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Fellowship Against Copyright Theft

Fiji Audio Visual Industry Association

Together protecting Fiji's Intellectual Property Businesses and Services


Standard $500 VEP
Associate $250 VEP
Corporate $1,000 VEP

Individual $100 VEP

How to become a member

Standard membership
Any company carrying on the business of Retail, Rental and otherwise creating or dealing in Audio and or Video or other intellectual property shall be eligible for membership.

Associate membership
Members of the Association who become ineligible for membership by reason of their disposing of their business or by retirement or for any other reason approved by the Executive Committee may make application to the Executive Committee as Associates to the Association.

Corporate membership
Available to those members of the supply and distribution industry servicing the retail business members. Distributors, warehousing, supply and voluntary group organizations are eligible. Also included are public exhibitors, publishers or organizations.

Individual membership
Any person or persons carrying on the business of creating and otherwise dealing in Audio and or Video or other intellectual property on an individual basis, shall be eligible for membership.

Application Form
Applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary or any other authorised person in writing preferably on the prescribed application form.

All members will abide by the constitution, and agree to inspection to ensure FAVIA principles are upheld.

What are the benefits of membership

1. To lobby the interest of the members of the Association with the Government and or any other authority and enter into any arrangement with any Governments or authorities that may seem to be conducive to the Association's objectives or any of them and to obtain from them and exercise any rights privileges licenses and concessions which may seem necessary or desirable.

2. To represent the interests of members in hearings dispute conferences etc conducted by the Copyright Tribunal on all matters which may have an effect whether adverse or beneficial on the majority of members of the Association.

3. To make submissions to the Government and other authorities in the drafting and presentation of any legislative issues.

4. To assist in the collation of evidence required for criminal and/ or civil proceedings and to assist Police and Prosecution at any stage of proceedings where necessary and/ or requested.

5. To indemnify any member of the Association in respect of any action taken or to be taken or any liability incurred or to be incurred by such member in any manner which the Association may consider would further the objects and policy of the Association.

6. Associate members shall be entitled to receive all notices and attend meetings of the Association but shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting involving policy decisions.

7. Corporate Membership will entitle the member organisation to various publications approved by the Executive Committee and will additionally give access to each of those advisory services and facilities considered to be of mutual interest to all sectors of the industry.

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