities in the drafting and presentation of any legislative issues.
  • To assist in the collation of evidence required for the criminal and /or civil proceedings and to assist and prosecution at any stage where necessary and or requested.
  • FAVIA has engaged the services of Mr. Stephen Howes, an Intellectual Property law Consultant specializing in copyright and trade marks concerning film images in the various formats. He has assisted the Motion Picture Association internationally in the successful enforcement and prosecution of copyright laws. Mr. Stephen Howes is the former Director of Australasian Film & Video Security Office and has about 25 years of experience in the industry and during this period he assisted in over 600 cases overseas.
  • As FAVIA Consultant Mr. Howes has been assured with support from the Motion Picture Association to work with the Fiji Police Force and the Director of Public Prosecution and provide to these authorities any industry support that they may require to enforce the Copyright Act in Fiji.
  • FAVIA has been gaining support each week, with favourable feedback from the breadth of the local industry.
  • FAVIA in association with Motion Picture Association, Fiji Police Force arranged a seminar on the enforcement of Copyright Laws. Delegates included members of the Fiji Police Force, FIRCA, DPP, Judiciary, US Embassy, FAVC and several foreign delegates from Australia, New Zealand and Samoa.
  • Major raid takes place on Comsol and other suspects.
  • Watch this space for continous developments.


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